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Mona Nomura
Unintrusive, subtle, minimalistic = how Flash should be incorporated on your site. Check it out via @JamFactory
Robert Scoble
Why Yahoo’s announcement today won’t get as much hype as Google’s -
What is it? - paul mooney
Yahoo is still around? I kid... - andy brudtkuhl
Ya Who? - Mike Lewis from twhirl
Yahoo PR sucks, they send out NDA's to the wrong crowd - paul mooney
Speaking of SXSW ... will you be there Robert? I assume such - andy brudtkuhl
I found it at last - paul mooney
Nice post, I think you nailed that one. - Laura Norvig
Great post, Robert! - Bob Starr
I think it might have been bigger news had Windows Live Search come out with this. - David Wilson
So, they are announcing something similar to Google Notebook, except it will automatically save some searches into said notebook sometimes. Great use of resources. Yahoo needs to really *push* something. This evolutionary (for them) stuff is not going to cut it. Look at Latitude. Tech world is going nuts over it.That should have been Yahoo. Anyone ever use Fire Eagle? Unfortunately, they can't really blame anyone but themselves. - Lee Adkins
1. poor Yahoo. 2. Scoble, It's good to have you back from Davos. - Dana Dowell
1. poor Yahoo. 2. Scoble, it's good to have you back from Davos. - Dana Dowell
@cains you may be right, they compete with aol, not google - Jean-Charles VERDIE
the search pad itself seems pretty cool. check out this intro video: - Puneet Thapliyal
Robert, doesn't your post make a case for appealing to Alpha Geeks? And if it does, how does this point jive with your opinion that too many companies are building for geeks and forgetting about the everyday user? - Andrew Warner
Andrew: if you want to be successful you've got to build for both. Build something just for the geeks and your market will be small. Build just for the mass audience and it'll be lame and won't get talked up. - Robert Scoble
Andrew, appealing to early adopters is not optional. Late adopters don't have time to evaluate all the options; they ask their early adopter friends what's good. - Bruce Lewis
Robert is right on as usual. I am cheering for Yahoo (partly because of my investment) but was disappointed to not be able to check out Yahoo's release except for a video. That being said, being a Mac user, that was all I could do w/Latitude as well. - Craig Mische
how bout simply because it's just Google Notebook added to search as the primary reason? I watched the video, and I wasn't a least bit impressed. - Duncan Riley
Yahoo is and will go the way of the dinosaur - Bob Sonin
Yahoo is making itself being referred to -- more and more -- in the past tense. - David Feng
Kevin Fox
xkcd - A Webcomic - Boyfriend -
xkcd - A Webcomic - Boyfriend
XKCD's alt text: "... okay, but because you said that, we're breaking up." *My* alt text: "No. You're just a standard deviant." - Kevin Fox from Bookmarklet
Truly awesome use of error bars - j1m
Isn't it supposed to be an extra variance joke in the end? - Лёша
I don't think those are error bars. That looks like a box plot to me. The whiskers (which look like error bars) actually represent the smallest and largest non-outlier values. - Robert Felty
"Because of this variability, it is appropriate to describe the convention being used for the whiskers and outliers in the caption for the plot." - ⓞnor
Alex: The alt text is just the title of the strip; the funny stuff is in the title attribute. - Gabe
Robert Scoble
Apple teams up with Adobe for iPhone Flash at long last -
we'll see - andy brudtkuhl
Will. Not. Happen. - Tyson Key
if flash can make a regular computer slow to a crawl, it can't be any better on an iPhone/iPod touch. - nick from twhirl
Adobe can get something decent running on an ARM if they really want to. It's more than capable. - Bryan Bartow from twhirl
Will Safari stop crashing for long enough for me to even get to a Flash interface? - Brian Chang
I will believe it when I see it. - Francine Hardaway
Man i can only say what i think, i love tech but from well pokey old N.Ireland, i love my iPone & flash but I fear we will never see Flash on the iphone, this threatens Apples whole profit model. Before App Store and even now the abundance of webapps specially designed for the iphone. Now imagine the Possibilities with Flash & Action script, the small file sizes and complete lack of... more... - Paul Kennedy
+1 for Francine's comment. - Randy Holloway
Even if they can overcome efficiency issues, existing flash programs are not built for multi-touch, or any form of finger-touch. I suspect a large number of them would be unusable in anything resembling a browser, and would need serious work to make them any good. Adding flash would simply add frustration as people poked around trying to get things to work. I just don't see Apple wanting to expose users to this kind of experience. - Robin Barooah
Not a fan of this. Flash is a processor hog and most things aren't built for multi touch. My iphone battery already doesn't last too long especially if I use the phone. Flash is going to kill it. I do use twhirl but I stuggle to see how flash is going to add to the iphone / ipod touch experience. - Chris from twhirl
On the other hand, I could imagine them entertaining the idea of a flash video player of some sort. Such a thing could be made available by apple in the platform as a cocoa component, or as a binary by Adobe. Video sites such as hulu could then write regular app-store apps to provide a native iPhone GUI to play video from their existing networks. Apple wouldn't lose any of the control they currently have over app distribution, and the iPhone would gain video players for the flash sites. - Robin Barooah
How big of a deal is multi-touch, Flash and the iPhone? The iPhone webkit stack provides (almost) everything needed for the interface. Flash is badly needed for two thing 1) Video 2) hidden Flash objects for marshalling data between the presentation layer and the server. I'm sure some people will try and use Flash on the iPhone to build "flashy" sites but DHTML/Ajax can do all of that already - Troy Forster from twhirl
yes, please! but wait... that will snail up my iPhone! augh! - Susan Beebe
Paul Buchheit
Ma.gnolia Using FriendFeed to Restore Users' Data | Epicenter from -
Ma.gnolia Using FriendFeed to Restore Users' Data | Epicenter from
"Tuesday morning, a new automated tool popped up that shows Ma.gnolia is using FriendFeed to help repopulate its database. If you're a user of both services and you previously connected your accounts so your Ma.gnolia bookmarks show up in your FriendFeed stream, Ma.gnolia can gather up everything you saved by querying FriendFeed. The automated tool at asks for your FriendFeed nickname and your FriendFeeed remote key. Every user has a unique key, and you don't need to find it or have it memorized. Just make sure you're logged in to FriendFeed and click on the access link provided by Ma.gnolia. You'll be able to copy your key." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Very cool Paul. - Hutch Carpenter
It found 36 bookmarks if I remember correctly, when I tried it - Tyson Key
Ah, redundancy in the cloud partly saves the day. Cloud redundancy is going to become a very important concept. - Sean McBride
Awesome sauce! - Gavin
wow, interesting way to gleen data :) grab it from a reliable, stable source like FF! - Susan Beebe
Susan -- Murphy's Law applies to everyone equally. - Dave Winer
Replicate and find is the new backup and restore - Alan Cheslow
This is a very innovative way of restoring the data (even though it may not be a full recovery), but kudos to the one who thought of this idea, and to FF for helping Ma.gnolia in times of crisis. - Winston Teo
Dave - sooo true! - Susan Beebe
Of course, it works only if you been importing Magnolia into FriendFeed (before the server crash and data loss). - John Lam
That's great! I wondered if something like were possible. - Jandy
Susan Beebe
"twittersheep is an app that generates a tag cloud from the bios of your followers. It's ideally a way to find out what your followers say about themselves." -- - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
That is one awesome flying sheep. - Chris Dahl
Love the red cape and geeky glasses! :) - Susan Beebe
Sheeep! Baaaa.... Odd, we are commenting about the sheep and not the service. - Anthony K. Valley ©
Naa, didn't like the service. Check it out though, there's another sheep in there! - Chris Dahl
I did not try it as it requires my Twitter pwd, but @tedroden said that they will be removing that requirements soon. - Vinko
The app name is enough for me. Great stuff - Charlie Anzman
MG Siegler
Yep, Nintendo shot down Duck Hunt on the iPhone -
Paul Kedrosky
Kol Tregaskes
Posted here before, but thought it was apt for today. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Completely agree of course! ;-) Enjoy the Super Bowl whoever is watching it. See you tomorrow! - Kol Tregaskes
But where is the bowling ball? - Jemm
Ok you win...I'm gonna watch the HAND EGG World Championship later today. :) - Larry Lewis
Good question, Spidra. - Tyson Key
Why do they call it soccer? - "Joey"
Rugby was named after the town of the same name in England where it was invented. - Roberto Bonini
@Joefy: Because "football" was already taken? - Jemm
Hmm, it has nothing to do with socks, so again another good question. ;) - Tyson Key
My British hubby will get a kick out of this - will have to share. - Mlibrarianus
Soccer is football. The Americans co-opted the name for thier own version. :) - Roberto Bonini
Kol Tregaskes
27 Modern Speakers and Sound Systems -
27 Modern Speakers and Sound Systems
27 Modern Speakers and Sound Systems
Show all
"Modern speakers and creative sound systems from all over the world." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Michael Fidler
It Has Arrived - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer! « -
It Has Arrived - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Super Bowl Trailer! «
Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 26th this summer. - Michael Fidler from Bookmarklet
Looks pretty cool. I wish we could embed other video players here. - Michael Fidler
HOLY WOW. - Mona Nomura
Matthew DeVries: Why indeed? - Michael Markman
I think I'll see this one in IMAX - Michael Fidler
OMG IMAX ++ - Mona Nomura
Can't wait!! - Kol Tregaskes
Definitely IMAX - Michael Fidler
Robert Scoble
Does Bill Gates read friendfeed? He just told me thanks for the nice comments I made about his annual letter there.
ooh.. Bill is around us =) watch out - @LarsenTweet
Will we see a comment from Bill? - paul mooney
Yeah! well, i think he's got plenty of time now - Constantine Nicolaou
It'd be awesome if we do see a comment from him. - Chris Charabaruk
i think he needs to do it to stay connected and to see what's going on. - Sascha Pallenberg
we won't see his comment, because anybody seems to know his account; that clearly means he's not going to use FF as a main [and public] tool of communication. Why should he burn his hidden identity here - if he really have one? -- Anyway I just think his press office has done a good job, telling him what Robert wrote here. - Markingegno - Donato
Markingegno: knowing Bill I seriously doubt it was the press office. The dude does use all social networks. - Robert Scoble
Ironically, Bill Gates could pop in here and say "Hi, I'm Bill Gates" and no-one would believe it now... - Warren
*waves at Bill* There are few people who could change this from ScobleFeed, and he's one of 'em. Heaven help me if Jobs has a covert FF account, I'd be using the hide button like a mad woman. - FFing Enigma
Maybe he's stalking you, Robert. Or maybe he has a mancrush ;) - Ron's Home And Hardware
But is he on Twitter? ...Sorry, had to drop that in here. :) - phil baumann
@Robert - I believe you about his attitude towards social networks, but still think he doesn't want to pop in. I'd be glad to discover I'm wrong ;) - Markingegno - Donato
Markingegno: he won't participate because he gets too many requests. He was on Facebook for a while and deleted his account. - Robert Scoble
Hi Bill! i think your a kool guy. (now call me and say thanks) lol - @robert whats his twitter? - Chris Clayton
He probably reads it for the same reason many of us to to stay up to date and in touch - Rob Cairns
If he does, his personal stock just went way up in my book! - Aaron Strout
HE is watching us :-| - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
I hope so, he owes me a computer! - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Which reinforces the point that the readers/lurkers are often more important than the participants (or more precisely shouldn't be discounted and can surprise you considerably) - Shannon Clark
Hi Bill. If you're reading this. Please come back to Microsoft. We miss you - Marcus Beagley
If you're reading this Bill, I'm writing you from Nigeria and need help getting my money... - Kevin Leroux
Everyone listens in on your conversations Robert; have you heard from the pope? : ) - Mark Harai
what happened was that Bill did a Live search for entries/critiques/analysis of the report and nothing came up...then he ran the same search on Google. First hit = FriendFeed.. - Carlos Ayala
ok, now I can tell you, my real name is Bill: :) - Markingegno - Donato
Maybe somebody who knows him uses FF and told him about the comments. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
that's eerie yet cool... - Anthony Farrior
That is cool, Robert. And I thought the annual letter was interesting and very well written. I'd love to work for the Gates Foundation. - asiriusgeek
Would Bill even use his real name?? ( apologies in advance to Bill if he does read this)??? - Roberto Bonini
I'm sure he has a "listening strategy" like a google alert on his own name - or maybe he creates specific alerts for his name plus a keyword for a specific event/topic. - Laura Norvig
YAY!! I hope Bill does check out and participate in FriendFeed. Perhaps he saw it on your blog. You mention FF quite a bit there too - Susan Beebe
OMG! Wait, and you're sure you didn't post those comments anywhere else but here? Nice! - Sarah Perez
Bill is a nerd, why wouldn't he read and do all the other stuff other nerds do? That and in between meeting with heads of state and playing WoW on a real set :-) - Todd Hoff
Wouldn't a system like Twitter, FriendFeed be better for someone like Gates? Even if 1,000,000 people follow him, he's not obligated to follow back, and people wouldn't be offended by this, there would be respect of his privacy. Whereas on Facebook, he would be inundated with requests for various apps... - Mike Nayyar
Now I have to say more nice things about Microsoft. :) - Paul Buchheit
It would be cool if Bill Gates was a lurker here, but all I can say is that he better get along with Derrick. Otherwise there will be all kinds of drama! :-) and just in case...Mr. Gates, longtime customer, first time commenter. Just keep on doing what you feel you should be doing. It's worked for you thus far. You is, be da man. So if no broke, no fixin.... nuff sed - Morgan
Paul, I'll give you one: Microsoft is all about innovation. When it comes to innovative software companies, nobody's bought more of them than Microsoft. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
moive: Dead Man on Campus - "Bill Gates wants my brain" --- i just had too, one movie quote i always think about when i hear his name! - shayne catrett
Bill wants his annual letter ritual to eventually rise to Warren Buffett level, so guess it's not surprising he's blowing kisses your way Robert. Or he just plain misses you. - mark ivey
Full on lurker or might he have an alias account? - AJ Kohn
BIG microsoft fan...Until I gotta macintosh that is. - Zee.
i'm sure someone e-mails him a daily ego-blast of all such things said throughout the Web. - Andy Sternberg
He has people read it for him, of course. - Monica Bower
first even before google: omniscient/omnipresent would be the Gates himself ~ he's watching.... - sofarsoShawn
Maybe this is really Bill: - April Russo
Bill needs to grab this username quick@ ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Time to out myself, I'm actually Bill Gates. I've been watching you all. - jjprojects
jjprojects - LOL ... so Bill is running earthhour now too?! :) - Susan Beebe
tell him the credit check passed & yes, he can borrow some money, just wanted to make sure, you know financial crisis & alll... - sofarsoShawn
Wouldn't it be funny if Steve Jobs was here with an outrageous avatar? - Phil Boiarski
There could be a private room for tech CEO's, except Jerry Yang, of course - Roberto Bonini
@Jason, You have a camera on his office? - Phil Boiarski
لایک برای بیل عزیز. به فارسی نوشتم که نفهمین. هه هه - مرتضی
Phil Glockner
Disqus Enables FriendFeed Sync -
I guess I should comment here and see if it syncs, huh? :) - Phil Glockner
that's only took 20 seconds to swtich on - Ian May
Man, first FriendFeed implements Twitter contact import (so long and now Disqus implements FF comment import (nice knowing you I guess I should be flattered? :P - Carter ♥ JS
They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, Carter! Of course, the last two times last time FriendFeed took a feature that was implemented externally, they hired the developer (mail2ff and ff2go). Perhaps this is a good sign? - Phil Glockner
Hmmm, I don't see my comments syncing... - EricaJoy
Comments won't sync instantly. I doubt Disqus has a "firehose" for FF, so it's just a matter of their batch process catching-up. I see that they've set-up a separate section for "FF comments", which is cool, but won't scale to N-services. - Carter ♥ JS
@Phil, my fellow Texan. Yeah, I won't hold my breath. :D - Carter ♥ JS
Haha Carter. I didn't know you were a Texan! - Phil Glockner
To be fair, I'm a newbie to Texas. I'm getting my MBA at UT-Austin. Love this place! - Carter ♥ JS
Erica - me either yet. I'm willing to give it a few hours, see what happens. It may be going through older entries as well. - Phil Glockner
Carter - Going to UT in the 90's was what made me decide to settle here! We should definitely grab lunch sometime! - Phil Glockner
@Phil, definitely. Although I'm way to lazy to drive up to Round Rock :) Shoot me an email or DM and we'll catch-up. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter - Will do. Haggis - UTSA? - Phil Glockner
Haggis - I went on a couple of dates with an Aggie a few years ago. Although she lived in College Station (2 hours away from Austin) she had never visited until I took her. She laughed uncontrollably every time she saw a Bevo sticker on a car. Which of course was every 30 seconds or so. Personally, I never got invested in the UT/A&M rivalry. - Phil Glockner
Testing posting to FriendFeed via Disqus - Phil Glockner
Hmm. That worked. So we have posting TO FriendFeed working.. Now when I start getting these comments on my blog, It will be bidirectional. Nice. - Phil Glockner
Testing? - EricaJoy
I added the functionality to my blog but it doesn't seem to be picking up comments that were made previously on entries that were posted on FF. Is it working that way for you too? - Lindsay
@Lindsay Same for me. I think I will give it 24 hours to see if it just needs time - Shevonne
@Lindsay The number of people adding this right away is straining the Disqus servers. Importing is underway, it'll just take a while. - Chris Charabaruk
Erica and Lindsay: I know that Disqus is finding the correct thread in FF because there's now a submission area in the FriendFeed section on this blog post. I believe you have to be logged in to Disqus (with the FF stuff and API key added to your profile) in order to see it. But comments from FF are still on the way, hopefully. - Phil Glockner
I saw that, Erica! :) - Phil Glockner
Example of an updated and working integrated blog post: - Phil Glockner
Ok, I just woke up and I thought I'd see how the syncing was going. There are 27 comments on this thread (not counting this one), but only 3 comments are showing up in the FF section of this blog post. - Carter ♥ JS
Oh fail. There is a "post to FriendFeed box" which is what I guess they're calling comment integration. - EricaJoy
I wish DISQUS and FriendFeed would each retain Carter's services in order make this service work just so. He's clearly demonstrated a talent for this work. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I agree with you Daniel. - Phil Glockner
Comment lovers - DISQUS is apparently experiencing some initial slowdown as they go back in time to slurp up every FF comment ever to your blogs. Once they get caught up things should be much quicker: - Daniel J. Pritchett
@erica you have to enable FF in your profile page, then you can go back to your blogs setup and tell it to integrate FF comments. then, on your blog, you'll see regular comments plus any other comments from FF that relate to that post. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
In hindsight Disqus might regret the decision to import comments retroactively. Better to ignore comments left prior to launch than to be slow in syncing everyone's excited reactions after the launch. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter, agreed, I actually assumed that was what they were doing initially. - Phil Glockner
Update: It appears that most/all of the Disqus comments on this entry have been imported into Disqus and are now on my blog! - Phil Glockner
(SFW) Circuit Sex Positions -
(SFW) Circuit Sex Positions
(SFW) Circuit Sex Positions
Show all
inspired to share by Mona's: Ethernet cable action: - vijay from Bookmarklet
OOOH these! hahahahha - Mona Nomura
Carmen nailed it! :D - vijay
++Chris - vijay
Orgasm is when they "light up" :D - vijay
@Spidra, AWESOME SONG! - Christian (Simply X)
Spidra commented here? Missed that! *goes to check it out* edit: cool! Thanks for sharing the link Spidra :-) - vijay
Oh, and I forgot to add, good find vijay! - Christian (Simply X)
Thanks Christian :-) - vijay
Most essential thing to happen to me today. - Rob Spectre
Louis Gray
Facebook Prepares To Launch FriendFeed “Like” Feature -
It bothers me that a giant ripped off twitter, and now friendfeed - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Why can't we all just play nice, instead of ripping off each others' ideas? Where is the originality. FB should be coming up with ways to allow its members to better take advantage of FF, Twitter and alike instead of reproducing them. ANYONE at FB LISTENING? - Vinko
You are using a Mac or Windows, right? There is your answer. - Robert Scoble
@Robert, but the platforms should not matter, aren't we talking about a web based service/application? - Vinko
Vinko: those were copied from Xerox which copied from work that Doug Engelbart did. The truth is that lots in tech industry riffs on other things. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I see what you mean now. Did not get your analogy earlier. - Vinko
"ripping off other's ideas" is called culture. Believe me, you wouldn't want to live in a world without it. - Gregg H.
Totally agree with Davide - FB, FF and LinkedIn all serve different uses for me, with FF clearly being my tech stream. As FF expands to a wider audience, other people will use it for non-tech, but I still don't see FB as a threat for FF. My FB usage has dropped significantly since joining FF. - t0rx
It already has: notice how you can share your various accounts from different sites on your wall? No one does it yet, but the options now appeared - sofarsoShawn
Why does it "bother" people?? I mean.... natural to see riifs on these sort of things, its how things work!.... its called progress... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Mona Nomura
Famous Works of Art, Simpson-ized -
Famous Works of Art, Simpson-ized
Famous Works of Art, Simpson-ized
Famous Works of Art, Simpson-ized
:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) - MAS
And if you like those, you'll love the Simpsons' 100 top sports moments: - Louis Gray
There's also Springfield Punx - Zulkarnain K.
christmas decorations are up!
i am printing this in hi-res and using it as a schematic for my house. thanx jeff! - Carlos Ayala
100% LOL - Akiva
When I use the word "awesome" this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
That's wonderful! - Kristin of Two Everything
Where's the How To Guide for that? - Gus
Complete awesomesauce. - Ordinarybug Heather
its the wave of the future in christmas design! - (jeff)isageek
HAH!!!! That's awesome - Rahsheen
The only thing that could top that would be to leave it in the box... OTOH, this is a statement w/o being a fire hazard! - Richard Walker
hahahahaaa!! awesome...lazyman's mistletoe ball decor! - Susan Beebe
awesome!! i wish - Sarah Perez
A holiday beehive - very creative. - Micah
LOL without a few beers my x would have done the same. - Adriana
Pics or it didn't hap- oh wait.....yyyeeeaaahhh - Bwana ☠
so cool. love the effort level involved! - Morgan
EPIC WIN - Andre
Shared on FB as "Christmas decorating tip for those of us with zero patience" - Kevin L
...I can't tell from this angle - is there sufficient head clearance or is there a possibility of a taller person undoing all your hard work and/or electrocuting themselves? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hilarious. - Sprague D
Very nice, sir. - David Cook
that's about what our look like :P - Tim Hoeck
Bravo sir... Bravo. - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
Live4Emma (L4S)
"The 'Magic' chair, designed by Dripta Roy, is a piece of art that’s designed to be functional and stylish. The design allows for the perfect fit of all the chairs nestled into each other when you want to save space, or expands to four chairs when you need them" - Live4Emma (L4S) from Bookmarklet
Someone's been sitting in MY chair. - Tinfoil 2.0
Nice! Would be nice to blog about that one - Neya
hi Nia! you changed your the b&w - Live4Emma (L4S)
Dang! Three Little Bears is such a tie-in here and @Logical beat me to it. :) - Robert Miller
Nice one Logical! - Live4Emma (L4S)
^__ - Neya
Mike Fruchter
Startup cofounder lives with his website users -
MG Siegler
An App Store trend that needs to stop: Single-serving apps -
MixedInk: Online Collaborative Writing « -
MixedInk: Online Collaborative Writing «
MixedInk: Online Collaborative Writing «
" is using MixedInk for an inaugural speech competition it’s holding, and their article about it here nicely outlines MixedInk’s features." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
MadLibs for adults - Shevonne
Bret Taylor
Congratulations, FriendFeeders, on the Crunchie award!
WOO-HOO!!!! - Steven Perez
Congratulations all! Well deserved, and just the beginning. - Louis Gray
w00t! - AJ Batac
congrats! - Loic Le Meur
woop! - Mike Yang
Congrats, guys! - Tom Stocky
Congrats Bret and all of Team FriendFeed. Very well deserved! - Mark Krynsky
Congratulations to YOU Bret! Paul, Jim, Sanjeev, Gary, Kevin, Tudor, Casey, Ana, Ben, Ross ...everybody! woo hoooo!! :) - Susan Beebe
Congratulations on your well-deserved Crunchie from down here in Oz. -] - Chris Loft
Congrats to the whole FriendFeed team. - Philipp Mertens
and ff community:) - Igor Poltavskiy
wow, congrats all - Roamlog from fftogo
The nomination of the best design?Cooliris is winner. - 骨古 头坏死
Well deserved! - John Craft
Congratulations! :) - Marilín Gonzalo
congratz, though I'm a FriendFeed newbie I see a lot of potential :) - Rene Silva from twhirl
WOOT!!!! - Mike Cassidy
Robert Scoble
Nine ways Twitter could make money:
1. Look for affiliate revenues - Robert Scoble
2. Exploit the spaces between content - Robert Scoble
3. Adopt a freemium model - Robert Scoble
4. Add Virtual Goods - Robert Scoble
5. Get recurring revenue, er, find a way to charge for subscriptions. - Robert Scoble
6. If you’re going to do advertising, get into creating ads that are viral and interactive. - Robert Scoble
7. Create “frequent tweeting” programs - Robert Scoble
8. Look for support, or tips, from your users. - Robert Scoble
9. Get outside your website. Try to sell schwag. Do events. Etc. - Robert Scoble
Pro features at some point would be nice. An enterprise version could work as well. - Mike Fruchter
Inserting geo-targetted ads on Tweets. - Mike Fruchter
Got any others? - Robert Scoble
what about truncated, collapsable/expandable threading? - David Lloyd
And maybe "Nine ways Friendfeed could make money" hehe - David Lloyd
Twitter should license their technology to companies for intranets. - Michael Gaines
TweetSense. Ad Tweets served BY Twitter, who has the best idea of your Tweet volume and subject matter. Lowest hanging fruit, contextual ads on the Twitter Search page. - AJ Kohn
What about platform support via dev tools? Encourage the ecosystem and make money at the same time? (Apologies, Robert, I replied on Twitter first.) - Tim Beyers
10. add premium support for app developers. - Darren Stuart
Considering they have had 100% uptime for a few months, you have to think stability is fine now and they have their engineers beavering away on new features. Of course digg has 80 engineers and hardly ever seems to launch anything :p - David Lloyd
Thanks for this article Robert - bcultral
11. sell inhouse or managed solutions to companies for their own uses internally and sell federation CAL's so they can connect the internal solution to the wider twitter network so that specific users can tweet to the public. - alphaxion
Sell the entire background page to brands by the hour/day with some of the area being made available for discounts/offers. (You need something to benefit users too, not just Twitter.) ;-p - mtlb
I'm a little scared of the day all these FREE Social Networking sites CLOSE THE DOOR ON FREE, with all my data inside. - PaulFrankRizzo
good point..what is the answer Robert? - bcultral
Paul: I don't think free is going away. But I sure would pay for decent DM features, for instance. Lots of companies would pay for custom skinning features. - Robert Scoble
By following a brand's advertising account you consent to receiving ads from them. Add some profiling info to this and it could be a powerful tool to receive adverts on a users terms. - John Galpin
7.1> Post ad-tweets every half an hour from twitter account, which every twitter user will follow by default (have to follow by default). Make changes to API, so that people can't work around it and dodge this tweet. - | Balu |
Create daily reports for similar types of tweets and licence that data to various companies, this will be user generated marketing report. - Shanthala Balagopal
Chris: in that case I hope they do all nine! Just kidding, but, seriously, these sites need to find a way to make some revenues or they'll go away. If you don't want them to find a revenue model you are NOT a good user of these systems. - Robert Scoble
ugh, can we please look at ways for twitter to make money without resorting to adverts? I'm pretty sure there's loads of ways, I've mentioned the one I have been bleeting on about for months now. How about you? Can you come up with ways to make money without going cap in hand to advertisers? - alphaxion
Phase 1: Twitter Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit! - Alastair Montgomery
alphaxion: most of these are not about advertising. - Robert Scoble
Every local government needs to be on twitter, on their own twitter - and so does every state and federal government, police and emergency service - operated privately and 'independently' from the main twitter stream. - Chris Loft
care to comment about Obama and his 8 million strong email database taken into the Govt side? I am a community organizer and feel that email list belongs to the people - bcultral
Create a premium 'breaking news' service from data mining existing content and sell it to the old media. - Andrew Leyden
apart from 6 ;) Tho I'm addressing the others who are commenting rather than your suggestions. Trying to tease a bit of creative thinking out of people. I think it is a very healthy activity to get people working on ideas for how to make money and excluding the advertisers at the same time. - alphaxion
Chris: friendfeed has the same business model choices ahead of them to make too. - Robert Scoble
Selling my email address is NOT a way to make money. People will lose faith and/or start using phony emails for signups. - Michael Gaines
Alphaxion: #6 is actually about Context Optional, a company that creates very creative, viral ads. If you're going to do ads, that's the way to do it. - Robert Scoble
squeeze the advertisers...users should not have to pay for service ..other then paying to put up with advertisers and regulating and demanding subtlety - bcultral
Chris: hah! Actually most of the dating services are going to free models so they'll need to use some of these 9 too. - Robert Scoble
Robin: problem is that advertisers are going away. TechCrunch is hearing that this year could see some sites have 50% fewer ad revenues than before. So, you'll see more sites use these nine business models on you. - Robert Scoble
point taken - bcultral
How many users on FF at this point? - bravestface
Have Twitter subscribers pick a few products to "endorse", and have ads with their Twitter names attached to them. Then, give those users a discount based on # of clicks. - Michael Gaines
Robert: not forgetting that comps can simply sing up with an account and tweet updates from there, which is where inhouse and federation can be handy. New version release? An auto tweet to the public can be done - alphaxion
Chris: adsense is shit. Pays low CPMs. HotorNot makes $10 by selling virtual flowers. I'd love to be able to put a flower on your comments. Or something else. :-) - Robert Scoble
Turn "following" into a Multi-Level Marketing pyramid! - Rick Tuttle
very interesting discussion, robert. thank you! after 2 months of running Magpie (, I can resume that #2 from your list works really well for both tweeps (they earn) and advertisers. - Jan Schulz-Hofen
the sale of commercial API keys so that software such as starteam or sourceforge could tweet out info automatically based on trigger events to both private and public twitter networks. - alphaxion
:) - bcultral
Charge for Groups feature ala Yammer - Sajida Hina Khan
They should Plax-ify Twitter and create a premium service to share and update full contact details between followers. - matt howard
Rick: I thought following already was a multi-level marketing pyramid! You should have seen my son on Sunday when we were on Leo Laporte's show. He told his 2,000 live listeners that they had to follow my son. He got 100 new followers in a couple of minutes. - Robert Scoble
I think you forgot data mining (which links directly into advertising model, and buzz campaign monitoring). In a nutshell they should have a look at us ;-) (heck, we already do #2 and what I mentionned above!) - twitscoop
bravestface: there are about 250,000 registered users of friendfeed (it's a guess based on available data). - Robert Scoble
If you're a company trying sell/advertise via Twitter...I would expect them to pay. That way it doesn't piss off your standard user. The key is charging less than other competing PR firms. - CannonGod
How about a search engine. Soon there will be so many people and companies on Twitter (and similar sites) that people will want to search for those like they do for web sites. It's already frustrating trying to find people now as the current search is very limited. Add to that a similar model to AdWords that could generate money. Would be interested to see what other people think of this idea! - Joanna Butler
Joanna: has tons of places to monetize. I'd pay $5 a month to be listed on top or have a "pro" icon next to my name, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Chris: there are quite a few that I don't even track. Hi-5, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Emphasis on 'could' - AJ Kohn
Robert: I'm with you on that! Once companies are using Twitter, they'd easily see the benefits of a pro listing. I have several clients who'd at least be willing to experiment that. - Joanna Butler
The key is for Twitter to charge advertisers and not users. For example, they could make a mint by placing sidebar ads (a la FB) and justifying $ rates relative to the most popular people followed - such as you, @LeoLaporte, @guykawasaki, oh, and 'That One.' - Jim Mitchem
@jim they would make orders of magnitudes more by selling their software, support of the software and access to their software instead of limiting themselves so badly with conventional advertising. - alphaxion
If you tell Toyota or Coke that their constituency is online with Twitter and they're following specific people, or trending topics - you know they'd pay through the nose for those precious few seconds. It's push vs. pull. - Jim Mitchem
@chris - that's cool, just don't snort coke and drive Trish in a Toyota concurrently. - Jim Mitchem
@chris their software is a product they can sell, the userbase is a compelling feature of that product.. "pay for our commerical API to add twitter support to your product and add the ability of your customers to share their going-ons with the network and stoke demand and interest"... - alphaxion
Chris: exactly. Done right, who wouldn't pay? - Joanna Butler
What's the source of the current online culture of entitlement? Users don't want paid subscriptions nor to suffer ads. The same view that powers online piracy. Shouldn't creative professionals and those who fund them be compensated? If not, there will eventually be a big drop in production. Ps- few companies even use internal IM or digital BBS to share institutional knowledge, I don't see enterprise Twitted as being very lucrative. - Colin Hessel
I pay for reliability and accountability - a free service owes me nothing, they can lose my data overnight, be unavailable whenever, disappear. A service I pay for comes with an SLA, some guarantees, etc. Plus, if you don't pay for it, or donate to it, one day it will be gone and you might feel sorry. - Iphigenie
I would pay for additional features = pro account (stability, groups, counter, threads etc in one interface)... but I am just an ordinary user... - Hanna Wiszniewska
ok, so maybe Toyota was a bad example - Jim Mitchem
enterprise version already exists look at - Andrew Mueller
Great ideas Robert. Twitter execs will appreciate it but I still think no business model will exist until they are acquired. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
yes, i think acquisition was their business model - but the economic crisis did dash hopes of a gold-plated one so they are thinking about value added services now (through the buy-in of sandy it seems "concierge" style message parsing is one option they are looking at. If you can buy, book, plan, coordinate things semi automatically via twitter there is value in there) - Iphigenie
content partnerships, - imran
Following on from the discussion re FF UI - this discussion shows a BIG issue - I had to expand 95 comments to see Robert's original 9 (and was that the best way to publish the list?) and now I can't compress them! - Mark Warren
Mark: if you refresh the page they will be compressed again. - Robert Scoble
At the very least, show Google Ads on search - Varun Mahajan
I like the idea of selling aspects of the API as a SaaS. Also think they could very easily start charging consumers for Track and SMS. - Clay Newton
They would do well to add the ability to do very robust data mining. You can imagine providing a set of business intelligence dashboards to track and analyze customer sentiment as well as real time trend analysis. - Clay Newton
Virtual goods are a really solid idea as well. Look at what they are doing at Mahalo Answers. Mixes virtual $$ and real $. Twitter could easily implement a number of different levels here. They could also open up the API to provide even greater levels of functionality for app developers, essentially building a tiny-app framework. - Clay Newton
tony: you then get into the murkey problem of is it their data? By the same standard your ISP could sell their data on your usage. Is it ethical and would your customer base accept it? - alphaxion
I just posted the Social Networking Monetization Golden Goose idea yesterday at - Gail Gardner
@alphaxion - Advertisers will always be in the mix and are inevitable, they should do just in a way that doesn’t interfere with individual tweets/updates. Unless Twitter has an endless supply of financing, they’ll have to go to outside sources, (like subscribers/advertisers). I don’t see Twitter though offering so much value as to make it worth paying for. Not enough features. ( has its insider pay service and still runs a ton of ads on the site, so having one rev. stream doesn’t eliminate another.) - mtlb
Someone also mentioned a pay service for exclusive/breaking news on Twitter. First, I have Drudge for breaking news, but more importantly, part of the appeal of Twitter is that people like to feel they broke the news themselves. Why should Twitter or a select few decide what's breaking and what’s not and exclude the rest of the users from contributing to that? - mtlb
I would pay good money for the ability to punch people over the internet. - stretta
Make people pay to block other users! They'll get rich. - Rae21
I was reading this long list of comments and then the system did its hiccup/update thing and it all went away and I had to spend time looking for the damn thread again. Freaking annoying! - Rae21
@twitscoop Twitter data mining (strangely over looked) seems less like a business model then and more like a feature of the social network: transforming the data flow of one's social graph into usable information is why we stick around in the first place. Oh, I guess that does count as a business model. - Brad Kligerman
I've noticed a couple companies contacting me directly via Twitter when I have made noise about their products. Obviously, people say a lot of things on Twitter about products they use... I agree with Patrick Pushor; "develop tools for professional/advanced use of twitter and charge for that level of service". Twitter should send a rep. to companies to show them how to use Twitter to improve their own products and service, by using Twitter Search to find out what consumers are saying about their products. - Colleen
I wrote an article about twitter's fundamental problem yesterday. Essentially, all communication networks move toward being free. - Zach Landes
Om Malik
In New York, Downturn Kills Free WiFi -
Kathleen Anderson
FOLLOW FAIL: The Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You in Return on Twitter -
FOLLOW FAIL: The Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You in Return on Twitter
"We’ve all been there: You’re at a party hosted by that one fabulous friend, and populated with the best of your mutual circle of friends. The atmosphere is almost carbonated with excitement; the guests’ personalities flawlessly compliment each other; and the conversations that abound are infused with intelligence, caustic wit, and a wide variety of knowledge that ensures the complete absence of any pregnant, awkward pauses. Then, it happens: someone appears who just doesn’t…fit." - Kathleen Anderson from Bookmarklet
Jennifer Van Grove
Use as a Twitter Track Hack, p.s. It’s Faster than TwitterSpy - offers Twitter users a nice little hack to receive all your tweets via IM. :) - Jennifer Van Grove
Trying it out, cheers - Majento
I've actually stopped using TwitterSpy in favor of IM notifications with - Jennifer Van Grove
Loved your review of - Corvida
Thanks Corvida! - Jennifer Van Grove
It's faster than twitterspy because it has fewer users and is configured to access their data faster. I can make twitterspy faster, but it starts to eat up personal API requests and will block you out of other services. I suppose I could make it a per-user option or something. Our other service, IdentiSpy, currently has nearly 900 users and offers results about a second after initial posts. Unfortunately, twitter continues to not participate in that service. (comment via Disqus by dustin) - Jennifer Van Grove
Dave Winer
RSS as the foundation for realtime (Scripting News) -
RSS as the foundation for realtime (Scripting News)
"Steve Gillmor has been on a campaign to get Feedburner to wake up and make his Feedburner feed more responsive. I support him in this. Now that Feedburner is pwned by Google, there's something kind of sneaky about a big company that prides itself on keeping its servers up and responsive all the time to be asleep on this." - Dave Winer from Bookmarklet
I don't know anything else about it, but I've noticed that some feeds use, which seems to be a feedburner clone. - Paul Buchheit
wonder what the latency on pheedo is - Steve Gillmor
the founder of pheedo just posted a comment with contact info on - Dave Winer
What features/benefits of Feedburner is it that people are trying to replicate/realize here? Analytics? Inserting ads into your feeds? Or is this really about trying to push/pull content out as quickly as possible? - Ken Sheppardson
realtime rss ping/syncronization of feedburner type service - Steve Gillmor
Where "feedburner type service" = ad serving/analytics? - Ken Sheppardson
cant someone ask kevin marks or other folks about this? ill check with my google guy... and report back. - andrew
I've tried reaching kevin but he's ignoring me - Steve Gillmor
steve just listened to your year end podcast while freezing my a** off running here in minneapolis - an excellent hour on authority/blogging/microblogging/real time.... thanks again for all the great shows last year - capped by the year end gem. checking with my goog guy now. - andrew
thanks andrew, tomorrow's NewsGang Live shaping up nicely 1PM Pacific - Steve Gillmor
sigh - Patricia
As I posted on Dave's blog, Pheedo typically works with large commercial pubs (NYT Times, CNET, PCWorld, etc) but happy to help Steve with your feed updating issue and stats. Contact me at bill AT Pheedo Dot Com. - Bill Flitter
Bill are you going to offer a competitive service? - Steve Gillmor
I think the goal is a sustainable real-time content publishing system of some sort. RSS + ping networks don't get the job done currently. It's easy to create a one-off ping/poll system for a small number of sources, with low latency, much more difficult to do so for a large number. There is no system now that I'm aware of that directly addresses this particular issue. SUP and XMPP are interesting, but nor deployed in a full system yet. - mikepk
mikepk you move from not in google's economic interest to innovators dilemma to not doable technically. Microsoft is licking its chops. google is silent for a reason - Steve Gillmor
Steve, I think the reason that Google is silent might be more that it's a Sunday after the holidays. I pointed some people at Google to this. - Matt Cutts
Steve, innovator's dilemma is the only point I made, I never said it wasn't technically doable. :) The ironiy of the innovator's dilemma is that it *is* in Google's long term economic interest. The central argument is that internal pressure keeps a company from exploring disruptive technologies because they must focus on their short term economic interest above their long term. - mikepk
Also, it's just a "feeling" that I have that google's internal priorities are re-aligning to driving ad-revenue above other pursuits. The pressure on Google is steadily increasing since wall street expects growth. If they miss their growth targets for a quarter it will dramatically increase this pressure. I could be *totally* wrong and only time will tell. - mikepk
matt cutts thx for some real response. I've always liked Feedburner, but in the age of realtime it's hopelessly bad news for routing info around the viral network. Have someone contact me to chat on NewsGang Live tomorrow 1PM PDT - Steve Gillmor
Yes, Steve, Pheedo offers a competitive service to Feedburner. - Bill Flitter gets results, even if Gabe thinks it's chopped liver. - Dave Winer
Steve, I'm asking about this but I can't promise I'll be able to get someone for NewsGang tomorrow. But I will bug people to see what's up with the latency; there might be a simple explanation. - Matt Cutts
tune in in any case Matt via the chatroom. I'll Tweet the address tmrw mrning - Steve Gillmor
Steve, do you have PingShot turned on? To check, log into FeedBurner, then click on My Feeds in the top left, then click on your most popular feed. Under the "Publicize" tab, do you have the PingShot feature activated? I think turning on pinging might be the issue in some of these cases. - Matt Cutts
Whether Steve solves his problem or not, I think we need an open source "feed proxy" that could at least give our feeds stats, cache and some kind of throttling. - Panayotis Vryonis
Matt forwarded to Techcrunch engineering. will find out. thx. - Steve Gillmor
Matt Cutts: PingShot was turned on late on Jan 1. - Steve Gillmor
Steve: I've been talking to the FB folks and they're checking into this. They were able to repeat it with TechCrunch IT (not TechCrunch), so they're checking on it. Unfortunately, I'm doing an orientation for a new Google engineer at 1pm, so I won't be able to dial into the chatroom for NewsGang, but people are looking at it on this side. - Matt Cutts
Louis Gray
Is It Time to Let FeedBurner Burn? -
As far as I can tell, the main complaint is latency, where the latency is still less than a couple hours, right? Are there other complaints? - Matt Cutts
i manage dozens of feeds there... but it isn't all that useful / necessary unless Google built it better into Analytics. Like Chris wrote, FeedFlare has become pointless with the evolution of blogging software like WordPress and services like ShareThis. E-mail RSS subscriptions are still great, however, Google has done little if anything to make FeedBurner's native service much more than a FeedBlitz clone, imo. - Andy Sternberg
I remember what I don't like about FF--it spreads the conversation all over the place. I'll paste what I commented on the original blog post. - Matt Cutts
Just a few thoughts: - I've heard a few people mention complaints about latency recently and I just passed on a couple of those threads to other people at Google. Fair feedback, and it's appreciated. - Duncan Riley mused that FeedBurner is more about advertising these days, but that's Duncan's take. Have you seen any statement from Google that backs up Duncan's opinion? I'm not aware of... more... - Matt Cutts
P.S. At the risk of talking too much: For more info about MyBrand and how to use it, see and . I think everyone should at least use the free MyBrand feature to keep their feeds under their own control. - Matt Cutts
matt cutts in this thread, finally some response from google. - Steve Gillmor from IM
Matt, aside from the fact it's been all but ignored since acquisition and subscriber numbers seem to be generated at random some days, no other complaints ;-) Oh, and it is all about advertising, there's one BLOODY BIG STATEMENT: the NAME CHANGE. Adsense for Feeds ISN'T about advertising? really? ;-) - Duncan Riley
Oh, and if it wasn't about advertising, why didn't it end up in Webmaster tools or Analytics exclusively? - Duncan Riley
I like the look of the feed in emails.. well its nice and tidy... but sheesh whats with the time lag?? - Rob Sellen :o)
Happy to try to help. Duncan, I think FeedBurner has to fit in somewhere within Google. Given that FB allowed ads in feeds way before they were even bought by Google (e.g. is a reference from 2004), I'm guessing that was one place that it could integrate. It could also have been geography, e.g. FB was based in Chicago, while the Webmaster tools team is based in Kirkland, so that wouldn't have been a good fit. At any rate, I'm chatting with folks here about it. - Matt Cutts
Matt, if there's good news in the works FB wise even small, I'm always happy to cover it. It's only because many of us are passionate about the product that this thread is even taking place. - Duncan Riley
Point taken. It's certainly possible that in the midst of migrating the ping server location or over the holidays that something is falling through the cracks, in which case we should dig into it. - Matt Cutts
I am currently migrating my own (and blogs that I administrate) to WordPress. Had Matt not addressed this thread..... I probably would have gone to direct feeds. FeedBurner offers a different product that Google Analytics and is valuable but two of my own migrations were very bad experiences. Communication to the Google community is invaluable and in the event that anyone missed it, this IS the magic of Friendfeed .... not found elsewhere. - Charlie Anzman
FeedFlare is actually pretty cool, and deserves more development like other FB nooks and crannies, still the overall speed and reliability are most important - Mike Chelen
Matt - More direct answer. There were issues with accounts that migrated from personal e-mails. While now, FeedBurner recognizes my gmail acct , for some reason it didn't during the original migration, and, for some reason (that I never had the time to check out), I lost many of the 'free' features. Delivery time has mostly been fine for me, Finally, Friendfeed needs to be in the check-off default feedflare listings! ... (Just sayin' .... :) - Charlie Anzman
the feedflare system needs an open catalog with user submissions like for google gadgets, otherwise there is no way their team can keep up with all the latest websites ;) - Mike Chelen
Jeremy Zawodny
I'm using Git because it makes me feel cool -
how amusing! - Jeremy Zawodny
Paula Kirman
Photos from the Gaza rally this afternoon: #yeg
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