We will remember them.
RT: Stand up for choice and sign the petition to bring options like @Uber_VAN to Vancouver https://action.uber.org/vancouv... #VancUBER
Awww...The #Vancouver blizzard warning is now just a wind warning.
Google's telling there's a blizzard warning for #Vancouver. Really? In November?!
Wow. Tencent is offering 10 TB of personal cloud storage...Free.
RT @elonmusk: Hope we're not just the biological boot loader for digital superintelligence. Unfortunately, that is increasingly probable
How did I not know I could upload my e-books to Google Play Books. This is sweet!
Ahhh....Printer Drivers. We meet AGAIN, my old nemesis.
I've never had this much freezing in my face. My tongue and ear are numb! I sound mentally disabled.
RT @VICE: What We Learned About Canadians by Looking at Their Weird Google Searches http://www.vice.com/read... https://twitter.com/VICE...
"I'm not a quitter, but that human pile of garbage would make Satan weep." -- Garcia #reno911
What the fuck is the deal with television? They can show bloated murder corpses but have to blur out the genitals.
Items from my birthday wish list: 1oz of tears of despair, 10g unicorn horn, and 3L of blood from the first born son of a first born son.
Just stepped on a broken crack pipe. So weird. It usually needles I'm dodging in Mt. Pleasant. #NoJoke #vancouver
Internet users' privacy upheld by Canada's top court http://t.co/V46nBbMJij
RT @elonmusk: Apparently, lots of confused media inquiries about blog title. Look, we just to make sure they don't set us up the bomb.
RT @kennethn: Github search for ":wq" returns more than 7,000,000 results https://t.co/QkgmQ3MF6P
Firstiest of first world problems: your fitbit dies before you finish your steps.
The yahoo weather app for android is surprisingly good!
RT @RCMPNB: #Codiac #RCMPNB - 3 officers mortally wounded by shooter. 2 officers sustained non life threatning injuries. Shooter still actively sought.
Aaaaaand I'm listening to @the_prodigy
Thought I heard the intro to @the_prodigy - Smack my Bitch Up blasting from an apartment. It was a whining vacuum cleaner.
RT @iamdevloper: My family’s obituary for when I die: “He died doing what he loved, which was…something to do with computers? Ah, fixing our printers”.
I just backed Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere. on @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/project...
Good morning, Winnipeg!
Having a moment. That goat roti and sea moss was exactly as I remember it.
Sweet! This Trini place in TO has Sea Moss (drink)! I haven't had one in, like, 20 years! So good!
Gah! I just got a look at my poor nose. It's so badly burnt I'm almost genuinely concerned it'll fall off in my sleep.
RT @NASA: Welcome back to Earth #Dragon! The @SpaceX cargo spacecraft brought with it ~3500 lbs of cargo & science samples  https://twitter.com/NASA...
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