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Taxi driver singing along to Keisha is my life right now. Could be worse.
RT @MarsCuriosity: You guys! @NASAKepler found the 1st Earth-size exoplanet in the habitable zone
An app to find the closest #Vancouver taxi available for hire. I think I finally told the right cabbie about this!
Why did the Goose cross the road? I have no idea, but here's what it looks like:
RT @fwdfwdplsread: OH: "Eat fast. Die young."..."I live my life a quarter brisket at a time"
RT @NASA: As seen on #Cosmos: Extremophiles - like this tardigrade. A NASA expert answered your Q's:
An email from the FUTURE! "... fulfilled and shipped on [ Monday, 14 April 2014 02:31 ]" I <3 ordering shit from China.
At #Vancouver Maritime Museum. TIL this is the first boat to cross the NW passage west to east.
One of the ingredients on this @pureleaf ice tea is "Natural Flavour". How do you add "Natural Flavour" to something?!?
No better motivator for cleaning your space than having to do homework.
RT @philwhln: xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation
RT @Horse_Recruiter: Seeking devop with 2+ years in Heart Bleed
RT @RegexTip: (?i) makes a regular expression case-insensitive. Example: (?i)abc is the same as [aA][bB][cC].
Watched @PandorasPromise ( last night. It's swayed my opinion of Nuclear power.
Going to rename my WiFi to "apt_105_I_hear_u_pooping". Don't know who's in 105 but I hope they have WiFi.
RT @TheOnion: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Lets Americans Cram Cash Directly Into Politicians' Mouths
RT @neiltyson: USA to Russia: “We’re imposing sanctions on you!! But please still allow us on your Soyuz so we can reach our Space Station"
Geez! I should really know better than to drink with youngsters. It's embarrassing. They just can't keep up.
Just hopped off @TransLink 99 Broadway express bus. Still a horrible experience. How cool would a train be there? So trendy too!
RT @dakami: The funny thing about sleeves is that you actually have two.
Last Fall I started using songbirds as my alarm clock sound...which is great...until Spring.
Woke up at 2 AM with intense TMJ pain and a tension headache. Fell back asleep. Gone when I awoke. Too weird. #Aliens
Hail?! Really? #vancouver
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