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Dad, Husband, Information Junkie, Stubborn Optimist
My real twitter crush.
RT @Todd__Kincannon: I support gay marriage. Government has no business regulating marriage. Yet the gay marriage mafia hates me because I'm not a fascist lefty.
RT @yesnicksearcy: I am against all marriage. @Todd__Kincannon
Don't just run. Run and HYDE!
My out of focus sweetheart.
RT @redsteeze: Can we please not elect an emotionally stunted juvenile to the most powerful office in the world again? #meanwhich #stinkburger
RT @benshapiro: Obama's entire presidency is a poopburger with a side of asshat. It's like we elected a self-righteous, booger-eating 10-year-old.
RT @gabrielmalor: Obama 2008: "I will turn the page on the ugly partisanship in Washington." Obama 2014: GOP ideas should be called the "stinkburger."
RT @AmyOtto8: Between "the debate is over",meanwich & stinkburger, the main reason for asking for his birth certificate would be to verify he's old enough
RT @TheBrandonMorse: A rare picture of Obama’s speechwriter. #stinkburger
RT @jjauthor: Why do we spend over $1,500,000,000 per year on #Obamaphones? Out of control! #tcot @BillHemmer @marthamaccallum
Erythropoeitin. Dihydrotestosterone. Now I have no hair. - a haiku. @Shandalier
Something I just learned. Twitter is great for Haiku. I am We Todd did.
Odin just showed up. I'm an Anglo-Saxon Protestant so I'm not sure why. #vikings #shrug
With a Chevy as my Summer home, let's get the party started. It looks like the city towed my other apartment... #vanhalen
RT @KrissiBex: Wake me when cow nuggets are a thing
RT @KrissiBex: Panties make good sling shots
RT @KrissiBex: I call my imaginary friends "twitter followers"
Well, it's up to Kirkland, but I don't think m that's gonna get you back north to your free healthcare. :) @yesnicksearcy
RT @UberFacts: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
RT @DLoesch: Stop making us women victims by acting like we can't deal with criticism. Don't dish if you can't handle it. #support #meangirls
Re: Shorter Slate: Mark Levin Behind 'Secretive' Cabal to 'Rewrite the Constitution' -
"I scrolled down to post as much but you had already done so. Secretive cabal indeed. LOL" - Mattb4rd
Re: Poll: Romney beats Obama today -
"Lower than the approval rating of Congress? I think not." - Mattb4rd
Re: George Zimmerman arrested in Florida -
"I didn't see or hear anything that proved any of that evidence (not testimony) false beyond a shadow of a doubt. That's what has to be there to prove 2nd degree murder." - Mattb4rd
Re: George Zimmerman arrested in Florida -
"Zimmerman testified? Must have been a different trial than the one I watched." - Mattb4rd
Re: Getting a Buzz on Honoring Veterans Day -
"Boom! Headshot." - Mattb4rd
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