RT @rubybuddha: Hey Internet! I've recently become work-available and I'm exploring new opportunities. Interested? ping me!leongersing[at]gmail
RT @swohiogivecamp: To make the 5 annual Southwest Ohio GiveCamp the biggest ever. We need your help. We need volunteers and sponsors. http://southwestohiogivecamp.org/
RT @cdmwebs: 9 Things I Learned as a Software Engineer That Can Help in Any Job https://medium.com/@maeber... https://twitter.com/cdmwebs...
RT @EarthPix: When the sun smiles, the birds smile back! https://twitter.com/EarthPi...
RT @RichWolfred: For the people that kept our freedom. #happy4th https://twitter.com/RichWol...
RT @PIFCincinnati: We're excited to announce the launch of Pay It Forward Cincinnati this summer! Be on the lookout for our official launch!
RT @IngagePartners1: Happy Birthday to Shane Price today!
Just when I was about to get my @codeship CI build working, @heroku API goes into maintenance mode. :(
RT @aJimHolmes: Dear @codebabes I'm speechless. Congratulations, you've made me hate humanity even more today.
RT @erinmkidwell: Jim Weirich tribute in the #railsconf2014 program. Donate to the scholarship fund: https://Jim.neo.com/ https://twitter.com/erinmki...
RT @mgroves: Mesoraco can't make an out even if he wanted to. #reds
Unbelieveable. #reds give up back-to-back homers in three separate innings.
First day of wearing shorts outside for 2014!
RT @cromwellryan: This Emerging Languages Camp at Strange Loop looks pretty awesome http://emerginglangs.com/
Verifying myself: I am mattbrewer on Keybase.io. UNstQxYNKoDFSlChHHpmoorK2un3-8Z-ZCqw / https://t.co/GGEuBJNuok
Glad my atom.io invite wasn't a joke.
FLYERS WIN!!! #ncaa #UD #FTW
I need to stop using the shift key so much.
RT @CalEvans: Worst. TV. Remake. EV-AR. https://twitter.com/CalEvan...
RT @IngagePartners1: Ingage Partners has been recognized for creating the most positive overall social and environmental impact in the... http://bestfortheworld.bcorpor...
RT @IngagePartners: We were just named a 2014 #BCorp Best for the World honoree for having the best overall impact! Check out the list h…http://bestfortheworld.bcorporation.net/
Verifying myself: I am MattBrewer on Keybase.io. ITDvSowUE3BZQYX-IPMLIRpLn8INKplXbCDc / https://t.co/YSYTeF87P3
erifying myself: I am MattBrewer on Keybase.io. ITDvSowUE3BZQYX-IPMLIRpLn8INKplXbCDc / https://t.co/YSYTeF87P3
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