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I'm not sure there's enough for them...
Drinking an Oberon Ale by @BellsBrewery @ Rusty Bucket —
Drinking a Brew Free! or Die IPA by @21stAmendment @ Rusty Bucket —
My 8yo son just asked me what the e stands for in a calculator. 20 minutes of research & talk later, and he'll never ask me questions again.
Is there anyone interested in carpooling from Columbus up to KalamazooX?
Finished book 14 of the Wheel of Time series this morning. That's a total of 2 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes of audio book listening.
RT @pyohio: PyOhio Is Looking for Speakers -
Working from home today with a sick kid. The middle monitor isn't working. Annoying looking between two screens 18 inches apart.
I'm 2 for 4 on display adapter dongles that I've purchased on Monoprice so far. Annoying.
So many good new iPad games I've found out about lately! FTL, Hearthstone, Spellbounders, and now downloading The Wolf Among Us episode 3
That moment when you find out your STBX is dating someone.
Stir Trek supplies have been stored away until next May.
RT @jeffblankenburg: Day after #stirtrek...the one day a year a Saturday afternoon nap doesn't draw dirty looks at my house...
RT @brentschooley: Had a blast speaking about productivity yesterday at #StirTrek. Thanks everyone that attended. I'll post slides soon.
RT @JonKruger: Thanks everyone for another great @stirtrek! /cc @mattcasto @rkierner
RT @aJimHolmes: Made it to #stirtrek. Was thinking of texting @mattcasto and telling him I got in a wreck and couldn't make my talk. #EvilThings
This is the first Stir Trek I've ever worn a coat to.
While it's a bit disappointing that Stir Trek didn't sell out this year, we did sell 1497 of our 1500 tickets.
RT @csteinert: Hooray, is finally live! Just in time for #stirtrek.
RT @derekhubbard: Theaters can be dark. When working with LEGOs in a theater, bring a book light. Or two or three. #devflow @stirtrek
A huge thanks goes out to @BrianTJackett for dealing with all the @stirtrek transfers and cancellations!
Fast Signs in Westerville did an AWESOME job on these @stirtrek badges!!
RT @stirtrek: Hard to believe, but there are TEN tickets left for #stirtrek this year. Take the day off and learn something new!
Transporting and cleaning Stir Trek equipment.
I'll start calling it universal when I can deploy to Xbox too.
RT @stirtrek: Got a mobile device? Coming to Stir Trek? Be sure to check out the mobile apps at
RT @davidmead: Got a good UX/UI story to tell? @midwestUX is looking for speakers. Deadline June 1st
RT @stirtrek: Don't forget about the Stir Trek Game Night on Thursday at 6! Come hang out with the speakers and learn a new game!
RT @bradcolbow: NAILED IT! Let me know if you guys need any more smiling owl logos in the near future.
My son is playing Trials Evolution on Xbox with his only goal to beat all of @rubybuddha's times.
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