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RT @Jimmy_Byrd: QA walks into a medical form: cc: @sempf
RT @mike_parch: Can't wait for this to ruin my Sat. RT @BTNBrentYarina: Not sure you'll see a better #B1G graphic all week. For real.
RT @sempf: I can't help but agree with this. Knowing how Microsoft pushed DPE to get apps made, this is sad:
Trying out a new mouse.
I made my MineCraft face!
I'm really surprised how much I like using this Surface Pro 3 ... many things can be awkward, but over all a very powerful device!
RT @skamille: I didn't have my editor(husband) read this but here's a roughly thought-out post on "tech leads are not eng managers"
RT @AuthorRTkaelin: My story. :) "@everquest_next: The latest #EQNext eBook, "From Ash Comes Fire," is now available! [Dexella]”
I just stepped on the lid to the kragle. Ouch!
Okay, her husband noticed when he got the post. I watched him try to crop me out. Failed. Turned around and gave me a high five.
I just photobombed some people here at the concert. Watched them apply a filter and post to Facebook. Oblivious. Highlight of the day.
Is there something like Balsamiq for diagrams? I don't want to have to use Visio.
Oh yeah, this too.
My score from Origins gaming conference.
Tank and Healer. Guess which is mine and which is @sempf's
I'll be at Origins all day tomorrow with my son, and all day Saturday by myself. /cc @sempf @jeffblankenburg
Bored while on hold with credit card support, and I find myself reading through YouTube comments. Not helping the blood pressure.
On the phone with credit card customer support. Blood pressure through the roof.
Happy Birthday @careypayette
It's been on zero miles range for 3 miles. It's like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a test drive.
Traffic jam. I'm screwed.
RT @mikewo: RT @nickbilton: This man could have the best name for a firefighter in the history of firefighters. cc @skimedic
Thanks to @mgroves I was able to enjoy this delightful op-doc. Highly recommended to read then watch.
What the hell is this? (this was just taken from my Facebook timeline)
Stuck late at work tonight. Thank god for @calvinallen_'s snacks that he left in his cube.
Today will have science!!
According to Google voice transcription of a call from the local school district, they have a campaign to obtain breakfast. I can back this.
Went to the Lego store with my daughter and accidentally parked outside of the American Girl doll store. Squees abounded.
Whenever I feel like drinking a tall glass of milk, I always reach for my Captain America tumbler.
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