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I just stepped on the lid to the kragle. Ouch!
Okay, her husband noticed when he got the post. I watched him try to crop me out. Failed. Turned around and gave me a high five.
I just photobombed some people here at the concert. Watched them apply a filter and post to Facebook. Oblivious. Highlight of the day.
Is there something like Balsamiq for diagrams? I don't want to have to use Visio.
Oh yeah, this too.
My score from Origins gaming conference.
Tank and Healer. Guess which is mine and which is @sempf's
I'll be at Origins all day tomorrow with my son, and all day Saturday by myself. /cc @sempf @jeffblankenburg
Bored while on hold with credit card support, and I find myself reading through YouTube comments. Not helping the blood pressure.
On the phone with credit card customer support. Blood pressure through the roof.
Happy Birthday @careypayette
It's been on zero miles range for 3 miles. It's like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a test drive.
Traffic jam. I'm screwed.
RT @mikewo: RT @nickbilton: This man could have the best name for a firefighter in the history of firefighters. cc @skimedic
Thanks to @mgroves I was able to enjoy this delightful op-doc. Highly recommended to read then watch.
What the hell is this? (this was just taken from my Facebook timeline)
Stuck late at work tonight. Thank god for @calvinallen_'s snacks that he left in his cube.
Today will have science!!
According to Google voice transcription of a call from the local school district, they have a campaign to obtain breakfast. I can back this.
Went to the Lego store with my daughter and accidentally parked outside of the American Girl doll store. Squees abounded.
Whenever I feel like drinking a tall glass of milk, I always reach for my Captain America tumbler.
I'm not sure there's enough for them...
Drinking an Oberon Ale by @BellsBrewery @ Rusty Bucket —
Drinking a Brew Free! or Die IPA by @21stAmendment @ Rusty Bucket —
My 8yo son just asked me what the e stands for in a calculator. 20 minutes of research & talk later, and he'll never ask me questions again.
Is there anyone interested in carpooling from Columbus up to KalamazooX?
Finished book 14 of the Wheel of Time series this morning. That's a total of 2 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes of audio book listening.
RT @pyohio: PyOhio Is Looking for Speakers -
Working from home today with a sick kid. The middle monitor isn't working. Annoying looking between two screens 18 inches apart.
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