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Thomas Hawk
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr -
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr
16,000 down, 984,000 to go. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Not long to go! - Andrew Trinh
And what a fine one it is! Congrats - Michael Fidler
it'd definitely going to take me a while to get to a million. I'm publishing about 200 photos to flickr a week right now and at this pace it will take 92 years to get there. I'll get the pace up to 400-500 a week in the future though. Better technology should make processing easier and someday my kids will be grown and I'll be able to quit my day job and focus on this even more. The best photos have yet to be taken. - Thomas Hawk
When I think about this I realize your best days are ahead of you. - Russellreno
That is a great photo - Darin aka iGoByDoc
What's your shot/publish ratio? I mean, on average how many shots do you take to produce those you publish? - Yuval Atzmon
atzmon, I probably average about 2,000 shots a week that I shoot. And I'm probably processing 300 or so of those a week at present, so I'm probably keeping about 15%. The other 85% never get processed and are kept in my archives. I'm trying only to process and publish the shots that I think meet a certain quality criteria. - Thomas Hawk
Wow and Congrats!! - Vox
Dude, you're a machine. - Zee.
Jauder, the good news is that processing will only get easier in the future. I've watched it get better with each successive Adobe release. Lightroom 2.0 is the best processing tool yet. It's not necessarily faster per se though because with more tools there are yet even more ways to tweak a photo hence even more time. But the tools to speed things up are coming too. auto geotagging, better anti dust tech, faster processing speeds, easier online tools with faster broadband are all around the corner. - Thomas Hawk
16,000 ?? Yikes. Cool number. Congrats. - Charlie Anzman
big numbers don't mean squat - Ivan Pope from twhirl
big numbers means someone (Thomas) is dedicated to his art. He is pretty talented as well! - Michael VanDervort from twhirl
Perseverance furthers. - Michael Markman
This photo is total awesome. It is made even more awesome by the knowledge that there are 15,999 more photos just as awesome as this one. EDIT: This photo is now my desktop background. :) - James Rishabh Mishra
Congrats! - J. McConnell
Awesome!! Keep going Thomas!! beutiful work... YOU are such an inspiration... thanks! - Susan Beebe
congrats Thomas! - Shey
Damn that is all kinds of awesome. - Mattb4rd
Wow, quite an accomplishment! - Jeff P. Henderson
Great job Thomas. Keep it up. - Andrew Smith
Congratulations.. keep going! we'll be watching :) - Juan Pablo González
Congratulations Thomas! - Holger Eilhard
Congrats & cheers TH. Your images confirm, you are, indeed, sui generis. - Dave Martin
Beautiful shot! Congrats for achieving this landmark! - Muhammad Ahmed
Congrats, I even don't think I took so many photos in my life. :) - Ferhad Fidan from fftogo
@thomas: Yahoo should be giving Flickr to you for free. You'd do a great job with it. And it would be historical: the first user-generated (company) acquisition :))) - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Beautiful!!!! - Rafael Montilla
awesome!! - Rhoda Meek
wow from last year, I'm almost at 29,000 photos uploaded to flickr now. - Thomas Hawk
Keep 'em comin' Thomas! - Charlie Anzman
I guess the metier of 'photo editor' is kaput...or, at least, greatly altered.... - Chris Gulker
You know they are going to delete your account without warning once you hit 999,999, right? :) - Ace
Ace, I hope not, I'd be so pissed. Actually I think alot of what gets me so upset about all the content/account deletion issues is that I really do worry that it actually will happen to me. Flickr staff hates me and they'd *love* to delete my account. I worry that I'll wake up one morning and everything will have been nuked. I suppose that's why I'd like to see them enact the ability to... more... - Thomas Hawk
Holyshit! You have taked just couple of photos... - k00pa
Why your flickr page says 28,974 items ? - k00pa
Because this post is from September last year k00pa :) - Simon Wicks
@Chris Gulker. Someday I hope to work with a photo editor. God knows I need to. I like to think of my Flickrstream today more as the raw material in a lot of ways for future projects. A good photo editor adds tremendous value to shaping a photographer's imagery. - Thomas Hawk
Louis Gray
Its not the leaving of Twitter that grieves me..... -
I could leave Twitter though, b/c I only use it to feed FF. However, I now have followers on FF that I engage w/far more. It was a day or two before I realized twitter had even dropped s/of my followers, b/c I likely have already subbed w/most on FF before the Internet Duct Tape importer stopped working properly - which is probably when I lost more interest in Twitter. I luv the photo... more... - R. Ferguson
Ruth excellent point - that's why I think Gaping Void could do it too now. It's now much more possible to leave Twitter than it was back then, and for the most part (about 1/2 my followers and people I'm following are on FF now) you won't be leaving your followers and the great networking tool behind. - Jesse Stay
what is gaping void? - R. Ferguson
Ruth: hugh macleod, - Michael W. May from twhirl
Chris Brogan
50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business -
Quote from Kyle Lacy: "This post was amazing!" - Ontario Emperor
don't... they will delete your account. you are talking about corporations here? or real business? How is it that Hamas and Hezballah have a twitter account and somehow twitter thinks I am more dangerous? What a joke this twitter network really is. - NoahDavidSimon
Hey.. what can I say? I was left speechless. I don't understand how Chris has all this information flowing. ALL THE TIME. - Kyle Lacy
24/7: Chris Brogan's brain: Open all night. - Kyle Lacy
Noah is right. Corporations are not business. This might be better used for the government of China. twitter is not good for small business. - ❁ⓟⓘⓝⓚ❁ⓖⓐⓡⓓⓔⓝ❁
I completely disagree. I have gotten business from Twitter.. it is about authenticity and creating relationships.. not spamming. - Kyle Lacy
The problem is most small biz owners have yet to learn how to communicate via social media.. they can learn though. - Kyle Lacy
time time time... small biz don't have the time... Chris Brogan mentioned large corporations. your point is moot Kyle - NoahDavidSimon
and solo act too, Noah. But Kyle, if existing strategies that you are familiar with work for you, then fine. Otherwise, I don't know there's other options but to go out from the comfort zone and learn. - Hendry Lee from twhirl
I see a lot of uses for social media.... but it is not advertising and PR., entertainment... even employment bonding... but promotion is not best here... unless you can really overburden a scene... and that is very very wrong. as for a mom and pop biz... they simply can't get iJustine and Veronica to gee golly wiz the little guy. I'm an artist... and I have optimism... but artists are small business people... and for the most part... this social media experience has been a fail. - NoahDavidSimon
if anything this experience has hurt my reputation... I would never recommend doing this unless this is what you want to do full time... twitter is unforgiving and libelous. - NoahDavidSimon
that isn't to say that it is bad here. I mention iJustine... who is nice enough to leave my drawings on her facebook profile... however... in the long run promotion here has been a hole in my time. this is an incestuous mono-culture. There is no place for any free thought... or persuasion. - NoahDavidSimon
if anything social media is a very efficient brain washing tool. Resistance is futile... you must support this cause or you are blocked and no one reads your comments. it is frankly a sad interaction... and experiment in mob tyranny. The worst aspect of a niche market. Twitter is going to go down in history as a social experiment that made people very miserable and lashed out at the people who put their time into it. remains to be seen if something better can come along.... - NoahDavidSimon
somehow I have a feeling that what takes twitter's place will not have the kind of zealous idealism that twitter had. the whole idea of free expression failed when twitter left a hole open for @panopticons. free expression and retweeting no longer were legitimate. they crucified the questioner. - NoahDavidSimon
free will in an infrastructure is not a good archetype. the inherent nature of socializing will test the lines... so now we know we want structure... and once that enters the equation then it is no longer social like life itself. online interaction is inherantly built on training wheels... (those training wheels better not be business promotion) - NoahDavidSimon
btw... I mention free thought and persuasion... the only reason I'm getting away with saying this is because you probably agree with me. it isn't that twitter isn't for big business, but rather that is inherently a mob tyranny and perhaps big corporations are natural to this ecosystem. Why encourage it? It is not good at all. - NoahDavidSimon
Is it okay to mix business with the personal on Twitter? My fed agency doesn't have a handle on how to use socmed tools, so I've just been exploring them on my own. I view it as 50% devoted to my personal life and 50% devoted to promoting the NEA and the arts/culture in general. Does it discredit the NEA work that under the same handle I twitter about which workout videos I'm currently... more... - Paulette Beete
@Paulette- I say yes. In fact, it's required. You have to be human. - Chris Brogan
Paulette twitter is perfect for a government agency. That is why twitter accepts terrorist governments like Hamas but not artists like myself. I would keep your personal maintenance to yourself as a rule of thumb. BTW I just farted. - NoahDavidSimon
@Noah small biz do not have time because they are confused on how to utilize the tool. - Kyle Lacy
Kyle the way to use the tool is through group peer pressure and intimidation. "mom and pop businesses" just don't know who to do that well. so I guess we agree Kyle. If they knew how to intimidate and humiliate any self interested individuals then they wouldn't be small business, they would be the Democratic party. - NoahDavidSimon
haha. touche, Noah, touche. - Kyle Lacy
Thanks for sharing, nice suggestions and ideas. I'm going to tweet this ☺ - Patty
I'm not sure I like being right this time - NoahDavidSimon
Tremendous post! At the end of the day, there is no question that Twitter optimizes communication-and what company does not want to optimize their communication channels at all levels?! - Harold Cabezas
Chris: Love your ezines & your 50 ways to use twitter article. You might want to check out the twitter article I posted at - I appreciate you! - - Girard Frank Bolton, III.
Nice article, Chris. These are all great ideas to help promote the use of social media throughout business. I think the most important barrier to adoption is the fact that Twitter is a major distraction...IF you allow it to be. However, if you use it at your own pace and under your control it can be quite a useful tool. Cheers, AL - Al Bsharah
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Chris, Good post. More small businesses need to look at social networking sites like twitter. Here a good article on the subject. - Jen Osborne
Splashpress Media
Splashpress Media
Technorati Top 100 Blogs are Dial-Up Unfriendly -
Aggregation: Swurl Aggregates Your Online Activity in a Calendar -
Aggregation: Swurl Aggregates Your Online Activity in a Calendar
Great. Now I can see just how boring I really am on the average day. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
It makes me remember the style of Tumblr archive page. - Ninh Nguyen
The Calendar view is pretty and creative, but not very easy to read. - Jansen Lu
Oh crap, more evidence that my online life is an absolute time suck! now it's all displayed out for me in a nice graphical calendar format... genius! let me kiss the fool who created this ...augh! - Susan Beebe
I'm actually growing to like the calendar view. here is mine: - Phil Glockner
That is freakin cool, calendar view is a cool way to look back at your online life several years ago... or even a few month ago, I dig it. - Brian Carter
30boxes is in trouble... - Harry Chen
Why said "30boxes is in trouble"? - Daisy Zhao
I liked this for an alternative way to present aggregation when it first came out but then forgot all about it!. Calendar thing is a very nice idea - David Miller
Swurl is very neat. - Kol Tregaskes
Some WONDERFUL Candid Photos of Obama & Family During & After the Win -
Show all
these are genuinely wonderful. - Zee.
i have to say, quite honestly - i am jealous - Zee.
amazing.. - Geoff K
These are some of the best pictures! - Michael Fidler
Is that a BlackBerry on his waist? - Mona Nomura
wonder who'll be the first to write "apps Obama should have on his Blackberry'... - Zee.
That's an 8700 on his hip. Someone get the man a BOLD... he is the President-Elect. Come on RIM, step up. - Yolanda
+1 Yolanda! right!! - Susan Beebe
Great moment - Zulkarnain K.
Those are great. Love seeing him with his kids, he's such a great dad. - Karoli
They're very stiff for candid shots, aren't they? I'm not suggesting that they're posed, just that the first family elect appears to still be hyper-aware of media recording devices. - Soup in a TARDIS
d'ya reckon Soup? I thought they looked much more relaxed that I probably would be considering they were waiting to find out if he'd be the next prez - Zee.
Meh, no thanks. Unless he wants to set up a webcam and open a Seesmic account, I don't need to see these sorts of candid shots until after his presidency is over. Just my 2¥, of course. Your results may vary. - thepete
I'd be checking these out right now, but Flickr still has the hiccups :(((( - Iain Baker
really thepete? Any particular reason? - Zee.
Jeremiah Owyang
Inaccuracy in Reporting at ABC News -
But given the correlation between the locations of the vast majority of social network users and the blue spots on the map (particularly the blue spots that corresponded to college campi), it was a pretty safe bet. - Craig Eddy
Chris Garrett
The Top 10 Social Networks for Creative People | Lateral Action -
The Top 10 Social Networks for Creative People | Lateral Action
Ericsson: 20 megapixel cellphones shooting Full HD video in 4 years -
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Splashpress Media
Jeremiah Owyang
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. — Gandhi
Phil Glockner
Google Releases Third Beta of Chrome: Better Security and Performance -
Jason Shellen
Christopher Penn
Jeremiah Owyang
Being a thought leader in this industry is a pretty interesting--as everyone has em and everyone shares em.
Cameron Reilly
Werner Vogels
The audience at INNOV8 - no bloggers or twitters among these innovation executives -
Splashpress Media
WooThemes Releases Premium Theme for Free, Customers in the Middle Again -
Mitchell Tsai
Federal Spending Is Growing Faster Than Federal Revenue [Heritage] -
Federal Spending Is Growing Faster Than Federal Revenue [Heritage]
Total Federal Tax Revenue and Spending, 1965–2007, in Billions (inflation-adjusted to 2007 $) - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
Since 1965, federal tax revenues and spending have soared. Revenues have increased by more than $1.9 trillion, and spending is up by $2.1 trillion. The government spent more than it took in during most of this period, generating an average annual deficit of $167.8 billion from 1965 to 2007. - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell Tsai
Total tax revenue [Economist - 8/23/08] -
Total tax revenue [Economist - 8/23/08]
Tax revenues have risen as a share of GDP across the OECD over the past 30 years. In 2007 Denmark’s government collected nearly half its GDP as taxes, making it the most heavily taxed among all the rich countries. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
At the other end of the spectrum, America and South Korea are relatively lightly taxed, with ratios of under 30%. - Mitchell Tsai
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Chris Messina
Molly Song ;)
Mitchell Tsai
Obama Victory Speech: "Change Has Come To America" (VIDEO) [Huffington Post - 11/4/08] -
Obama Victory Speech: "Change Has Come To America" (VIDEO) [Huffington Post - 11/4/08]
Appears to have (1) video in 3 parts (2) full speech [18:11]. Thanks Gregory Lent for this link. It's a nice clear recording, and streams much better than the CNN videos. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
The videos are smooth, thanks! - K.D.
K.D. Did you watch them all? I didn't see if they were complete. - Mitchell Tsai
@Mitchell I watched the last one (full speech), it is complete. - Goktug Gedik
Thanks Goktug! - Mitchell Tsai
you can look for this in your favorite sharing pit: obama.2008.11.04.hdtv.xvid-xoxo - muzo
Thanks Muzo.. - Mitchell Tsai
Chris Brogan
Jeremiah Owyang
Steve Spalding
McCain's concession speech -- classy. The crowd -- terrifying.
Agreed. - Derrick
What was they chanting? - Outsanity
2nd McCain showed some class - Jim Goldstein
They were chanting John Mc-Cain - and they were booing because they didn't want him to concede - Christopher Galtenberg
+1 tiffany. And I'll say no more. - Jim #teamFFrank
@Christopher Really? What an unfortunate coincidence that they only got all emotional over McCain conceding when Obama's name was mentioned. - Jeff Jones
Tiffany, that was the old John McCain that some of us would have considered voting for over Gore. I don't recognize the John McCain who campaigned this year. - Cyndy
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