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Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

I'm the head of the webspam team at Google.
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A summary of how Mayday & other groups are gaining traction on $$$ corruption in elections:
Ooh, @briankrebs has a book about email spam & fraudsters coming out in November. Preordered!
RT @CuomoWatch: Cuomo Campaign Admits Its Volunteers Staged Mysterious Protests Against Rival - by Hunter Walker via @bi_politics
The sessions from Google I/O are available as videos:
RT @alexisohanian: 63% of the way to funded! Join us! Support @techdirt on @beacon + support journalism for the open net
How @iraglass works: "God bless Google Docs." (but he hates Google's calendar app for iOS). Fascinating.
Here's a creative idea to help tackle the patent troll problem, a "license on transfer" network:
BeagleBone Black is extremely cool: Tiny Linux computer with tons of input/output pins, e.g.
Some of the books on my reading list:
I sometimes do this too (pick an aspirational password):
RT @googlewmc: We'll now inform you in search results when we detect pages that may not work on your devices: http://googlewebmastercentral....
RT @laurenweinstein: Google+ Ends Its *Real Names* Policy! -
Dear @FCC: you should extend comment period on internet, because your comment system continually crashes from the volume of public comments.
FCC extends comment deadline on open internet to Friday: Nice move. Give the FCC your thoughts on protecting the net.
Last day for you to tell @FCC to protect open internet. 647K comments to date. Web form down. Send *your* comments to ?
Project Zero (now hiring) is a a band of security experts making the whole internet safer & stronger:
RT @timberners_lee: Cable's trying to end #netneutrality & break the Internet for profit. 36 hours left to stop em
Aftermath of the Vineman Half-Ironman race yesterday. 70.3 miles = So. Much. Gu.
Parisa Tabriz gets a well-deserved write-up: Thankful for Google's security team that works to keep us all safer.
Finished the Vineman Half-Ironman in ~7:25. Beautiful course, but a long day.
Not so great news: during my 70.3 mile triathlon, the high will be 97°F. Great news: they gave me a purple swim cap!
Learn some deep learning with a member of the Google Brain team:
Highly recommend this letter by @satyanadella, Microsoft's new CEO: Competition great for users.
Think you can pick winning individual stocks? Here's why you should buy low-cost index funds instead:
Long, but interesting--but long--read about "eigendemocracy": Also "eigenmoses" and "eigenjesus." is so cool. Tons of tutorials on neat digital hobbyist projects.
RT @alejandrocrosa: Hey Americans now that you realized you like soccer, let me tell you about this other really awesome thing called “the metric system”.
The Internet 💜 @lessig and Mayday. Let's change how politics works. 🆒. 🆒 🆒 🆒.
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