Matt Cutts
Huh. Turn on "Suggested Sites" and IE8 sends your queries, surfing data, IP address and clicks to MSFT. Read closely.
I couldn't figure out how they show the suggested sites when you visit . They don't use cookies or user accounts. - Ionut
There are certain scenarios that require user data to be sent in order to make the user experience better, as suggested by Which if you read closely, discloses that Google collects exactly the same information if the user installs Google Toolbar and opts in particular features. - Franci Penov
Hi, Franci Penov! Remind me what part of MSFT you work at? I guess I thought that Google's disclosure at with the big red capital letters and disclosure in the first sentence was more clear than MSFT's disclosure, which was buried deep in the IE8 privacy page. - Matt Cutts
9 processes are loaded with the browser in Windows (No doubt toolbar type tracking processes). You can turn them off but it's not as easy or obvious as recent efforts by Google and Yahoo to opt out. - Charlie Anzman
hmm.. well you can find out this much information about visitors to your websites and blogs too. But if MSFT finds out this info, they're blasted? - Imran Hussain from feedalizr
Matt, I work on Windows Live Toolbar. :-) I have not seen the big red letter warning you point to, as I have not installed Google Toolbar (exactly because of the product I work on). But you could've just mention that you have a problem with the disclosure clarity. I'll make sure your feedback gets to the IE guys. - Franci Penov - Chrome Privacy Policy. Not as obvious as Google Toolbar big red letter warning; I personally had to dig a little bit around before I found it. I'd say about as clear and discoverable as IE8 Privacy policy you complained about. :-) - Franci Penov
Franci Penov, thanks for passing on my feedback to the IE guys. I don't think Google Chrome has anything to hide (e.g. it doesn't send your browsing info to Google as you surf the web). In fact, I just did a separate write-up on the communication between Chrome and Google. Read it at - Matt Cutts
Imran, I think it's fair to point out that IE8 gives users virtually no disclosure that their wholesale surfing data (including queries done on other search engines) will be sent to Microsoft if they turn on this innocent-sounding feature. - Matt Cutts
@mattcutts the Google reputation manager? :) - Mark Edmondson
ahhh... ok - WebmasterLMB