Matt Cutts
To answer my own question: love these other NY Post headlines:
NY Post headlines can be a little over the top. - Matt Cutts
We linked to this via SELand ;-) - Barry Schwartz
Is NY Post a tabloid? - Ionut
For those too lazy to check the links, the other NY Post headlines were "GOOGLE GLITCH CAUSES SURFERS TO REAP PAGES OF FEAR" and "GOOGLE STROKES PORN GUY" and "GOOGLE SCARES SENATE." Ionut, it's a real newspaper but tends a bit toward the tabloid side. - Matt Cutts
Why would anyone be worried if the links are being checked...that's like giving someone money and then asking them what it'll be used for. - John kowal
maybe they are just trying to offset Randall Stross' pro-Google cheerleading in the New York Times? ;-) - Karim
I was wondering why in the world people would want to quote the NY Post. - marziah