Anyone out there use #uber, #lyft, or #sidecar to commute? Would love to chat with you and get your opinion on a few things.
Unimpressed with @SpoonRocket overpromising & undelivering. 1st night is understandable. 2nd is pretty unbelievable. Still can't order...
#ifihadglass I'd film one student each (pre, K, grade, middle, HS, college) in the 1st person so we can all remember growing up and learning
Raspberry Ketones is all the new craze!!
Look! workhome100now . com
Something huge going down in palo alto. 20 plus cop cars racing by.
I just voted for @mmsbrown in the Twitter Ad Scrimmage #VoteMsBrown Check her out:
Best read in a long time. Who's going to build that space ship for me to ride in?
Crutches makes me appreciate the simple things in life
must learn to code faster
Hate the new gtalk in gmail - why doesn't it scroll with the page
What magnitude was that?
There are only two buttons the google home page and they both are completely useless now. Time to kill them.
I do not have control of my FB account right now
We have liftoff!
yawn, rhat the sad times
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