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Photos of the journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling as they were reunited with their families in California today: Yay!
Amazing relief. - Dave Friedel
Glad they got to come home! - Fee501st
My dear colleagues! We missed them so much at Current. - Livia Iacolare
So happy to see them safe. I bet it was a good day over at Current! - Veronica
Ryan Block
Microsoft picked an absolutely brilliant name for their home energy management system: Hohm.
Haha, that is pretty clever! - Sean
Former President George H.W. Bush touched down seconds ago in Kennebunkport, Maine, after a parachute jump to celebrate his 85th birthday.
Ryan Block
Just opened the most literally accurate fortune cookie ever: "Your hidden creative work will soon be revealed."
Maybe that's the one the fortune author wrote for himself. :) - Morton Fox
So stoked for GDGT! - The Other Drummer
Phil Plait
This would be due to my infleunce, of course. RT @donttrythis: Mythbusters is on the Emmy ballot again! For our NASA Moonlanding special!
A little paparazzi freelance work Veronica? - Jason Rundell
Paparazzi?? What do you mean? - Veronica
Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Computer Hardware with PC Perspective's Ryan Shrout from CompuTex in Taipei, Discuss here...
Hi guys! - Vlad Bobleanta
yo vlad, ken - Gabe
Hi Gabe - Vlad Bobleanta
it's fun listening to leo writing the post before it appears - Daniel E. Renfer from IM
Lol, Daniel, yeah, agreed. - Vlad Bobleanta
Glad to hear Palm came through with a Pre for Leo. Was lobbying for him :-) - Ken Sheppardson
This should be interesting, since Ryan is in Taipei. - Vlad Bobleanta
Definitely.. - RALPH
Burj Dubai is right now the biggest tower in the world, but it isn't finished yet. - Vlad Bobleanta
There's also the Shanghai World Financial Center, where I've been, which has the world's highest observation deck in a tower at 497m. - Vlad Bobleanta
Mega Skyscraper height comparison: - Gabe
Gabe: keep in mind that the final height of the Burj Dubai is still secret, that comparison relies on one of the estimates. - Vlad Bobleanta
CoreAVC is waay cool. - Vlad Bobleanta
Dell Mini 10 also has HDMI instead of VGA - Ken Sheppardson
It also keeps them from having to deal with Microsoft. - Ken Sheppardson
so the ion accelerates mplayer? - Gabe for the CoreAVC decoder - Leo Laporte
to make watercooling work in what? ;) - Gabe
$80, that's less than I spent on my water block. - Martin
Btw, Taiwan is not China. - Vlad Bobleanta
spam filtering - Greg
Leo is probably trying to stay in good standing with PR China thru his trip. ;-) - Martin
Leo dropio for notes? - Greg
He majored in "Chinese Studies" at an ivy league school. Total spook. - Arawak
That case will probably be incredibly expensive. I'd guess $250+. - Martin
$300? Ouch. They'll sell about 7. Worldwide. - Martin
Bangle BMWs are ugly. Like this case. - Martin
Hey, I was just friendly-ly pointing it out, that is all. - Vlad Bobleanta
So we'll have a live Google Wave demo in 15mins? - Vlad Bobleanta
That case comes with a lifetime supply of Swiffers. - Ken Sheppardson
Monster case. Wow. - Vlad Bobleanta
There are conflicting reports on the state of nVidia's G300 chip (still in developement, taped out, up & running), where does Ryan (and his sources) stand on that? - Martin
Invites? Invites? Did someone say invites? - Ken Sheppardson
Ok the huge news is that Misha was born on the same day as Joe Namath! IT'S A SIGN
Jesus Christ! Well, I guess I really should be saying "Praise Allah"! :-) - Michael Forian
Although, that's a circular argument. If "Allah" knows all, then he knew and controlled those terrorists to put the bomb there, and knew it would be defused, and knew he would get praise out of it. Kind of big ego, those gods have. ;-) - John Johnson
But... Very good that 131 people lived through that ordeal! The authorities did a good job! - John Johnson
Barcelona has won the European Champions League final for a third time after beating Manchester United with a 2-0 win.
I just caught the end of the match, but three quarters of the TV screen were covered by the bar. Thanks for clearing that up. - Matthew Perreault
Sarah Lane
Leo Laporte
O Roku player how I love thee. You have breathed new life into my HDTV.
Amazing device isn't it. I think I watch it move than I do normal television. - Sloan Bowman
Can you link me to a good place to read up on Roku ? - I have a 60inch HD Plasma - curious - Fragtastic
This is really a must-have for the connected home, it would seem. Yet quite US-only for the moment. Would be really nice to know which supported services are currently available outside the US and will continue to be. Recently Netflix started filtering by IP address :-( - Ignace Rodriguez de R,
I work for Netflix, so I'm really getting a kick out of these replies. - Matthew Perreault
If you have Tivo u can get Netflix, don't need Roku. I own Apple TV, Roku,Tivo and Vudu. ATV gets the most use. All are in a race for the same content, differentiation is on ease of use, resolution, Apple always wins former, Vudu is best at hi res rt now. - Michael Metz
Leo, didn't you get a mac mini to use as a HTPC? Seems to me like the mini is a much more capable device. - Joseph Akbrud
Ha! You're a poet and you probably didn't even know it. - Dom Barnes
Hulu would be the ultimate - Mark Richards
Thought you had an Xbox 360--works for Netflix as well. Roku website is confusing--which product are you actually using?? I use a Squeezebox for music and the Xbox 360 for most video, original hacked XBMC Xbox doesn't get much use anymore. Cheers. - Kevin Robison
I bet its a lot quieter than that Noise Beast known as the 360. - tojfs7931
windows media server (WMP11) works great with the PS3 i find... online content... well it looks GREAT, but for the average user, and sometimes me, its too time comsuming to use just the remote, sure i guess i could use a keyboard, but whats the point -- but for me at this time, the PS3 is by far the best "media centre" I have used -- appletv to me isnt worth it, and well here in canada we dont get hulu and that "natively", we have to use a proxy. - Bryce Campbell
Can you explain how it is really so much better than running a mac mini or apple tv? I get Netflix on my Xbox, but as far as other features I'm curious.... - Debo
Alright's the bottom line. $99. There. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Wait, Roku does HD now? - Josh Haley
@Josh Yes Roku has been doing HD for some time now. Both Netflix and Amazon offer HD content for the Roku. Looks outstanding too. - Sloan Bowman
Is this the only way to stream netflix HD? Can a media center PC do it, for instance? - Josh Haley
I wish some tech journalists would talk about the lack of consistent subtitling/captioning for the hearing impaired in the digital distribution space. Apple offers only a smattering of content with subtitles, Xbox Live: none, Amazon On Demand: none, Netflix: none. Hulu offers some but none of the set-top clients support it. This is a big deal for people that are tech savvy but hearing impaired. - Martin Johnson
@Josh I'm not sure about Media center but I know Xbox can stream HD as well. You can of course use your PC/Mac to view HD as well. - Sloan Bowman
Sloan, that's sort of what I mean, maybe I used the wrong term. I am using xbmc on a PC running windows. If I could get HD streaming from netflix on it rather than having to get another box, that would be worth a subscription. - Josh Haley
I see, at the moment Netflix isn't supported on XBMC and not sure if it has plans to. But for $99 you can't go wrong with the Roku. I stand by mind 100% an almost perfect device. - Sloan Bowman
Thanks, Sloan. Martin, oh wow, no subtitles/CC? That's not good. At least with xbmc I can download the srt and display it as needed. - Josh Haley
I've got three of them in my house. Much Roku goodness!! - Brian W
3 Rokus in one house, I guess you have to have 3 subscriptions (1 each) yes? - Josh Haley
Josh you can actually have 6 devices per subscription. I have a Roku and a Bluray player that both stream from Netflix. Unlimited goodness. - Sloan Bowman
I have a Mac Mini already hooked to my HDTV and I'm using Boxee or Plex (trying to decide which I like best), is there any advantage to me getting Roku? - Robert Hafer
I'm happy with the Samsung BluRay that streams Netflix. But Bluray DVD's are too limiting for my travel. - john coffey
I think that the Roku/Netflix combo is the best entertainment value of the decade. - Barbara Feldman
Give me Boxee on Roku and I'm out to buy it immediately. No news on the Boxee blog or forums, so I have a suspicion that it just won't happen. - Fleagle
Fleage, someone from Roku dropped a huge hint in that direction over here: - Josh Haley
grrrrr mumble mumble Spain mumble grrr - midnightgolfer
grrrr mumble mumble Australia mumble grrr - Jordan Brock
Really annoyed that Netflix streaming isn't available outside the US. I was a paying US customer until I moved abroad and they started disallowing access to streaming movies. Not happy at all about that and I wish they'd give us back that capability. - Raoul Pop
Love my Roku - Doug
My dad just picked up a second one...we love it - Thor79 from twhirl
The US Navy has released 2 more photos as troops board a suspected pirate mothership: and
The US Navy has released 2 more photos as troops board a suspected pirate mothership: and
The US Navy has released 2 more photos as troops board a suspected pirate mothership: and
Do Journalism Schools Need More Conservatives? -
Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter -
Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
haha.. gotta have that green shirt in there. :) - Daynah
Wow. It's totally a Sims Felicia Day! - Christine Chan
After 15 yrs, our WFPC2 camera comes off Hubble during a spacewalk Thurs, 9:26am EDT. Eventually it will go to the Smithsonian.
If you are in PR or work in a corp environment or are consulting for brands, check out the new vid on
demotivational_happenstance.jpg (JPEG Image, 425x340 pixels) -
demotivational_happenstance.jpg (JPEG Image, 425x340 pixels)
I guess you are official at this point. - Evan Travers
lol! Love it. - Daynah
Haha! Awesome. - Aaron Draczynski
Motivational poster, I can retire now! - Felicia
so can he right ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Woman, you are now part of an internet meme. Your awesomeness is officially recognized :) - Andrea Nicosia
I think I've seen one with Felicia in The Guild once.. can't remember where or what was written though. Or maybe not and I'm imagining things... who knows. [ EDIT: Ha! Totally unrelated but... looking for the other one like this with you in The Guild that I *think* I saw once, I found this... =P ] - Dani Figueiredo
felicia - i hope you're getting a piece of that zazzle store dani pointed to - mike "glemak" dunn
I kinda doubt she is... =/ She can sue them though! hehe - Dani Figueiredo
WTH?! That's so weird that someone made a t-shirt about me. Surreal you guys. HA! If that dude canm make money off of it...power to him.her! :) - Felicia
I'm just surprised they didn't do it earlier....and at least it's a cool tee! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Fremen V
Too much spice? - Brian Sullivan
Yeah, kinda freaky. - Mike Nayyar
Muad'Dib? - mikepk
don't tase me bro :) - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Next step, stain your lips :p - Ari Braginsky
Maud'Vib - Veronica
That's no stillsuit... - Mike Nayyar
tell me of your homeworld usul - Trish Haley
Freaky! Does Ryan know about this? - Fee501st
May thy knife chip and shatter! (Dune quotes, they never get old) - Mike Nayyar
It is by will alone you set your mind in motion (if we're going to start quoting Dune...) - Ari Braginsky
"I must rule with eye and claw as the hawk among lesser birds." (I can't resist either) - Fee501st
"Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration." - Veronica
"I have a girlfriend, and she is so blue." - Eiffel 65 - Jason Wong
"You have met the Atreides gom jabbar, Grandfather." - Steven Perez
Damn the local bookstores for not having God Emperor of Dune in stock. I'm buying each book in order and reading them as same. - Chris Charabaruk
Now I want to whisper to myself the rest of the day - Fleagle
Tell me of your homeworld, Veronica. btw, I love that you love Dune. *high five* - Josh Haley
HI BLUE EYES :) - Mich D.
i do the same things to my pics lol. Awesome! - Shawn Miller
Children of Dune - This was Muad'Dib's achievement: He saw the subliminal reservoir of each individual as an unconscious bank of memories going back to the primal cell of our common genesis. - shayne catrett
Can I like this post twice? - Christian (Simply X)
Awesome!!!! - mjc
wow! this looks great - Dan V
This picture remember me Dune - Jorge Mota
wow blue eyez - w43l
Welcome to Dune - Özkan Altuner
mmm SPICE!! share!! ;)'d you do the spice effect? - Susan Beebe
paul atreides. fremen =) so much mel'anj - Furkan Tunalı
Did you find some way of turning "red-eye" blue? It looks like you were taken at night and exchanged backgrounds. close? - Melanie Reed
That's a serious Spice look. - Doug
:D xD - Özgür KORKMAZ
"He is Mordeep! The chosen one... Barron." LOL - Drew Lucas
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