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Balloon fail, cop killer Frein wanders at will, Martial Law remains -
College cancels “jail and bail” fundraiser because…it is racist! -
Colorado Secretary of State is investigating allegations that some election judges are Democrats posing as Republicans -
Obama’s Lips Are Moving, He’s Lying -
Democrats looking to end free speech -
When we’ve lost our freedom, it’s GAME OVER -
Mitch McConnell claims Republicans will use the power of the purse-strings to stop Barack Obama from implementing amnesty through Executive Order if they win the Senate -
The polls in New Hampshire are getting very interesting -
Voter Fraud, Jeb Bush, Liberals and the “science” of “gun violence” -
Quarantined nurse verses cop killer Frein and Marital Law in NE Pa -
Why Isn’t The Middle Class Ready To Throw All Of The Bums Out Of D.C.? -
Debbie Wasserman Schultz agrees that Republicans are scarier than Ebola or ISIS -
Jeanne Shaheen booed for interrupting Scott Brown’s closing statement -
Over 1,400 non-citizens are on North Carolina voting rolls -
A News Blackout On The War With ISIS? -
Bob Woodward: ‘There still are lot of unanswered questions re IRS’ -
Thugs, Liberals and team Obama -
The IRS can seize bank accounts without filing criminal charges -
IRS can seize bank accounts on suspicion, no crime required -
How You Can Affirm Your Country Is Run By Idiots -
Open thread for Sunday, October 26th: Run to the Hills -
Barack Obama’s photo op with Ebola surviving nurse -
Study find non-citizens do vote in United States elections -
IRS wins major court ruling in Tea Party targeting scandal -
FEC moving to control and regulate Internet, blogs, News media -
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