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Saturday Night Live spoofs Schoolhouse Rock over Barack Obama’s Executive amnesty -
Open thread for Sunday, November 23rd: Speak my Language -
Sunday Respite: ‘You’ll never walk alone’ -
Obamacare: If you like your plan you can keep it…unless HHS decides to change it -
House Intelligence Committee releases its Benghazi report -
DHS issues new deportation rules after Barack Obama’s immigration Executive Order -
Barack Obama quietly extends the war in Afghanistan -
Liberals and Communists are one in the same -
Gunrunner: Newly released emails show the White House and the DOJ targeted Sharyl Attkisson -
Ukraine _ Do You Sttill Think Geopolitics Isn’t About Natural Resources? -
The IRS has recovered 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s missing emails -
We Got 99 Problems And This Bitch Is Every One Of Them -
Two former Secretaries of Defense give scathing rebuke of Defense policies -
Vermont dumps Jonathan Gruber over his “stupidity of the American voters” comment -
Nancy Pelosi claims the Emancipation Proclamation was an Executive Order -
Tens of millions covered by Obamacare … not quite -
Billionaire’s Boys Club Pushing For War -
Turley: ‘Obama tears at the very fabric of our Constitution’ -
Television networks to skip Barack Obama’s immigration reform speech -
Union boss on Keystone Pipeline defeat: Democrats “have lost their way, their purpose, and their base” -
Barack Obama to announce immigration Executive Action on Thursday -
Of Liberalism, Liberals, Plagiarism and Illegals -
Vote Tally Count Senate votes down restriction to NSA Data Spying -
Keystone Pipeline – We have just been Grubbered -
Obama’s Good Muslim Buddies, CAIR, Want In On The Action In Ferguson -
Vote tally count Keystone pipeline Senate vote defeated -
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