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Phony Obama and sick liberals … just a rant -
U.S. base German employees get 2.4 pay raise, U.S military 1 percent -
NYC Could Save Millions By Sending Their Lawbreakers To Harvard -
Of Michael Brown and Perverts using children to make a point -
Gunrunner: Withheld documents include correspondence between Eric Holder, his wife, and his mother -
The Obama regime mislead the Congress and the people about “non-violent” illegal immigrants released from prison -
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Make Him Own It -
Of the Clintons and the “X” rated book -
New York takes guns away from 34,500 without due process -
Audience at New Hampshire debate laughs at Jeanne Shaheen when she dodges a question on whether or not she supports Barack Obama’s agenda -
Illegal immigrants found on the voting rolls in North Carolina -
N.Y. “Safe Act” Part 2 -
Movie Sequels Are Generally Worse Than The Original. What About Financial Bubble Sequels? -
Martial law in NE PA remains over Cop Killer Frein, call it what you like -
Barack Obama admits the Democrats who are running from him are on his side -
Advice to Michael Brown types and Democrats can’t help themselves from committing voter fraud -
Son of Obama slits Pit Bull’s throat -
All Federal Judges In A District Recused From Case? 34 Million Green Cards? -
Of liberals, Democrats and Monica -
Looking for an honest election? Look again. Ballot stuffing in AZ -
Wendy Davis attacks Greg Abbott over interracial marriage -
The Obama regime is preparing for massive Executive action on illegal immigration -
Greg Abbott opposed to interracial marriage??? -
Obama: It’s all under control -
The Nazi Hunters Missed A few Thanks To The US Department of (in)Justice and The US Taxpayers -
Military response team getting prepared for U.S. civil Ebola -
Two Thumbs Up For Those Conservative God-Fearing Obstructionists! -
NIH official says budget cuts are not to blame for the lack on an Ebola vaccine -
American Crossroads “spelling bee” ad hits Jeanne Shaheen for being a rubber stamp for Barack Obama -
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