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Obama blames U.S. for rise of terrorist threat by “feeding extremism” -
The IRS destroyed Lois Lerner’s Blackberry after the investigation began -
Warren Buffett is helping to finance Burger King’s move to Canada to avoid taxes -
Black Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Young White Man -
The Emirits and Egypt Attack Islamist Forces in Libya _ A Positive Step? -
If Cops Abuse Their Own Dogs, No Wonder They’ll Shoot Your -
Obama’s wacko Libyan policy. Attacks UAE and EGYPT for trying to save Tripoli -
There are no lost or missing IRS emails … team Obama has been lying the entire time -
The Federal government to track “hate speech” on Twitter -
Department of Justice attorneys admit backups of Lois Lerner’s emails do exist -
Obama sending White House aids to Michael Brown’s funeral -
Uncontrolled Immigration __ Is It Selfish Not To Want To Commit Suicide? -
Obama sending White House aids to Michael Brown’s funeral -
What to about ISIS? Now captures major Syrian Army Base, beheads soldiers -
Democratic Representative on Ferguson: There is going to be a problem in the streets if justice is not served -
Are Terrorists A Threat To America? Just Ask A Liberal -
Vermont restaurant removes bacon sign because it is offensive to Muslims -
Eric “The Red” Holder Doing His Part To Redistribute Wealth -
Open thread for Sunday, August 24th: Monster -
University of Colorado accused of being “culturally chauvinist” for naming dorms in English -
Obama lies about why not leaving forces behind in Iraq – Video -
“The Islamic State is Winning” an essay by Dan Miller -
Racist Harry Reid strikes again: cracks Asian jokes at an event -
Who Does Speak For Islam, Mr. President? -
Meet the Democrats Senate candidate replacement in Wyoming! -
Latest New Hampshire poll (08/21/14) shows Scott Brown within two points of Jeanne Shaheen -
GAO report: Barack Obama broke the law with Bowe Bergdahl exchange -
Eric Holder: Just Another Race Hustler? -
ISIS forcefully circumcised Assyrian men in Mosul -
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