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Robert Scoble
Arrington and I disagree on future
Arrington and I disagree on future
word up. - john erik metcalf
I'm writing a post about this. Arrington believes that Twitter has won and that this is a winner take all market (the microblogging world, that is). I explain why this game has only just started. - Robert Scoble
Gillmor Gang: Arrington's points here have me disagreeing with him. - Robert Scoble
Agree a lot...want will be needed is to have the babble of all real-time web information being filtered by a core set of people that I trust...I need a service that says..."from all the noise that is out there right now..the people that you trust think the following is important...the following is funny...the following is bunk etc... - Mike Aikins
if you can't dominate the market, redefine it. - MikeAmundsen
The majority of the "big bloggers" that I've read over the past week (esp re: FF beta) I think that most of these guy have got the whole thing wrong. The tech market is never a "winner take all" thing. It a winner takes the current level, but then we bring it all up to the next level There was IBM, then Mircosoft, then Google, now (Twitter, FB, FF?) -But what's after that? And like Microsoft grew from the relationship w/IBM who grows from this market? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Mike, can't you do that now: e.g. friends:justinlong likes:20 or some such? - Justin Long
I agree Robert. The argument Arrington is proposing is similar to the search engine wars of the mid-90s, with prognosticators stating that Altavista was the search engine. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Nicholas, I wouldn't count him out yet. For me personally his credibility / level of influence is rebounding. And it doesn't matter so much if his opinion is wrong. A-listers don't need to be right from the start. They just need to start conversations. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: Arrington once told me he's an entertainer. As long as everyone is paying attention to him he's going to do just fine. - Robert Scoble
While I started out in micro-blogging on Twitter and also found it a great service during Australia's recent bushfires for volunteering, I wouldn't call it the be-all-and-end-all. After all, one period of unexpected downtime on twitter had me looking at the new beta here on FF. And this morning, I'm even looking at jaiku and Who says Twitter's won? - George Hall (Australia)
I stopped paying attention to Arrington last year, but I'm starting to pay attention again now. Something good happened in Hawaii. - Bruce Lewis
we all here? - Nick
Nick, I'm here. - Robert Scoble
That picture is priceless. - Pat Hawks
well hi, then. I don't think ppl will move to ff the same way they didn't pick up on pownce, which (a year ago) was (already) better than twitter in terms of feature-set — it had photos, content, an air app, etc. - Nick
the key for the survival of sites like Friendfeed is not try to compete with Twitter, but to do things that Twitter doesn't. This is not a winner take all situation. - Kim Landwehr
sorry, i missed that (on kyte). how do you use office w/ google docs? - Nick
Nick: if someone sends a Word Doc to my Gmail address I can open it up in Google Docs. - Robert Scoble
John: sounds a lot like Twitter/friendfeed, huh? - Robert Scoble
Robert: Unless its a .docx format....? - Justin Long
I'm sure the issue for FF isn't search. Search isn't the first reason for users to get their friends in a specific service. People go to Twitter because Twitter is the place to go. People went to Hotmail because others were on Hotmail. Now, and only now, people realize that Gmail is better. Unfortunately, it took years for Gmail to emerge. I guess people will learn how to use the real time web on Twitter and 5 years later, they try to optimize their usage with FF. Years. - Jérôme
Justin: probably not, but those should be even easier for Google to read. - Robert Scoble
Wouldn't you think people would go where the majority of their friends are? I'm kind of divided between FB and Twitter. I wish more of my friends used FF but... - Justin Long
Robert: 1) I agree totally w/ twitter being an entirely useless way of finding ppl of value — ie it's good for following existing celebrities, and may even be O.K. for finding local randomers, but no good for finding services of value (those most likely to advertise in a highly targeted online setting!) 2) I take ALL my school notes on gdocs and i wish i could mass export just to be safe - Nick
Jerome: right. But now friendfeed will be the place to go. Why? Because I can send you a link to something of great value. - Robert Scoble
If I look at my geeky friends, they all try to "manage" Twitter, and still refuse to get lost on FF (the Twitter for "advanced" users). - Jérôme
Jerome: two years ago all my friends told me that Twitter was the lamest thing they'd ever seen. - Robert Scoble
Then they all shifted when more of their friends got onto it. - Robert Scoble
See, that's what I think: the center of gravity isn't features, but friends. You have to have people in order to have substantive conversations. You go where you have a preexisting pool of sharers. - Justin Long
Unless you have enough "pull" to be able to go into a new service and bring a bunch of people with you... like Scoble...? - Justin Long
Robert: so they should have left Hotmail for Gmail once they knew Gmail had big storage, good search, threads, etc. My friends and family all know that Gmail is better, but making the change is psychologically hard. Now, the problem in social networks is that leaving Twitter or adopting FF means you've to move your friends with you. That's not the case for webmail and that's why I'm concerned about FF's future. People may admit that FF is better, but it will take years before they move. - Jérôme
Scoble: do you think it is meaningful to compare the live feed on YOUR account to that of the average user? I dont think ANYONE else has numbers similar to yours in terms of updates/minute (or even /second) - Nick
Wish there was a way to better integrate Twitter's stream into Friendfeed... so that you could see both streams and update them... that would make it easier to migrate to FF! Maybe so you could see your twitter stream but no one else could unless you happened to comment on something or like it?? - Justin Long
Jerome: right. This is why Twitter has won. The first inning of this game. - Robert Scoble
Nick: I used to be the only one following 1,000 people on Twitter and everyone made fun of me. Now that is a common thing to see. - Robert Scoble
Robert: but Twitter is your friends' first Twitter-like service. People are still learning how to use it. I'm sure FF may be the next winner, but in years. And in months, Twitter will probably have launch likes and comments. Then, what would be FF's raison d'être? Why do you think you'll want to stay on FF? You've already said that you go where your audience is... - Jérôme
I didn't realize how bad Twitter was at searching until recently. That's why I've migrated to FriendFeed as well. The 140-character message is similar to the traditional Unix bias toward flat files. It works for simple uses, but if you need metadata, you have to use more elaborate methods. FriendFeed is analogous to a relational database. - David Delony
Jerome it took Twitter three years to get to 20 million and be considered a "mainstream success." - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed has a character limit, too. It's just more than 140 is all. I would have predicted the "Disqus" and "Intense Debate" type service would be dominating the borader conversation by now... I would have been wrong. - Matt Shaulis
Matt: metadata on friendfeed does NOT take away from friendfeed's size, though. On Twitter typing "RT: " takes away four characters and typing tags takes away even more. - Robert Scoble
Robert: It's good for everyone though. It prevents rambling, hyperbole, and bloat. It has not prevented text messaging from becoming a global craze... - Matt Shaulis
Why is Twitter a mainstream success? Because of how it was used in certain cases and what sort of publicity it got by those cases. Mumbai, the Hudson River plane, Australian bushfires. FriendFeed can get the same sort of thing, all it needs is imaginitive use of FriendFeed capabilities in a crunch. The added bonuse of aggregation greatly enhances its use in such cases, too. Do it properly, Friendfeed will hold its own. - George Hall (Australia)
What takes more time and resource: implement FF's features in Twitter or gain Twitter's number of users? I love FF, but without a big promotion push from its community, I fear that FF will never go mainstream. - Jérôme
George: But FriendFeed lacks a cute name meaning the "bubble headed bleach blondes" will not like saying in on the air. ;) hehehe - Matt Shaulis
Jerome: I guarantee that in two years (Twitter is two years older than friendfeed) we'll be talking about friendfeed and not Twitter. - Robert Scoble
I agree something like Friendfeed will be more interesting, certainly. - Dominick R. Brady
what makes twitter a mainstream succes is the cases that goerge mentions PLUS the mobile aspect FF weill never get there until I can have it on EVERY mobile devices - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
How boring is it to say "I posted a FriendFeed message" versus "I Tweeted" .... Come on... it might sound silly, but it's marketing 101. The media and the glitterati will not adopt FriendFeed because it's not "fun" to talk about. (Not to mention, it is confusing to average people and will only get moreso.) - Matt Shaulis
guruvan: what if every mobile device becomes a clone of the iPhone? That's where it's headed. - Robert Scoble
I tend to agree. I am already really into this new version- even being in beta. - Chris Parton
Matt, all its missing is a cute little mascot. The name's good enough...and cute enough...but it needs something visual. Mascot, visually identifiable immediately. Something that stands out in the minds of a bubble-headed bleach blond. Hmm, do bleach-blonds HAVE minds? - George Hall (Australia)
Matt: fair enough. Twitter has a fun attitude. - Robert Scoble
Robert: don't you think there's going to be legacy TXT for a while though? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
WOW, scoble. that's a bold statement. i have a hard time believing that. they just dont have the brand equity - john erik metcalf
but yes the clone of the iphone is for real - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
George: yes yes yes.. the mascot too.. all the way. Great point as well. - Matt Shaulis
John: so did MySpace two years ago. - Robert Scoble
twitter is becoming a household name. - john erik metcalf
@Matt and George. Marketing is FF problem right now. Media coverage, for sure, name maybe. - Jérôme
John: so was MySpace two years ago. Twitter is only used by 10 to 20 million. Facebook is 200 million. If Twitter's success means anything then it shouldn't even exist. - Robert Scoble
Medai coverage + Name + Mascot + Etc. == Marketing - Matt Shaulis
Matt: Financial Times is writing about friendfeed on Monday. And so it starts. - Robert Scoble
friendfeed could easily become a household name too if there were 50 different clients to meet everyone's different wants and needs for friendfeed - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Even google figured out android needed a visual mascot. It's worked, too, for linux, having Tux the penguin. Twitter has the bird and the fail whale. At the moment, we have the incredible Scoble, but due to similarities with the Hulk, we have copyright and trademark issues there. Other suggestions? - George Hall (Australia)
Rob: friendfeed is simplifying its API to get more people to be able to write for it. Twitter's API is so simple even I could write an app for it. Friendfeed's API is far more complex. - Robert Scoble
Robert: LOL @ Financial times.... hehehe... I suppose it is a start... but it's no Tonight Show with Jay Leno. :-D - Matt Shaulis
Ellen and Jay talked about Twitter for a good 2.5 minutes - Matt Shaulis
Matt: In a year Ellen and Jay will need to talk about something else. - Robert Scoble
Robert: my gut tells me that if that is true, it won't be FF. It will be something newer. But yes... Google will soon buy Twitter which means it is getting shelved and we will all have to move on. - Matt Shaulis
Matthew broke FF. - Rochelle
Speaking of third-party stuff and API's, the iphone clients for Friendfeed need some work. Too much crashing in motherfeed and and Nambu - George Hall (Australia)
Robert: agreed re: twitter api simplicity...I think I could do it too. Eager to see easier ff api and more clients esp mobile ones....then I can get tons of people to take it everywhere they go....then people will really be engrossed in their phones walking thru traffic ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Matt: there will probably be something new that +I+ will be onto, but I usually look for the newest and best way to do something. - Robert Scoble
Well,'s certainly not it! - Chris Parton
Chris: when I see it I'll probably talk about it here all day long and get everyone pissed at me. :-) - Robert Scoble
Facebook seems to be doing alright without a cute name or mascot. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: so does Microsoft and Google and Amazon. - Robert Scoble
And Seesmic seems to fail with a good name AND a cute ratoon :) - Jérôme
You sure Microsoft's success isn't because of Clippy? :-) - Bruce Lewis
And remember Microsoft's Windows emblem? That's practically a mascot/trademark instantly identifying it - George Hall (Australia)
Google has also its Clippy, it was for Google Docs, to make it mainstream :D - Jérôme
I try to jump out on Seesmic every now and then; I want to get into the video interaction but it always seems like the same 15 people are out there. Like a big video conference on odd topics - Lou Paglia
seesmic is certainly trying to branch out and make more interaction happen - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Hey, i started on Seesmic this's actually quite good. I like it more than Tweetdeck. It's only let down in one area, the userlists. As groupings, they're too static. Tweetdeck lets grouped friends be a column that's actively updated. Other than that, it's superior to Tweetdeck. - George Hall (Australia)
Patrick: thats actually why I like FF so I get better and better at it it relieves the fatigue by aggregating my content and republishing it for me - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
George: I am a huge fan of peoplebrowsr ....way more powerful than anything I've used ....better than tweetdeck for sure - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I think the aggregation makes people more voracious -especially when they see how it reposts to where THEIR friends are. If friendfeed were to be able to repost stuff to Facebook as well as twitter it would be a SMASH hit - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I think that, as I grow more and more into social apps, FF grows at a comfortable pace with me. But that's just me +shrug+ - Chris Parton
Chris: good point...I think people are generally comfortable with the pace on facebook (and myspace and similar) and they're just becoming comfortable with the pace on twitter - the pace on friendfeed is a little more hectic even still (omg with the realtime feed even more so) and will take some getting used to for people, but they will.. Especially if FF develops the outbound feeds...out to twitter is good, but it needs to go to where the people have their friends ....whereever that is - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I don't know my history too well, but in my limited time following you, you guys don't totally agree too often :) - Bwana ☠
Very good points. I feel as though I have outgrown many of the other services and am ready for a fluid and fast-paced real-time entity. Also, my FF doesn't seem to be posting to Twitter haha! - Chris Parton
100% agree - if everything feeds into everything else, in the end it may just be a question of interface / controls. Friend Feed is well on its way to being a streamlined interface for both Twitter and Facebook at the same time with all the relevant meta data. An interface, that I personally prefer. But, ultimately, agreed we are in the stone age and this is barely started much less over! P.S. Love the edit feature : ) - JP Maxwell
Chris: I bet if you tried to hit their website youd get you a failwhale...doubt its on FF's end ;) -----and I agree about out growing the others...but my friends have not, so I still use them...but more and more, as a way to get stuff into FF - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert's goin' Green! Ahhhhh! - Charlie Anzman
Bwana: lol! probably not, but which guys are you referring to? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And how fun would the discussion be if everyone agreed on it all....little mutual lovefest and that's it heh. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I was referring to Arrington and Scoble - Bwana ☠
My extended family is set up to get a weekly FriendFeed summary by email. It doesn't get more comfortably paced than that. - Bruce Lewis
Again, just so right on w/ Twitter being just the beginning. When you introduce something new to a group of people previously not exposed to it, often the simplest thing wins at first. It is only once the adoption has occurred that people start wanting more. The simplicity becomes limiting and people demand this or that, but you never could have started out with it all. - JP Maxwell
And the internet itself is founded upon the idea of using the simplest thing as the base layer and then building onto that base....FF build well onto the simplest layers like twitter - being able to like and comment on tweets over here is a great addition...but still leaves twitter as an important piece - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Laying down the gauntlet. The drama!!! - sofarsoShawn
Robert, true, the game has just started and we do need better filters, but there is nothing stopping Twitter from implementing some of the same features we see on Friendfeed, Facebook and more. Threaded conversations and a like button do not constitute barriers to entry. - Erick Schonfeld
Can someone please tell me how either of these startups are going to make money? Please? - Bwana ☠
which startups? - wannagot
Erick - twitter has only just got its service engineered to handle it's existing features, whereas FriendFeed has been built as a well maintained scalable infrastructure right from the start. I wouldn't underestimate FriendFeed's technical lead - it may be larger than Twitter's user-base lead. Not to mention the fact they'd have to lead their user-base perhaps unwillingly. - Robin Barooah
google wasn't first, but they had a great idea and incredible execution. FF might have the same effect on soc-net. - MikeAmundsen
Robert I agree with you 100% on the value of the "meta data" aspect of FF. I'm not so sure that advertising isnt already viable on twitter. Google adwords functionality integrated into the side bar of twitter would be much more targeted than the google content network. So even on a basic level it is viable. I agree that it could be much more. Google can just sit back and integrate into any or all existing social networks. The myspace deal paid of in much the same way. - James Ketchell
Ewww, Cheyenne yo you do know he's married. - sofarsoShawn
That is true. - sofarsoShawn
correct...current state of information is chaos, jumbled mess...need organization...ff is a start - Michael
Alasdair: advertising is a $300 billion a year business. THAT is why I concentrate on it. - Robert Scoble
nice - the difference between *THE* answer and many solutions. It's just what solutions dominate, what ends up being a robust niches and what dies (and it's an ever shifting playing field in this case). - Stuart Miniman
FF FTW!! :) - Susan Beebe
the metadata angle to the discussion on twitter versus FF/FB is an interesting one. for first time users harder to grasp; on the other hand richer metadata structures make it indeed much easier to really filter the information; not only for directly using FF, but also for third party engines building on top of FF API's - Jeroen De Miranda
Alasdair: Advertising is far from dead. Just because you're not a fan doesn't mean the rest of us are not. The truth is advertising is prevalent in our society because we need it. You need to know where those people, things, services and such are. The best of anything goes to waste if no one knows about it. The key to advertising, though, is to deliver it to you in such a way that you like it, and is relevant to you. Most current media doesn't allow for that. Social medial advertising does offer potential. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Who cares what Arringtoin says? Last week he said Google was buying Twitter - paul mooney
I think twitter has much more metadata capability than we see on the surface. A good search correlation algorithm could take temporal and spatial metadata as weighting vectors; more weighting vectors: indexing + analyzing link targets (and their metadata), retweets, replies, follows, tweets sources, and the kicker indexed RSS feeds from the top N news/info/media web sites, etc. Correlate a search term against these vectors and self-tune using user rating. $.02 - Ankush Narula
I disagree with you on so many things, Robert, but I watched this video, and you make excellent points. I do believe you're right. - Stan Scott
Get arrington to set up a realtime private room for techcrunch staff - Christian Burns
This is the future speaking: you are both wrong. - Todd Hoff
The meta data and "likes" you are describing that is the advantage of friend feed is reminding me of what Plurk is trying to do. I don't like it over there, and I'm trying to figure it out over here on Friendfeed. Maybe when you have 19,000 subscriptions FF makes sense, but for the little guys, it's not so transparent. - Peggy Dolane
Twitter's victory will be short-lived and potentially Pyrrhic. It's a cool toy everybody can play with but not a great tool for serious users. I still can't see it paying for itself over the long run unless as a data collecting device for Google. And the best point: all the metadata is currently within the 140 characters. And apps not limited to 140 characters are so obviously more useful. - The Web's Wendell Wittler
Definitely love Robert's calling out of Mike at the end. They're both nice, smart guys, and I'm glad we have a system (the Internet) where they can discuss this for all of us to see, and discuss with them/each other as well. - Tyler Hayes
hint you on the next challenge: Servers will distributed into multi-region server farms management that somehow will focus on local activities but still synchronized with primary server farm.... That would be how megatons of meta data will be delivered seamlessly without causing too much traffic collision and bandwidth waste... I think.. - Pico Seno
I finally understand the value Robert gets out of FF, and it's because he can easily pool lots of useful metadata (likes, links, comments) to each of his own posts out of the vast trove of friends. For the rest of us, there's the live feed, which works better on Twitter than FF. I still think that in the future, we will all be Scoble though and have gadzillion more friends. - Prokofy Neva
Robert Scoble
More arrogance from Twitter. "Normal people," huh? Here's why what @ev said is stupid: -
Saying "normal people" will be on the service in five years is stupid. Why? Because it's calling current customers who are on the service "not normal." I find I'm hearing more and more arrogance toward Twitter's existing user base from its management. That arrogance is stupid. Facebook already has normal people, as Ev puts it, and is far more "sticky" than Twitter is. Twitter is actually becoming harder to follow as more "normal users" come on the service. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
Here's a tweet on my screen right now: "Back from the Quizno's breakfast run." Is that really more interesting to follow than photos and videos from your closest friends, which is what my wife shows me every night on facebook? No way. And friendfeed has better noise filtering mechanisms than Twitter does BY FAR. - Robert Scoble
For months now I have felt that twitter should be run be more involved users of the service rather than Ev. I'm happy to see that you too feel this way. It makes me feel less prejudical about the subject at hand. - Richard A.
"Normal people" will soon figure out that Twitter isn't all that great. Already I'm seeing engagement go down on twitter. As I go around startups I'm seeing more and more addicted people who are trying to escape from Twitter because watching Tweetdeck all day long keeps them from getting anything done. - Robert Scoble
I'm not sure that I would see that statement as arrogant. The fact that you say more "normal" people are already on Facebook kind of illustrates the fact that Twitter is not in the norm...yet. It's steadily rising to that position, but the truth is, at least from my meager perspective, Twitter is full of those who are NOT in the norm. - Carlton Hackett
One thing I'm hearing from a lot of users is that they don't feel like there's a real community on Twitter. Here I really feel there are people I know. Mona, for instance. Or Louis Gray. Plus the employees of friendfeed are ALWAYS here. That's something that I never felt from Twitter's founders/employees. Go read @ev -- is he doing anything to build a community? No, he's always on Charlie Rose or at TED bragging about how many users he has. That will backfire. - Robert Scoble
I'm normal, and I was on Twitter early on, 2 years ago or so. I don't see what all the fuss is about tho Robert. Just unfollow the Quizno breakfast guy and find a less noisy one. FF isn't stick to me because there's too many accordion folds of comments to follow. Twitter plus Search key word is enough. - Prokofy Neva
I believe that by saying "normal" he means people that are not early adopters, and if that happen and Twitter becomes more crowded, are you going to stop using Twitter? - Ahmed
Carlton: I don't agree and I agree at the same time. That's the problem with using terms like "normal." There is no "normal" in human beings. That term is arrogant. - Robert Scoble
Prokofy: find me a single Twitter user who isn't noisy some of the time. I've looked. Even TimOreilly is noisy some of the time. - Robert Scoble
Ahmed: early adopters have already moved to other services. They are on Twitter less and less. - Robert Scoble
Jim: late adopters don't engage. Sorry, but they don't. At least not at the level that early adopters do. Want to prove this to yourself? Go look at the followers that @ev has. Look at how many Tweets they make. Most have zero!!! Now compare to my followers. Almost every one of my followers has many many Tweets. Especially when you compare to @ev's (Ev is a recommended Twitterer so he's getting a LOT more "recent" Twitterers). - Robert Scoble
Well I think that he meant "normal" like in "mainstream", which I, for one, find elitist too, because imho: Being an early adopter doesn't mean you're smarter enough to use a product. Or smarter than others that don't use it yet. - directeur
directeur: exactly. - Robert Scoble
Robert this is so true! Facebook and Twitter get worse when more people join. I also love the noise filters on Friendfeed. But above all I love it that they don't force their users to use this or that site or services. This is great while I am slowly removing myself from twitter. - Bart LePoole
"Normal" people will not use Twitter anymore, if their support can't/doesn't want to answer to a "normal" help request. Mine, after more than one month, is not assigned to an operator yet (my timeline is empty!). Perhaps because I am not a V.I.P: I have seen tweets by "non-normal" twitterers about similar problems, fixed in few hours... - PaperDoll
To prove the engagement point, visit -- click on 100 followers. Almost all have no tweets. Most have no photos. Now visit and compare. Late adopters, er, "normal people" are lame. I don't wish ANY service gets those! - Robert Scoble
I think there is something missing in the early adopter/follower conversation (not going to touch "normal") which is am examination of the world of twitter from inside the perspective of the social media in-crowd, vs. that of digitally engaged folks at large. An examination of this dynamic and what it means would be particularly fruitful, as in the end, the success or failure of Twitter for 1,500 social media experts is one thing, and adoption by a significant slice of the population at large is another. - Robert Davis
"normal" can also mean...not having superpowers gang. "normal" is a reference to people without extraordinary technical knowhow...and they are 80% of the population... so in anyone's definition normal that would be. In fact by "normal" he means "less than"... meaning people who have less than tech savvy...oy c'mon people don't be so sensitive. - davidlee
Ryo: "normal" people that @ev is attracting are people who do not participate and who have vapid tweet streams. Is that who Twitter is going to build a business around? Really? - Robert Scoble
I didn't experience this the same way. What you took to mean that Ev was saying we were stupid, I just took as meaning the current Twitterbase is more the early adopters and later it will be more mainstream. And yeah, it is harder to use as more people come on board, which is why filtering apps like TweetDeck are becoming critical for anyone following more than a hundred or so people. - Lisa Creech Bledsoe
Lisa: and that belief is bullshit. Why would mainstream join in Twitter? Look at Ev's own follower base. That is "mainstream." They do not participate. Now compare to Facebook! I bet that the average time spent on facebook by "normal" people is 100x more than on Twitter. Twitter is going to need engaged users to build a business. - Robert Scoble
Scoble... you are just mad that Twitter is gonna take off and leave FreindFeed in the dust. :) You put your chips on FriendFeed and it's a bet you are losing... it's okay... you just have to get your head around the fact that when it comes to websites you (and most of your thousands of followers) are not "normal". And you have got to stop being so sensitive about being called out as the exception rather than the rule. Time to face the facts: we are not "normal people". :) - Matt Shaulis
Robert: What services would you say the early adopters have moved onto? And I agree with you that the people that will sign up now as Twitter hits "mainstream" are more apt to tweet much less, if at all. They will sign up to see what the fuss is about and fall off the radar quickly. - Jason Kane
Ev has no idea what twitter is about. None of those at twitter really understand how twitter is used, and how strong it is. Best example is SMS in Europe and how they removed that. - Richard A.
i have been known to say Facebook is for civilians. does that make me evil? twitter was initially used by geeks, not "normal people". Robert- you, for example, are clearly not "normal". think about the terms like a graph- a normal distribution..... twitter isn't normal in terms of adoption yet. far from it. we're still living in the future. - James
Maybe it depends on your community, where I live facebook is now mainstream, twitter is not yet. I do think that twitter will become 'mainstream' though, the main advantage being the ease of use. Maybe some of the 'mainstream' users will tweet less, but there are many different ways to use Twitter as a tool (none more right or wrong than others) and one of those is to receive information, which does not require a profile pic or posting tweets. - Angela
Angela; twitter can't become mainstream until the technology is ready (mobile wise) and ideologicaly, when people don't feel sitting at a computer is geeky. - Richard A.
I hardly think EV's statements are arrogant. I actually think it's pretty accurate. Current Twitter users aren't "normal" they are internet savvy, early adopters, and people that have a general interest in being public. It isn't a slant towards the user base. It isn't a slant towards people who don't use it either. To me, it seems your statements are just shamelessly plugging friend feed. However, there are some substantial differences between Twitter and FriendFeed to market before the offensive. - Eric Moretti
about what @ev said...twitter existence, 5 years from now sounds very pretentious for me. People still has a sense of time very last century, they think things change every 50 years. - Sarah
Eric: that was true a year ago. It no longer is true. Twitter is being talked about on CNN and BBC many times a day some days. The user base is WILDLY switching. Go to @ev's follower list to see how. Really really bad trends for Twitter are there. No engagement. Vapid tweets. Focus on celebrity or getting on TV. Not on discussing ideas. Those are NOT good trends! - Robert Scoble
3 'normal' people asked me what Twitter was today. I explained the history and the application of it. The response was, and I quote, "Oh, that's intresting. So it's like SMS. Why would I want hundreds of SMS's". 'Normals' will come, realize how useless it is, and never come back... - Johnny
Johnny: bingo! - Robert Scoble
The antonyms of normal are peculiar, abnormal and deviant. I don't find it that arrogant but it is a word that should be used carefully in any context when describing people. - M F
Wildly switching to what? Vapid tweets/comments/profiles etc are going to exist across all social networking outlets. I think what we are seeing now is a steep curve to ambiguous use by all of them, some will fall from grace as media darlings (MySpace) will others will see a drop in user base, but maintain a substantial following (Facebook). To me social networking is still in its infancy so it's hard to make any assumption of what will fail and what will succeed. - Eric Moretti
Eric: Myspace is popular though, for music lovers. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, use it to find lot's of music. It's just part of a sub-culture rather than mainstream. Means the user base is more engaged as a result. - Richard A.
Eric: you are missing what goes on here on friendfeed. Here we have a way to hide noise and accentuate the signal through liking and commenting. On Twitter you do not have those mechanisms. Clicking "like" for instance does a TON behind the scenes and makes that much more searchable, for instance. It also shows that item to all your followers. Which makes it more likely everyone in the system sees some signal instead of vapid tweets flowing by. - Robert Scoble
Richard: hundreds of millions of people use MySpace. But that service is stagnating. Other music discovery services, particularly on facebook, are starting to eat away at its dominance. - Robert Scoble
@Rich: This might be true. I personally can't stand MySpace. Too messy in terms of advertisements and user controlled pages. It gives me a headache, which is why I think the general public over 30 won't stick with it. - Eric Moretti
Twitter is the Post-It-Note, FriendFeed is the Memo Envelope... I scribble things down on Twitter, I get stuff done here. - Johnny
I enjoy the analogy :) but FF is more then a Memo Envolpe - abdellah
Robert, Twitter is going to turn into the myspace of microblogging. By that I mean that myspace has one purpose whereas facebook has many. People jumped to FB as a result. We'll find the same with Friendfeed, once it gets easier to use. It offers more value to the user. - Richard A.
I agree... But since it's midnight here, my analogy generator is defragging :) - Johnny
Richard: bing! - Robert Scoble
oh it is still working, what could it generate for the facebook case :) - abdellah
Robert: Well, hey give me time, I just joined. I'm not arguing Twitter vs. FriendFeed. I think the comment was more directed being over reactionary. For the record, I like it, but working full time, school full time leaves very little time. Does Friend Feed have an Android App? - Eric Moretti
Depends on what he meant by 'normal people' - Moses Kpetigo
Eric, on Android just use - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
But am I a normal person or just stupid to want a direct message feature in friendfeed? - Bart LePoole
Anyone who really knows me (not those who just know me through Twitter) will agree that I am not normal. I guess if it was possible they would describe me as "clinically" not normal. Perhaps what the issue is too many people, many of those I follow, are just using Twitter to market their goods, website or new shows.I don't particularly find people who do this "engaging" .The good news is that the unfollow button is easy to find. - Keith James Designs
Bart: stupid. You already have direct messaging in friendfeed. It's called Gmail. (Seriously: the worst feature of Twitter is DM'ing. It's a horrid feature. I wish it had never been implemented). - Robert Scoble
no you aren't, but what make me in trouble is the fact that there is so many way to be in a direct relation with some one :) comment like and damn there is email too :) - abdellah
Robert: DM is stupid, I will give you that. Why limit a DM to 140 characters? Moreover, the people who I would actually DM, I have their email address. - Eric Moretti
Damian: good point. Facebook is five years old. They got 175 million users already and are growing 700,000 every day. Facebook is the Silicon Valley success story of the year. - Robert Scoble
I've always thought that 'normal' people, when talked about in these terms, are people who aren't like you. Everyone thinks they are a little different, so normals are everyone else - Rachel Clarke
Robert my desire for DM is to keep one conversation thread and not to have to move to another platform. I want one conversation bundled as one conversation. This you have pointed out is one of those great features of FF. - Bart LePoole
Robert, thanks to you, I'll never strive to be "normal" again :) - MiaD
There is a big push to get these services "mainstream". And maybe Ev was tired of saying the word mainstream over and over, so "normal" fit the bill. :-) - Louis Gray
Robert, I'm not a twitter-fan but I'm not sure you're right. I believe you should follow less people on twitter than you follow here on FF or on Facebook, just because you have less filter tools on Twitter, and because you should be interested in what your friends are doing, not anybody wherever he is. And that's what "normal" people would do, if they ever get there. - Markingegno - Donato
Perhaps a poor choice of words, but valid point that the masses (normal people) have not yet latched onto Twitter. - David Lanning
By the time "normal" people figure out Twitter, the rest of us will be onto something else. - The Way Things Are
I signed up for twitter a week ago and I still don't see any reason why I'd use it for anything that facebook or friendfeed don't already provide me in a way that's much easier to use. It really seems like facebook status updates that don't have comment threads. So, I feel like I'm missing the whole point of twitter. - Steve Koch
Plus: I hate birds. - Steve Koch
one makes the world "idiot" proof and then the world will make a better idiot !! If your not living life on the fringe or the edge, then you are taking too much room on the this planet :)- - Peter Dawson
@scoble: thanks for starting this thread. I thought @bart's comment was the best line here: "...Facebook and Twitter get worse when more people join..." Ironically, those are exactly the conditions FB and TT need in order to become viable businesses... but from a user experience pov, it's a race to the bottom as more people get on. <sigh> - .LAG liked that
Twitter isn't built for 'normal' people. All my real friends hate me because I refuse to add them... but I talk to them via IM. I don't need to know if they bought a new pair of shoes or if they're sick - AGAIN. What I don't understand is why Twitter gets as much fuss and attention as it does. - Mona Nomura
@scoble I really think you are blowing the word "normal" out of proportion. He's clearly referring to non-early adopters. Goes back to the common "my parents" metaphor all consumer internet folks refer to. It's flawed, but quite pervasive. - Clay Newton
@Mona: +200! Seriously, Twitter wins for most over hyped site. I frankly contribute to that through stomping around about how much attention it gets for so little added value. The sands are shifting under Twitter and I'm not sure they get that. People are on overload, they're shifting to trusted networks. And Twitter is now overflowing with affiliate, spam and black hat SEO. Not a peep (or chirp) out of Twitter on how they're dealing with that and the very quick backlash it will likely get from users. - AJ Kohn
Jason - that doesn't really describe why it's getting buzz. What a lot of the Twitter early adopters (I wasn't) were saying about the usefulness and versatility of Twitter has finally been recognized by...uh..."normal people". Well, as normal as Shaq and Jimmy Fallon and Karl Rove are. - Hutch Carpenter
Shouldn't it get recognized once it is finally stable (FailWhale after it was mentioned on The View by Barbara Walters? Still?) and monetizing? What kind of standard does this set for start-ups across the board? - Mona Nomura
2.0 is to Twitter and 1.0 is to ???? - AJ Kohn
Mona - monetization is not something the average user obsesses about. You think the news guys that are getting on Twitter spend a lot of time worrying about that? Fail Whale is an issue, it nearly brought the service to its knees last year. It's better, but needs improvement still. - Hutch Carpenter
Robert, I'm advising for a company that is doing an amazing alternative for Twitter, targeted just at Moms. I'd love to give you and Maryam a demo some time. (I think Maryam would really love it). I'll e-mail you some more details shortly if you're interested. - Jesse Stay
Oh, perhaps I was misunderstood. Why is this service (Twitter) garnering as much attention as it does when there is no guarantee it would even last? It just heightens its worth for a buy-out. What kind of standard is this setting for products and services moving forward? - Mona Nomura
@scoble I think this is totally blown out of proportion. He clearly meant, "not tech obsessed" or cutting-edge. Like Clay said, he meant people like my parents. My only disagreement is that it'll take 5 years -- it's already happening. Of course, how long people stay or use the service is always the big question, but people who aren't plugged in (like my sister) are already trying it out. - Christina Warren
Mona - YouTube - Hutch Carpenter
Here's what I don't get - why would anyone keep working there? With all the new financing they've been getting, normal employee stock has got to be mostly diluted at the moment. I wonder if they realize that. It's no longer worth working there as a "startup environment". - Jesse Stay
Hutch - Indeed. As well as many others. But seriously, is Twitter *that* useful? - Mona Nomura
Mona - I think it is, because of its relative simplicity. Ultimately, of course, "useful" is a market call. Right now, the market says "yes". - Hutch Carpenter
I just think it's a good example of how not everybody was meant to do press junkets and interviews with Charlie Rose. Time to invest in a PR person - Dave Powell from twhirl
Robert, do you think the language is a call back to the days when developers used the terminology "dumb user"? It seems that way to me as well..just the "lite" version of the arrogance that sadly has been endemic in developer culture since at least when I came on board in the late 90's. I'm even ashamed to admit that our university allowed instructors to use this "geek-speak" in the classroom as part of the curriculum. Esoterica often provides its own set of "ear-muffs" to its users. - Melanie Reed
I think we contribute greatly to the market saying it is useful, by hyping up a service that is still missing many rudimentary features. I truly don't see why Twitter is a great marketing tool. Supplementary, yes but it certainly doesn't deserve all the attention it gets as a service since it's the people on Twitter, not the tool itself that makes it 'useful'. - Mona Nomura
@Mona is on fire. + 1MM. - AJ Kohn
Mona - I hear the argument about how easy Twitter is to build, nothing special to it. The *concept* was special. The early adoption was critical. The community is the barrier to entry. Twitter hit 'escape velocity' while others failed to do so. - Hutch Carpenter
Matthew - I don't see the correlation. Interstates are a necessity. Twitter isn't. And Aaron? The mainstream is bigger than Twitter AND FriendFeed. - Mona Nomura
I thought by not being into sports I would get out of this my ___ is better than yours thing. Guess not. - Stephan Miller from Friend Deck
Evan Williams says "normal people" and the ones who are offended are the geeks on the social networks. I rest my case. - Shawn Farner
@Aaron: I use Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation. - AJ Kohn
I always love the Twitter bashing on FF...especially from Scoble. We all know that 'normal' is mainstream and we also know that most of us are far from mainstream. Twitter is entering that sphere and as many people that think Twitter is useless there will be 2 more saying, 'Whoa! this is cool'. I'm far from a tech guru and love being able to keep in touch with friends and family via Twitter and SMS. It is the broadcast aspect that beats out plain old SMS. - Sidney
Shawn - maybe that's why I call my blog "I'm not actually a geek". :-p - Hutch Carpenter
Why be normal? - Thomas Hawk
It's like Pepsi or Coke. Preferences only. And people start a war. I don't care unless I own the company, lol. But I guess it's a good time waster. - Stephan Miller from Friend Deck
Nonsense? Blasphemy Aaron! There is nothing more important than discussing services and measurements that clearly have no resolute answers!! ;) - Mona Nomura
Mona - that's why I tend to be market-oriented in a lot of my opinions. Probably the closest approximation of the "answer". - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch - indeed. Only time will tell. @Matthew - I still do not see the correlation with Interstates to Twitter. But it's me, not you. :) - Mona Nomura
FF is futureproof. FF acknowledges that other services exist and encourages you to not be centralized. FF provides a platform for integration. Twitter wants you to use only twitter. This is what causes vapid content on twitter, it offers nothing, and doesn't have the potential to offer anything other than what you see in front of you. Twitter is a talking platform, FF is an integration... more... - Andy Bakun
I agree with Andy, except to say, perhaps FF will go away (noooo!), but something that does the same thing should rise to take its place if that happens. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Andy's right. - Thomas Hawk
@Andy I would disagree to a point. It would be rude of me to walk up to a group of people and go, "I'm heading to the movies" and walking away. They'd expect me to sit around and wait for a comment from them. With Twitter I can say it and be gone. If someone wants to comment they can and I can get said comment on the go. Phone, generally one on one. Email, you can broadcast but again, no sms integration which is vital to reach people mobile. not everyone has email on their phone. Twitter does it all - Sidney
agree w/ thomas - andy nailed it, exactly my pov too :) - mike "glemak" dunn
Arent all humans noisy?? Prokofy: find me a single Twitter user who isn't noisy some of the time. I've looked. Even TimOreilly is noisy some of the time." Scoble???? - Francisco Kemeny
The reason why Twitter works is because of the number of people who use it. Yesterday I was having issues with Better Gmail 2, I did a quick twitter search and realized other people are having the same issue at the same time, I replied to them and we talked about it. Can't do that on Google or FriendFeed. I love FF but bottom line is most people I follow on twitter are not on FF, so I have to manually enter these people as imaginary friends to filter the twitter noise - this is a pain. - Kelly Johns
Robert: I am completely amazed by the way people use Twitter and I think the possibilities are endless. I just hope these boys at Twitter don't invest all their time and money trying to make this all about celebrities. Cause then it becomes very lame. - PC Easy from twhirl
I was helping somebody set up a new Twitter account today and noticed that during the sign up process they bring up a list of recommended people on Twitter to follow with the check marks already highlighted so you have to actually uncheck them to not follow them. Among various brands such as Dell the number 2 recommendation was a blogger, @dooce. Some of her tweets are very explicit. She refers to herself on her blog as a Sh*t A** H* M*****r F*****r ( Interesting pick for #2 - Mike Elliott
Another thing to consider is how twitter could change their feature list or UI such that anything new wouldn't seem "bolted on". I don't think they can. If they added the ability to "browse" tweets and show threads (in the right order), something I think it desperately needs, rather than just a list of obviously ephemeral and no longer relevant entries with the most recent at the top,... more... - Andy Bakun
Mike Elliott: +100. Insightful observation. - Robert Scoble
Naturally he says normal people. Robert, I hate to break it to you, you are far from normal! I am certainly not normal either. Early adopters are, as a general rule, not the norm. That's fine. - Daniel W. Crompton
I believe both FF and Twitter serve a purpose. FriendFeed, for me, is much like a university library whereas Twitter is much like the university cafeteria. It depends on 'type' of conversation one wants/needs at a particular moment. - ka3drr
lol - no not library, twitter is like the roxbury (full of posers) and friendfeed is like a park outside a library on a sunny spring day (chilling with friends and having interesting conversations) imho of course :) - mike "glemak" dunn
Scoble is wrong on this one, normal people are on email not twitter - imran
Hmmmm, I'm normal, or at least, I THINK I'm normal... I use Twitter to communicate with people I normally wouldn't be able to find with any other means. I use it for information gathering too. And, bouncing ideas off of people. I don't know, I like it, and I am pretty sure that I am normal. I use Facebook for my real life friends and family, and that's it. Facebook I have locked down, so I can be more at ease there. - Danielle Closs
My mom is on twitter - she's pretty normal - Antonio Altamirano
this thread with the amount of quality comments back and forth illustrates the viability of FF as a great medium for debate! IMO: As busy as Mr. Scoble is, he should get mad props for starting and maintaining the discussion. - shayne catrett
This is a nonissue. Evan's point is that like blogging was 5 years ago, twitter today seems a little offputting. To technological optimists, twitter will always be awesome, but to joe sixpack (or joe-who-has-no-blog) it may be sometime before twitter does not incite: "Well who the hell would want to know what I'm doing all the time?" The idea of 'normal' does cannot be so quickly reversed into "Evan just called me a freak." Grow up. - Daniel Morgan
Guess I was not so stupid after all... Friendfeed implements DM ! - Bart LePoole
Benjamin Golub
Ben Roethlisberger is healthy and graceful enough to bowl - Shutdown Corner... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports -
"It's probably best to just enjoy it for what it is; footage of Ben Roethlisberger falling down while bowling." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
now if he would only repeat that signature move this weekend against my beloved Bolts. :-) - Matt Shaulis
Louis Gray
Does Anybody Care About Non-Blog Commenting Anymore? -
Of note, the full story for this is on socialmedian: - Louis Gray
Isn't a service like Disqus a type of solution for this? It takes the comments and brings them into aggregation sites, like FF, making them part of the discussion. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
I love Disqus for the simple fact that it can be aggregated and alerts me to some cool discussion going on - perhaps at a post I failed to read myself. So, I agree with Aram. :) We can have our cake and eat it, too. - Shawn Farner
I added my comment to Louis' original post on :-) - Jason Goldberg
It's also what Backtype is for, and grabs comments from blogs that don't use Disqus. - April Russo
Disqus is cool and all... but most of you do not understand that Disqus (or even Intense Debate or JS-Kit) is not the be all end all solution to this whole comment thing. I mean, look at ReadBurner... they use Disqus, does that put *those* comments back on the blogs that use Disqus? No, it does not. Disqus is just another tool in this great medium, but it does not solve *this* particular matter at all. - Matt Shaulis
Answering Matt, the solution should be an Open Comments standard that lets aggregators pass comments back to the original site, assuming the author of the comment has given permission, and that the author of the original post accepts it. We need to find a standard that works with Disqus, FriendFeed, Socialmedian, IntenseDebate, you name it. - Louis Gray
Not sure a standard like that is valuable -- passing comments back to the original site is no longer interesting (it's interesting for publishers, but not readers and contributors). There's a reason why comment behavior is fragmenting; there's a reason why this discussion is taking place on FF. - CG
As for the Open Comments... erm... we tried... there was a lot of nastiness behind the scenes on that topic that would surely take a lot of community members aback about their favorite services but suffice it to say, I agree 100% with Louis on that one. And Shyftr was willing and ready to do our part to help establish/follow this standard, but it takes everyone participating and willing to share the love. :( (ps. Christopher: it is interesting and would make a lot of content publishers happy campers.) - Matt Shaulis
The main problem with sharing comments from services is that the conversation is different. The conversation here is different than what is happening on Louis' blog. The problem is that people do not know that a conversation is happening somewhere. I am trying to work towards a solution for that. - Rob Diana
Rob... I for one am grateful for all the work and attention you've put into the comment landscape... of course you already knew that I was a fan of your work but I feel like in this context it bears repeating. And anyone else who has not familiarized themselves with your efforts should take a minute and check out and give you some feedback. ;) - Matt Shaulis
Thanks Matt. I do not like "pimping" my own site except for the occasional updates, so thanks for the mention. - Rob Diana
I don't care any more. My posts are under CC-BY for this reason. Some readers want to reply to *me* -they should leave a comment at my blog. Others want to reply to the post -they may leave their comments where they find my post -may that be on GReader (share with note) or FF, or elsewhere. I do appreceiate when such services give me a way to know of the existance of comments using pingbacks, or trackbacks or some other mechanism. - Panayotis Vryonis
I care if the comments are made somewhere that I never see them. I'd like to know about it. Some of these services fetch one copy of the article and then serve it up entirely from their own site, the original author may never know that people are reading and commenting there. - DGentry
Denton, that is where services like and are useful. You can find comments on your blog posts on various services. - Rob Diana
The trailer soundtrack is from 'Koyaanisqatsi' from Philip Glass. Good choice. But then it switches to something that sounds like Chris Cornell.. oh well. - Phil Glockner
I cannot wait for this movie to come out... I'm a little shocked at some of the scenes that made it into the trailer (readers of the book will know what I'm talking about) ... but I guess they always do that, don't they? Either way, it's so awesome to see this comic book finally being made into a movie!! Anyone who was not a comic book fan back in the day and has been enjoying all the superhero movies are in for the biggest treat of their lives (if they keep it real, which it totally seems like they have). - Matt Shaulis
Mark Trapp
New FriendFeed design launched... with an exciting new feature! -
I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the internal conversation about this feature... ooooh i bet some people over yonder are mad as hell... hehehe. (I probably would have been on those people's side.) - Matt Shaulis
Weird, this link stopped being associated with the other stories about it. Edit: oh wow, there's a decay time for related links. Dead links fall off the related list. - Mark Trapp
It's in my list of Related Entries - at the top. - Hutch Carpenter
Wait - it just left the list of Related Entries. - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch, prior to my comment, it wasn't hooking up in the related entries for me. I think after a certain period of inactivity, links drop off. - Mark Trapp
Awesome new feature. - Adam Helweh
I'm not sure how much I like the "last activity gets top billing" aspect. My google shares killed two FriendFeed shares because they came in afterwards, and now this thread is killing the main announcement for those subscribed to me. - Mark Trapp
Sean: she's been in a bunch of threads lauding it. - Mark Trapp
Louis Gray
Disqus feeds have been stuck for about 12 hours. Is that a FriendFeed issue, or a Disqus issue? -
I just noticed that also. Posted a reply on The Inquisitr and realized it never showed up in my feed. Hmm. - Shawn Farner
I haven't been able to login to my disqus since 24hrs ago. BAD, very BAD: - A. T.
Just noticed Lindsay D. on the log-in page ..... How cool is that? - Charlie Anzman
Disqus is having some issues and have temporarily switched off their feeds. - Paul Buchheit
Can get in too. Just did a test comment. We'll see. Knowing Louis, he's trackin' down Daniel right now (APB style!) - Charlie Anzman
Edit: Thanks Paul - Charlie Anzman
Intense Debate offers a really nice solution, too... stats junkies would like their dashboard at Intense Debate as well. ;) (not to mention, anyone interested in taking the web away from "The Valley" a little bit... Intense Debate is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.) - Matt Shaulis
i noticed the other day a comment took a long time to post from the email i got to when it actually hit the blog. - (jeff)isageek
Gregory, because it shows Disqus comments by all into the service. - Louis Gray
started noticing issues yesterday...might be related - Duncan Riley
Louis Gray
Social Median Revamps and Introduces "News Streaming" -
Are a lot of people using SocialMedian? I tried it out and just found it noisy and not particularly helpful. - Jason Carreira
Jason - it's on my to-do list. But I haven't logged in and checked it out yet. - Hutch Carpenter
I'm absolutely using it. Not as often as FriendFeed, but the discussions are picking up, as is the content: - Louis Gray
SocialMedian is actually pretty good at delivering relevant news. Thanks for the notice Louis. - Chris Pallé
Jason Carreira: to easily filter the noise you need to follow some people and/or join specific topical news networks. Then, you can easily just see the news that your followers are reading and/or only the news relevant to your topical interests. - Jason Goldberg
I did join several groups... didn't see much signal for all of the noise. I get better bang for my buck here and on Google Reader - Jason Carreira
alrighty, so we got our work cut out to convert you ;) - Jason Goldberg
Im signed up just not using it - Dave Peck
Jason C - there's a lot of potential in the "News Networks" paradigm over there. For following individual people, eh, there's lots of services for that, and FriendFeed is my pick of the pack. - Laura Norvig
I could do without the avatar of Jason Goldberg "talking" to me at every step of the way... hehehe. (All in all, i see this as "life streaming" without the life.) This is taking life-streaming a step backwards... FF offers filters so one could achieve a "news stream" FROM a "life stream" ... but you can not do the other way around... so how is this "beyond life-streaming" when life-streaming can slim down to become it? - Matt Shaulis
Philipp Lenssen
The Google Acquisitions Black Hole -
Another one of those 'Like for linking' not 'Like for content'. I really want Grand Central to be open for all, and Jaiku - we barely knew ye! - Kevin Fox
People don't seem to understand that the smaller Google acquisitions (not YouTube, DoubleClick, etc) are generally for the people, not the product (or at least not the product as it is). - Paul Buchheit
+1 Kevin. If a service has users pre-acquisition and the intention is that the service will be mothballed and the engineers re-distributed then that intention should be made clear to the users. I believe that Grand Central will eventually open up again, but Jaiku? And what's FeedBurner done lately? - Kevin Fox
@Kevin Given that all 3 services you've mentioned are working just fine and serving their existing users I'm not sure what more could be expected of them. Given that Google doesn't pre-announce stuff all you can know is that these things are still working. I think we all know better than to believe that because there are no user-facing changes or dramatic announcements that a service is dead. Sadly many of the pundits don't build software and so think that if you go more than a few months without feeding - Adewale Oshineye
the hype machine then you must be dead. There's no real way to refute these sorts of allegations without making thing worse. It's like being asked "when did you stop beating your wife?" - Adewale Oshineye
@Adewale: Sorry for any confusion. I wasn't making an allegation, I was raising a question. I honestly don't know what's going on at Jaiku, but I do know there are products that have been bought and augmented, products that have been bought, torn apart, and re-worked into other services, and products that have been bought for talent, where the service was mothballed and I'm openly... more... - Kevin Fox
As long as people understand that there is a difference between when they see on the outside and what is really happening on the inside. Obviously I can't comment on some stuff simply because it isn't public. But I appreciate that perception matters, of course. And vice versa, the public should appreciate that they're only seeing one part of what is going on. - DeWitt Clinton
@Kevin I can't speak for FeedBurner or even Jaiku. However the best way to learn what's going on with Jaiku is to join the site and follow jyri/teemu/termie. Drop me an email on adewale at gmail and I'll send you an invite if you don't already have an account. - Adewale Oshineye
@adewale, in your comment to Kevin, you said that these services were "working just fine." Maybe you don't use any of those services, or you have a very loose definition of what "just fine" is. These services are slowly being mothballed and deconstructed bit by bit. That is NOT fine. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
Google used to define innovation now they simply stifle it. Their motto: If you can't beat em, buy em and bury them in the backyard. - Matt Shaulis
Matt, I'll play Devil's advocate: What did Google ever innovate? They weren't the first search engine. They weren't the first company to sell CPC ads by auction. They weren't the first to do web mail, online documents, web video, IM, blogging, wikis, or any number of other things. Google's strengths are making incremental, yet essential, improvements and doing it on an unheard of scale. Immunity to Not Invented Here syndrome is a positive. - Steve Weis
Everything is incremental. Products don't have to be entirely new in order to be innovative, and in fact an entirely new product would probably be completely incomprehensible. - Paul Buchheit
Call me biased, but I still think Google Maps was a damned awesome launch. If you want to talk about acquisition success stories, you can't get much better than that. Not every acquisition works, but I think Google has got a way better track record than most, including some total home runs. - ⓞnor
Yeah, Google Maps was great, though the acquired product was actually a windows client, so it's also a good example of changing the product direction post-acquisition (for the better). - Paul Buchheit
Google Maps was a game changer. It really changed how we thought about what could be done with the web. - Jason Carreira
Yes, part of why I call it a success story is that it wasn't just Google buying something and slapping the brand on it. Where 2 had this crazy idea that you could pre-render maps for the entire world and use that to drive a totally different user experience, and they had a serious passion for high quality map rendering. Google knew a lot about Web design and large scale services, and a combined team brought it all together to launch something neither company would ever have pulled off by itself. - ⓞnor
@Mark You state that "hese services are slowly being mothballed and deconstructed bit by bit." I'm on the internal Google mailing lists for 2 out 3 of these services. I see them writing and checking in code on a daily basis. That's what I base my belief upon. What basis do you have for your claim? - Adewale Oshineye
@Paul exactly, talented people are a great reason for acquisition. Precisely why Google took over jaiku. Not because of the service, but because they got their hands on some really talented mobile guys - Alexander van Elsas
Adewale: I base them on the fact that I've been users far before acquisition on two of the three, and the fact that I'm really observant. GrandCentral is rotting away and getting less usable by the day, and FeedBurner continues to be robbed of major features that make it in any way an attractive solution. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
"Why not build new services and integrate at the same time? There are lots of opinions about the best way to go through integrations. Our perspective is that the time you lose trying to continuously merge an updated legacy codebase with a new rewrite causes you be in a world of never actually getting the integration done because you're constantly working on merge problems, which gives... more... - Ionut
@Mark You're still not getting it. Ade just told you he see's code being checked in for 2 of 3 of the services you mention. How does this equate to "rotting away?" WRT FeedBurner, exactly what major features was it robbed of that makes it unattractive? I've been a huge FB user since long before the acquisition so I'm curious about the functionality I should be missing. Everything still works like it did before for me. - EricaJoy
No, I think it's you guys who aren't getting it. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of Google stuff, but you folks are killing some of my favorite features. Replacing FAN with AdSense? Completely dumb move. GrandCentral used to work reliably. Now, half the time I can't download or listen to voicemail. You guys may be doing stuff to the code, but I'm here to say it isn't improving the service. These aren't temporary problems or issues - these are shifts in service levels. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
This is the kind of awesome targeting we've seen from AdSense for Feeds since Mashable switched over from FAN: ( Gay pr0n and ponzi schemes. As I said earlier in the week, robbing FeedBurner of the one key advantage for publishers (i.e. sophisticated monetization) will kill FeedBurner. It's trivially simple to set up RSS redirection, which is the only other major benefit to FB. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
As for GrandCentral, I and the Mashable Staff use it to record our phone interviews. Or I should say *used* it. Reliability on recording retrieval has gotten so shoddy that we now turn to *TalkShoe* for something that's more reliable. As Cyndy and Alexander will likely tell you, when TalkShoe is more reliable than your product, you've got a problem. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
"Given that Google doesn't pre-announce stuff" Not true. - Philipp Lenssen
Dave Winer
I'm getting inundated with email and snail mail from Obama about what I should do from home during the convention. Wondering if there's some way to tell them that I'm going to be there in the Pepsi Center, all four days. They must have some stuff for me to do there. My schedule is empty. Hmmm.
Dave, should be easy enough. Contact the communications office at his HQ, provide a link to your blog with contact info. - Dave Martin
I tried to sign up to help the campaign. They wanted me to fill out a whole damn job app AND write an essay. If it's that hard to help, I'm sure they have already found better candidates...LOL - Rahsheen
I know I woudln't pass... I scored really badly on the Obama Test - (humore impaired need not click) - Soulhuntre from twhirl
how to help the campaign: Vote for Obama. ;) - Matt Shaulis
I'm Awesome with the Comcast DVR Remote -
I'm Awesome with the Comcast DVR Remote
Told you guys I can use that thing with my eyes closed - Rahsheen
LMFAO... nice moves, slick. :-D hehehe - Matt Shaulis
Sarah Perez
Netflix crash caused by botched Oracle upgrade [Breakdowns] -
good find ! - Mattb4rd
Is today the day we start to believe something printed in Valleywag? - Matt Shaulis
Jeremiah Owyang
Think you're commited to your job? - Georgian journalist shot during live coverage -
Think you're commited to your job? - Georgian journalist shot during live coverage
When I was thinking of being a journalist, my mother was always worried about stories like these. In October of 1997, there was a double homicide in Berkeley and I was the crime reporter for the student paper. Hearing the shots, I of course ran toward the bullets and got to the victims before police had cordoned off the area. I still get questions... "you ran toward the bullets?" Journalists can be aggressive in getting a story. - Louis Gray
Brave lady. - Yolanda
Wow. So lucky. - Mattb4rd
I have a similar story. I was at a Kanye West record release party, and a few shots rang out from the direction of Suge Knight. Of course I ran towards it, taking advantage of the cacauphony so I could get a good bit of footage of what was going on. What did make me turn back was one of Suge's bodyguards who took the video camera of a fellow photog and smashed it to bits. And you think the MOMA was bad! - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
All joking aside, Russia... nah, let's call a spade a spade and say "The Soviets" are out of control. - Matt Shaulis
Robert Scoble
yeah, but twittering from floor while House is in session is against House rules. House is adjourned so GOP twitterers are unleashed. - Robert Stevens
Whether I agree with their stance or not greater transparency to how our government works is great to see - Jim Goldstein
What great spin. The measure they desperately want a vote on would create a policy that will have absolutely no effect during the recess. In fact, it won't have any effect on the economy for several years. What's the rush? Why the sense of urgency to pass a bill instead of talking about it when they get back? If you think this is transparency, you've been played like a fiddle. - Mark Trapp
@Goldstein: 100% correct on transparency. - Robert Stevens
It is good to have greater transparency in our gov. I suspect as younger generations of Congresspeople come up, we'll see a lot more, hopefully. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Dems and GOPers demand: Let Our Congress Tweet. - Robert Stevens
A Texas Republican learns how to use a cellular telephone and were supposed to cling to this as the harbinger of a new age in American politics? I'll cling firm to my cynicism for the time being, thanks. ;) Now if every congressional session were broadcast live on the web and every congressperson was required to blog and/or microblog then we might talk about how social media is shaking up Washington. Till then, all we are seeing is a little song-and-dance act... I wish it were more. - Matt Shaulis
Matt: every session is broadcast live on the internet and - Andrew Feinberg
Louis Gray
AideRSS ranks and sorts your RSS feeds -
Good post and interesting service. But, I'd like more insight into how PostRank is calculated. I realize it may be the "secret sauce" of AideRSS, but a little transparency would be nice. - Lance Schone
Does anyone see value in a generic ranking formula that each user can customize. For example, I could weight Digg votes more then Mixx while another user could do the opposite. Let each person create their own custom PostRank by adding weights to the formula variables. Thoughts? - Lance Schone
Lance, "transparency" is good, sure... but you can't start expecting services to just out their algorithms.... hehehe. I would say using the "transparency" buzzword against ranking services is quite the stretch. ;) - Matt Shaulis
RSS? Like back in the olden days before friendfeed? - Thomas Hawk
Matt. Good point. Maybe it is a stretch. The thought just crossed my mind as I've seen so much back and forth on the Techmeme rating logic. I guess I'm thinking there's business value in building a ranking framework that uses multiple attributes but allows users to customize based on what THEY value. - Lance Schone
Oh Thomas, not everyone has ditched RSS. You need people like me to go through and find the right feed items for you so they do hit FriendFeed. :-) - Louis Gray
@Louis, maybe. I think my FF experience though would be just as strong even if it didn't include Google Reader in it. Quality content as ranked by your contacts is a far superior way to consume content than RSS in my opinion. Since content consumption is a zero sum game, I'll pass on RSS and spend my time in FF, Flickr, Zooomr, outside with my 5D or inside with Photoshop, wife, kids, all that other good life stuff. - Thomas Hawk
Make sure you check out the Google Reader extension. It's pretty sweet. - Wendy
I'm still skeptical of the accuracy of AidRSS' analysis - Shey
Jeremy Toeman
A Manifesto for the Next Industrial Revolution - Umair Haque -
Jeremy, I'm gonna assume you accidentally hit "share" on that piece of garbage. - Gabe Rivera
not a fan of Umair's, Gabe? - mathew ingram
Garbage is fun too read. - Wayne Porter
I think the author needs to Google the following: "Austrian Business Cycle Theory." - Chris Rossini
chris, the whole post is about umm...austrian economics. gabe, thanks for the personal attack. i hope the rest of you guys enjoyed it, anyways. - umair
I think civility has hurt me. Happy you're LOL though. FriendFeed comments really deliver in that dept. - Gabe Rivera
Wait, what happened to "Gabe, LOL"? You're giving me some good ideas on how to creatively abuse the "edit" function. - Gabe Rivera
1) i dont think everyone has to like what everyone else likes - that makes for an intensely boring world. 2) gabe/mathew - i like you both and respect your opinions, but i feel you both seagulled your negativity here rather than share a constructive viewpoint. 3) i shared it because its interesting - like it or not, its interesting. - Jeremy Toeman
look. i get the feeling i stepped on someone's toes or that there is something personal going on here. apologies if i offended anyone - the post was meant to be positive, in every sense of the word, for all of us. - umair
@Jeremy: I can't say I ever feel much of a strong desire to run to the defense of Mathew Ingram but unless I missed something he sea-gulled no negativity here. his comment basically went ignored, so it can't even be accused of egging on any of the trollism that followed... it's not fair to presume that Ingram "owes" the thread a "constructive viewpoint"... his comment, to me, looked casual and I read it with a humerous undertone... more conversation with his friend Gabe, not an attack on Umair... - Matt Shaulis
@Matt - hmm... I guess I originally read it as "[i] am not a fan" but i think you are right. Thanks, and Mr. Ingram, I do hereby fully withdraw said seagulling comment in all written, oral, and Internety forms. :) - Jeremy Toeman
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Twitter poll: do you use Social Thing more than FriendFeed? (asked for @corvida who is twitterfasting today!)
not even a fair poll... FriendFeed is open to the public, SocialThing is in private beta... until SocialThing is comfortable enough with their application to actually let people in to give it a fair shake then it really doesn't deserve to be compared to anything. (SocialThing looks prettier from the picture I've seen though.) - Matt Shaulis
Heck no. And tell Corvida she is cheating! Twitter by proxy!! - Sarah Perez
Sarah, that's what I said ;) - Colin Walker
I don't. I liked it at first but friendfeed is more useful to me now. - Phil Glockner from Alert Thingy
No, I use FriendFeed 99.99% of the time. - Mike Reynolds
50/50 Socialthing for posting and FF for reading. i don't exactly know why. - Oldengrey (Jay)
FriendFeed wins out.. SocialThing has yet to catch up on services supported and I love the ability to follow ppl not using FF! - Dorian |_|)
SocialThing will catch up very quickly with their deduplication system that is soon to come. - Chris Wallace from Alert Thingy
FriendFeed wins in my book. - Robert Scoble
I used to prefer Social Thing but FF's won me over. - Akiva from Alert Thingy
FriendFeed - Sally Church from Alert Thingy
FriendFeed, hands down. - Brad Stevens from twhirl
FF, but I can use ST to easily watch all my Flickr contacts. - Russellreno
FriendFeed because of their first mover status, they're not 'private beta', 'founded by ex-Googleers' gives reassurance that my minor time investment was wise - Pat from Alert Thingy
socialthing has a slightly different approach to social aggregation. SocialThing acts as more of a tool to aggregate all of your social networks, while FF is about picking John and Jane Doe and watching *everything* they do. - Jake Russo
Friendfeed wins hands down. SocialThing is broken. - Shannon from Alert Thingy
Friendfeed wins, period - Dennis
freidnfeed is better , forget social thing - Mila Frerichs from Alert Thingy
I have to say that I use FF more than Socialthing, but the latter is a MUCH cooler tool. - Tamar Weinberg
friendfeed became much much more valuable when it became an alert thingy air stream, so when will they acquire it, they have the dough, they need the technology ala seesmic/twhirl air.lifestream arms race! - ben barren from Alert Thingy
Absolutely FriendFeed - Roozbeh
I use both FF and ST. And what I really want is actually a combination of both. - Araceli
Social Thing doesn't have any advantages that are helpful over FF - and it is all about the social graph - more people are here... - Tony from Alert Thingy
Agreed with Sarah Perez. No twitter means no twitter! And no, I don't use socialthing as much as FriendFeed, by a long shot. But I don't think the two services have the same goals, either. - Phil Glockner
by far FF - julian_marain from twhirl
lol, that proves that SocialThing is an old news - Dobromir Hadzhiev
FriendFeed, but then again, I never signed up for Socialthing - Shey
I signed up for SocialThing, but it didn't do anything for. I use FriendFeed regularly. - Daniel Shaw
no - i just use friendfeed - i don´t get warm with socialthing (but like their logo though) - Dieter Schwarz
Louis Gray
Best concerts ever attended: Underworld (x2), Depeche Mode (x2), DJ Tiesto (x2), Crystal Method, Moby, Chemical Bros., Paul Oakenfold, ATB, Radiohead... and you?
chemical brothers, LTJ Bukem, Scuba :) - David Petar Novakovic from twhirl
#1: Neutral Milk Hotel; #2: Magnetic Fields; #3: Songs:Ohia; #4: Mountain Goats; #5: Wedding Present; #6: Ramones/Violent Femmes/They Might Be Giants. Ask me again in an hour & it'll be different... - Trent Olson
Clapton - Tris Hussey from twhirl
Depeche Mode (x5), The Smiths, Cure, U2, David Bowie, Peter Frampton (OMG I am so freakin' old!), Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Costello, B-Movie, Thomas Dolby, English Beat, B-52s, Thompson Twins, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Phil Collins, Clapton, Fleetwood Mac... ok that's ridiculous (so cal 70s, 80s and 90s = lots of music!). Now I just work all the time and remember the good ol' days on my iPod. - Susan Beebe
James Brown, Sawyer Brown, Tim McGraw, Emerson Drive, Brooks & Dunn - Jeff Quinton
of what westerners could get - Mark Knopfler - A. T.
Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Def Leppard (x2), New Order, Pet Shop Boys (x3), Queen - Prolific Programmer
Trent, your #1 sends me into a fit of jealousy that has no equal. My #1 would probably be wandering into some random bar in New Orleans long ago where B.B. King had randomly showed up an hour before and surprised the band, asked to sit in, and backed them for a couple hours; #2 and #3 would be Pink Floyd; #4: Mountain Goats (x3); #5: Depeche Mode; #6: Beastie Boys; #7: Squirrel Nut Zippers; #8: Flogging Molly; #9: Squarepusher; #10: Infected Mushroom (x2). - Akiva
I didn't attend any concerts. - Morton Fox
Roger Waters, Depeche Mode, Soda Stereo, Paul Van Dyk and Sesto Sento in the Icamole desert - Mario Romero
Akiva: I know, I was profoundly lucky to see NMH while they existed. In a small club in Portland, OR, no less, where I could not believe they all fit on the tiny stage. (And not to brag, except, yes, I guess I'm bragging, but I suppose I should have said #4 Mountain Goats (x6). Unless waking up in the morning after the show to chat with John about hockey counts as well? I'm not sure.) - Trent Olson
slightly unrelated: Can I just voice my appreciation for Louis Gray's topic suggestions on friendfeed? Louis, you're like the Bill Mahr of ff... - Trent Olson
Trent, you have made of me a life-long enemy. I will demonstrate my rage by subscribing to you. Take THAT. Meanwhile, I want to add Godspeed You Black Emperor (x2). Can't believe I forgot them. And, not to reveal too much, Greg On Earth and Hux Flux. *cough* - Akiva
The Black Crowes performing a Sunday morning revival at a blues festival. Amazing. - Michael Carter
Akiva, I have responded to your subscription with...a subscription right back! Wa-ha! Agreed on the Godspeed, good call. Also, can't believe you haven't seen Stereolab? They've only been touring relentlessly for what, 20 years? And yes, the Fall are fantastic live. <thread degrades into music geek one-upping contest /> - Trent Olson
1)Paul McCartney 2)Van Halen w/David L. Roth 3)Aerosmith - Chris Rossini
The hour isn't up, but I'll add Tortoise, Destroyer, and the Dirty Three opening for John Cale. - Trent Olson
Trent, I've had several opportunities to see them both but either life gets in the way or, more likely, I have no friends that are interested in any music that isn't psytrance, electro house, etc. If there are real instruments involved, they start looking uneasy. SORRY, LOUIS, TOTALLY RUINING YOUR THREAD HERE. - Akiva
Who saw Tom Waits??? And @Chris... I didn't add a single Dead show. That's an event, not a concert. ;) - Cyndy
(This is exactly why ff needs direct messaging) - Trent Olson
(Yep.) - Akiva
Trent, I don't think they designed FriendFeed for this purpose (straight chat room/discussion forum style chat), but it seems to be very popular so it will need to figure it out. - Robert Seidman
Hmmm...gTalk status replacing tweets...interesting - Dan Covington was Louis' idea to begin with :) - Trent Olson
@Robert: I understand that, but take an item like this. Sure, threading the comments will help readability, but I'd like the opportunity to spawn a whole new topic with Akiva (whether that's reciprocated is moot :) ). Some form of DMing would be helpful...I don't personally think it should be private messaging, but spawning a new topic would be useful. - Trent Olson
In no particular order: U2 (Under a Blood Red Sky), Live (Throwing Copper), Charlatans UK (Up To Our Hips), Blur (Leisure @ 9:30 Club, DC), Midnight Oil (Blue Sky Mining). - AJ Kohn
The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Queens of the Stone Age, The Hives, Ramones - Sean McBride
@AJ: sooo jealous about the U2...was it actually at the Red Rocks show?? - Trent Olson
David Bowie (MSG around 1986), Talking Heads at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, the Who (MSG 1979), Ramones (CBGBs), Violent Femmes (bar in Albany, NY circa 1985), Lou Reed (Bottom Line) - Barry Graubart
@Trent: sadly no, not Red Rocks. Saw them in Philly. Still pretty amazing, wish I'd caught them again on Joshua Tree. - AJ Kohn
Flaming Lips, Cake, Kings of Leon, The Decemberists, OK GO (x2), The Raconteurs, Eagles of Death Metal, Violent Femmes (x3)... - keif from twhirl
Counting crows, alanis, kings of leon ,u2 - Tim Wright
@keif: jealous of Cake and Femmes. Did you see Femmes on THE tour? - AJ Kohn
Punk band called Cletus knew how to bring down a basement in the 90's ;) ... Counting Crows (was Adams birthday, we all sang to him... plus i was near Baltimore (Merriweather Post Pavilion)... so when he sang the line "raining in Baltimore" we all got to go ballistic... that was fun... but nothing tops the day long HFStival (by WHFS in Washington D.C.) with Crystal Method, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Everclear, Harvey Danger, Bare Naked Ladies, b-52s, Marcy Playground, Soul Coughing, Scott Weiland... - Matt Shaulis
U2, Beth Orton - Clare Dibble
July 2002, John Mayer in Central Park, NYC. Pouring rain. Everyone put their umbrellas down so not to block anyone else's view. And John sang "Covered in Rain" - Dan Hsiao
The Clash at Bonds, June 1st - 3rd, 1981 ( - Noah Carter
Flaming Lips (3x), Radiohead (4x), Morrissey, Beck, Stereolab (3x), Yo La Tengo (3x), The Cure, Antibalas (2x) - Rajiv Bhatia
Robert Scoble
FriendFeed is just as fast as MacRumorsLive. I'm watching all the sites. FriendFeed is freaking fast.
Yeah FF is running great! - Daniel Spradau
Not to mention that FF is still up!!!! - Roberto Bonini
the comments have been very good here on FF - acedanger
Cool... It looked slow, must be just the news in the Keynote - Mike Wills from twhirl
Roberto Bonini has a point; FF is still up, while many others have 'fallen' - John Tyra
Is there some room that has combined conversations about that certain event that many are talking about? - Daniel Schildt
I've been "liking" anything that moves. So this is a good place to watch: - Robert Scoble
TWiT Live didn't do so well. It crashed at 6250 viewers and it's still down. Wonder if Leo will be staying with Stickam or if he will switch to Ustream. - Mike Doeff
Why do I say that the World Wide Talk Show is on FriendFeed? Now you know. - Robert Scoble
The app coverage is taking way tooooooo long :( - DC Crowley
mike, ustream can't handle 6250 viewers either... it can barely handle 250 when Calacanis orders his army to come watch him order lunch. - Matt Shaulis
ustream been fine for me since the start, but I think Mac just had a dig at MS - Rif Kiamil
Mac now is hosted a push service via them selfs.. aka AOL v => PUSH TO your iPHONE.. via wi-fi and cell network - Rif Kiamil
supporting MS Office documents on the iPHONE - Rif Kiamil
now has parental controls, your mum can take u off youtube - Rif Kiamil
MacroumorsLive is my place, due to a problem with my DSL line, I am getting 135Kbits until my line resyncs (!!!!), so I can't handle refreshing gizmodo every 10 secs for new "high res" photos! :) - Ashley Williams from Alert Thingy
japan's and chinese support, and you can draw the chinese symbols with your fingers.. "one the benefits of not having plasic keys" - Rif Kiamil
has Steve said anything yet about being able to shoot / stream video (other than the videochat)? with the new phone? - Andy Sternberg from Alert Thingy
Andy: not yet. - Robert Scoble
MS Exchange by Apple in the clound? Moving into google app / gmail land - Rif Kiamil
@ Andy In fact thats a good point. You suppose Qik will do an iPhone app?? - Roberto Bonini
Yes. So will Flixwagon,, and Seesmic. That is IF a 3G iPhone comes out today AND it supports video. - Robert Scoble is also blazing along. - Elmer Thomas
hey is friendfeed freaking fast? - Dave Peck
Is anyone using it? We want URLs damn it, URLs!!! - Robert Scoble
FF is my main source, impressed with Twitter as well.. - Joe Dawson
i feel nervous. video support is a dealmaker/breaker for me. everybody else can build you apps, Steve, what can you do for me?!? make me wait till Christmas? please NO! - Andy Sternberg
Britney: still is freaking fast here. I've reloaded at least 300 times in past hour. - Robert Scoble
Even on a 1Mbits/s it's freaking fast, yes. - directeur
I'm listening to the live UStream feed and watching Engadget and MacRumors - Francine Hardaway
It's not bad is it! - Rich
MG Siegler
Super Monkey Ball available at App Store launch for $9.99
Not a bad price - Bwana ☠
I want it! :) - EvilChick
I'm ready to pay. Hopefully it'll hold me over till Spore arrives. :) - felix
Now I can buy an iPhone... Monkey Ball was one of my favorite Gamecube games! - Ross Miller
So this means Apple wants to get more money from games than movies? Probably yes. - Daniel Schildt
$9.99 is going to be the default app price it looks like... way too much (considering the % of that that goes right into Steve's pocket... yikes...). I'd rather pay $9.99 right to the developers... and the app store will be the only place to get apps... Apple is wrangling yet another market right into their bank account... good for APPL, bad for the rest of us. - Matt Shaulis
Matt Shaulis
Blogger "gang" signs... WATCH OUT!! -
Blogger "gang" signs... WATCH OUT!!
I can already see the blood stained streets as the "Wordpress" posse and the "Movable Type" posse thrash it out once and for all... :-( - Matt Shaulis
Louis Gray
Twitter is a Complete Waste of Time! -
linkbait. :) - Matt Shaulis
+1 Matt - Cyndy
Louis Gray
Disqus' Downtime Reminds Us of Woes for Data In the Cloud -
I knew that would work. Disqus is back up! :-) - Louis Gray
WTG Louis! - Shey
I'm a huge fan of SaaS. Stories like these are reminders of the trust customers put into these services, and the importance of backup, failover, responsiveness, and customer service. - Hutch Carpenter
@Hutch the key for a SaaS model is "responsiveness, and customer service"- the rest is just technical expertise and robustness - Peter Dawson
Isn't it neat how FriendFeed isn't crashing like Twitter & Disqus? Go Bret, Paul, Jim, Sanjay, Felix, Ana, and the gang! - Mitchell Tsai
@Mitchell you just have missed it then... they've had their moments. (Sure, not twitter like moments but the user base and distribution logic is not even in the same ballpark) - Matt Shaulis
Matt, in the small times you've seen FriendFeed down (5-20 seconds at a time usually), it's been to update the code. I was told last night that the site will no longer go down, even for that short a time, to update the code. - Louis Gray
I've seen a lot of FriendFeed problems. Most are really short and/or it's a minor feature (and yes, I have a 10+ item list of what's not working in FriendFeed right now...) They're doing a good job. - Mitchell Tsai
use intensedebate its better, - Kyle Weller
I'm really sorry about this, guys. We've spent the week scaling out the database. After this weekend, this sort of thing will not be happening again. I wrote a more detailed explanation here: - Daniel Ha
Rob Diana
YackTrack Wins Mashup of the Day! -
congrats! - Shey
Great news Rob! That's two apps from two people I know.. awesome - Phil Glockner
congrats - you deserve it! - Sarah Perez
Thank you Shey, J. Phil and Sarah. I think I am still in shock that yacktrack gets this much coverage. I still say I have the best users! - Rob Diana
As a user of your service, I'm happy to see you win - Bwana ☠
It's a great service Rob, Sarah is right, you deserve it! - Shey
Sweet! Very cool! - Matt Shaulis
Louis Gray
Want to know more about Shyftr's future strategy on comments and portability? Watch the discussion here:
Louis logs into GTalk just to change his status message. Hehehe. Try as I might to nab his attention... busy busy man. :) - Matt Shaulis
Matt, here's why: The work calendar: - Louis Gray
Yikes... I know the feeling though. That comment is the first time I've dropped a link publicly to the workgroup pages (which are just about a week old)... it would have to be on a Friday, huh? hehehe... another weekend spent at the computer. - Matt Shaulis
Henry Halff
at Uncle Billy's with monkey woman.
Louis bomb! (anyone get it?) Had to be the first to comment!! :-) - Matt Shaulis
lol.. i might've known... oh well. it was worth a try. hehehe - Matt Shaulis
Matt Shaulis
Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace - Funny Videos | -
Ok.. clearly I missed this as it is now older than dust (by social internet standards)... but this is outrageous!! If you missed this video, you gotta go check it out... you will get a seriously good laugh. - Matt Shaulis
Robert Scoble
FriendFeeder's on Gillmor Gang, Friday, ,10:45 a.m. -
Steve Gillmor and I spent all afternoon yesterday arguing about FriendFeed. Not quite that long, but it seemed like it. He thinks Twitter is the center of the world. I think FriendFeed is. Tomorrow Bret and Paul of FriendFeed will be on the GillmorGang. Listen in live and join the chat room. - Robert Scoble
I know how to beat Gillmor in an argument about Twitter, ask him to go do what he claims its good for. When it doesn't do it, his argument fails. :) It's hard to argue for Twitter when it's in maintenance mode. - Bwana ☠
Bwana: he'll answer "keeping up on your friends in real time." He really liked Twitter's "track" feature so he could see in real time when people were talking about something, even those he didn't follow. I agree with him on that. It's a major feature that FriendFeed is missing. - Robert Scoble
Question is, do we have to argue. Not all things are meant for all people. I love Twitter AND FriendFeed. Each has its place. Just never get these arguments. - Deepak Singh
:-O "The Scoble" has mentioned an advantage of Twitter over FriendFeed... /me goes away to find the crack in the space/time continuum. - Matt Shaulis
Deepak: arguments aggregate attention. - Robert Scoble
Can someone make sure Gillmor allows Paul and Bret answer questions fully instead of coming up with a "gotcha" every 5 words like he does with other guests? - Mark Trapp
Robert: Point is..track isn't working right now :) I'm just joking but you understand - Bwana ☠
Matt: there are six advantages of Twitter that I know of over FF: 1. Real-time. 2. SMS compatibility. 3. Track. 4. Installed base. 5. No nodes (also a disadvantage). 6. Real reverse-chronological view. - Robert Scoble
Mark: it's Gillmor Gang. His name is on the show. Everytime I try to tell him how to run his show he reminds me of that fact. Bwana: agreed, but I'm talking about Twitter when it's funny on and running. When Twitter is down obviously FF has tons of advantages. - Robert Scoble
Robert: FF "feels" real time... in a 2002 sort of way... I used to *wait hours* for a forum reply. Here you have replied almost instantly!! (then again, it reminds me of those good old days in a lot of really fun ways!!) - Matt Shaulis
Matt: you and I both know that FF is pretty damn real time. Gillmor wants to see a little thing happen on his screen everytime I hit "enter." - Robert Scoble
I think Gillmor is just reaching. It happens when the writing is on the wall. - Bwana ☠
One could make the argument that real reverse chronological view is also a disadvantage, since items attracting interest don't flow up to the top. I think the biggest advantage of Twitter is simplicity... - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
I can definitely respect the need for realer time commenting. On several occasions I'll be commenting on something only to find out after I've clicked post someone already made the same comment, or the conversation took another turn. There's gotta be a better way to handle real-time conversations on Friendfeed than rapidly clicking refresh and praying. - Mark Trapp
I was really loving Twitter. I was using it to talk to RTM. I was Getting Things Done. Then, Twitter decided it would randomly go away. I was traumatized. - Rahsheen
And Robert, understandable: I wonder how many people are listening to his show not for his "gotchas" and "insights" but for the 5 second nuggets of information from his guests. But you're right: it's not TrappGang. - Mark Trapp
Both twitter and ff are the center of the world for a very very small portion of the world. twitter is a small subset of blogging and ff is a small subset of feed readers. It will be extraordinarily hard for them to push past that. - Narendra
The longer Twitter is in maintenance mode, the less relevant it becomes. It's easy to forget why you love it if you learn to live without it. - Bwana ☠
Mark: that's a really good point... someday it will all come back to 1996 and we will get IRC, difference being that it will happen over HTTP. :) "old" is the new "new"... like seeing all the kids in 1980's clothing... In Web 3.0 the trend will be nostalgia?? - Matt Shaulis
Robert: Won't deny that, and being opinionated is good. Religious debates on the other hand tend to become too black and white :). - Deepak Singh
Matt, exactly: as much as it's sort of become a footnote in internet history, I haven't found a better medium for real-time collaborative conversations than IRC. Even IM and XMPP can't hold a candle to it. I'd like to see IRC principles make their way back into social media. - Mark Trapp
IRC is and always will be my favorite internet medium. - Bwana ☠
mark: me too. Just like FriendFeed has re-awakened my love of the Bulletin Board format... (let's face facts here after all)... I have/had hopes of Twitter being the IRC comeback kid... in a new-web sort of way... :-\ - Matt Shaulis
I always thought of Twitter IM/Jabber as a worldwide IRC chatroom with your own filter (track feature). That is what *really* hooked me into Twitter. - Bwana ☠
Bwana: Yup. Same here. That's how I tend describe it to my uninitiated peeps even.. almost word for word... hehehe. I sure do miss my twitter IM. The past couple days, though, it has blipped out the occasional tweet... it's like a toe wiggle... such a sign of hope! - Matt Shaulis
well since friend feed includes twitter i think friend feed is the center of the world - Tyler Gillies
FreindFeed includes twitter? (Thank heavens for the "hide" feature)... lol - Matt Shaulis
I like both, they are different beasts. Twitter is better for mobile and "live stream" while Friendfeed it the center of conversation. I get many more comments on FF than on my own blogs these days. - Loic Le Meur
Bwana ☠
Whenever I surf the web outside of Google Reader/Toluu and FriendFeed, I feel like I'm adift at sea getting further and further away from the Love boat. 10 years from now this will be a disease.
lol adift! LET ME EDIT POSTS FRIENDFEED!! - Bwana ☠
Don't yell, you make the FriendFeed gods angry...then we have to make sacrifice of small noisy bird...LOL - Rahsheen
I humbly apologize for all the small noisy birds out there :) - Bwana ☠
lol @Steven... come on people... can't we cut the small bird some slack. How many of us hitched a ride here on the feet of that small bird? Even if you've left it in your past, don't hate... appreciate. - Matt Shaulis
Sometimes you feel like a dift...sometimes you don't. My worst-ever typo was "qualtiy" a process document. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
I'm definitely not hating on the bird. Just wish it would make up it's mind. Stay or go. I can't take this back and forth, love/hate thing... - Rahsheen
Matt Shaulis - schadenfreude -
Participating in something like a "Twit-Out" reeks of *schadenfreude* ... (the only twit-outs i participate in are the one's imposed by Twitter themselves... hehehe) - Matt Shaulis
That's one of those words where, if you know it, you think it's in common usage and are genuinely surprised when someone doesn't, but if you don't know it, you've never heard anyone use it ever. I love it! There was some logic to the twit-out; like an intervention for Twitter, but it really just resulted in a big group hug on Friendfeed. - Mark Trapp
I'd never heard it before today... I'll even admit that I had to sit there reading the phonetics over and over to get the pronunciation... lol... I like it though (and have since seen it on another site today... wish i could remember where... coincidence...) - Matt Shaulis
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