Amazing! // RT @kristainlondon: Man buys all of Burger King's pies to spite woman with screaming child. Fantastic!
Do we really need experts to tell us that Millennials like authenticity? Does that mean there are generations that prefer inauthenticity?
Why are you retweeting somebody retweeting your original tweet? A little too meta for me.
Love it, great work! // RT @origiful: I made @ESPNMag's latest cover video Music by @briggles :)
RT @GreatWallofChin: We're teaming with the @SFGiants for the 1st ever Video Gamer Night! Check out the limited edition Arno figure!
Just watched a 2:30 pre-roll ad on a YouTube video. Accurate targeting + compelling content = ads worth watching.
James Cameron is pretty outspoken about his disdain for smartphones. I can't disagree with him.
RT @yarby: You should probably take a look at the just released (partial) lineup of @SocialFresh West. Stellar. #SocialFresh
RT @itsdevlin: Dying. My @GlassholeKitty tee just showed up. Nerd game proper.
RT @DevinKofsky: Only 1 more week of me urging you all to enter our sweepstakes. Win a cruise, or a Xbox One!
Accidentally took a melatonin instead of regular vitamin this morning. This could be interesting.
Quick & insightful read // RT @kdoohan: love this. -> The Boring Trait Google Looks For in Its Leaders
RT @TheLINQ: Tomorrow is your chance to meet @RealGrumpyCat at @KitsonLA at 6pm! #GrumpyGuideToLife
I have so much respect for everything in this article, from the idea itself to the factory that makes them
Fantastic travel article by @marcymassura "What hardcore business travelers know about flying."
Cyclist friends, check out this awesome crit video & breakdown (and win!) by @bahatiracing
Cyclist friends, check out this awesome crit video & breakdown (and win!) by @bahatiracing
Facebook's "Most Recent Stories" is anything but.
Just watched Pretty Little Liars w/my teenage daughter. I am now, literally, the only male ever to have seen an episode.
I've lost so much weight since I started seriously cycling a cpl yrs ago, finally decided to donate my big clothes.
RT @BrentToderian: There's bike infrastructure... & then there's Dutch bike infrastructure. World's 1st suspended bike traffic circle:
Returned from vacation to a jury summons. Yay, me.
Wheels up, CLT. See y'all next time, North Carolina.
My phone is kind of a jerk for reminding me that when I set my alarm for the airport, it was going to go off in 5 hours and 16 minutes.
RT @lajollamom: My daughter/dog broke the screen door right before repair guy was coming anyway. #AccuracyMatters #ad @realtordotcom
RT @mayhemstudios: Flex your @realtordotcom #AccuracyMatters #ms muscles & you could win $10k! Upload your best pic/vid
It's my last day in North Carolina & I had hoped to ride my bike up the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, but it's raining too hard. Heartbreak.
RT @mayhemstudios: I'm teaming up w @realtordotcom #AccuracyMatters #ms campaign. Enter to win $10k! Upload your best pic/vid
Wow. Speedy! // RT @askdes: OK so this just happened... Go Go @TMobile ! #askdes #speedtest
You know Facebook has dumbed down ad reports when you open then & instead of just saying "CPM" they write out "Cost Per 1,000 Impressions".
Hehe // RT @MusaTariq: Seriously epic @Tinder strategy and execution
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