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After being hit by a car while riding a cpl weeks ago, my answer to @theacornonline is "I sure hope so!"
Congratulations #ARG. Looking forward to the #GER v #ARG final!
Holy cow, goodbye #NED
Tacos and Percocet make everything fine.
RT @jeremywaite: Strategy ~ According to Dogbert
Finally finished Breaking Bad. Nice.
RT @joshbtucker: This LeBron/ Brazil fans mash-up is brutal:
Klose but no Neymar.
RT @TheRawestMike: If you missed the first half of Germany vs. Brazil, here's what happened in 7 seconds
I wonder if any of the #GER players have been able to pass the Turing Test yet...
I hope the 2nd half turns from a blood bath to the greatest comeback in World Cup history #BRAvsGER
I cannot believe what I am seeing. Total, absolute humiliation of #BRA. This is insane.
RT @MikeWehner: By the time you see this tweet, German will have scored again, so there's no point in me posting a score.
RT @kdoohan: Partner Marketing Manager role open on my team at @DTS_Inc. Apply now. Please RT. Great opportunity.
Sagan grabs 2nd in the soggy London finish. Good stage! #TDF2014
Jens Voigt, who was yesterday's mountains KOM jersey for #TDF2014, is 4 months older than me. There is hope for me yet...
Great break and win by Nibali at #TDF2014! Happy to see Sagan still near the top. Shaping up to be an exciting tour.
Riders approaching Jenkins hill which commentators says is 33% grade. That's insane, I don't think I've climbed steeper than 22-23%. #TDF
RT @Matty74f: @mattsingley I think I found transportation for our next agency outing.
Great PK victory by #NED! Krul!!!!
Oh wow...going to PKs. C'mon #NED!
RT @JamesARidgers: Today so far: Earthquake in Big Bear. Shark attack in Manhattan Beach...guys, I think we're gonna have a real life #Sharknado.
Power nap, then #NED v #CRC. I recommend you do the same. See you in 2 hours.
Leftover 4th of July hot dogs for breakfast.
#ARG with 1st blood! Down with #BEL!
Nice to see Sagan in the podium, but such a shame to see Cavendish hit the pavement in that final turn. Exciting start to #TDF2014
RT @WorldSciFest: Happy 4th of July! Check out the history and chemistry behind tonight's fireworks display:
Hoping for a #BRA vs #NED final. Guess we may be one step closer after this afternoon's match.
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