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Stan Kenton - The Peanut Vendor -
Stan Kenton - The Peanut Vendor
Due to their fans being morons and vandals, the Lakers should never be allowed to win a championship.
FINALLY done setting up sound and video for camp. Alarm will go off far too early.
OU and the Texas schools will be fine wherever they end up. If (when) the big 12 ends, feels sorry for the basketball teams in whatever second tier conference gets Kansas.
Helen Thomas Tells Jews — 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine' and Go Back to Germany & Poland -
Helen Thomas Tells Jews — 'Get the Hell Out of Palestine' and Go Back to Germany & Poland
SO Hellen Thomas finally showed what a nutjob she is. / Technology - Google ditches Windows on security concerns -
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass -
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
All nighters aren't what they used to be and seem to turn off my filter. Loading a u-haul one morning moving to new house, a lady walking her dog asks "getting ready to move." It took all I had not to say, "No, I saw it on the lot and just said 14' box trucks are going to be the hot thing this year. Here's your sign."
Congratulations seniors.
With an almost all-nighter last night, almost everything moved. Time for a LONG nap then putting everything away.
1 day left, and yes Seth (or anyone else) there's pizza involved if you think you can help lift stuff like a refrigerator and washer dryer at 9:00 tomorrow morning.
Wicked The New Broadway Musical - Official Website -
Ready to move Thursday. Hoping kids that said they'd help do. It's nice knowing people that will work for pizza.
May never paint again, but it's done, tape puuled up, outlet/switch covers back on. Now to get moved over.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
OK - two different awards for 4.0 couldn't have been given at the same time?
Tuesday will be busy it seems. Band banquet and closing on my house.
Hopefully closing next Friday. Hope the paperwork gets done and lawn mowed so it isn't delayed.
Dear American Idol, please end when you're supposed to so my DVR records all of Glee instead of having to fast forward through you and miss the end of Glee. Thanks.
Kids played very well. Straight 2s at state jazz.
Out the door at 4:30 AM. Headed to state jazz.
Ever have that feeling you're forgetting something but can't remember what, then it dawns on you hours later. Feeling very silly.
Vinita MS Band at Catoosa -
Vinita MS Band at Catoosa
Proud of middle school students. I-, I-, I+.
At catoose for JH band contest.
Vinita Sax Quartet State Contest 2010 -
Vinita Sax Quartet State Contest 2010
1 of 3 contests in a week down. Off to bed. MS to Catoosa Friday, Jazz Band to state Tuesday. Names on a judges roster never intimidated me until I saw my HS director is juding at state jazz.
Done with state. Concert band/large ensemble II. Sax quartet I.
Off to stillwater for state tomorrow.
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