Sally Church
Will the new 3G iPhone allow cut/paste and search in contacts?
Don't hold your breath. How long did it take to get more than one mouse button? - Mr. Gunn
That is a real PITA :( - Sally Church
You can search contacts in 2.0, but no cut and paste. You can now save images from the web, though. One step at a time, I guess! - Matt Wood
no cut/paste but Apple did announce in June that it would have auto-complete search in contacts. - Todd Mundt
BlackBerrys have cut/paste and auto-complete ;) - Shawn Farner
So if no cut/paste, how do you do links while doing a blog on the iPhone? - Sally Church
Not sure. If you need cut and paste, you'll probably want another phone. - Todd Mundt
My Blackberry has died and I hate it; only good for email, little else. - Sally Church
That sucks. I had similar problems with my last Treo... which turned out to be my *last* Treo. - Todd Mundt
Zackly. I think I might get sucked into the iPhone madness after all, not having a mobile is driving me bananas in a busy week. - Sally Church
The Nokia N95 has cut and paste, and it not only runs the same browser code as the iphone(accessing their "apps"), but also has a rich third-party app selection that runs locally and therefore quite fast. You can use the cheaper data plans with it too. Does all this beat out a touchscreen? To me(and Scoble), yeah but of course ymmv. ;-) - Mr. Gunn
Yeah I hear you, but it's not that brilliant for internet browsing otherwise it would be almost perfect. - Sally Church
So you've tried it yourself? I use it all the time, so maybe I've just gotten used to its quirks, but there's also a mobile Opera if you don't like the integrated browser. I don't mean to go on and on, but with so much iphone gushing all around and with so little US Nokia advertising, I feel like people don't even know about Nokia/Symbian smartphones. - Mr. Gunn
writing this on an n95 using native browser. Not bad for looking but fiddley for interacting. And battery life a major downer - Cameron Neylon
Yes, I borrowed a friends N95 for a day and they had my Blackberry. Phone quality is important to me with a hearing aid. The web browsing sux on the N95, phone was ok. The camera and video were way cool though, nice but not necessary toys. - Sally Church