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Max Levin

Max Levin

First year, Medical Sciences. Mary G.
Google Reader
Is very ill so cannot attend uni. today. This is very annoying as I really wanted to see my personal tutor give a talk for #MB1030 and was also looking forward to the #BS1015 pub quiz tutorial :(
Intramolecular isopeptide bonds: protein crosslinks built for stress? -
Looking at the section 'INTERmolecular isopeptide bonds' shows how the position of AA in the final structure of proteins (#BS1015 lectures on proteins) have their use in carrying out essential processes, one of which was coverered in the group presentation on the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2004 from #BS1015 tutorial D. - Max Levin
Another 100% for #BS1010 assessment. Loving it.
Although I was less than happy with some of the question wording or, perhaps more accurately, my understanding of the words. - Max Levin
Congratulations!! U seem pretty pleased with yourself! : ) How many have u got so far? - Maryam
Only 3 - somehow screwed up last weeks one and it didn't really say where I went wrong either so should be 4 lol :P - Max Levin
lol thats still good! Yh it would be much more helpful if we were told were we went wrong but Dr Cann did say somwhere on FF that its not possible to do so as everyone does the assessment at different times..something along those lines anyway! - Maryam
Thanks lol, right that sort of makes sense. - Max Levin
well done mate, some of the questions are worded quite oddly though. - Munaf khamisa
wow that is quite good, welldone!! - Syeda Maham Batool
thanks, true - Max Levin
1 mark off as usual for me, lol. Good work Max !!! - Feyisayo Fadero
Well done! - Khai Cheng
welldone feyi, cheers guys! - Max Levin
I'm stuck on 3 questions from the molarities #BS1010 assessment - they're all of the exact same format - they're all to do with creating buffers - all the components are given and you need to work out the final concentration of one of the components. I'm happy with my method but it's clearly wrong as none of the answers it gives are choices. HELP!
p.s. obv should have done this earlier i know :| - Max Levin
You only need to know the data for the compound you are told to work out. - Philip Higgs
Thanks, I know, I haven't used any of the other components info, only the mass and Mr of the component asked for and the total volume but I'm still getting it wrong. there are no examples like them in the help info. :s - Max Levin
You don't need total volume. Just the given volume of compound, as the other solutions won't affect the concentration of your specified compound. - Philip Higgs
THANK YOU PHIL! That's where ima goin wrong then. Sorry to be a bother but I still dont understand why though - surely the 'final concentration of X in the buffer' uses e.g. the whole 500mL, not just the 100mL it was originally composed in. Odd wording. - Max Levin
Becuase the other solutions aren't water, they're compounds dissolved in water. When your compound is mixed into this solution the concentration stays the same, as the same amount of the compound is dissociated/dissolved into the solution. This is why it uses only the volume of it's solution. - Philip Higgs
Ok, thanks, I had understood it to mean that it was the amount of X per volume of buffer, regardless of what said volume is made of. I still think it's a bit dodge but I got 100% so I'm not complaining! :) - Max Levin
Glad to help, I know a lot of people who got stuck on this question so I have got quite good at explaining it.... - Philip Higgs
Having trouble with some of the #BS1010 assessment questions despite being sure of my workings - I'm getting answers that do not appear as an option, even when rounded. I'll have to read over the help material.
Which assessment ? The molarities? Check your units are correct. - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
Yes, they are. I'm pretty sure it's a problem in my method. - Max Levin
How do I find/what are the dates for the medical sciences summer exams? :)
i think the timetables go up closer to the time like it says on this link - Maryam
Curses, thank you anyway :) - Max Levin
your welcome..were you planning on making an extra early revision timetable? or planning a hoiday? just curious! - Maryam
January Examinations: Monday 17th January to Friday 28th January 2011 (inclusive), Midsummer Examinations: Monday 23rd May to Friday 10th June 2011 (inclusive), September Examinations: Monday 5th September to Saturday 10th September 2011 (inclusive) - Lyndsey Wright
Exams can also been on a Saturday so you need to be aware of this. After the exams, you are expected to stick around at uni til the end of the semester (1st July I think). Hope this helps :) - Lyndsey Wright
Thanks Lyndsey. Maryam I was planning to go to Download 2K11 but the last day of exams is the first day of the festival. I'll have to wait for my exact exam dates before I can get tickets which is annoying as they'll probably be sold out. :/ shoot - Max Levin
Your not likely to find out your exam dates til the Easter break at the earliest I'm afraid. - Lyndsey Wright
Lyndsey is right, you need to be here until the end of term. - Dr Jo Badge from iPod
Ok, thanks. - Max Levin
It was interesting to see the layout of the #BS1015 papper today. I definitely need to revise but im happy with how the exam is composed.
I found it difficult to keep track of time during me exam, something i definately have to work on for the real thing!! - Munaf khamisa
I expected it was more to application. But hey, I can't complaint more =) - Aklimah Haji Mustapa
I made some changes to the google docs #BS1010 group assessment last night. I deleted repeated information, replaced it with new info and an image + legend and checked for consistency. I think it looks rather swish.
I'll be the judge of that ;-) - Dr Alan Cann
Haha ;p - Max Levin
Thats true - Hasan Mohamed
Just scored 100% on the latest #BS1010 assignment, no sweat.
I'm finding it hard to link suitable articles from google reader as I cannot read most of the full texts without subscribing to each one (costs money). :(
Max: (and the notes from #BS1010 sessions 2-3). - Dr Alan Cann
Sorry for the delayed response; I can now use EZproxy to find some articles on pudmed etc., but still can't get onto some google reader full texts. The University of Leicester does not come up in the list of instituions permitted to use Elsevier Science and Swets Information Services, for example. They don't mention EZproxy of CFS usernames, only Athens. I tried using leicester e-link... more... - Max Levin
If you're still having problems, go to the Help Zone in the Library and ask them to show you. - Dr Alan Cann
I just went but it was difficult to show them the exact problem with google reader. - Max Levin
Did you explain to them that the problem is off-campus access? - Dr Alan Cann
Yes. - Max Levin
I think they thought the use of EZproxy would suffice but it seems not to. - Max Levin
Take some screenshots when it fails and show them. - Dr Alan Cann
Ok, bare with me. - Max Levin
I have sent the screenshots attached to an e-mail via outlook. - Max Levin
I'm pleased with my result ftom the mid-term #CH1070 computer test. Not perfect yet though.
The #MB1030 presentation yesterday went better than expected and I have learned even more from watching it back and looking at my body language etc. On a less serious note, is anyone else's voice deeper when they hear it back?
Thursday looks a lot like Tuesday.
well done max ;) - Rachel Moore
Just to clear up, we also have a chemistry exam today, not on Thursday. I'm just saying. - Thomas Webber
Aha (that's my fake laugh) - Max Levin
For some reason im not looking forward to giving a #MB1030 presentation at 9am tomorrow. Odd. It should be a good learning exercise actually.
Yeh I agree. Is it there going to be our tutor's there, or is it just our group members again do you know? - Michael Lam
I think tutors should be there and a big fat camcorder too. - Max Levin
Max, MB6 have their video session on Thursday... - Ria Patel
@Ria - beat me to it - group MB6 is Thursday at 9 - Dr Chris Willmott
that would explain why no one is here :o. At least it wasn't the other way around eh? - Max Levin
is struggling to describe the use of water in respiration and photosynthesis. So close to finishing #BS1015 coursework essay.
Enjoyed the #MB1030 lecture on genetic fingerprinting. My section of the #BS1010 essay was on gene cloning in forensics so I found it very relevant and might make some changes to the essay accordingly.
Just submitted my section of the #BS1010 google docs essay. I love google docs. You can see where other people are on the page. Amazing
My delivery and eye-contact were apparantly good but I need to slow down a bit, speak up a bit and stay still (a.k.a. be more confident) in my #MB1030 presentation. To do this I need to know the material better and have prompts.
I need to slow down in my delivery as well! Im going to struggle with that though because i just tend to talk really fast, even in normal conversations which isnt good really because i end up having to repeat myself most of the time anyway! - Maryam
Must be the sign of a genius! :p - Max Levin
i need to slow down according to my peers as well! oh well atleast we are on the right track now! - Syeda Maham Batool
It was a really good informative presentation Max,very little that needs improving - Ria Patel
My thoughts exactly Ria :) - Ismahane Messahel
except for the huge chunk missing :p thanks for your comments guys :) - Max Levin
Nearly finished my section of the #BS1010 group essay. It's a great way of refreshing my knowledge of our biochemistry lectures. I just thought; once we're all done, we'll have to check for consistencies in referencing etc. Fun
My first draft of the #MB1030 presentation seems very bare and I haven't found time to make prompts so i don't know what to expects from the practice today. Should be enlightening though.
I found today's #BS1015 lecture refreshed some knowledge on aa structure and I take the helix pledge very seriously!
Is looking forward to the #BS1015 practical.
Is meeting with his #BS1010 group today to confirm essay topic and title.
Just submitted my #MB1030 work. Very worried about plagarism.
Why are you worried? - Dr Alan Cann
I'm worried about it too! - Khai Cheng
me too :S the words "you will get kicked out" terrified me!! - Olivia Little
@Olivia with respect I did go through several levels of sanction before "you get kicked out". I am not aware of any Leicester undergrad (certainly no bioscientist) who has been punished for plagiarism by the direct termination of their course, though I do know cases where they have received zero for the module and therefore failed the year. - Dr Chris Willmott
Ive just come back from giving mines in at the MSB office and i feel really relieved...ive tried my best so i will hopefully not look back with regret when i get the results! I think the plagarism lecture we had on Friday for #MB1030 really helped me adapt information from sources to avoid plagarism so im not too woried about it but theres always that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that youve plagarized unintentionally!! - Maryam
The lecture on plagarism was indeed very helpful. I wan't sure how often to cite the same source; I referenced every source that I used but when resusing the same souce in consecutive sentences, which I did often, I only cited it once. If I reused a source in a seperate paragraph I cited it again but I didn't do it in every sentence. Was that wise? - Max Levin
You guys are not alone about being paranoid regarding plagiarism and getting caught by turnitin because I get that too. But it should be fine as long as you didn't write sentences directly as they were worded from textbooks and other sources. Also, reference everything properly. =) - Jasper Estranero
You know you're meant to be a scientist when you're first thought on finding your fridge has frozen your Yakult is: 'I wonder if the L. casei Shirota bacteria have had their proteins denatured'.
It turns out the bacteria survive if you defrost it gently, the bacteria become dormant during freezing - - Max Levin
The mark of true scientist, I am so proud! - Jaspreet Seehra
found Dr Grubb's #MB1030 frontier bioscience lecture on Red Hot Chilli Peppers fascinating. I've heard that eating chilli peppers increases the your metabolic rate and was going to ask if there was any truth in this but we ran out of time. This is what ive found on my own;
Scored 5/6 on my #BS1010 assessment. I found it difficult this week. Whilst brilliant, the Disney copyright video was very confusing, making it hard to maintain concentration.
Feels confident with his answers to the #BS1015 practical and is looking forward to today's dry session.
Do particles 'reflect' or 'emit' the colour they appear?
must remember to include diagrams and their respective legends in all future pieces of work. I also need to plan the structure better and, when handwriting pieces, need to present work in a more readable way, with regards to spacing.
Good tip, there are always lots of marks for (good) diagrams and figures and it's always a shame when people miss out by not including them. - Dr Alan Cann
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