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RT @sebpaquet: Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world via @TwtTimes
How collaborative credit can heal – rather than just disrupt – capitalism via @guardian
« The common good and the economics » Bridge Builder n°5 - Institut Michel Serres
Michel Bauwens - YouTube ; flok ecuador against info-feudalism
Technology for the Common Good special issue of Bridge Builders magazine
Projet » Penser notre humanité comme un patrimoine
Les erreurs de frappe du réel » OWNI, News, Augmented via @owni
L’idéal d’une démocratie sans le peuple » OWNI, News, Augmented via @owni
Catholics in Business Wrestle With Pope Francis' Attacks on Capitalism - WSJ
ART ON REQUEST by Alessandro Petracca — Kickstarter
Interview with Ethereum - YouTube
Interview with Ethereum - YouTube
Cutting edge: An interview with Ethereum creators Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood:
Uneven Geographies of OpenStreetMap
Mapping collaborative software
Chart of the Week: 54% of EU jobs at risk of computerisation | Jeremy Bowles at
RT @ruchealain: Push #sharing & #P2P! If you push something in direction already going, you will accomplish more with each unit of energy
RT @InnovoGraph: Our National Strategy and National Motto… should we do anything with these ideals?
RT @InnovoGraph: Much needed Critical Economics Analysis.
Improve Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde’s prison conditions immediately
| Teaching economics as if the last three decades had happened
RT @instigating: The case of Goteo: from Crowdfunding to Cloudfunding to expand resources for the Commons
RT @pdiff1: Not sure what's sadder, the story or the comments :-/
RT @CommonGoodF: Thanks for the RTs this week! @luiy mbauwens @MALHERBEL @GAPMarilyn @s_caillaud via
Improve Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde's prison conditions immediately
The PsyCommons - Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power: via @YouTube
The PsyCommons - Ordinary Wisdom and Shared Power: via @YouTube
Indigenous Knowledge and the Commons
RT @costrike: Time for humane academics to walk away from this broken system.
Colombian student faces almost a decade in jail for sharing a research paper online #Politics via @dailydot
#CompartirNoEsDelito Sharing is not a crime, a decade in jail for sharing a research paper ?
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