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Contra Rifkin (1): Food and Manufacturing will never be zero marginal cost -
Digital innovation or Biourbanism? Both, of course! -
Book of the Day: Solidarity Economy Alternative -
Last chance to show your support for Wind Empowerment 2014 -
Social Media were a weapon of choice in the Gaza-Israel Conflict -
Curiosumé Because The Résumé Must Die by Dan Robles -
Book of the Day: The Prince of Evolution -
Why an ethical enterprise should never take on Venture Capital funding -
Arnfinsen Interviews Mr. Future Himself: The Commoner Giant David Bollier -
Book of the Day: Digital Labour and Karl Marx -
Asian-European People’s Forum / Milan / Oct 10th – 13th -
P2P Truth: A Map of Deepest Values by Andrius Kulikauskas -
Unlikely Truth:: a strategy for throwing the liars and crooks out of public office and restoring democracy
Organizations and initiatives | Equality by lot
RT @ruchealain: #prototype #strategy implies regular updating and design change
Algorithms of Capital - P2P Foundation
This legendary accounting firm just ran the numbers on climate change via @motherjones
Check out "Michel Bauwens about Fair Coop" on Vimeo #Vimeo #faircoop #faircoin #commons #p2p
P2P Essay of the Day: Metaprogramming and the Labour of Code
What if Psychological Distress came from inequality and domination ?
Matthew Slater on current activism strategies | P2P Foundation
RT @wwwcoach: #GoLive! Deeleconomisch initiatief is out! Stories via mbauwens @OuiShare
RT @APQEN: the Fundación Cerezales @antoninoycinia is a project to spread! Nice link. Did you check ?
RT @clovisml: Whitepaper on the Bio-Commons via mbauwens
Conversation with Carool Kersten about ISIS and the Caliphate (Marginalia Review of Books) | Carool Kersten
A Cyberconflict Analysis of Chinese Dissidents Focusing on Mass Incidents and Labour Resistance
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