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P2P Essay of the Day: Metaprogramming and the Labour of Code
What if Psychological Distress came from inequality and domination ?
Matthew Slater on current activism strategies | P2P Foundation
RT @wwwcoach: #GoLive! Deeleconomisch initiatief is out! Stories via mbauwens @OuiShare
RT @APQEN: the Fundación Cerezales @antoninoycinia is a project to spread! Nice link. Did you check ?
RT @clovisml: Whitepaper on the Bio-Commons via mbauwens
Conversation with Carool Kersten about ISIS and the Caliphate (Marginalia Review of Books) | Carool Kersten
A Cyberconflict Analysis of Chinese Dissidents Focusing on Mass Incidents and Labour Resistance
Minder hebben, meer delen |
La Souveraineté technologique - e-change
the two videos about the psyCommons on
John Heron: Psyche and Personhood*<> South/South collaboration for a post-capitalist paradigm by François Houtart América Latina en Movimiento | 2014-08
Cybernetic planning software for today's contributory peer production networks ?
RT @luiy: Thanks @Eva_Smith mbauwens @NextLab @Karmacoma for being top engaged members in my community (insight by
RT @joannagreen47: English interview with mbauwens about Ecuador, FLOK, p2p & Bitcoin…”
Editorial: Airbnb and the sharing economy need to pay up
Wikipedia Zero clearly violates net neutrality
Tesla swings by DEF CON in search of car hackers to secure the Model S | ExtremeTech
Ni public, ni privé: la politique du "commun" fait son chemin - Bibliobs - Le Nouvel Observateur
Online labour marketplaces: job insecurity gone viral?
Lessons of DIY Urbanism in a Syrian Refugee Camp
A frank but hopeful assessment of FLOK process by Michel Bauwens | On the Commons | Social Network Unionism
P2P Solidarity Funding for GNUnion projects
Platform Thinking - Lecture at MIT Media Labs by Sangeet Paul Choudary - YouTube
392: Manifesting a Material Commons – A Trialogue | C-Realm Radiant Sun
Storj Vs. Dropbox: Why Decentralized Storage Is The Future – Bitcoin Magazine via @BitcoinMagazine
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