Copysol License for the Solidarity Economy, draft - P2P Foundation
Digital Transformation of the French Economy - P2P Foundation
RT @NadineHack: Peer Governance & Wikipedia (interview w/ Hartzog discussion w/Bauwens, Cedric & Hartzog)
Home - Stop TTIP Stop TTIP
De nouveaux espaces communs de la société humaine, entretien avec Yann Moulier-Boutang #mustread via @MediapartLeClub
3D Printing forecast to be a $16 billion global industry within the next 5 years, with a 45.7 CAGR: (v f. diana)
VCs pumped $848 million into #hardware start-ups in 2013 –2X prior record of $442 million in 2012: #VC (v f. diana)
Mass customization is the future, as consumers define what they want vs companies defining what they can buy:
UK parliament to debate money creation for first time in 170 years » Positive Money
Democracy has come to life in Parliament Square -- New Internationalist
The battle for Kobane offers a glimpse of Kurds’ new model democracy
The Internet Of Someone Else’s Things via @techcrunch #mustread
OpenTrons: Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology by OpenTrons — Kickstarter
POC21: Accelerating Open Source Sustainability by @OuiShare #climate #cop21 #MustGo
the most important event of 2015, via Benjamin Tincq and the Ouishare community ...
RT @AnTanghe: The Maker Economy: emerging prosumer networks challenge big corporations model - by @frankdiana
RT @abhijit116: How to counter netarchical capital + its state form strategized by mbauwens
Community Sourced Capital | Make a loan to a business in your community https://www.communitysourcedca...
Le bien commun ou les biens communs ?
La société face à la métamorphose numérique | Concertation nationale sur le numérique
2014 Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) et la France 13e sur 60 pour sa performance. – MATERIALITY-Reporting
RT @bramcrevits: "5.0" would be an excellent name-tag for marking initiatives aiming at transition (i.e. with goals set for 2050)
RT @Commonify: The #market exploits #commons @ 0 marginal cost. Wd sbd mind if #commoners exploit themarket @ 0 marginal cost?
RT @lsdelahoz: Union Cooperatives and Economic Democracy
RT @eldotdesigns: welcome to our community [sourced capital]. We appreciate the support https://www.communitysourcedca...
RT @FabriqueSpinoza: Rencontres de l'internet citoyen et solidaire - 18/11 Lille w/ mbauwens et B. Stiegler
The White House Gets It Right On Net Neutrality. Will the FCC? | Electronic Frontier Foundation
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