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RT @BoingBoing: Crap logo ideas: Amusing, but telling collection of generic logo concepts, trite design elements and hackneyed type.
RT @ggreenwald: The argument published by WSJ that Gazan civilians aren't innocent is the exact one bin Laden used to justify 9/11
RT @juliacarriew: I shouldn't be astonished that the WSJ published this apologia for genocide, but I am.
RT @haaretzcom: Israeli artists who oppose the war find social networks a minefield
RT @malsaafin: After FM Lieberman said he wants AJ banned MT @AJELive: Israel confirms fired warning shots on Aljazeera Gaza office
RT @sheeraf: Israeli anti-war activists are getting death threats. Police say, "It's better for their safety if they aren't too public right now."
RT @mazzettam: Cecchino israeliano prima ferisce e poi uccide un palestinese che cercava i suoi tra le macerie
RT @nickschifrin: The room in Aqsa hospital that was hit by an Israeli strike earlier today
RT @amnesty: Why did @NBCNews pull reporter @AymanM from #Gaza after he reported killing of 4 kids by Israel? #CiviliansUnderFire
RT @lakens: Learn statistics. You get to travel the world, meet new people, and tell them why their research lacks evidential value.
RT @Scott__Meyers: Draft Version of Effective Modern C++ Now Available: A full draft of Effective Modern C++ is now available thr...
RT @LeonardoBlog: Who's best at predicting the World Cup – Nate Silver, bankers or a cat parasite? via @guardian
RT @CGiachi: Firenze è orgogliosa dei suoi dottori di ricerca @UNI_FIRENZE e @comunefi
Ma qualcuno a #digitalvenice può far notare a Renzi l'orrore dell'#equocompenso ?
RT @chengweiwei: Science vs. engineering, theory vs. practice, plan vs. implementation, etc.:
RT @carloalberto: Con l'#equocompenso si pagheranno 30€ di "contributo" su hard disk da 2TB, un terzo del prezzo di mercato. Puah.
RT @GianlucaSgueo: Nel 2012 l'Italia ha versato 16,5mld€ come contributi alla Ue e ne ha ricevuti in cambio solo 11, di cui 2,9 di fondi strutturali #FondiUE
RT @lemire: True success is more than winning a zero-sum game
RT @n0mad_0: Bing experimented with 40 colors of blue links. Color #0044СС resulted in tiny increase CTR = 80mln$ gain in the revenue
RT @Ned_Donovan: Apparently the Evening Standard are making posts on Islamic forums to try and entrap would be 'jihadis.'
RT @alejandrocrosa: Hey Americans now that you realized you like soccer, let me tell you about this other really awesome thing called “the metric system”.
RT @mathiaslux: G. Becchi et al. Loki+Lire: A Framework to Create Web-Based Multimedia Search Engines, in Proceedings ACM Multimedia 2014, to appear!!
RT @mblondel_ml: Map-reduce explained in one picture
RT @wikileaks: Media spreads false rumor of #Assange fashion show in more than 12,600 artciles #factchecking #standards #hacks
RT @cole_peters: So: Army sponsoring FB experiment: …& Pentagon analysing social media to silence protest:
RT @tejucole: Greece: taking the longest possible way home since 1188 BC.
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