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RT @damianborth: How does the faculty landscape look like at the top 50 US CS programs
RT @grossbart: (1/3) Alan Kay says the bicycle couldn’t be invented today because it's a) too difficult to learn and b) would lead to too many lawsuits.
RT @noktec: Best Conference Papers VS Papers citations
RT @gthb: “This Guy Died For Your Sins ... You Won't BELIEVE What Happened Next!!!”
RT @abursuc: Learning visual representations at scale: ICLR talk and slides by Googler V. Vanhoucke
RT @PaulFidalgo: I accidentally disrupted when I meant to innovate, and now my iterations won’t be transformative, but merely upend existing paradigms. Damn.
RT @iA: Few pictures illustrate 2014 better than smiling Rice popping out of the Dropbox box. Looks like a @banksyny coup.
RT @NeinQuarterly: Tax day. Time for another gentle reminder, America. (from @TheEconomist)
A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: Attack of the week: OpenSSL Heartbleed
RT @nickbilton: In the newsroom debating if the NSA knew about Heartbleed bug. Me: "I mean they're not going to lie to the public.... OK, I take that back."
RT @davewiner: In case you haven't been paying attention: 1. Everything on the Internet is compromised. 2. The govt is a virus that has infected everything
RT @Linkiesta: La Nsa conosceva il bug Heartbleed da due anni e lo ha usato per raccogliere informazioni. Lo scoop di Bloomberg
Drew Houston: Drop Condoleezza Rice or I will #DropDropbox!
RT @roboxoby: Greatest term paper I have ever received. Each page (15), a thing of beauty. #econ349 @NeinQuarterly @AcademicsSay
RT @fnicodemo: Leggete questo post di @ernestoruffini che ridicolizza la propaganda grillina sugli #assegnifamigliari http://ruffini.blogautore.espr...
RT @nonleggerlo: “@jilevin: Yes, there is a difference between journalism and P.R.”
+1 “@abursuc: As always, excellent coverage of #icmr2014 by dr @sinjax .@ICMR2014 please make sure he always has a power plug nearby :)”
RT @tastefactory: Using a thesaurus to make your writing sound more interesting is the most elderly ruse in the tome.
RT @Amazing_Maps: Cost of University in the EU -
RT @matguidi: Non condivido necessariamente riga per riga l'analisi di @quitthedoner ma oggi merita di essere condivisa comunque.
RT @NeinQuarterly: A gentle reminder, Europe, from @TheEconomist. Draw your own conclusions.
RT @bbosker: $3,000 "social media wedding concierge" will come up with a #hashtag for you. please stop.
RT @NeinQuarterly: Time to change your NSA settings.
RT @MarketWatch: The collapse of high tech is killing the economy
RT @R_Thaler: You mean Part n in long series “@rorysutherland: Urinal nudge Part II: @R_Thaler @ogilvychange HT @StMawganCo”
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