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RT @xamat: .@TheOnion explains @SenTedCruz what #NetNeutrality really is:
RT @davidjayharris: Not sure how this made it through proofreading, peer review, and copyediting. Via #addedvalue
RT @PaulKlint: How true: "@CompSciFact: Goodhart's law: When a metric becomes a target, it ceases to be a good metric."
RT @nodirection76: Daniele Pezzatini presents Loki+Lire at ACM Multimedia 2014 OSSC #acmmm14 #micc #ossc
OpenCV 2.4.9 with CUDA on OSX Yosemite with Xcode 6.1 -
Updating from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite - day 5 -
Updating from OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite - day 1 -
Improving usage of OSX hot corners -
Installing Web-CAT on Ubuntu 14.04 -
RT @schneierblog: NSA/GCHQ/CESC Infecting Innocent Computers Worldwide: There's a new story on the c't magazin website about a 5...
RT @NeinQuarterly: NSA: An American intelligence agency devoted to protecting the world from privacy. #TheNihilistsDictionary
RT @CompSciFact: If you think it’s worth minutes of programmer time to save hours of CPU time, you grossly undervalue programmer time.
RT @MaxBlumenthal: Israel hid its weapons in UN schools in Gaza. This guy just found a US-made M72 LAW in the principals' office:
RT @shane_bauer: Norway incarcerates 73 per 100,000. The US incarcerates 730 per 100,000. Norway has 20% recidivism. The US has 43% recidivism.
RT @DrSamuelJohnson: Ice Bucket Challenge (n.) aquatic Parlour-Game whereby a Participant does raise Awareness of a dread DISEASE, but mainly of HIMSELF
RT @AcademicsSay: The review process. Courtesy of @ResearchMark.
RT @GiveMeInternet: This is exactly why X-Files is better than CSI
RT @Zeinobia: Israeli military uses footage from Egypt, labelled as Gaza via @ahramonline
RT @UNHCRItalia: È così che Laith, bambina dell' #Iraq, ricorda il mare e le persone che l'hanno salvata #MareNostrum @ItalianNavy
RT @MIT_CSAIL: "Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute." – @MIT Prof Hal Abelson. @MITEngineering
RT @NeinQuarterly: People on Twitter telling other people on Twitter to get their priorities straight. And take action. On Twitter. #ATheoryOfSocialMedia
RT @NeinQuarterly: Academia: A tower of ivory building a castle of sand. #TheNihilistsDictionary
RT @xeni: Photographer unknown, image making the social media rounds—said to be of kids at protest in #Ferguson today.
RT @PoliticaILine: All the people warning about slippery slopes about gay marriage where are your warnings about slippery slopes with militarized police
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
RT @vardi: Award-seeking and career-building behavior is contributing to the rise of bad science.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Celebrity deaths tend to come in threes, but non-celebrity deaths tend to come in 300,000s.
RT @dgardner: Brilliant “@thenation: 'We Tortured Some Folks'—and jailed the whisteblower who exposed it.”
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