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Mary Beth Sancomb Moran

Mary Beth Sancomb Moran

Minnesota librarian. Lover of books, dogs, wine, and wit.
Just had a phone call from Judy, credit mgr at the hotel. She resolved the issue. Great service, #HiltonHotel! #HiltonHelp
Now THAT is customer service. Tweets from @HiltonHelp asking me to DM to resolve. I'm seriously impressed. Well done, Hilton.
Impressive. Just got a receipt emailed from the Washington Hilton. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the problem...but it's terrific service.
Trying to get a bill corrected at the Washington Hilton, and it's voicemail hell. Now at 4 phone calls and counting. #annoying
RT @katelinnea: Few things drive me as completely crazy as the idea that not liking things is inherently intellectually superior to liking things.
RT @ClaireMcInerny: This is the coolest thing on the internet right now via @pewresearch
Back at work after a terrific #CILDC.
Talking about Arduinos. Recommends ArduinoNano. #CILDC
The library has traditionally supported makers. #MIL #CILDC
Makerspaces in academic libraries. 3-D printer for UMR? #CILDC
Listening to @mebs present at #CILDC.
RT @laurasolomon: Really important to exist in a world where not 100 flowers, but 1 millions flowers bloom--more possibilities. #cildc
To hack libraries we need to hack the future. #CILDC
RT @kajustus: tracks the books that library users love - so cool! #cildc
Alternative book drop marked Awesomebox. Community identifies items they deem awesome. Love it. #CILDC
RT @laurasolomon: StackLife is possible b/c it runs on top of a platform, but if you don't like it, you can make your own interface. Data is open. #cildc
StackLife is an alternative way to view collection. Show items as they are onshelf, allowing serendipitous discovery. Cool. #CILDC
Harvard developing platform: #CILDC
RT @laurasolomon: It's negative to have too many tools on a Swiss Army knife. Need to decide which tools we really need. #cildc
Readers are networked, and are able to communicate with each other, with authors. Tremendous opportunity for libraries. #CILDC
RT @tuxinboots: "Hacking is a way of increasing the value of a system in unintended ways" David Weinberger #cildc
"Curiosity was framed. Ignorance killed the cat." #CILDC
Having a time trying to get into Wordpress. May be tweeting instead of blogging. #CILDC
Waiting for the keynote at #CIL2014.
Just checked into the Washington Hilton. #cil2014, here I come!
Preparing for CIL2014 in Washington DC. Hoping for cherry blossoms, but I think I may be disappointed. #CIL2014
Well-said! Thank you, Regent Brod. Counterpoint: Hear Rice out — or don't — but welcome her voice #UMN
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