Fellowship - being as commited to each other as we are to Jesus RWarren http://www.saddleback.com/webcast...
Lasting change requires community. Rick Warren http://www.saddleback.com/webcast...
Listening to Rick Warren live at the Saddleback Worship Conf http://www.saddleback.com/webcast...
Family day in our pool. Wow, is it hot out here!
Best Practices: How do I "bookmark or tag" content I want to explore later? (via http://friendfeed.com/friendf...)
Welcome Mitch - you'll love ff. =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Went to Cincy 2 C WSox win! Bonus saw HkAaron MhdAli BlCosby #CivilRtsGame #SurpriseFather'sDayTrip FTW
Wow, how cool. - daveferguson
Wasn't a pretty win but we'll take it - Mary Beth Stockdale
Happy Father's Day Dave! - Mary Beth Stockdale
Even tho I'm away from Suncrest, I get to hear the same msg they will hear today thx to #OnePrayer. God is...Father - Groeschel.
Looking forward to this weekend. Love surprising hubs for Father's Day.
still liking FF? - daveferguson
yes, need to get more people here...it's like twitter used to be lol - Mary Beth Stockdale
saw jon (the cub fan) is on ff now too =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
The people are coming. :) - Tony
it's like you have to find new places to gather before all the 'nuts' find you - Mary Beth Stockdale
Yeah - or just spammers, ERG (extra grace required) peeps. - Tony
I'm digging FF but there are a lot of peeps not on here yet. - daveferguson
I'm still trying to get people on twitter :) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Haha - I don't try to get any one on - just try to find the good ones that already are. Lol. - Tony
Tony - saw the convo thread w/Paul last night...after I went to bed...great ideas there! - Mary Beth Stockdale
I am with you Tony except there are lot of CCC and NewThing people that I got on twitter. - daveferguson
Thanks - lots can spark quickly in collaborative environments like this one - it's like therabbit trails are more valuable. It pulls the best and most passionate out of people. - Tony
think the best thing is to invite those you'd benefit from these types of conversations with - Mary Beth Stockdale
good call mbs - daveferguson
Dave - wld you see your multi-site staff using this? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Agreed - excitement for it will pull people on. - Tony
sure, but is there a particular application you are thinking about? - daveferguson
We are going to start a private group for Digerati. Post articles and facilitate discussions for team development. - Tony
sweet...private as in "no, Dave you can't be in." OR private as in "I'm saying there's a chance!" - daveferguson
(I am on my iPhone by the way - can't beat the mobile safari browser!!!) - Tony
Haha - anything valueable that happens in there will make it out to everyone - ie babelwith.me - Tony
dave - what r u using now to connect w/distance peeps? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Actually who knows - part of it is us becoming familiar with the best social tech we see - here . - Tony
for NewThing we have started using Toxbox and I have a column in tweetdeck for all those churches and pastors - daveferguson
Tony - think Dave wants to be an honorary digerati - Mary Beth Stockdale
I wasn't exactly subtle...but I think I heard a nice "no" - daveferguson
It gets pretty nerdy... lol. - Tony
I have a 7 am meeting in the AM...so I'm going to bed. Great connecting with you two again. Keep pushing the right peeps to FF! - daveferguson
Well, Dave, we can start our own 'private' digerati group - Mary Beth Stockdale
Haha - the exculsivity adds vue for us to actually use it. At least to start. We wNt to be open and kingdom focused in all aspects. So definitely possible - buts ts not even created yet. - Tony
did you reply to greg bowman's tweet? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Don't worry Tony, all the creative and innovative stuff that mbs and I come up with we will make available to you in time. :) - daveferguson
love your thinking dave - Mary Beth Stockdale
Great !!! - Tony
I did not reply mb. Today was a day off interrupted by the early babel release. I will get back to him sometime this weekend. - Tony
Just glad he connected. Was hurting from last week's surgery. - Mary Beth Stockdale
I directed him today. - Tony
Loving friendfeed - much better for real time convos with a group. Not loving the alerts.
Alerts? You mean via email or IM? If so, you can turn those off. - Rochelle
Yes, that's what I'm doing =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
You can/should turn alerts off. - Louis Gray
Vacation begins. Ahhhhhhhh
have fun - daveferguson
there you go - Tony
looks like we're hooked ;) - Mary Beth Stockdale
love it that you both were on to reply - awesome! just got my iphone 3gs - nerding out heavy here . lol - Tony
Thanks. Was great hanging out w/two of my fav leaders. =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Hanging out in friendfeed for awhile.
Good choice! - Rochelle
still recovering from the Sox loss? Wow, that was brutal. - daveferguson
woo hoo! - Tony
It was painful to watch...even on their website. ugh! - Mary Beth Stockdale
i imagine go cubs would stir you guys up - but don't worry - i don't really care LOL - Tony
nah, we dont take it too seriously HA! - Mary Beth Stockdale
I can tell you're too smart to be a Cub fan. - daveferguson
so much to learn here...and then the multisite ning page today too - wow - Mary Beth Stockdale
is there a post out there about the advantages of FriendFeed? - daveferguson
dave: haha on cub fan comment & louis gray and others ahve blogged about advantages of friendfeed. but in regards to social technology and real time tech Friendfeed is a clear leader. - Tony
yah, what Tony said lol - Mary Beth Stockdale
I know friendfeed is not for those that couldn't understand Twitter. This beast swallows Twitter whole. - Gabe Taviano
You're right Gabe - this rolls right over twitter - Mary Beth Stockdale
thanks Tony, Gabe and Rochlelle...just the flow of these comments is pretty sweet. - daveferguson
Gabe: agreed - playing with the group feature to the right and the filtering/advanced searches and saved searches above help a ton - but take a while. - Tony
Sweet on the DM - does that just go to email? or to twitter too? - Mary Beth Stockdale
I think I'll save the saved searches for another day, lol. - Gabe Taviano
Mary Beth, if someone sends you a DM on FriendFeed, it goes to your email but you can also set it up to send you an IM. - Rochelle
Chuckling after realizing this entire discussion all started by MB just saying she was hanging out for a while. - Gabe Taviano
Did you see the comments on Tony's one stmt? Yikes! - Mary Beth Stockdale
haha this one is growing too. MB and Dave I sent you a Direct Message - you should see a 1 next to it in the right side bar. check it out! - Tony
I got it and made a comment. That is sweet feature too! - daveferguson
To reply to a DM, you can also reply to the email. It will put whatever you type in the body of the email as a comment to the post. Try it out! - Rochelle
Thx Rochelle - good to know. - Mary Beth Stockdale
Anybody who has questions, Rochelle is a great guide. I will help if you need me. DM if I am following or hit me up at louisgray@mac.com. - Louis Gray
Glad to have you join us, Mary Beth =) - FFing Enigma
Welcome! Glad to see new faces around here today. :) - Jandy
Thanks. Feel like I'm schoolin' right now =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Hello :) - comix aka martha
Hey, Mary :) - Micah
Louis: thanks for being available for us- awesome! - Tony
Wanna be cool like @tonysteward and post from different apps? Jump into friendfeed today
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