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Fellowship - being as commited to each other as we are to Jesus RWarren
Lasting change requires community. Rick Warren
Listening to Rick Warren live at the Saddleback Worship Conf
Family day in our pool. Wow, is it hot out here!
Best Practices: How do I "bookmark or tag" content I want to explore later? (via
Welcome Mitch - you'll love ff. =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Went to Cincy 2 C WSox win! Bonus saw HkAaron MhdAli BlCosby #CivilRtsGame #SurpriseFather'sDayTrip FTW
Wow, how cool. - daveferguson
Wasn't a pretty win but we'll take it - Mary Beth Stockdale
Happy Father's Day Dave! - Mary Beth Stockdale
Even tho I'm away from Suncrest, I get to hear the same msg they will hear today thx to #OnePrayer. God is...Father - Groeschel.
Looking forward to this weekend. Love surprising hubs for Father's Day.
still liking FF? - daveferguson
yes, need to get more people's like twitter used to be lol - Mary Beth Stockdale
saw jon (the cub fan) is on ff now too =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
The people are coming. :) - Tony
it's like you have to find new places to gather before all the 'nuts' find you - Mary Beth Stockdale
Yeah - or just spammers, ERG (extra grace required) peeps. - Tony
I'm digging FF but there are a lot of peeps not on here yet. - daveferguson
I'm still trying to get people on twitter :) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Haha - I don't try to get any one on - just try to find the good ones that already are. Lol. - Tony
Tony - saw the convo thread w/Paul last night...after I went to bed...great ideas there! - Mary Beth Stockdale
I am with you Tony except there are lot of CCC and NewThing people that I got on twitter. - daveferguson
Thanks - lots can spark quickly in collaborative environments like this one - it's like therabbit trails are more valuable. It pulls the best and most passionate out of people. - Tony
think the best thing is to invite those you'd benefit from these types of conversations with - Mary Beth Stockdale
good call mbs - daveferguson
Dave - wld you see your multi-site staff using this? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Agreed - excitement for it will pull people on. - Tony
sure, but is there a particular application you are thinking about? - daveferguson
We are going to start a private group for Digerati. Post articles and facilitate discussions for team development. - Tony
sweet...private as in "no, Dave you can't be in." OR private as in "I'm saying there's a chance!" - daveferguson
(I am on my iPhone by the way - can't beat the mobile safari browser!!!) - Tony
Haha - anything valueable that happens in there will make it out to everyone - ie - Tony
dave - what r u using now to connect w/distance peeps? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Actually who knows - part of it is us becoming familiar with the best social tech we see - here . - Tony
for NewThing we have started using Toxbox and I have a column in tweetdeck for all those churches and pastors - daveferguson
Tony - think Dave wants to be an honorary digerati - Mary Beth Stockdale
I wasn't exactly subtle...but I think I heard a nice "no" - daveferguson
It gets pretty nerdy... lol. - Tony
I have a 7 am meeting in the I'm going to bed. Great connecting with you two again. Keep pushing the right peeps to FF! - daveferguson
Well, Dave, we can start our own 'private' digerati group - Mary Beth Stockdale
Haha - the exculsivity adds vue for us to actually use it. At least to start. We wNt to be open and kingdom focused in all aspects. So definitely possible - buts ts not even created yet. - Tony
did you reply to greg bowman's tweet? - Mary Beth Stockdale
Don't worry Tony, all the creative and innovative stuff that mbs and I come up with we will make available to you in time. :) - daveferguson
love your thinking dave - Mary Beth Stockdale
Great !!! - Tony
I did not reply mb. Today was a day off interrupted by the early babel release. I will get back to him sometime this weekend. - Tony
Just glad he connected. Was hurting from last week's surgery. - Mary Beth Stockdale
I directed him today. - Tony
Loving friendfeed - much better for real time convos with a group. Not loving the alerts.
Alerts? You mean via email or IM? If so, you can turn those off. - Rochelle
Yes, that's what I'm doing =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
You can/should turn alerts off. - Louis Gray
Vacation begins. Ahhhhhhhh
have fun - daveferguson
there you go - Tony
looks like we're hooked ;) - Mary Beth Stockdale
love it that you both were on to reply - awesome! just got my iphone 3gs - nerding out heavy here . lol - Tony
Thanks. Was great hanging out w/two of my fav leaders. =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Hanging out in friendfeed for awhile.
Good choice! - Rochelle
still recovering from the Sox loss? Wow, that was brutal. - daveferguson
woo hoo! - Tony
It was painful to watch...even on their website. ugh! - Mary Beth Stockdale
i imagine go cubs would stir you guys up - but don't worry - i don't really care LOL - Tony
nah, we dont take it too seriously HA! - Mary Beth Stockdale
I can tell you're too smart to be a Cub fan. - daveferguson
so much to learn here...and then the multisite ning page today too - wow - Mary Beth Stockdale
is there a post out there about the advantages of FriendFeed? - daveferguson
dave: haha on cub fan comment & louis gray and others ahve blogged about advantages of friendfeed. but in regards to social technology and real time tech Friendfeed is a clear leader. - Tony
yah, what Tony said lol - Mary Beth Stockdale
I know friendfeed is not for those that couldn't understand Twitter. This beast swallows Twitter whole. - Gabe Taviano
You're right Gabe - this rolls right over twitter - Mary Beth Stockdale
thanks Tony, Gabe and Rochlelle...just the flow of these comments is pretty sweet. - daveferguson
Gabe: agreed - playing with the group feature to the right and the filtering/advanced searches and saved searches above help a ton - but take a while. - Tony
Sweet on the DM - does that just go to email? or to twitter too? - Mary Beth Stockdale
I think I'll save the saved searches for another day, lol. - Gabe Taviano
Mary Beth, if someone sends you a DM on FriendFeed, it goes to your email but you can also set it up to send you an IM. - Rochelle
Chuckling after realizing this entire discussion all started by MB just saying she was hanging out for a while. - Gabe Taviano
Did you see the comments on Tony's one stmt? Yikes! - Mary Beth Stockdale
haha this one is growing too. MB and Dave I sent you a Direct Message - you should see a 1 next to it in the right side bar. check it out! - Tony
I got it and made a comment. That is sweet feature too! - daveferguson
To reply to a DM, you can also reply to the email. It will put whatever you type in the body of the email as a comment to the post. Try it out! - Rochelle
Thx Rochelle - good to know. - Mary Beth Stockdale
Anybody who has questions, Rochelle is a great guide. I will help if you need me. DM if I am following or hit me up at - Louis Gray
Glad to have you join us, Mary Beth =) - FFing Enigma
Welcome! Glad to see new faces around here today. :) - Jandy
Thanks. Feel like I'm schoolin' right now =) - Mary Beth Stockdale
Hello :) - comix aka martha
Hey, Mary :) - Micah
Louis: thanks for being available for us- awesome! - Tony
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