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RT @psygnisfive: ok peeps, we're landing a probe on a comet now. don't sleep, don't chat on twitter, just watch
RT @Noahpinion: .@pmarca In the end there shall be only Musk and Bezos, battling with robot armies over the dead smoking husk of Earth...
RT @Atlassian: Provide better, faster service for customers with #selfservice. Learn more at our webinar:
To show my son video of walking on the moon (he's learning about gravity) a little sad I have to scroll through 3 screens of music videos.
RT @DasanRedux: I'll tell you a secret: @monkbent is the smartest guy I read on tech daily. His @stratechery is the only newsletter I pay for.
And they wonder why @AusPost is struggling? 3 days quicker & $13 cheaper NOT to use them. Can that be right?
RT @paulwrblanchard: "Creating a password reminder just keeps getting more and more emotionally draining" - @JamieDMJ
RT @momentumdash: “Talent hits a target no else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” — Arthur Schopenhauer
RT @edgarwright: Idea: A connected cinematic universe for Rachel McAdams time traveling boyfriends from About Time, Midnight In Paris & Time Travellers Wife.
RT @googledownunder: Congrats to Sydney’s @shoesofprey (set up by @googledownunder alumni) for their deal with US dept. store Nordstrom
RT @monkbent: Another good Apple Watch post by @_DavidSmith, this time about what to expect from this month's SDK
"Health Tip: Find Purpose in Life" - sic a great program pairing seniors w kindergarteners
RT @sampullara: OH: "Starting at a new company you have to distinguish law vs lore."
RT @nikiscevak: Qotd: @roddrury: "there's a bias in the world to believe that large companies have their shit together" #startupgrind
RT @webbmedia: "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill
RT @caseyjohnellis: congrats @mikebaukes @asharppaul and the @scriptrock on the successes behind their series a. great product and great guys. #startmatestrong
Free stuff! Rebel gave me 2 free tickets to tonight’s Bledisloe cup game. Can’t go. Free to first person to reply. (Pickup Paddington)
RT @HackerNewsOnion: New Relic acquires American Apparel to Cut Down On "Data Nerd" T-Shirt Printing Costs
“Trending on Yo”. Technology never ceases to amaze, for better and worse.
RT @pacohope: I was worried the #NSA might be spying on me...
RT @TotherAlistair: This:"Friends&colleagues often ask my wife how she balances her job&motherhood. Somehow the same people don’t ask me"
“@Experienceteam: The closing race of #atlassian #gameofcodes”
"Graham & Suster square off on Gaza as tech industry starts paying attention" love @msuster's thoughtful email at end
"Snapchat and WhatsApp are taking over photo sharing" - that chart is amazing.
RT @shoesofprey: HIRING! Manager and stylists for our 2nd retail store at Westfield, Bondi Junction, opening later this year! Info:
Would love to see @roddrury’s “I am Maximus…” speech… RT @nikiscevak “Xero – the Russell Crowe of the tech world…“
Man of the match - AAC!
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