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RT @startmate: Want to find out why @naval ranks @startmate as one of the world's top 5 accelerators? Come along to our demo day
RT @ScottThurm: A $250 million venture round for a 10-year-old Australian company via @shiraovide
Aussies don’t build world class tech? @CampaignMonitor $250m round is a giant achievement. Huge congrats Dave & Ben.
“Atlassian Friends and Family day 2014 - Atlassian Carnival“ on Vimeo:
RT @AnujAdhiya: “How we made the @Atlassian #Design Guidelines”: by @mattbond21 <- Great #framework. #startups
RT @dmac1: Percentage of annual revenue spent on sales & marketing/R&D by: Box 138/37, Salesforce 53/14, Workday 45/28, Atlassian 17.5/37.54
Wheels down at SFO. Another 32 hour visit to interview some amazing people to add to the team. Going to be a big week. Bring it on 2014!
RT @naval: Cryptocurrencies are a native language for value transfer in networks more than they are a currency for humans:
Codegeist is back – Let’s get developing!
RT @awest: The #HipChat video tool is way, way better than Google Hangouts. Seriously. It is awesome. cc/ @atlassian @HipChat
RT @StartupLJackson: That moment when Billy Joel finally realizes that it was Jeff Bezos who started the fucking Fire.
RT @drenerbas: Atlassian target developer flux points #caltrain
RT @JonyIveParody: We’ve updated iWork to feature previously featured features previously removed but now featured as a new feature. A feat? Sure.
Dear @Dropbox - it's 2014. Can you please show me more than 3 changed files? Maybe 5? Even 10? K. Tks.
Stash 2.12: Find focus w improved diffs & more - love seeing the team continuing to polish a world class product!
RT @AndrewSleighter: These little earthquakes are frustrating false starts to talented looters like myself.
RT @RWong: .@Atlassian co-founder & co-CEO Scott Farquhar (@scottfarkas) & Guy Kawasaki on @NYSE BigStartup
RT @smarty: Damn, @hipchat is killing it. They now have conference call, video conference and screen share built in
Entrepreneurs - using WhatsApp as a $19B comp in your pitch deck doesn’t make you look valuable, it makes you look naive.
RT @iamtourmalet: I'm going to say that @atlassian #Stash and #SourceTree have changed my coding life and increased my #Git productivity 100x #bestTools
"When our crazy spreads, we’ve got a problem." Great piece...
RT @nikiscevak: "Box spends about 137% of their revenue on sales and marketing" // Benchmarking Box's S-1
RT @natemitchell: We had two roadmaps: plausible and impossible. This partnership means the impossible roadmap just became ‘very likely’.
RT @StartupLJackson: FB & GOOG are the new PG & GE, respectively. AMZN is the British Empire, and AAPL is still thinking different(ly).
RT @mcuban: I wish @BoxHQ the best but I would combust if 8 years in I was responsible for $169mm in losses against less revs.I hope IPO gets them going
RT @StartupSmartnow: Blackbird Ventures turns one and closes first $25 million fundraising. Trends in their investments: #startupaus
Just read deck for reverse listing tech co into a miner on the ASX - absolute dreamland, smoke & mirrors stuff. Scary. #thebubbleiscoming
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