Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Report: Operators must reduce network costs by 50% - FierceWireless:Europe -
"almost 95 per cent of tablet users and 70 per cent of smartphone users will be found indoors, leaving very few heavy users of data outdoors" - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations - Ten European projects win the Living well with Dementia 2012 EFID awards -
"Ten projects led by community based organisations from eight European countries received on January 16th in Brussels the 2012 EFID Awards. The European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia (EFID) awards, each worth up to 10,000 Euros, are designed to recognize and encourage the dissemination of good practices that help people with dementia and their families to live well and participate actively in their local community." - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Piwik - Web analytics - Open source -
"Piwik - Open Source Web Analytics" Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages… and so much more. Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 150,000 websites." - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
"Breath Bird is a simple Twitter client application for person with hand or finger disability. -
"Breath Control Function" detects the strength of the breath, and convert it to keyboard inputs." - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Stefano Quintarelli
conosci ? non ha il filtro (più o meno) real time però è accattivante - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme — Ambient Assisted Living - The Call 3 -
The Partner seach is now available at - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Esami senza paura con Maturità OK per iPhone e touch -
Per aiutare gli studenti liceali nella preparazione degli esami di maturità, Nextage ha pubblicato Maturità OK, un’applicazione per iPhone e iPod Touch per gestire l’ansia e la paura. Su App Store ... - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Visita alla Camera Bianca Kroll OnTrack - Blog - DElyMyth - /dev/null -
Kroll OnTrack chiese oltre 1K€ per recuperare i dati da un 2,5" Hitachi Travelstar 60 GB enfatizzando non poco sull'importanza della loro Camera Bianca; beh, se la Camera Bianca così osannata è il laboratorio che vedo ... allora il prezzo richiesto è esagerato.Tra l'altro mi chiesero se i dati fossero privati o aziendali. Che la natura del dato incida sul costo di recupero? - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Un aggiornamento Pro Kroll Ontrack - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Trovato tutorial wave / appengine solo arrivasse l'invito. per ora integrazione solo con gtalk
deve essere un gran divertimento integrare citazioni con everything.. :-P - Marco Trova
grazie! meraviglioso! - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
è proprio così marco. è divertente e pure rilassante sperimentare questo genere di integrazioni. :-) - Mic
Sono contento ti piaccia maurizio, passa parola! - Mic
Segnalando i tuoi articoli su ZicZac li invierai automaticamente anche su Twitter e FriendFeed. ZicZac è un ottimo strumento per dare visibilità a ciò che scrivi -
pubblicità progresso.. :-) - Marco Trova
spam per spam allora vi dico anche che su ZicZac sono state inviate più di 160.000 segnalazioni di articoli (letti qualche milione di volte) e scritti più di 20.000 commenti. Tiè :) - Giuliastro
buh, mi son registrato, io... vediamo se così qualcuno si accorge anche del mio spazio :P - Kaeel
ho appena inserito il bookmarklet in Firefox - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Qualcuno tra voi sviluppa o conosce qualcuno che sviluppa applicazioni per Facebook?
mi hai spiazzato. 3D? Si tratta di un'applicazione abbastanza semplice che permetta indicativamente di pubblicare contenuti testuali e multimediali su Facebook. Chiaramente le specifiche sono un po' più dettagliate. :) - Giuliastro
Text è un concetto incompleto: ovviamente avrei dovuto scrivere Multimedia. Feedback in arrivo! - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Translatorize - [Sneak Preview] - Bookmarklets and user scripts that translate real-time social network user-generated language content in sites such as Facebook and FriendFeed. The Google Translate service, via the API, is used to perform the source to destination text conversion. -
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I've taken the friendfeedTranslation script and ported it to Facebook - slightly enhanced over the original app even for the v0.1 release. Also, there's now a unified brand to this growing family of scripts: Translatorize ( The open code code is hosted directly from its google code project and the bookmarklets are served directly from there as well for robust performance. I've geared up for this script release much more than any previous, having in mind that the user-base size of Facebook is _slightly_ ;) larger than FriendFeed's, and I have no idea what the uptake might be, but it will be fun to see where it goes. Thank you for any feedback you can give to me and this project. - Micah
Ok, Facebook, there you go. Now I can get back to FriendFeed :D - Micah
OK, I have to ask, mainly because I am curious, do you have any plans on supporting Twitter? Besides the obvious use for translating tweets in languages other than your own into something you can better understand, I have at least 1 friend that would go absolutely nuts over the idea of translating EVERYTHING on Twitter into Esperanto. - April Russo (FForever!)
April, I suspect Twitter will be next (cooincidently, it's probably the easiest of the three to code against - but we scratch our own itches first and foremost, I suppose). - Micah
I'm so excited about this! This is truly awesome. Thanks Micah! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, Thanks! I hadn't seen seen you much in the last bit, so didn't know when you might see this. In a way, you started me down this crazy road: I #blameguruvanscandor ;) - Micah
I've never used Facebook but I will to test out any of your stuff Micah :) - metalerik
metalerik, oh, I see. He mentions having friends who write in various languages in Facebook and asks how hard it might be to port over the script from FF to FB. If you get hooked up with FB and try it out, let me know how it goes :) - Micah
Updated Translatorize for Facebook to v0.1.1 - bookmarklets are auto-update, but the new userscript needs to be installed over the older version. Fixed control panel not closing - was especially an issue on latest Firefox release. More feedback from anyone would be appeciated. Thanks again. :) - Micah from iPhone
thank you, Micah. I will have a look to Translatorize :-) - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
You're welcome, Maurizio! - Micah
Is it possible for the script to run automatically, instead of requiring clicking translate? - Mike Chelen
Mike, the bookmarklet by nature can't be auto-translate - but, the user script (X to English: ) can be. All you need to do is change two config options in the script. Set var autoTranslateEnabled = true; and var autoTranslateRealtimeEnabled = true; - Micah
HOW TO EDIT A GREASEMONKEY SCRIPT INSTRUCTIONS (friendfeedTranslate as the example): Right click on the GreaseMonkey icon on the bottom of the browser > Manage User Scripts > select friendfeedTranslate > click Edit button (it may ask you to choose a text editor, such as notepad) > in the /************ Configuration **********/ section (around line 40) look for and set... more... - Micah
editing the greasemonkey script will be fine, thanks for the explanation about which parameters to adjust =) - Mike Chelen from IM
Any time, Mike :) - Micah
another question, would it be possible to integrate with a page embed? so visitors to a website would see the translated version. thanks! - Mike Chelen
Mike, how would the javascript get injected into the iframed / embedded friendfeed page? Someone could reimplement the friendfeed service with the API and use the javascript in the bookmarklet code - that's certainly possible, though. - Micah
Micah, what about with the feed widget? writes its output directly with javascript - Mike Chelen
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Create a font from your own handwriting -
"Create a font from your own handwriting" - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Nepalese Teenager Turns Human Hair into Solar Panels – Neatorama -
"Nepalese Teenager Turns Human Hair into Solar Panels" - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Knight News Challenge | You invent it. We fund it. -
"Getting the news and information we need to improve our communities is more important than ever. Send us your project. We seek innovations that use new or available technology to distribute content in local communities. Take part in the $5 million annual Knight News Challenge contest. Anybody worldwide can apply." - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Donne e ICT: stereotipi e mancanza di modelli positivi - Cisco Systems -
"Una ricerca commissionata da Cisco a EUN Schoolnet cerca i motivi della disparità di genere nel mondo ICT coinvolgendo studenti, genitori ed insegnanti italiani e di altri quattro paesi europei. L'interesse per l'informatica e l'uso quotidiano del PC non bastano se mancano modelli femminili a cui ispirarsi e persiste la convinzione che l'ICT sia "un mondo da uomini". L'atteggiamento delle madri è essenziale per incoraggiare le figlie." - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) errore visualizzazione Pratiche Compilation of JSP File '/jsp/letuepratiche/pratiche.jsp' failed: pratiche.jsp:163:24: Error in "corpoTabellaGuasti.jsp" at line 31: Type it.etnoteam.ecare.common.xml.ttm.Ticket contains no methods named getCodiceRiscontro. <%@ include file="guasti/guastiHeader.jsp"%> ^-----------------------^...
Non trovo sul mio account su un form per comunicare con l'assistenza residenziale - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Ho scoperto il mondo degli "account di prova" di Facebook. Quanti di voi hanno un secondo account con cui fare esperimenti?
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Esiste, secondo te microblogger, un servizio di Hosting super professionale o addirittura cloudly, erogato però da un data center localizzato in Liguria? Mi sembra che tutti i servizi stiano confluendo fuori regione, o mi sbaglio?
Si, si, lo so, lo so: il cloud computing è un concetto delocalizzato. OK, però ... - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
ho a disposizione 2 ingressi omaggio cinema da utilizzarsi entro 1 agosto; sono a disposizione di chi verrà a prenderli (GE16129 ˜ ); visione di qualsiasi film del circuito Io Vado Al Cinema! (2100 sale nazionali) Buoni emessi da
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Un'altra opinione sulle Business Card, tradizionali, fashion, solo online ... e anche con le mentine - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) from Bookmarklet
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
I'm using blippr to find great apps, books, games, movies, and music. Come follow me! - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi) - Corporate Responsibility and Complicity -
Recent innovations in science and technology have provided human rights advocates, journalists, and scientists with new tools to expose war crimes and other serious violations of human rights and to disseminate this information in real time throughout the world.The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley is pleased to showcase these recent developments and push new frontiers of applied research. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Nokia, Mobile Content and the End of Civilization as U.S. Carriers Know It - InternetNews:The Blog - Christopher Saunders -
InternetNews provides real-time news updated throughout the business day, covering IT issues and Internet-related technologies for corporate managers and hi-tech professionals - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
GyPSii connects people with places and networks. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Amazon's effort to transform the book business with Kindle - May. 26, 2009 -
CEO Jeff Bezos used the web to shake up book retailing. Now he's using the Internet to sell electronic books on his Kindle e-reader. A look at Amazon's latest effort to transform the book business, writ digital. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Sending large datasets to Amazon? Use the Post Office - Ars Technica -
Amazon has introduced a new method to move large amounts of data to and from its Amazon S3 cloud storage. The method is decidedly low-tech&mdash;it involves shipping the data through the mail on an external device. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Technology Review: What VCs Are Investing In -
Virtualization and data-management companies still show potential. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
North Bridge Venture Partners -
North Bridge Venture Partners is an active, early stage venture capital fund based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. - Maurizio Cassi (mcassi)
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