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A photo I took on the way home today. This is the Leslie Harrison Dam which is just down the road from our house.
Gorgeous! Did you do any post-production on that, Johnny, or is that as-shot? - Andrew Terry
Photomerge plus a little curve manipulation - Johnny
Very nice.. I'm going to be staring at this for a looooong time... - Andrew Terry
Stunning shot Johnny, love the golden reflections on the water. - Russell G
Johnny, that's beautiful. - Yolanda
Worthy of any gallery wall! - Russell G
Holy sunray, Batman, that photo ROCKS! *steps back* *bows low* - Jim #teamFFrank
Wow that is beautiful. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Beautiful! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Queensland, beautiful one day - perfect the next. Good shot! - Kate Foy
BTW... I had to trespass on government land to get this shot ($2,000 fine) #hardcore #fatmanjumpingfences - Johnny
You Dee Man. I don't care what Jim doesn't snore says about you. - Brent - Yes I am
Beautiful! - Ayşe E.
Best dam picture I've seen from you Johnny - Chris Heath
OMG Johnny do you actually already live in heaven? And there's me thinking ur one of us! - Thomas Power
That's awesome. - Arlan K.
Just. Wow. - Martha
Wow, that's spectacular. - Mark Krynsky
Great shot Johnny. Greaat shot. - AJ Batac
Yea it's all pretty until the giant flying saucer comes out of the clouds. - Andrew Leyden from iPhone
nice, dude - Josh Haley from iPhone
Come on dude! - Jim
Stunning! - dawna wright
Gorgeous! - Maria Niles
That shot is so beautiful.Cant' pass off such a vista. - Technogran
Beautiful picture! - Michael Fidler
Will you be selling framed copies to be hung over sofas? - Jill Hurst-Wahl
wonderful! - Mary
This was really well done. You really caught the light here. - Jason Hill
Wow!!! - Sachin Shekhar
I want to visit this place... - Sachin Shekhar
This Week In Google
Linus Torvalds: Google's Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don't Hate - washingtonpost.com - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...
I have to admit, the Nexus One is a winner. I wasn't enthusiastic about buying a phone on the internet sight unseen, but the day it was reported that it finally had the pinch-to-zoom thing enabled, I decided to take the plunge. I've wanted to have a GPS unit for my car anyway, and I thought that google navigation might finally make a phone useful.And it does. What a difference! I no longer feel like I'm dragging a phone with me "just in case" I would need to get in touch with somebody ¿ now I'm having a useful (and admittedly pretty good-looking) gadget instead. The fact that you can use it as a phone too is kind of secondary.
Leo Laporte
Live now: net@night 137 with Amber MacArthur and guest Jakob Nielsen author of Eye Tracking Web Usability, http://www.useit.com/. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here...
iCowbell - Johnny
They haven't spent a dime on marketing, either - Johnny
This is also important for the disabled. I have had experience with someone using the DynaVox eye tracking navigation system and looking at websites with the system was a horrible experience. As we move away from the 'mouse' to non-physical interaction, good design will be crucial - Johnny
Guest: Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen, - Leo Laporte
News; - Leo Laporte
Dustin Curtis Releases "Leaked" Apple Tablet Photos http://www.wired.com/gadgetl... These wonderful fake tablet photos come from user interface designer Dustin Curtis. They supposedly... more... - Leo Laporte
Foursquare's New Frontier: Newspapers http://mashable.com/2010... Canada’s free daily newspaper, Metro News, has just unveiled a content partnership with mobile check-in game Foursquare. It’s the first location-based editorial partnership for the startup, who is already partnering with city transit and universities. As part of the partnership, Metro has created... more... - Leo Laporte
YouTube's Music Discovery Project http://www.youtube.com/disco - Leo Laporte
Oprah's interior designer friend creates Twitter b/grounds http://mashable.com/2010... - Leo Laporte
LOL, my rescue dogs could do better than those twitter backgrounds! - shelter watch
Started my honeymoon with the Nexus One today. Android 2.1 making me giddy.
I got mine too. Just installing all the apps I use and love from my old G1. - Mike Koss
Did you see the "Car Home" app? Alternate desktop for driving. - Mike Koss
My must-have installs: Barcode Scanner, Glympse, Foursquare, Goggles, Listen, My Tracks, Evernote, ASE (Android Script Environment), Qik (and/or UStream Broadcaster), Terminal Emulator, Yelp. What's yours? - Mike Koss
floored to see my Twitter name in an NYT sidebar; thx @carr2n! http://www.nytimes.com/2010...
You'll have to tell us how many followers you pick up from this... - Mike Koss
You are worthy of the favorable comments. Keep up the great work, girl! - Kelly J
It looks like you historically gain about 60 followers/day - but had a 500 follower day yesterday! http://twittercounter.com/ginatra... - Mike Koss
Bret Taylor
Has anyone built a VMWare image of Chrome OS yet so I can try it out?
and what about the "custom firmware" in that case? mmmh... I'm a little concerned - Claudio Cicali
please share if exists - Jacopod
there is an image_to_vmware.sh in src/scripts - that should do the trick [I will check it after dinner :) ] - Marco Fabbri
I'm also interested in this VMWare image.... This could be a great find and resource. - George B
Bret, I haven't tried it, but there you go: http://www.wuala.com/chromeo... - Orlando Pozo
Geez, yet another Linux clone. - социальный груффало
(Clone wars vet. Need $$$ to build Deth Star ©) - социальный груффало
Just tried that VMware chrome OS image, it is a SUSE Linux distribution with GNOME, GDM is customized with Google Chrome logo, and also Google Chrome browser, that's it for now :S. - Orlando Pozo
Arg! I can confirm, it's a fake (the live cd) :( - Brandon
I thought I was going to get something like http://friendfeed.com/orlando... - Orlando Pozo
Let's see Brandon, I am anxious to test this thing :) - Orlando Pozo
The build is also pretty broken. It is missing a bunch of the Google packages like google-gflags. I am almost done with a build - we'll see :) - Bret Taylor
Nice Bret, post it when you can. - Orlando Pozo
So the consensus is that the VMX image is indeed a fake correct? - George B
Looking forward to it too - Charlie Anzman
Techcrunch has a confirmed iso and has posted a tutorial: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Brandon
Brandon, that worked out the box. VMWare doesn't recognize the NIC, use VirtualBox instead. - Orlando Pozo
Virtualbox doesn't support OpenGL (Xgl), so you won't see effects like this http://www.youtube.com/watch... :( - Orlando Pozo
I built it earlier, check it out at: http://gdgt.com/google... And we just released a VirtualBox and Bootable USB image (not mentioned in that TC article). - Jon Ursenbach
Christopher's gdgt link looks good to me. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Run Chrome. Go to your gmail. Open second tab for your contacts. Open third tab for your calendar. Now you are running Chrome OS. ; > - Cole Jolley
Why oh why do I have to register (gdgt.com) to download the image? - Özkan Altuner
here it is: http://www.easy-share.com/347XXXX... This should work as you can see in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch... (it's in italian but you will get the point!) - Alessandro
you can get one at http://www.gdgt.com. Just search for Chrome OS - Chieze Okoye
I tried it but I had to install vmware workstation to work it out. I am not able to get the native resolution. It is stuck at 800x600. - Ashish
Fantastic list of all of Google's services here: http://u.go2.me/3WT (226 total!) - http://twitter.com/Busines...
Jeff Jarvis
Go2.me - Exhaustive Google Product List - http://u.go2.me/3WT
Mike Koss to you This question came up at the Seattle Google Users' Group (GTUG). How many unique products and services does Google have? Here's a Google spreadsheet with our answer (151 so far): - Jeff Jarvis
Glad you like my spreadsheet - I've been a bit obsessed ferreting out every Google product and service I can think of to add to the sheet. - Mike Koss
And there seem to be a couple of new product announcements a week this month, too. - Mike Koss
This Week In Google
Go2.me - Exhaustive Google Product List - http://u.go2.me/3WT
Mike Koss to you This question came up at the Seattle Google Users' Group (GTUG). How many unique products and services does Google have? Here's a Google spreadsheet with our answer (151 so far):
Matt Cutts
If you're a web developer, you'll want to check out the new Closure web tools that Google released: http://googlecode.blogspot.com/2009...
Very impressive. My first test of Closure here: http://u.go2.me/3WK - Mike Koss
Robert Scoble
Thank you to my 50,002 followers. Look through my followers here and compare to my Twitter followers and what do you notice? I see fewer spammers. Fewer bots. Fewer social media experts. Thanks for joining me on FriendFeed! It has been an awesome two years!
Down with bots, spammers, and social media gurus! Up with geeks! A big thumbs up on behalf of my fellow FriendFeed fanatics. - Dennis Jernberg
I love geeks and FriendFeed has them in droves. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
You're welcome ;-) A question though, where do you think we geeks will congregate next? I'm thinking that since Facebook now owns the Friendfeed devs, FF will eventually starve to death... hopefully not. - Roberto Teixeira
But I notice a lot of users interact on FF via Twitter not directly on FF. Also FF faces tough competition from the likes of Posterous and Tumblr which offer more functionality with similar ease of use as FF. - Roger
Roberto: Not so long ago this very FF post from scobleizer would get something about 300+ likes and 150+ comments. Sadly, FF users are surely looking elsewhere. - Arvind
FF is ok, but its not the be all and end all Robert. - Micky
Arvind: yup. Foursquare! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Friendfeed wins - Ashish
I too think that friendfeed is still a winner... people that left just filtered themselves out of my conversations. They are no longer discoverable here to me. Their loss (imho) - Chris Heath
Your welcome :). Friendfeed really really is awesome - alfred westerveld
Yes Robert and Friendfeed is massively technically superior - Makes it even sadder that the platform here's being ignored by the new owners. - Jim Connolly
2 years? Wow, nice work man! - Loc from iPhone
Robert - I love the community and friends here on FriendFeed. I am so happy I was on FF in early 2008 and got to experience it's wild and wooly growth path. Chatting with you and all these cool geeks is really fun. I've learned TONS from you guys and I truly appreciate the friendship too! :) - Susan Beebe
I agree, way less marketing gurus and spammers =) - Brodie Beta
In my experience, I've been using ff more rather than less since the fb aquisition. I don't see why I would migrate to another community ATM. To me, Friendfeed is king. :) King of social media, that is. - Franc, a rememberer
Me, I'm sticking with FF for the foreseeable future. I'm even going to do my part to promote it, at least to my (right now) 1K+ Twitter followers. - Dennis Jernberg
Friend Feed is the Future Robert and you just may be our Faithfull leader! :) - Warren Daly
Word. - Gary
Thank you, Robert. I have learned quite a bit from you-and you have created/moderated some tremendous discussions/issues. Best wishes to you and your family. - Harold Cabezas
I'm still here. I tried doing the Google Reader thing. While it's a great reader, I think it SUCKS as a social platform. I still use it, but I don't expect as much out of it as I used to. FriendFeed and posterous are what I like best for what I do. Facebook is getting a little chaotic for me. I've made lists, but I think I need to start pruning... LONG LIVE FRIENDFEED! - Kimber Scott
U do like normal folks like us, who does have a life, like having hobbies such as movies, taking pictures, making jokes and listening 2 old radio jokes on the Internet lol...and wondering why spell check doesn't work somedays - polou/indigo_bow
Has it really been 2 years? OMG that was fast. - Elliott Ng
Seattle GTUG
Don't forget - first official Seattle GTUG meeting next Monday!
Adam Loving
RT @jseattle 1 more reminder: Moon bombing. Friday morning 4:30AM PST. Cal Anderson Park. http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2009...
Leo Laporte
unfortunately Flickr is blocked here... - Sajjad H. Rizvi
Matt Lerner
just deployed my first "hello world" Wave bot, first bit of Java coding in years. Yay!
Scott Ludwig
Just like bacon, the Imperial March never gets old. - Chris Prince
Google Code
Build a Voice App in the Cloud and Enter the Twilio + App Engine Developer Contest - http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/2009...
Bret Taylor
Facebook Just Made It Super Easy To Put Connect On Your Site - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
Facebook Just Made It Super Easy To Put Connect On Your Site
it is like google friend connect's method - onur özen from iPod
Will give it a bash! - Sean Kelly
Hmmm, Just tried this, but keep getting an error on Step 2 when I "Test Setup"... I'd better get Googling.. - Andrew Terry
The process doesn't really work on wordpress. - Jason Williams from iPhone
I don't know how to do the upload file part. Would be better to have a way to do this via WordPress. - Thomas Hawk
Google Friend Connect had this process for a while, now they improved over FC again by eliminating the file-upload part. No uploads needed now. - Ray Cromwell
actually Otto somebody else uploaded WordPress to my site for the first time. I'm not sure how to upload files to my domain. It would be nice if they had a WP widget that you could just install that did all of this for you. - Thomas Hawk
I'm sure I have the ability. I just don't have the know how. - Thomas Hawk
Depending on your host Thomas... they might have a flash based ftp client. I know Godaddy does. - Jason Williams
Om Malik
Google has endowed chair in Stanford’s computer science dept in Rajeev Motwani’s name/$2.5MM donationhttp://gigaom.com/2009... from @gigaom
joshua schachter
Checking out at hotel: clerk: "do you have an email address?" Me: "nope" clerk: "really? you're wearing a firefox teeshirt."
my answer would be "I do... but you're not having it without either money or a good reason" - alphaxion
How about "What's this 'email' people keep talking about? I'm going to a Windows 7 launch party, so I hope to get an 'email' there." - Matt Cutts
would divulge, depends who is the clerk ;) - testbeta
"I wasn't supposed to delete my account when I reached inbox 0? Oopie." - Rick Turoczy from iPhone
Lol @Matt. I love the squinted-eyes expression I get when I give a disposable email address that includes the company's brand in the username of *my* email address. - Micah
"I'm sorry but I'd prefer not to give that out" - Rob Shillingsburg
just create an account called "bitbucket" and pay attention to people when you tell them that ;) - alphaxion
I feel this way about phone more than email. - anna sauce
What anna said. - Spidra Webster
Christopher Sacca
101 Miles to Cortez, CO today. This from just outside Mexican Hat, UT yesterday. - http://sacca.posterous.com/101-mil...
101 Miles to Cortez, CO today. This from just outside Mexican Hat, UT yesterday.
Posted via email from Sacca's Posterous - Christopher Sacca from Posterous
Wow, I've almost completed one *entire thing* on my to-do list today!
Was it check your to do list? - Fee501st
No :( - Veronica
Was it make a to-do list? - Johnny from iPhone
Even the longest journey starts with 1 step ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
and now it's not getting done because i'm tweeting and FFing about it. - Veronica
sorr-eee :( - Fee501st
That was my day yesterday. Today I'm starting on the second thing. Woot! Small steps, small steps. - Jandy
My to-do list is in my head. I don't feel guilty if I don't complete something. I can always pretend that I forgot about it. - Sylvain Nadeau
Sudo buy the xkcd book! It's amazing: http://store.xkcd.com/
Shouldn't that be "sudo apt-get xkcd book" ? :P - Justin Whitaker
Xkcd is awesome, I love this one, because i do it all the time! http://brethrenpriestess.files... - Fee501st
but that ruins the "sudo make me a sandwich" xkcd joke I was referencing ;) - Veronica
^ Geek Points - Fee501st
also order'd - Fee501st
WONDERFUL - Carmine Gnolo
I love having books like this, it reminds me of having Foxtrot and Garfield books. - Veronica
"Little Bobby Tables" was my favorite. But overall, XKCD has been a huge hit/miss for me. - Paul Reynolds
Veronica: oh man! I had tons of Garfield books as a kid i say around 30, they probably still at my parents house. I had quite few Far Side books also! - Fee501st
Oh, I had the Far Side characters! BTW, Bill Amend of Foxtrot is on Twitter: twitter.com/billamend - Veronica
except I'm getting a 503 on twitter right now. - Veronica
yea twitter is boinked - Fee501st
Far side characters? As in figures? - Fee501st
I meant to write calendars! - Veronica
oh! lol i was about to search google for them - Fee501st
Far side is awesomely surreal. :D I used to subscribe to the garfield magazine too - loved it to bits. I'm all for any cat that loves coffee and pasta - Amy
Amy: and hates Mondays! - Fee501st
lol, exactly! - Amy
Enter root password: - George Brickner
Robert Scoble
Phreadz, says founder @kosso (who just got a large amount of funding) says they are working on curation services too.
Ryan Carson
If you're building a social app, you'll like our new OpenSocial Tutorial http://carsonified.com/blog...
Dave Taylor
Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking - http://googlewebmastercentral....
read this, then, finally, put the whole "you should use meta keywords" discussion to sleep already. - Dave Taylor
read this, then, finally, put the whole "you should use meta keywords" discussion to sleep already. - Dave Taylor
If you only care about Google, then discussion over (for now). Are there similar statements from the Bing, Yahoo and any other teams out there too? - Theo Gray
Adam Loving
I thought my app engine indexes would bake faster on a Saturday night, but I am still waiting 4+ hours later - and it is a new entity type!
Seattle GTUG
Seattle-GTUG (Google Tech User's Group) is coming soon, thanks to @mckoss who has volunteered to help! Will update soon. - http://twitter.com/heather...
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