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New blog post: Subaru XV Crosstrek: Three Months In
Subaru XV Crosstrek: Three Months In -
The First Four Notes: Beethoven's Fifth and the Human Imagination -
RT @AdamShaftoe: In today's post: empathy and the first season of #Babylon5.
RT @efanzines: Pete Young's Big Sky #3 and #4, now at, comprise a special 431-page project on Gollancz’s “SF Masterworks” list.
No trouble feeding the new garter snakes. Little monsters' eyes are bigger than their stomachs.
More Adventures in Snakekeeping -
New blog post: More Adventures in Snakekeeping
Reptile keepers who catch wild animals and those who are hoarders will sometimes use "rescue" to describe what they're doing. Uh, no.
... and here's the other one.
Because we have no willpower ...
Every car review must contain either the word "alacrity" or the word "refinement." This is a Rule.
Lucy the Bullsnake is laying infertile eggs in her water dish today. Again.
Own a copy of Diana Wynne Jones's TOUGH GUIDE TO FANTASYLAND? 1. Turn to the map. 2. Turn the book upside down. 3. You're welcome.
She would like me to stop bugging her and let her read.
RT @grahamsleight: The sort of negative review that almost makes you feel sorry for the reviewed. *Almost.*
New blog post: Adventures in Snake Missexing
Adventures in Snake Missexing -
No worries about her feeding response now.
Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century Volume 2: The Man Who Learned Better -
Snake vs. Snake: Copperheads in Atlanta -
What the skunks have been digging for
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