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Photo: Andrea Hairston and @ken_schneyer on the "Difference Between Magic and Science" panel #readercon
That post-#Readercon moment when you shelve all the books you bought there and you have no shelf space any more.
A skunk appears* to have discharged very close nearby. (*What's the olfactory equivalent of “appears”?)
Me on the #Readercon panel "Books That Deserve to Remain Unspoiled" Sunday morning (photo: @scottedelman)
Me, Cenk, @gemmafiles and @kameronhurley at the ChiZine room party at #Readercon Saturday night (photo: David
Dimensions of Sheckley : The Selected Novels of Robert Sheckley -
Home again. We have cats, and Wi-Fi, and pizza. All is well.
Leaving the hotel. En route for home.
RT @scottedelman: Jonathan Crowe on the #Readercon panel "Books That Deserve to Remain Unspoiled."
Seems my map talk led to Wesleyan UP selling out its on-hand copies of Ekman's HERE BE DRAGONS, which I referenced heavily. #readercon
For the Map and the Story panel: a reading list (not updated to reflect panel discussion): #readercon
Amal El-Mohtar at her #Readercon signing.
Not usually one to brag, but can I just say that my map presentation went really, really, REALLY well? #readercon
In Burlington MA, finishing up a late lunch; about to head off to the hotel, check in, look for friends. #readercon
Finished revisions to fantasy maps presentation for Readercon. It might even be coherent now.
Don't forget to pack your favourite cat.
RT @BLMaps: Over 3,100 maps previously hidden within the pages of 17th-19th century books, now available to georeference!
Scourge waits his turn.
USFWS Lists Two Garter Snakes as Threatened -
RT @david_rees: Here is information about our TV show
Empress of the Sun (Everness) -
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