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Inventec showcases cloud computing concept
Inventec showcases cloud computing concept. by Yen-Shyang Hwang, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Thursday 8 April 2010] Inventec, on March 7, showcased its mobile cargo container data center that can save space as well as 20% in costs compared to the traditional way servers are setup. The company’s current data center uses air-flow cooling, but the company is working [...] - MarkHirsch
listening to "Bob Marley - One Love/People Get Ready" -
RB @ShebaJo: "Bob Marley – One Love / People Get Ready" #nowplaying - MarkHirsch from
Robert Scoble
I love Twitter. It is where I get my humor&humility. Today I was called irrelevant by someone with 2,200 followers. #needbetterhaters :-)
Are you though? I've seen university professors stumped by 12 year old in the past. Just asking :) - Johnny from iPhone
Who are you? - Just another Bubba
Sorry. Sick sense of humour here, I'm afraid. - Just another Bubba
except when it comes to men's nipples - Josh Haley
Robert who? Scoo... Scoble? Never heard of him. :P - simone brunozzi
Beats being called a "douchebag". Took me a few days to calm down after someone called me this. - MarkHirsch from iPhone
When it comes to Demi Moore, I would say that Ashton is more relevant than Robert! - Jeff P. Henderson
Robert is not on FriendFeed - He's indeed irrelevant! - Amit Morson
Since when did # of twitter followers become a measurement for relevance? - Chris Heath
I love FriendFeed. Today I was reading this guy who judged people's contributions to the discussion by their follower count. #canyoubelieveit - Kristin of Two Everything
++ Scott! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
Scott wins. - Shey
I second Johnny's question. And why is it all about numbers and the amount of followers? What's that got to do with being relevant? - Kol Tregaskes
There are no statues to critics in any park I have visited. Press on Robert and keep winding people up. Our chardonnay, fish and chips in Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay confirmed to me you are the "real deal". He who misjudges the Scoble is a fool and ill-informed. This coming from someone who has met 12,000 people face to face in 50 countries in 12 years. Scoble is a true heavyweight. - Thomas Power
Inventec N18: Touchscreen Android MID | Prodotti | consumer | ICTv
Inventec N18: Touchscreen Android MID | Prodotti | consumer | ICTv. - MarkHirsch
Endgadget Article on our new Dual Screen => “Kohjinsha’s dual-sceen DZ Series laptop now for sale”
Mashable Article on our new Dual Screen=> “Want to Buy a Dual-Screen Laptop? Now You Can”
Dual Screen Netbook Concept Actually Looks Practical – Kohjinsha dual screen netbook – Gizmodo
Dual Screen Netbook Concept Actually Looks Practical – Kohjinsha dual screen netbook – Gizmodo. - MarkHirsch
Inventec starts up a new server R&D center in Taiwan
Inventec starts up a new server R&D center in Taiwan. - MarkHirsch
TPV, Inventec in $20 mln JV to make desktop PCs | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters
TPV, Inventec in $20 mln JV to make desktop PCs | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters. - MarkHirsch
Engadget article on our new Dual Screen Kohjinsha Netbook
Kohjinsha dual-screen swivel netbook prototype hands-on (video) - MarkHirsch
Sr. programming positions open at Inventec Palo Alto facility
The following are 2 full time positions I have available at our Palo Alto R&D center. Sr. Programmer, Driver/OS/BSP Low level programmer with extensive experience optimizing drivers & operating systems for performance. Experience with Open Source & ARM Linux architectures required. High FPS gaming background a plus. Full time position for top 5 Taiwanese Hardware ODM Inventec [...] - MarkHirsch
Robert Scoble
RSS: interesting or boring? (Hint @marshallk and @louisgray, we’re not normal) -
FriendFeed wins because I manually refreshed the RSS aggregator here. Twitter came in #2. When will it show up on Google Reader? - Robert Scoble
I got it to Twitter before you did. :) (As for Google Reader, Pubsubhubbub is a big help, but there are still too many hops. Blog --> FeedBurner --> RSS Reader) - Louis Gray
Yup. - Robert Scoble
How come you don't use the SUP plugin for your WordPress blog to get your posts to FF. Saves having to manually add and it's super fast. There's a hubbub plug-in, too, but I haven't used it yet. - Dominic Jones
Of note, I did get it in Google Reader and shared it a few minutes ago. - Louis Gray
Dominic: good point. Right now though I'm still trying to figure out how much damage my hacker did. - Robert Scoble
RSS is dead...FriendFeed is the new RSS - Luigi Filograna
FriendFeed runs on RSS - Apples and Oranges - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I think what Luigi was saying is that older RSS readers like Google Reader are dead and that FriendFeed has become his reader of choice. I understand that. I did that last year. - Robert Scoble
I found out Ted Kennedy died via FriendFeed (the NY Times feed via Bret Taylor like) - Louis Gray
I found out about it from CNN on Twitter, which beat the NYT. :-) - Robert Scoble
Actually that's not really true, a whole bunch of people Tweeted it all at once and I only remember the CNN one, cause that's the one I clicked favorite on. - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's fine, but I want to be sure we're not mixing up terminologies here. Google Reader != RSS - it's a (poorly designed in today's standards) interface to RSS - Jesse Stay
RSS to me lets me process a ton of stuff when I get a few moments free to do so. May not be real time, but what I can do is wake up and scan through the 1000+ titles I see quickly to find the ones that catch my eye. For me to do that on tweetdeck or others, I need to leave them open and then scan through stuff & I find the links + avatars somewhat distracting. With G-reader, I can see... more... - MarkHirsch
RSS is the Nitrogen in the atmosphere of the Web. - Technodad
Agree that RSS != FriendFeed. I use RSS for a lot more than what Friendfeed gives me. To name a few - newsgroup feeds (inside and outside the firewall), information on development such as work items and builds, twitter, friendfeed, ...) If nothing else, the fact I need things inside the firewall means I need a basic protocol and application to manage content. - Bill Grant
Interesting. I read RSS because I want to know something instead of everything. RSS feeds are generally topically curated and in-depth. What you describe is a sampling strategy and works for trends and events. And that's great. But that's not all there is my friend, there's dancing too... - Todd Hoff
I agree with MarkHirsch. Stuff may come faster to FF and Twitter, but I can process a greater volume of stuff more quickly through GReader. In collapsed view, it has much greater scanability, I don't get pulled into conversational tangents, plus it displays the full post without my having to click through. That's one thing that feels like a step backwards to me about using FF as an RSS reader - you have to click through EVERYTHING. - Jandy
Is anything boring when it goes mainstream? ;) - Melanie Reed
Jandy, are you using lists? - Melanie Reed
If Google starts to integrate (maybe they did?) Friendfeed features into Reader, I think I'll go back to use it more...right now I'm using Friendfeed to discover/interact/read new feeds of interest...and using Google Reader for my previously subscribed RSS, sites, etc. - brainno722 (Peter)
Melanie, on FF? Sometimes. Not most of the time. - Jandy
Jandy, yes. I was a latecomer to lists - Melanie Reed
I just found out about Ted right here, right now. - Micah
Boring but useful. Particularly for reading non-urgent or not time-critical stuff off-line. - CdL Creative
Louis Gray
Drinking from a Fire Hose: In Defense of RSS -
Thanks for sharing this... in my mind Kient is 100% spot on. - MarkHirsch
"Microsoft to adopt dual-platform strategy to compete with Android and iPhone, say handset makers"
It hasn't occurred to them that WinMo is just plain 'orrible compared to Android and the iPhone, and in order to compete it needs to be useable. Maybe V7 will actually be ok. Of course by then the others will have moved on and MS will continue to play catch up. - Gilbert Harding
no arguments here... will be interesting to watch - MarkHirsch
Jesse Stay
I want to know where my followers (that actually read my Tweets and FF posts) are from. Come share your location here!:
I live in Salt Lake City Utah, and am currently visiting Franklin, MA (in between Boston and Providence) for the next few weeks. - Jesse Stay
Metz, Lorraine, France - Brome
Portland, dorset, UK. ;o) as Alex will attest to. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Dallas, TX - mark zero (Jason)
Monterrey, MX - Enrique Flores
Pickering, Ontario, Canada. - Chris Charabaruk
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Laurie Desautels
I live in Lehi, Utah and work in Orem, Utah. I've lived and worked in a 4 letter word most my life. - Brad McCall
Red Deer, Alberta - Micah
Smithfield, NC - Damond Nollan
Toledo, OH. But you already knew that. ;) - Mark Pannell
Grimsby, in the good old rainy U.K. woohoo! - Kat Musselwhite
Espoo, Finland - Tapio Kulmala
West Palm Beach, Florida - KristenCarr
Baltimore, MD - Dennis O'Neil
I live in Goldsboro, North Carolina and was born in Queens, NY and lived in Brooklyn as well-sallycat 1208 aka sheila smith - sally cat
Scotland, Uk - Roberto Bonini
I totally thought I commented on this already - Calgary Alberta. (then I said ooooh! another Calgarian up there) - Nathalie
Edinburgh, Scotland (well I'm a French in exile!) - Arnaud Fischer
i am in nyc for now - Allen Stern
Tweeting from Costa Rica! :-) Regards!!! - José Trinidad
London, UK - M F
Arlington/Alexandria, VA - S. Charles Balazs
I'm quickly realizing my audience is NOT Utah. :-) My previous Utah post net'd hardly any responses. - Jesse Stay
Silicon Valley, California. - DGentry
West Virginia - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Charlotte, NC - Mike Nencetti
Northern NJ - Morton Fox
Sheffield, UK - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
Wiltshire, UK - James Slater
Lehi, UT - Skyler Call
Wiltshire, UK - James Slater
Lyons, CO - DJ Stevie Steve
Boston, MA. Currently sitting outside a post office in Needham, though. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
Jonesboro, AR - Tracy Farmer
Somerville, MA - Dan
lost angeles california - sean percival
University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill - Miss Elle
Lost Angeles, Sean? - DGentry
Whistler, British Columbia - Andrew Smith
My train is stopping in Chelsea, MA, but I'm not getting off here. - Bruce Lewis
Los Angeles, CA - Jack DeWitt Smith
I love all those outside the US that are commenting! I lived 3 years in Indonesia and 2 years in Thailand growing up. - Jesse Stay
Toronto, formerly of Bangkok and Bangalore. - The Fat Oracle
Los Angeles, CA. - Jandy
Puerto Rico. - Manuel Mas
Jar, Norway :) - Hanna Wiszniewska
New Delhi, India - Faraz Mullick
San Francisco, CA, USA - anna sauce
Napier, New Zealand - Lee
Oslo, Norway.. in Scandinavia, and no Scandinavia is not a country :P - kozmic
Dardenne Prairie, MO - Randy David
Cambridge, ON, Canada, but I travel all over as an Over The Road truck driver. - Robert Couture
Salt Lake City, Utah - Zach Holmquist from BuddyFeed
Colorado Springs, CO. - Eric - Final Countdown
The Black Mining Hills of Dakota - Gus
Mean streets of East London, urban ghetto. lol - Badger Manuf. (Barnaby)
Grew up in Louisville, KY. In college in downtown Chicago, going into my junior year. Flying to Brooklyn to hang out with my brother. - Daniel Zarick from iPhone
San Jose, CA - Kiran Patchigolla
Xaghra, Gozo - Malta - Stephen Moon from iPod
Okay, now that I know where you're from (keep sharing if you haven't!), I want to know what you all do!: - Jesse Stay
Petriolo - Italy - SKAgnozzo
I live in the western suburbs of Chicago. - Kathy Fitch
Buenos Aires Argentina - Johni Fisher
A big hello from Istanbul ,Turkey - Haldun Uraz
Vilnius, Lithuania - Mindaugas Kucinas
Chapel Hill, NC (but born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, now Serbia) - Bora Zivkovic
Düsseldorf, Germany - Wulffy
San Francisco, CA - Justin Korn
I'm from Brooklyn, NY and I think that this is a great idea! i want to do this too. - Jason Pollock
Austin, Texas. - Patrick Jordan
Tel Aviv, Israel. Where did you live in Thailand? - Majento
San Francisco, CA - metalerik
I'll play along, Little Rock, AR - Grant Bierman
St. Augustine, FL - Ronald S from iPhone
Adelaide, Australia but only via DGentry - Peter Kelley
Majento, I lived all over. I spent a lot of time in various parts of Bangkok, as well as Buriram, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Khon Kaen, Khorat - Jesse Stay
i'm currently in the area of Philadelphia, PA - but i've also lived in various US States, Puerto Rico and Italy - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
istanbul, turkey - aybars badur
nisantasi, istanbul, turkey - Ozgur Uckan
We come from France! - Rahsheen
San Diego, CA - Jack&Cleo
The Outer limits of California. - Brent - Yes I am
adana, turkey. - Oguz Serdar
atrium marriott hotel, nyc - Myrna
Chapel Hill, NC USA - Charles Alden from twhirl
checking in from San Francisco, CA - Criz
Beaumont, TX - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
Seattle, WA - Rochelle
SF,CA - but a nawlins girl at heart - Liza + = ?
I switched back and forth between NJ and NY - Milton Ramirez
North Mexico - Franc, a rememberer
Fairfax, Virginia - BEX
Taipei Taiwan - MarkHirsch
Seattle Washington, home of hot breezy air this week. - Dan owns
Encino, CA - Michael Hocter
Chambersburg, PA (near Gettysburg) - Courtney Engle
Just saw the intro from Ben so I'm a new follower. (c: My wife and I are in Salt Lake, or more specifically Sugar House. Just a couple streets away from the park. - Tim Costantino
Orange County, CA (near disneyland) - Brett Kelly from iPhone
Chennai,India - Krishnamoorthy
dubai, uae - bob
San Francisco - .LAG liked that
Beaverton, OR - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Bangalore, IN - Aaman (Clone of FF)
This one is from Kuna Idaho... Boise area! - Robert Freeze
Salt Lake City, Utah - Will King
Kent (South East England), UK. - Kol Tregaskes
Mumbai (Bombay) INDIA - ThinkEzy
Grenoble, France, Europe. - Zackatoustra
Don't you guys think that this information, altough not essential, should have its place in the bio? Think of geolocalized friendfeed, for instance. Quite not possible yet. - Zackatoustra
Chatsworth, CA - Mark Krynsky
Venice, CA - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Porto, Portugal - Carlos Duarte
San Diego, CA - Bonnie Foster
Istanbul, Turkey - Jacque from fftogo
Bali, Indonesia - Fajar Nurdiansyah
greetings from Rome, Italy - Flavio
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Philippines - that's where I'm at. - jan geronimo
Amman, Jordan - zsafwan 
ISTANBUL:) - meliskaratay
UK! - Simon Wicks
Adelaide, South Australia - Mo Kargas
Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Mihai Secasiu
Pune, India - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Cobh, Cork, Ireland and soon Mobile Alabama :) - Paul OFlaherty
New York city for work and Great Neck long island for home - JMaultasch
I am in Lenexa, KS which is a suburb in the Kansas City, MO metro area - (jeff)isageek
NC State in Raleigh, NC. - Aaron Hood
I'm in Menasha, Wisconsin - Tasha Saecker
Edmonton, Alberta - Wang Yip
England, UK - Somewhere in the middle :) - Roy Herrod
SLC, Utah - Chad
Adelaide, sunny South Australia - Howdy - Chris Loft
Mostly US, I'd say. - Zackatoustra from IM
top o' the mornin' Robert, from Carlow, Ireland - Ken Power
HI Jesse from Lakeland, Florida and it is 85degrees today - Stephen Brown
Yankton, SD - Ben Hanten
Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is in the North East of England. - Craig Deakin
Currently in Lancaster, OH. I'm from Coshocton. - Shane Tilton from BuddyFeed
Rural Iowa, fairly near Des Moines. I see cornfields and trees out my window. - Trent Hamm
Tampa, Florida! but you probably could have guessed that... - Sarah Perez
Turin, Italy - I thought that came through on the Geolocating tweets and brightkite - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Tampa, Fl too! - Fox
Milan, Italy - amarantoblook
This is actually amazing. Not just US centric.... - Liza + = ?
Bulgaria - Dimitar Vesselinov
Delray Beach, Florida - Bob DeMarco
Boston - mikepk
Kansas City, Missouri - Tobin Truog
Seattle - Ben Reierson
Little Rock, AR - Keith - @tsudo
Pasadena, Cali - Eric Berlin
Portsmouth, England. - Mark H
Austin, TX - bill giltner
Atlantic Beach, FL - shayne catrett
new paltz, ny - constance taft
central MA (not far from where Jesse is hanging out this month) - Stuart Miniman
Rochester, NY (originally from Huntington Beach, CA) - Susan Beebe
Arlington, VA - Chris Abraham
Mountain View, CA - Stephen Mack
Brandenburg, near Berlin, Germany - Solveigh Calderin
Slidell, LA across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans! - Tdubya
Antananarivo, Madagascar - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Thierry, wow - I think you are one of my most remote followers. - Jesse Stay
Charleston, SC here - Leigha Baer
Wellington, New Zealand - Jamie Craig from Nambu
Newcastle upon Tyne, England. - Daniel Rowley
Andru Edwards
Just ordered the Battlestar Galactica complete series on Blu-ray. Never seen an episode in my life. SQUEEEEEEEEEE.
Wow. Don't know which part to be more shocked over - Bwana ☠
enjoy - MarkHirsch
I am hoping to enjoy this thoroughly! - Andru Edwards
Liked for SQUEEE - Rodfather
OMG. I want to be there when you watch the first few episodes. Make sure you start with the miniseries! - Sparky, lurking
You are WELCOME to be here. In fact, I may have to DEMAND IT. - Andru Edwards
The interesting thing here is I have avoided all talk as well, so I have no CLUE as to what BSG is even about. When I hear the title, I think Star Trek-ish, with spaceships and people battling aliens...and I bet I am very wrong. - Andru Edwards
/facepalm - Bwana ☠
You could sell a video of your reactions for great profit - Bwana ☠
LOL!! I hope I'm not willingly giving up too much geek cred! - Andru Edwards
Does the set you bought include the miniseries? If not I'll bring it with. You HAVE to watch it first. - Sparky, lurking
I dunno! If not, you bring that over. In fact, lemme check right now. I will paste in the description. - Andru Edwards
Most sets don't come with it, but it's vital to the series. Sad part is the miniseries isn't actually that great, but it sets up (and finishes 15 minutes before) the start of the AMAZING first season. - Sparky, lurking
Okay it has Seasons 1, 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4.0, 4.5. WTF is up with the x.5?? Intriguing... - Andru Edwards
Number of Blu-ray discs: 20 DVD Release Date: July 28, 2009 Run Time: 67 hours - Andru Edwards
I'm still in shock - Bwana ☠
Interesting review from someone on Amazon - was this a bad purchase??: Yes, this is bitterness to some extent, but this release is -NOT- complete. It does not include the second TV movie, The Plan (which will be released in November), and it does not include the special web-episode Face of the Enemy which has crucial details included regarding the final seasons storyline. My rating is... more... - Andru Edwards
Yeah - they all don't include things. Who cares though - you will get the actual series, and with my miniseries you have the bulk of the content - Sparky, lurking
"Nokia Buys Assets of Social Startup Cellity - PC World"
Hello Nokia, all these moves won't matter if you don't fix your user experience first. Your phones suck when compared to Android/iPhone/Palm. THAT is your problem, not whether you have a cool social startup in your fold. - Robert Scoble
Never used a Nokia phone before a few weeks ago when I got a N97 to test. Felt like going into a time warp. Took me 2 weeks to figure out how to do basic things and the manual was useless. Compared to the blackberry it was not intuitive at all, and compared to iphone 3GS or Pre seemed like it was a 10 year old interface. Only thing I did like was the customizable home screen. This was very kool. Others need to adopt this - MarkHirsch
Nokia are not alone. Motorola have a ghastly UI and Windows Mobile isn't anything to be proud of. Sony Ericsson is reasonable but the latest smart phones from Palm,Blackberry and Apple set the benchmarks. - Gilbert Harding
@Scoble @MarkHirsch, you are so right. Nokia will drown in Symbian and they will not even notice it. - Cem ARGUN
Jesse Stay
With the new Google Reader likes, I'm going to start pushing my Google Reader shares to Twitter.
I'm going to save the less-interesting information for my readers for the likes. I'll try to only share the information interesting to my Readers. I only wish FriendFeed would import the first image from my Google Reader shares though. - Jesse Stay
I wonder when/if Google will release an API. I wonder why everybody takes "think positively" as "there's no need for a Dislike feature". :) - Nikolay Kolev
I've really been wanting to do this. I've tried adding my google reader share as a feed, and it will work onetime, or work when I manually go in and refresh... but I cannot get it to work by itself. Pushing it from FF to twitter is OK; just can't get it to work on it's own. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong pls tell me. For now I share it in reader, then open the link and use bigtweet... too many steps. - MarkHirsch
If you have a Palm Pre and Nokia N97, do NOT plug the Pre adapter into the N97 (even though it fits)... I did & "poof" went my N97. :(
Scary! Does that covered by the warranty? - Fajar Nurdiansyah
dunno.. have to send it back to the USA where I bought it to find out.. - MarkHirsch
Robert Scoble
I might have bought my last iPhone. Here's why: Well, that and AT&T sucks. Dropping calls all the time now.
still looks like the iPhone's ugly sister - Roger Oldham
HTC Hero is the the one to keep an eye on. However AT&T will get this issues resolved, just going through growing pains with the recent success of the iPhone 3GS and other smartphones. I wouldn't leave just yet. - Sloan Bowman
Looks like a nice phone !!!! but i do not think i will give up my iphone - Aaron Thorn
Roger: it feels like 1993 to me. Remember that year? The Macintosh was WAY ahead of Windows. But here Google is catching up quickly thanks to having an ecosystem that's building Android in. It's the ecosystem that's getting me interested. - Robert Scoble
I'm already looking for excuses to switch thanks to AT&T - Jesse Stay
Well, that and the fact that AT&T is so bad. - Robert Scoble
If you use Google services (like Gmail, calendar etc), using an Android device is a brilliant experience. Everything syncs. Check out the Hero. I'm waiting for the HTC 'lancaster' -- or, indeed, anything with a physical QWERTY keyboard. - Ewan MacLeod
Robert since when do you base your choices on looks? What whats should be foremost what matters. Agreed? - Sloan Bowman
is the iphone screen big enough to watch videos on it whilst, say, sitting on an exercise bike at the gym - Mark
The Hero UI reminds me too much of Palm Pre, my girlfriend has the Pre and it's absolutely terrible. I don't see why so many people were excited about it. - Colin Anawaty
Colin: Were is the keyword there ;-) - Sloan Bowman
At&T was the deal-breaker for me, but then I actually like my G1. Android app still lag well behind iPhone apps tho... - Curtis Phillips
Trouble is that with GSM in the U.S. you have a choice of AT&T (bad) and T-Mobile (worse). We switched to Nokia E71 over a year ago and haven't looked back. Free tethering with JoikuSpot, too. - Ward Mundy
Ryo: I agree the iPhone simply is a very limited device. I'm a huge Symbian fan but Android is my number 2 pick by a long shot. I don't care about appearance. I want power and freedom to get the job done. The iPhone simply can't stand with the others when it comes to that. - Sloan Bowman
HTC can make anything look good - Kashif Khan
Ryo: what happened in 1994? Windows NT. What happened in 1995? Windows 95. Game over, Microsoft took over from Apple's lead. Same is happening here. - Robert Scoble
where does rim fit into this discussion? - Tobias Lewsadder
I just want a android phone which has working 3g with AT&T. Just need Lancaster (Memphis) to come out - Ryan
all the best apps and games are on Iphone though, not other platforms - Mark
Patrik -- the apps will come-a-stormin' as people adopt. - Ewan MacLeod
N97? Anyone? :) - Holger Eilhard
Sloan: Symbian is dead. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
N97 lacks native SIP. - Ward Mundy
Robert: sure, that bit is interesting... be great if they focused a tiny bit more resource on the industrial design & UX tho' - Roger Oldham
RIM is fine as long as it continues to have the best keyboard and Exchange integration. But I think long term it has problems too. - Robert Scoble
Holger: have you actually used an N97? Sorry, isn't even in the game. - Robert Scoble
Why Rob? business people always need to email and thats awesome with blackberry - Mark
Pretty damning comment for poor Nokia! - Ewan MacLeod
To me it's a Palm/iPhone/Android world now. The rest have to get on board (IE, compete!) or go away. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was referring to your comments about the N97 a few months ago. :-) - Holger Eilhard
really thinking about buying one. the fact that it doesn't have to be bought at one provider is rather nice. - Pim de Groot
"Palm/iPhone/Android world"... certainly true in the U.S. - Ward Mundy
Is Nokia's OS miles behind Apples? - Mark
Looks nice. Love my iPhone I just wish I could get my MMS pictures without the dreaded Failure encountered during view message errors - Matthew Noreen
in my consultingi have always pointed people towards the iphone for fun and personal use and the blackberry for business purposes. does the pre or any android based phone fit in the middle? - Tobias Lewsadder
Re: Palm/iPhone/Android - No Sh!t - that is an understatement. - Don Strickland
I've always wanted an iPhone, but have no AT&T coverage. Now that they've bought Alltel assets, they should be coming here, but are likely 2 years out. That leaves me with Verizon. Android also intrigues me, but until they get a device on Verizon, I'm still out of luck. - Shawn Kirsch
Holger: I thought they woudl do a better job on the OS. I also didn't expect iPhone 3GS to come along or the Palm Pre to turn out as nice as it did. I also didn't expect that Google would be able to excite developers. All of which are bad trends for Nokia. - Robert Scoble
Of course nokia if they were in this thread would say "we sell a zillion phones a day" - Mark
Tobias: you're wrong there. iPhone works great for business too. The only question is whether you can get used to the optical keyboard. I type thousands of words a month on the iPhone. No RIM needed. Android, though, looks like it'll be my next phone, unless someone comes up with a game changer. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I was waiting for that and no my friend its far from it ;-) But you can think that if you would like. - Sloan Bowman
Mark: yeah, and DOS was once #1 too. Who cares? - Robert Scoble
I tend to think Motorola, or any would-be smartphone manufacturer without an OS, should get down on its knees and thank Google for Android. And I'm still not sure Palm survives, even post-Pre. - John Craft
Mark: From a UI standpoint absolutely. From a feature standpoint its been years ahead for a long time. Yes its has its problems but I can do so much more with my Symbian phones than I can with my flashy iPhone 3GS. I'm not biased just being honest from my perspective. - Sloan Bowman
I actually asked you if I should get an iphone yesterday Rob and you said I had to decide myself. It's such a hard thing though. - Mark
Google crippled SIP in Google Voice. Waiting to see if they do the same thing with Android. - Ward Mundy
Robert: Have you ever thought that Android could have use for business purposes too? That's something that I was oblivious to when Android first hit the market. - wiredgnome
Mundy: Crippled as in how? I love my GV - Sloan Bowman
Crippled as in can't make a connection to GV via SIP. - Ward Mundy
Sloan: I have a lot of Nokia phones too and have been a Nokia fan for a while (they still do better video) but the market does not care about having a Zeiss lens or MMS. Who cares? I watch teenagers in UK. They only text. The bleeding edge users are on the iPhone and Android. Developers like: NRU. That app was built for Android first, then ported to iPhone. You can't do THAT with your N97. - Robert Scoble
Amir: I think Android is going to get lots of business users excited. Just like Windows did in 1995. Apple's risk is that they didn't learn from 1994. - Robert Scoble
Oh I played with an N97 (the guy wanted to sell me one so I wouldn't go to the O2 store for an Iphone) he said it was just as good. It wasn't, and it felt like a piece of shit - Mark
"Have you ever thought that Android could have use for business purposes too?" - Amir, see . I have my G1 syncing to a Google Apps account, and given the costs associated with licensing and supporting Exchange, Android + Apps is a threat to Microsoft and RIM. Gmail's contacts format needs more work, though. - John Craft
Never trust "the guy" lol... - Colin
robert: what about bis/bes? arent those important in the business environment? - Tobias Lewsadder
The Android Samsung Galaxy looks quite good, and unlocked, but still over 400€. - Nils Sandin
Well he was a salesman in a rival store :D - Mark
Mark: I thought it felt good when I first saw it, but they didn't redo the OS deeply enough and didn't make the Web really usable, like iPhone does. That's why iPhone is taking over. As people move from texting-only to understanding the web is important part of their mobile device they need something usable. Nokia isn't usable. Period. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think Apple's mistake/risk in '94 will lead them to a different perspective on Android? - wiredgnome
Android will revolutionise the enterprise because you can finally control the experience for the end-user. Imagine being able to take an HTC Hero and install a 'Citibank' approved and managed version of the Android OS. - Ewan MacLeod
Yeah Rob, the problem is here in the UK, People like me don't want to CALL people anymore, we want to SMS people and we want to check Facebook on a nice browser on the phone. - Mark
Robert: I hear you and trust me I know exactly what you mean. I'm amazed by the apps on my iPhone. I'm just trying to bring that into the Symbian world where its capable but has been neglected for so very long. I am able to share my life easily and with high quality with my Symbian devices. For me this is a powerful thing. You can do it on the iPhone but one app at a time ;-) - Sloan Bowman
Amir: it doesn't look like it, because Apple is very secretive and very closed to outside innovation. But they do have the best developer platform out there (which shocks even the iPhone team internally). That's already one difference between 2010 and 1994. Apple pissed off developers back then and stopped focusing on them. Right now Apple is VERY focused on developers -- their ads show it. - Robert Scoble
Discussions like this really show off the beauty of FriendFeed. - Ward Mundy
God if Nokia came in this thread they could learn a thing or two from this one - Mark
Amir: I think Android will overtake iPhone very soon if Apple doesn't change the way things are going. They are too closed about what they do and what they allow us developers to do. Its going to bite them. - Sloan Bowman
Bingo! - Ward Mundy
Mark: I wish they would. Doing my best to make sure that happens. - Sloan Bowman
Nokia are reading, I guarantee it. - Ewan MacLeod
AT&T is the only reason I don't currently on an iPhone. I have an Android phone (a G1 from T-Mobile) and while it's a great smart phone, I'd much rather own an iPhone. - iTad from fftogo
Mark: Nokia doesn't care internally. THAT is the HUGE problem. - Robert Scoble
Well they need to fucking care. I've played with their latest and greatest and its NOT GOOD ENOUGH. - Mark
a game changer to me would be apple incorporating iwork into the iphone. - Tobias Lewsadder
Mark: Nokia believes that having market share is all that matters, not in having OS leadership. They dropped the ball. I don't know if they will be able to find it again. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Correct. Do you think if Microsoft was in Apple's position [being oblivious to outside innovation] they [Microsoft] will be able to thrive like Apple did with the iPhone? - wiredgnome
Robert - agreed. I had to give up my beloved iPhone because AT&T doesn't have service in my new home location. I even bought a cell booster to supposedly help but it didn't. No service at all but according to the AT&T coverage map, I'm in the "moderate" coverage area. Now I'm fighting the early contract cancellation due to no service. Sucks but I'm hearing a lot of AT&T coverage and dropped call issues lately. The woes of cell service and the electronic world - isn't it great? - Sharon Dexter
Robert: Untrue, I know several people at Nokia that care immensely. They realize the problems but I don't think they have the expertise to see how to fix it yet. I know some very great minds are working on it. - Sloan Bowman
Mark: now you are getting where I've been coming from for the past two years. There's a reason why I wait in line to buy iPhones when I get Nokia phones given to me to try. - Robert Scoble
Sloan: well, Microsoft has the same problem. And, sorry, they don't communicate to the world that they care. They are arrogant and go on stage and poopoo the iPhone and Google. I was there in the audience when they announced the N97. - Robert Scoble
And when people come to them and say they have a problem they hem and haw and don't admit they have a problem. I've heard this over and over from people who go to Nokia and meet with execs there. - Robert Scoble
If they really thought they had a problem they would pull a Nokia and rebuild their OS from scratch. That's the only way they can solve this problem. - Robert Scoble
Apostol: like I said, it's an iPhone/Palm/Android world until someone changes the game. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I had voiced this opinion as well, communication is key and they are getting better at it. Making a good presence on twitter and other networks with real people listening to real users. - Sloan Bowman
But they paid good money for that OS. - Ward Mundy
With RIM hanging on due to business users. Check this out: - Robert Scoble
Sloan: nope, that won't help Nokia. I feel very happy with communication from Nokia. I get tons of devices to try. I get access to people. But the OS sucks and that won't stop being a problem. Nokia needs vision again and needs to ship a great product again. - Robert Scoble
Nokia is just not the company i think about when i want a smartphone. they made good normal mobiles, but apple and HTC/android are the ones that pop into view when you want an internet phone. - Pim de Groot
N97 just shows they finally caved to the providers. - Ward Mundy
Apostol: What do you mean by that regarding the N97? What do you think is so bad about it? - Sloan Bowman
What about screen size? I find the the screens on the iPod Touch too small already. Can't imagine having a smart phone with an even smaller screen. Will trend to bigger screens ever occur? - Thomas Sheppard
Ward: just because you threw money down the toilet doesn't mean you should keep doing that. Palm learned that. Nokia will too. - Robert Scoble
I'll take an open system any time over a closed one. And I think it sucks bigtime that Apple decides what carrier I use. It's a great piece if software, but it sucks as a mobile phone. Android and this Helios phone look promising. - Alexander van Elsas from iPhone
Couldn't be happier with E71. Over half my calls are SIP, and they're all free. All I need is WiFi. - Ward Mundy
Good lord, Robert, this is you and me agreeing here :) - Ian Betteridge
The game will change I agree but to what direction is anybody guess now. If you want my opinion it won't be Apple that does it. I'm actually surprised you like the iPhone at all Robert. You seem to be a multitasking kinda guy to me. At least very heavy into communications. - Sloan Bowman
If you do decide to bail on the iPhone I'd be interested in the switching cost (the effort it took to move to a different mobile OS) and what kind of non-obvious lock-ins exist on the iPhone. - scott anderson
Apostol: It has a great battery IMO. I push mine very hard and it last all day no problem. Are we going to get into the battery war here? G1 iPhone are you serious? - Sloan Bowman
I agree there has to be an optimal screen size but in education they are talking about mobile learning using these phones (Mobiglam being an example of an early system) and I can't see it working on any smaller screens. - Thomas Sheppard
Apostol: No its not blazing by any means but for me it gets the job done and done well. I am able to communicate via email (personal, Exchange) Sync my google contacts live with Google Sync over Mfe. Have twitter open if needed, chat and last and entire day doing it. Not to mention document my life with my wonderful photos and videos and push them to the web without touching a computer. - Sloan Bowman
Ward, the E71 is a bit of a "hidden gem". For anyone wanting a "BlackBerry-like" phone with a keyboard, it's a really, really sweet phone. - Ian Betteridge
Ward: Right there with you. Google voice and Gizmo SIP make an powerful combination. Of course other SIP providers are just as well. - Sloan Bowman
google has a great opportunity with the chrome os and android. their flawless integration, if done right could be HUGE! - Tobias Lewsadder
Bottom line I don't disagree things don't need to change with Nokia but I do disagree when people say they are worthless. The communication power of a Symbian powered device are endless. But trust me I'm up for any platform that can offer this to me. If that is Android, iPhone then i'll support it. - Sloan Bowman
Great discussion. Here are perspectives from a few developers that may show some chinks in the iPhone's armor: - Sterling Zumbrunn
The industry is about choice. Open choices are always the best door to enter so you don't get hit in the ass by a door closing. - Sloan Bowman
I find the iPhone much easier to program for than Android as I only have to test on a small set of models -- Android is not so simple, especially with these new hybridizations of the operating system. I'm worried it'll become as painful as Windows programming. That said, Apple really needs to fix the App Store approval process. - Raj Advani
Raj, that's true now, but will it be so in the future? Apple is likely to follow the same slow-diversification path for the iPhone as it did for the iPod, I suspect. - Ian Betteridge
indeed, plus the 3gs and 3g have enough differences that there are 3gs only apps. But i agree with Raj overall the hardware specs are the same - Kashif Khan
jcunwired: Agreed but clearly stating that its dead is dead wrong. People said Mac was dead too remember. Look at it now, all it takes is innovation and dedication and we will have a more rounded solution. Call me overly optimistic but I have faith the Symbian Foundation will change things. If i'm wrong I will be the first to admit it. Trust me I have plans for a HTC Hero in the palm of my hand the day they come out ;-) I bought the iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks ago and like it but wouldn't say I love it. - Sloan Bowman
Prasson: Oh I promise you the next iPhone will probably be incredible as far as hardware goes. Surely they will include a flash, surely right. - Sloan Bowman
My 3G used to hold a rock solid signal. My 3GS is horrible. 20% drop rates confirmed by Apple Genius - they have a tool that can tell. This is my second one, the first was unbearable. I suggest everyone make an appointment with the Genius bar or drop into AT&T this week. Overwhelm Apple and AT&T with the complaints and testing. Maybe (probably not) it will get their collective attention if they have to spend an entire week troubleshooting. - chris tirpak
Unlocked N97, baby! - Thom Kennon
Didn't you say that when the Pre came out too? I think you may have "Oh Look! Shiny!" disease... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
would verizon be the right answer for the iphone. every verizon phone i have played with was so locked down. i remember comparing my wifes razr to my brothers who is on verizon. it was a totally different os. will verizon give apple and the iphone users the freedom needed for a revolutionry product like the iphone? - Tobias Lewsadder
With competition, Android phones will soon cost less than $200 towards $100 UNLOCKED, which is the real advantage here.. - Charbax
Also, in theory, Android phones should be able to run VOIP and IM only, with absolutely no Voice and SMS contracts needed, but only a month by month pre-paid data only plan required. - Charbax
You can already do that in the UK, with a Skype Phone on the 3 network. Skype-to-Skype calls are free once you're bought the phone - you don't even need a data plan. - Ian Betteridge
After using Iphone(1st gen,3g and 3GS) for nearly two years, I feel no other phone can beat it in browsing the web and it is more of information output device than data input device. The touch keyboard is still very usable to type. I have not used any other smartphones but I feel they lack the smoothness of the Iphone UI. It is not multitasking but the process of going to other program... more... - Ashish
Ian Betteridge, the Skyping that you are talking about is fake. You still need a voice and SMS contract plan. VOIP should be VOIP, it should be located on the data plan. In Europe we can have $20 month-by-month pre-paid only data plans, with absolutely no contracts just perhaps a 10GB or 20GB monthly data usage limit. - Charbax
Android UI is not only developed by Google, but is now developed by thousands of embedded Linux engineers in each of dozens of companies. So obviously Android UI should provide the best possible UI. Anyways, all smartphone UIs are the same. What matters now is freedom to do what you want with your phone, and the price of these devices can only be brought down by increased competition. Android only enables that. - Charbax
Try supporting this on your iPhone... without paying AT&T through the nose: - Ward Mundy
Texas Instruments OMAP3, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Freescale i.MX51 or Nvidia Tegra all would have been 3-4x more powerful ARM based processors. So I'd much rather have an ARM Cortex A8 based device. Lots of Android phones are coming out in the next few months by many other manufacturers than only HTC and Samsung. - Charbax
Awesome thread. I'm struggling to find one device that does all I want. I'm testing a bunch right now (fringe benefit). 3GS is probably the best overall. Tweetdeck for iPhone is the koolest app I've ever used. Palm Pre has a slick UI and does great with Office 07 attachements, but apps are limited & no good roaming package for me over in Asia + no tweetdeck (yet)...N97 is interesting..... more... - MarkHirsch
The iPhone is the best gadget I've had in a while but lately the AT&T service really sucks here in NY/NJ - it drops calls and email replies don't get received. Really getting ticked off with it. - Sally Church
Golly gosh O'trousers Friendfeed is quieeeeet tonight - Mark
AT&T really, truly sucks - big time. - J.D. Deutschendorf
You really can't go wrong with Verizon and a Blackberry. - Bryan R. Adams
except for the blackberry part.. - Chris Heath
I haven't had many problems with the Blackberry. Push email (that works) is king. - Bryan R. Adams
AT&T seems to be in meltdown re: providing, even voice bandwidth. i left them for Sprint, big improvement. I discovered that Sprint has a "free roaming deal" with Verizon so their footpints are the same. - Steve Bell
I am so glad I saw this thread. I am going to check out the HTC Hero. Hope it has a release date soon in the US. My iphone 3G is good, but I want more w/o having to pay $400 to upgrade and get AT&T's service. - Amani
@Scoble - I really, really, really want the HTC Hero but from what I understand it's 3G bands are the ones that AT&T uses in the US so the most recent speculation is that it will end up there. So you'd be stuck with Ma Bell still anyway. I wish this could have gone to US T-Mo, I'd be all over it. - Bryan Zirkel
Hey Chaps, in the UK the Iphone has unlimited data plan built in monthly cost, the Hero has 500mb a MONTH plan built in. That's a 3 minute youtube video every day and a few emails. - Mark
AT&T service is dropping calls almost everywhere now. - wiredgnome
Realized the problem with too many phones around... blew one up today...Plugged the AC adapter for the mophie 3GS battery/case into a N97 since they for some reason have the same custom connector & poof.. blew the N97... - MarkHirsch
Probably will stop me from buying my first iPhone - Kenneth Younger
Mike Bracco
Will Google Voice deem mobile phone carriers as simply data pipes? – The Next Web -
Will Google Voice deem mobile phone carriers as simply data pipes? – The Next Web
"I think the days of mobile phone carriers being consumer facing brands in the sense that they are today are numbered. I think managing your phone number and all related functionality in the cloud will result in mobile phone carriers simply becoming the companies that provide the data infrastructure." - Mike Bracco from Bookmarklet
If that's the case, Canadians like me are screwed. Our mobile service providers make us bend over and beg for it, and this might make things worse. - Chris Charabaruk
great video of someone discussing this very topic here: - Zee.
Chris, as mobile carriers are forced to dumb data pipies, they become forced to lower their prices and expand their range of services to remain competitive. If you can simply sign up for any old carrier, without regard for device or number or plan, consumers are allowed to make choice and competition flourishes. i.e., if I have my iPhone with one number and the ability to take it with... more... - Mike Nayyar
on a side-note, has anyone outside the US with a Google Voice invite had any success accessing the service via a US-based proxy? - Andrew Terry
Good question, Andrew. Despite residing in the UK, I'm requesting an invitation from them now, just to see if they'll provide one. Being able to access the service is another matter altogether. - Tyson Key
Tyson - I got my invite this morning, but the invite does state it's not availble outside the US. Indeed, on trying to sign-in, I was promptly dumped out with a "Seriously. It's US only for now." message. - Andrew Terry
Aah, thanks Andrew for clarifying that. I wonder if they'll let people who've registered within the US continue to use it if they move outside of the US, or switch numbers to another country eventually. - Tyson Key
A friend of mine on Twitter called @UrbanFly said he had an invite code up for grabs as we are both British and thus not worthy :( - CannonGod
I think that Google Voice will be a good disruptor for the current mobile carriers, problem I am having is that the whole family is on Verizon, and I cannot get them to stop calling my Verizon number. They like the free minutes and most don't have room for my Google Voice number in their friends & family plan. I can't wait till I get most of my calls routing through my GV number. - Sean Brady
AT&T has a $35 per month PDA Data Only plan. Just get that (or something similar), and run all the Skype, email, etc. you want. - Vezquex
wow - stvalentine
Seems they are going to get backed into a corner & not have too much choice in the long run. Choices are narrowing & the ones that are there (apple, rim, google) are calling more and more of the shots. - MarkHirsch
As of this week, Google Voice will be on my business cards. Just one example ... the voice to (cell) text is excellent. - Charlie Anzman
Just a matter of time until regular voice is toast. Once the switch to LTE takes place, and faster data is possible, VoIP will become standard. As it is now, I use Google Voice with a Gizmo project number, I have an unlocked Nokia with built in VoIP client that gets or places my calls from Google Voice over wifi. Whenever I'm home, work, or someplace with wifi, I get free calls. $39.99... more... - Chad Albert
Robert Scoble
The Internet Is Alive And Well (As An Investment) -
Thanks for sharing this... sent it to Richard (who you met)... was good timing for solidifying some things I am doing... - MarkHirsch
Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! Unboxing video | UMPCPortal – Smart, Mobile and Internet-Connected
Kohjinsha SK3. Ultra-Portable and Portfolio-Ready! Unboxing video | UMPCPortal – Smart, Mobile and Internet-Connected. - MarkHirsch
Jeroen De Miranda
anybody else in this room having a close look at the WordPress plugins that are being used by ? took some 5 plugin ideas from that great blog - which of them do you like? Glad to have a discussion here!
plugins used that I like: wp-plugins-used (shows the plugins you are using) - TS custom widgets (context dep. use of plugins) - JS comment kit - category icons (still having some problems with this one) - Jeroen De Miranda
I'm still learning wordpress and some of the integration is beyond what I have thus far figured out - MarkHirsch
Mark, don't hesitate to ask questions! Glad to help you if I can! - Jeroen De Miranda
My biggest question is do they work on the hosted or do I need my own installation? - Michael Turner
Hi Michael, you do need you own installation; that is some work but is worth it! - Jeroen De Miranda
Mark, fully agree! - Jeroen De Miranda
Jeroen, I could use some of that help as well. Just starting to look at going beyond what I've now. Just been using the normal wordpress blog: Need to take next step, know I need professional services but please let me know process to get to a building 43 type stage. - courtney benson
Courtney, you have to take this one step at the time: first get on a webhoster; I am using, is very good Then setup your first blog; bluehost has very simple script that does all the work. Then install some plugins and start experimenting. Further down the road, try a good wp template; I am using Thesis ( I have started dec. 2008; took some time to get where I am now. Dont expect one day miracles; it takes some time and effort. But it is worth it! - Jeroen De Miranda
Jeroen, Thanks for the input. Will do some research this weekend and little by little hope to get there. I'll probably ask more questions as I go down the road. - courtney benson
Courtney, you're welcome! - Jeroen De Miranda
Mike Bracco
RSS is dead says Steve Gillmor in this TechCrunch article from about a month ago. For me, most everything now comes to me via the FF/Twitter stream. - Do you still use an RSS reader or does info come to you mostly from FF/Twitter etc..?
Oh dear, Mike. - Leo Laporte
I almost agree - the RSS feed is just a way to pull posts into other things now... like Friend Feed. It's just a data stream. - Robert Freeze
:-) Leo.... - Chris Heath
RSS is just as dead as XML ... wait - what's our definition of dead? - Chris Heath
Mike: We need to get you caught up quick... ;-) See - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - thanks. I was sure it was posted before - I could have done a FF search first ;) Just thought I would get a discussion going on Building43 - Mike Bracco
Well my usage of RSS in a feedreading capacity has dwindled. Google Reader says "From your 195 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 801 items..". I can remember not long ago when that would easily be several thousand entries per month. - Jamie
yeah ken i was going to post a search too: - this article of steve's has been hashed and re-hashed so much in the last month i'm not sure if i'm at a waffle house or stoned somewhere on the indian sub-continent - Chris Heath
Leo: maybe "dead" language a little harsh given recent events - my bad :) - Mike Bracco
Mike, maybe... but can you say that RSS was ever alive? - Chris Heath
Ah.. gotcha... you're just carting the horse carcass over into building43. Got it, Mike. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Chris - Not for the masses, but with the "tech savy" so to speak it is or was. I'm not really making the statement in relation to the masses. - Mike Bracco
Ken: Ok, I think I missed some Internet drama - what happen with this post? - Mike Bracco
Mike: The discussion on the next Gillmor Gang after this post from Steve elicited this feedback - - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: thanks, I will check it out. - Mike Bracco
Not dead for me. FF has become my way of keeping up with individuals, but my RSS reader is still how I keep up with websites and various other news sources that I don't necessarily want clogging up my FF. I read them when I get to them, rather than worrying they'll be buried an endless info stream somewhere. - Ben Reierson
Mike, i'm just trying to make Dave Winer's point (that i agree with) that using alive and dead are not good ways to describe a technology since technologies do not have lives - it's like a lazy way of saying what you mean that allows misunderstandings to flourish (see the hot discussion of steve's post, for instance) - Chris Heath
Another anecdotal piece of evidence: I've never really used an RSS reader, but I use RSS all the time. I've got a bunch of RSS piped into frienfeed and my iGoogle page has an updating word of the day along with slashdot's most recent headlines... on and on and on it goes ... RSS was never alive, so it can never die. Maybe think of it that way. - Chris Heath
Chris - I agree with that. I think there should be a clarification between the act of opening up and reading your RSS feeds in a reader vs the underlying RSS technology. obviously RSS/xml is not going anywhere anytime soon as a information distribution technology. - Mike Bracco
I find it hard to venure back into Google Reader, it seems heavy after Friendfeed and I know that 1000+ unread articles is going to make me feel "out of touch" Where as I can come to Friendfeed and know that a trusted circle plus filtering will let me now what is current, what is right now. However none of that would happen without RSS. So I still heart RSS. - Deano @ Byron New Media
Sip, Dip, Bathe - rinse & repeat - Chris Heath
Mike, I make the difference clear by calling an RSS reader a "feed reader" and the technology RSS - it's really just semantics, but sometimes semantics makes a big difference - Chris Heath
Who really knows what Steve Gillmore is saying in his TechCrunch articles. It's more poetry than punditry. I think it's interesting to think about people using likes, shares, retweets, and such as their news instead of going to the source with a tool like Google Reader. If we all did that, there would be no likes to read. Would we start following middlemen who we find interesting and let them do all the leg work? Is that what Scoble is to some extent? How would a middleman make a living? - Chip Ramsey
+1 Dean and Andy. RSS is alive and well as far as being data glue. Just look at Scoble's "ego feed" FF Room/"Group" (still can't get used to that). Very powerful when you can plug in RSS from anywhere including tools like Google Alerts. I myself never really got into RSS readers very much, & I think that overall RSS has failed mostly on the (brand) naming level - it sounds too technical... more... - Alex Schleber
Not dead for me... it't easier for me to use than other methods... easier to subscribe to new feeds, and easier to scan 2-3000 titles of stories when I want to do it... instead of them streaming at me. twitter & FF are great for the "chosen" stories by people I follow closely. RSS for me is the mass stream of stuff. RSS + bigtweet are my primate inputs methods - MarkHirsch
I pipe my RSS directly in to FriendFeed. I never could get used to a feed reader. Prior to this, I had it sent to me via email. - Miss Elle
Hell, yes, I still use RSS. How could I keep anything sorted? - Steven Perez
RSS is definitely NOT dead. I follow about 150 blogs and news sites via Google Reader. I really like Friendfeed, but find that I get a much more comprehensive list of news and information in a more timely manner from my RSS feed. - Jeff P. Henderson
I stopped using an RSS reader a long time ago. Too inefficient. - Thomas Hawk
If you follow too many feeds with your RSS reader it will get out of control very quickly. You have to keep it to a manageable number of feeds. For me I am probably at my limit with ~150 feeds. I do house cleaning every once in a while keep my feeds lean and useful. - Jeff P. Henderson
still use RSS - Wayne Sutton
No. I never use Google Reader anymore. I use PeopleBrowsr. - Svartling
Only thing dead here is that poor horse ;( - Bwana ☠
Nicholas: Exactly! RSS is not dead it is just being proliferated on different platforms, like Twitter and friendfeed! - Garin Kilpatrick
I still use RSS. - LarchOye
rss is not dead its evolving into something else, what that is I don't know - Kim Landwehr
I still use RSS and Twitter. In fact, I sometimes use RSS to keep track of Twitter people. - Dan Foley
Jacopo Gio
@mdh47 : why you do not agree on 5 issues on ARM & Android ?
RE not agreeing on all 5 issues on ARM & Android : so, for performance, this is a relative thing. what I ahve seen personally is the response time of Android on ARM is great.. from 200MHz MIPS do the 1GHz Snapdragon it is all workable. WIth 720p video as well as fast browsing, I don't see issues on performance. Compatibility + Apps is an issue for sure, but lots is being done there to... more... - MarkHirsch
Then, do you believe that Google will go up that way with Android => smartphones => smartboks => netbooks ? - Jacopo Gio
Crossing over
So, I crossed over today. I had planned on staying totally apolitical on this blog and on my tweets/friendfeed, but what is happening in Iran and the power of twitter really moved me today. Watching the hashtags and the realtime feeds were really moving. Could not help but change my twitter avatar to [...] - MarkHirsch
I just learned how to start tracking link stats in real time using the website. Just go to and type in "from:<enter your twitter id>". Click on "Info" and watch the stats roll in.
also you can take the shorted url and add a plus sign "+" to the end. This will take you to the info page as well - John Wright
Even better. Thanks John - Cameron
Thanks much for sharing this. Been using second hand from Bigtweet and never tried it. Was wondering if there is a way to check our overall stats... to have it aggregate all the links you have posted to your twitter account. I've posted over 1000 and would be very curious to know what the total click count is. I poked around for a while and couldn't see any way to do this. Anyone know a way to do so? - MarkHirsch
Mike Bracco
TiVo was revolutionary because it allowed for you to time shift your TV viewing. However with the 2010 real time web, the value is in your interaction with something IN real time. Thus, is the real time web the un-time shifter? It's an interesting thing to think about. Thoughts?
it's also the commercial blaster, so it still has a place with lots of people. - Josh Haley
I'm not sure about this 2010 "real time web." I keep seeing more and more of canned TV, whether on YouTube etc., or on the channels' websites themselves. A media critic I read last year called it outright (quoting from imprecise memory) "the last attempt to sell us short on the discredited old tv-on-demand concept." - ianf ⌘
Your post made me think of something else... Rewind,... or my preferred PVR, ReplayTV. I live in Asia and miss out on alot of real-time stuff. What would be great for me is to be able to rewind or replay some of the real-time activities. FF makes it easy to go back in time for those hours missed. Twitter is a little harder. What I have seen in the Google Wave stuff looks awesome.. being... more... - MarkHirsch
There certainly are moves afoot to make people consume more of media-everything in real time, but that goes against the grain of content providers always seeking ways to leverage the investment by "repurposing" the product, repackaging it in ever newer formats and selling anew through parallel new channels. So I wouldn't necessarily see the next year as the birth of something new, a real time web (on the other hand, tomorrow, 9 AM CET Opera will announce some "reinventing the Web" <>) - ianf ⌘
Jesse Stay
According to my SocialToo SocialStats, I have a decent amount of interest from China. If you're in China please say hi!
@ HI from here too.. (Taiwan that is) - MarkHirsch
Hey Mark - I've seen a few from Taiwan as well. There are specifically a decent group in Mainland China though. Nice to see you. - Jesse Stay
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