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Mike Doeff
Hype Machine Zeitgeist -!...
Most popular songs of 2010 according to hypem - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Tall Tales, Truth and My Twitter Diet - -
A NY Times writer explains how he lost weight by posting his progress on his Twitter account - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
And now the toy assembly begins...
the assembled toy :) ... - Mike Doeff
Yep, battled that monster this evening - Just Mrs. V
Mike Doeff
Is Yahoo Shutting Down -
Ok, where should i move my bookmarks to? - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Landing Pad — an iPad App Gallery -
"A showcase of beautiful iPad app design" - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Mashup Breakdown - Girl Talk - All Day -
Great visualization - Mike Doeff
April Buchheit
Ripped from Reddit: "What actor, no matter how many roles you see them play, can you imagine as one character?"
My answer: Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho -- always - April Buchheit
Patrick Stewart will always be Captain Picard. - Tudor Bosman
Tudor: I totally agree! - April Buchheit
Tom Cruise will always be Tom Cruise. - Dan Hsiao
Dan: I feel the same way about Owen Wilson - April Buchheit
Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter... - Ross Miller
Christopher Reeve will always be Superman. - Dan Hsiao
Ron Perlman will always be One - Rodfather
Jeff Bridges is and always will be The Dude. - Joe Beda
Joe Beda: Yes!! How could I have forgotten about The Dude? And Steve Buschemi as "that funny lookin' fella" in Fargo - April Buchheit
Bob Denver as Gilligan - Jeff P. Henderson
I know I can just Google it, but did Bob Denver do anything else besides Gilligan? - April Buchheit
Dave Chappelle as Achoo from "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" - April Buchheit
2 words: Pee-wee Herman - Micah
Keanu Reeves will always be Neo. Wesley Snipes will always be Blade. Jason Statham will always be The Transporter. - Rahsheen
Cristo: Tyrone? Yeah, I guess so... :) But I always think about that one line from RH:MIT whenever I see him -- Peasants: "A black sheriff?!" Achoo: "And why not? It worked in Blazin' Saddles..." [cocks eyebrows] Peasants: "Oh yeah.." [nodding to each other in approval, validating rebuttal] - April Buchheit
Jackie Chan as Drunken Master. Jet Li as Wong Fei Hong. - imabonehead
Keanu Reeves will always be Bill from Bill & Ted. - Paul Buchheit
Jason Alexander = George Costanza - Mike Doeff
Wilford Brimley as the Quaker Oats guy - April Buchheit
Shatner. If I need say more, please remove yourself from FriendFeed ;) - MiniMage
Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy from Law & Order - April Buchheit
Shatner - as Shatner - iTad
Lol @ minimage - iTad
The cop from Terminator 2 - Alex
Will Smith is always the fresh prince character. - Kevin
@ Kevin: Will Smith mostly just plays Will Smith with different names and in different settings. Don't get me wrong, he's pretty darn good at it... Also, Summer Glau is that odd chick who kicks everyone's ass. - Brian Chang
Mini me dude = mini me dude - Dough Balls
Samuel L. Jackson as himself. - O.Shane
Jack Bauer - Aviv
Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli - April Buchheit
Bradley Cooper will always be WILL from Alias. I didn't even know his name was Bradley Cooper until he was on Conan last night. - Trish Haley
John Cho is still Harold, or the milf dude, no matter how much he wants to be sulu. - chrisofspades
David Carradine is still Kwai Chang Caine. :-( - Ton Zijp
CRISTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the time out corner! - MiniMage
Bringing this back. Yay for search working. - Rodfather
NPH is still Doogie Howser - Rodfather
Mike Doeff
SFGate: Hundreds of thousands pack Giants parade -
Photo gallery of Giants victory parade / rally - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
San Francisco Giants Fans Celebrate Their World Series Championship - Bay Bridge Banter - SB Nation Bay Area -
A round-up of the best fan reaction videos on YouTube - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Polk Street after Giants World Series win -
Polk Street after Giants World Series win
Haha awesome - Rodfather
That's amazing! I was near Mission and 2nd and things were pretty tame in comparison. I had no idea that the City erupted as much as it did until this morning. - felicious
I was down by the ballpark at 3rd & King. Overall pretty fun but the vibe looked a lot more positive on Polk street. I'll need to head down there when the Giants win it again next year! :) - Mike Doeff
That's the spirit. :) (Despite my being from LA, I became a fan of the Giants this year through marveling at what they accomplished during the second half of their season.) - felicious
Mike Doeff
San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers for first title in 56 years - ESPN -
"When a team like this wins, this is for all those generations of Giants fans who bundled up to survive the piercing breezes of Candlestick Park, who wore the scars of all the summertimes that broke their hearts, who lived though all those Wait Till Next Year seasons that didn't end this way. And when a team like this wins, it's for another special group, too. It's for all those players, great and not-so-great, who put on this uniform, praying a season like this one would drop in their laps some day." - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Everything going the San Francisco Giants' way against the Texas Rangers - ESPN -
"And where has that brought these Giants? It's brought them within two games of winning a World Series that just about nobody thought they would win. That's where. And they've gotten there by riding a powerful convergence of forces that opponents seem to know how to stop. Not the Braves. Not the Phillies. And now, for these past two days, not the Rangers." - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
San Francisco Giants hoping to end the wait and bring the city its first World Series title - ESPN -
"This baseball team has carried these people halfway to the stars. Now it's up to the whacked-out, spliced-together, who-ARE-these-guys 2010 edition of the San Francisco Giants to finish the journey -- and life in their golden-gated city will never, ever be the same." - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
RT @SFGiants: Singing God Bless America - Tony Bennett - #SFGIANTS
Cool - Rodfather
Yeah, this should be great - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
NLCS Game 4 - '89 team throws out first pitch -
NLCS Game 4 - '89 team throws out first pitch
That was awesome. I love those players - Rodfather
Yeah, this year's team reminds me a lot of the '87 and '89 teams. - Mike Doeff
I love this team. No ego and and it starts with Bochy. Everyone has a great attitude. - Rodfather
Mike Doeff
Great interview on KNBR this morning with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about the upcoming baseball documentary 'The 10th Inning' - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Stalkers. Creeps. Weirdos. Terror. Welcome To Location, Facebook (TechCrunch) -
"...the fact that so many had checked-in on day one of the service is impressive. That’s the power of Facebook’s social graph. It’s a graph that none of the current location players can touch even if you added all of their users together and multiplied them by twenty. Facebook is going to bring location to the mainstream by virtue of their size alone." - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Stalkers. Creeps. Weirdos. Terror. Welcome To Location, Facebook (TechCrunch) -
"...the fact that so many had checked-in on day one of the service is impressive. That’s the power of Facebook’s social graph. It’s a graph that none of the current location players can touch even if you added all of their users together and multiplied them by twenty. Facebook is going to bring location to the mainstream by virtue of their size alone." - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Once Upon A Time, Google Wave Was The Next Big Thing (Business Insider) -
A look at back at the early reactions to Google Wave - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Once Upon A Time, Google Wave Was The Next Big Thing (Business Insider) -
A look at back at the early reactions to Google Wave - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Great resource if you're thinking about getting a puppy - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Great resource if you're thinking about getting a puppy - Mike Doeff
Louis Gray
The FriendFeedization Of Facebook Continues: Bret Taylor Promoted To CTO -
Congratulations to Bret on this promotion! This is fantastic news. - Louis Gray
Wooot! Does that mean he has the power to fix it now? :) - Jandy
Congrats to Bret - well deserved! We're counting on you and the other FF'ers to be a force for good at FB. - Mike Doeff
This news brings me 80% of the way back. Take good care of my friends & family, BT. - Christopher Galtenberg
It would have been nicer to see his talents used for good here, rather than evil there... - Alex Schleber
Congrats to Bret and to FB! - Barbara R. S.
Congrats, Bret. - Kol Tregaskes
Awesome. I'm stuck with FB after this traveling experience, about time they did something to make it suck less :-P Go Bret go!! - Lo
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 11:00AM PT. Participate at
I'm standing by waiting for the usual call. - Robert Scoble
Hey Scoble, it's not that Paul. - Cliff Gerrish
Oh, crap. It's Paul Carr then? - Robert Scoble
Which Paul will it be.... - Chris Aldrich
It's a mystery Paul, you'll need to tune in to see. - Cliff Gerrish
McCartney? :-)))) - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: now THAT would be a show! - Robert Scoble
Heheheheh - Stephen Pickering
We will be starting shortly. - Robert Scoble is our special guest. Brian Dear. - Robert Scoble
Gillmor Gang recording session live with Brian Dear, Paul Carr, Kevin Marks & Scoble- - Cliff Gerrish
Ahhh, cool, thanks for the link - Stephen Pickering
The Plato birthday party will be at the Computer History Museum: - Cliff Gerrish
They did a great job - Stephen Pickering
hmmm. Friendfeed isn't letting me post. trying from a different place. - Karoli
Karoli: that worked. - Robert Scoble
Karoli, I'm seeing your post saying you aren't able to post. - Cliff Gerrish
This is a classic battle of who has the most leverage. Happens in every industry - Stephen Pickering
It's sort of like when Apple got rid of the disk drive. - Cliff Gerrish
Bah. Buy the 3G. The iPad's all about convenience. - Ken Sheppardson
yes, posting from the NGL beta window works. - Karoli
Re: iPad - interesting post by Fred Wilson changing his opinion about the iPad: - Mike Doeff
the Evo has lasted me for 2 days without plugging in - David Robit Chen
It's really a format question... why isn't there more cross interaction between my three screens: television, computer, and phone/mobile device? - Chris Aldrich
We're going to buy the 3G. It makes sense to have one that goes on the road. - Karoli
I'm really annoyed that I pay AT&T $120/mo and not tethering - Stephen Pickering
Chris, the smaller screens need to control the bigger screens. - Cliff Gerrish
And I can't hear my phone calls - Stephen Pickering
Task killer? Now that just reminds me horribly of my days prior to iPhone, aka when I suffered with Windows Mobile. - Nick Wade
I think it's the other way around, the big screens need to allow the smaller screens in for interaction. - Chris Aldrich
3G is the fill in network. Filling in the cracks between wifi signals. - Cliff Gerrish
Karoli: Do it. I messed with a tethered WiFi for a bit, then got a 3G... 3G rulez. Not having to worry about another device is worth it. - Ken Sheppardson
I got the 3G iPad last week. I haven't activated it yet but I like knowing it's there. - Mike Doeff
Yeah, but why won't AT&T let me get the 3G off my iPhone for my iPad? - Stephen Pickering
Berkeley/Oakland, no iPad sighting for me yet - Da
But then Apple doesn't make as much Brian if they don't tether you to the iTunes store.... That's the real tethering issue. - Chris Aldrich
I think we'll see iPad sync via wifi fairly soon. That's what the acquisition was about. - Cliff Gerrish
And now Google has a UI Expert! - Stephen Pickering
Yep. Just like my Palm Pre. Apple could do it if they wanted to. It's not unique to Android. - Ken Sheppardson
Seems like Google eats UI experts alive. - Cliff Gerrish
And open source advocates, and startups... - Ken Sheppardson
Brian Dear has Androids new slogan: 'A phone that a sysadmin would love...' - Cliff Gerrish
Kind of like the Hollywood mantra... Porn directors drive old cheap Corollas so they can save money for liquor and drugs. - Chris Aldrich
Brian makes a good point. The iTunes synch makes the whole iPad experience too complex for novice users. - Mike Doeff
Buying a computer at Target or Walmart is a different experience - Da
The problem with that argument is that there aren't 11 fake versions of me on Facebook. - Chris Aldrich
Yes, but there may be more than one Chris Aldrich - Stephen Pickering
If you want to be found, yes, you make things public. That shouldn't be his call. - Ken Sheppardson
Who's call should it be? - Cliff Gerrish
there are over 10k versions of me on Facebook :) - until you start narrowing in on my nicknames - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
What about the issue Leo has about that Facebook is making a "grab" to control the web? - Stephen Pickering
Didn't we have this same convo last week? And the week before? And the week before that? - Ken Sheppardson
Facebook has 500 million co-conspirators in its 'grab' for the web - Cliff Gerrish
I've argued that you should have two separate pages, one public facing the other totally private - Stephen Pickering
I'm having trouble understanding how Facebook opening up more is a grab for the web. The more public it is, the easier to scrape & repurpose. - Ian McGee
sounds like Facebook is trying to make the same change that sites like Geocities tried - the move from hobby/personal to hobby/personal/business - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
But even my flower shop should be able to post up drunken photos and have privacy settings to prevent all of my Mormon customers from seeing them. - Chris Aldrich
I think Leo is talking about the "Like" implementation - Stephen Pickering
So what do we do when the bad starts to creep up? When the porn sites, smashers, hackers and unethical users begin to leverage this power and blame it on Facebook? - Jeff Madlock
calling us dumb isn't really great for getting us to listen. do you think we're not aware they sell data? - Karoli
Banking and Airlines operate in a very strict regulatory regime. Europe has started that regime. - Cliff Gerrish
Adding a like button is opt in. - Cliff Gerrish
I like the "like" button myself but I'm just re iterating Leo's argument. What happens when you like something? Do the users know their data is being collected and funneled through third parties when they "like" something? - Stephen Pickering
With Facebook and privacy, one can use the cigarette analogy: doing it is bad for you in the long term, but a smoke today feels pretty good. The giving away of privacy today may not have consequences until it kills us 50 years from now. - Chris Aldrich
Great analogy Chris, I heard someone else make that argument earlier this week. Can't remember who. - Stephen Pickering
Chris, depending how old you are -- that's not a problem. - Cliff Gerrish
The "like button" will be an incredible tool for cultural anthropologists at least... - Chris Aldrich
perpetual beta - Da
Jay Rosen said Zuck's WP Editorial was "a bunch of crap" - Stephen Pickering
I love the expectation of public roadmaps now. Can't think of anyone doing it 5-10 years ago, but it's incredibly useful. Little hard to mesh with constant iteration though. - Ian McGee
I'm starting to feel like a rat who gets a treat for clicking on ads... Who is it that's doing the research on us? - Chris Aldrich
Yes, but he build his network on privacy and then pulled the rug - Stephen Pickering
I don't know why anyone is surprised by this. Free stuff has a price. - Karoli rocks - Ian McGee
Yes, Karoli, but TV and Radio don't share are data surreptiously - Stephen Pickering
just be selective with what you put on the internet - Da
Stephen, TV and Radio made assumptions, reached a small fraction of who they could reach. I like seeing ads that I might be interested in. - Karoli
Somebody needs to have a long talk with Robert about self-selection. People who don't want their calendars public don't sign up for public calendar services. The fact that those who do make their calendar's public doesn't speak to what "we" want. - Ken Sheppardson
Now I do agree that Flippy or whatever it is, is silly. No way would I do that. - Karoli
Oh sure, Karoli, I'm all in favor of the Google model - Stephen Pickering
Public signaling is playing with masks. It doesn't represent a true state of affairs. - Cliff Gerrish
Yeah, I heard you laughing Scoble! - Stephen Pickering
@stevegillmor can you skype me in now? calliflower won't let me rejoin - Kevin Marks
Kevin, stand by. - Cliff Gerrish
Anyone else lose audio? - thestaticfrost
re:Blippy - isn't it interesting that Orwell et al.'s visions are coming true, only it's in the guise of cute/whimsical Web 2.0 names and Facebook games about sheep... - Alex Schleber
NM, had to reload. - thestaticfrost
Yahoo is an online media company? - Da
Fixing culture in a company that big is a huge problem. - Chris Aldrich
They've got Flickr and Finance. Does anyone use anything else there? - Stephen Pickering
Delicious. - Cliff Gerrish
Yahoo news - Da
I consider Facebook the new AOL - Karoli
Way too many people are still using their email client... - Chris Aldrich
no facebook is not the new yahoo - Wayne Sutton
But far more people spend far more time on Facebook than Yahoo... - Ian McGee
Yahoo Buzz gets large volumes of traffic too... I'm not sure why though. - Chris Aldrich
People spend 7hours a month on Facebook, no other site is even close, the problem is they can't monetize it and that's why they haven't gone public and had to take DST's money - Stephen Pickering
Facebook doesn't have a mobile OS - Da
BTW, for me UStream is constantly re-caching when I have the browser tab in focus (my connection is plenty fast); works OK as just audio in the background. - Alex Schleber
Why doesn't Yahoo build a great social network? Did you see that POS they tried a few years back? Build one that's cool and works and does everything FB does - Stephen Pickering
Will Yahoo buy a location-based platform? - Wayne Sutton
yahoo answer to get homework answered is great - Da
Sooner or later the individual user will have the tools to control and maintain their own infrastructure on the web and will link out into the world instead of relying on FB and other social media sites. - Chris Aldrich
Facebook NewsFeed is getting meatier iwth all the new-media news groups I've been adding to my stream -- TechCrunch, VentureBeat, etc. plus a bunch of affiliation groups. I'm finding more stories there and on lately.. - Ian McGee
Chris, totally agreed, everyday there are new tools for "average" users to build there own sites with advanced features. Scoble interviewed Buzzr which is a usability layer on top of Drupal - Stephen Pickering
I was just watching that Buzzr interview just before this started. It's definitely a good start... - Chris Aldrich
All this talk about user built apps makes me miss hypercard... - Cliff Gerrish
Yeah, that kind of thing I believe could disrupt a Facebook in the next 5-10 years, maybe less - Stephen Pickering
I mean Drupal just rocks, but its so hard, give the average person that kind of power easily, and I feel something new developing - Stephen Pickering
The central social index gives facebook an advantage over distributed systems. - Cliff Gerrish
HyperCard is locked in Steve Jobs's basement; thats the trouble with building on one company's code - Kevin Marks
I love the potential of projects like Webfinger to be one of the enabling strategies for all of this. - Chris Aldrich
Hypercard turned into javascript and then jquery... - Cliff Gerrish
The only reason Facebook is important is because we have a dearth of connectivity. When everyone has a fiber connection a totally new peer to peer type of revolution will happen, I believe, decentralized, with the intelligence at the edges of the network - Stephen Pickering
We will each be our own facebook page, connected to each other with the same or even better features - Stephen Pickering
there is an architectural imperative because of NAT against distributed clients; My hope is that IPv6 will change this again - Kevin Marks
I also think FB has removed a lot of the "force" behind someone's desire to build their own page. They're effectively already doing it with FB, so something new has to have real benefits. - Ian McGee
Ian, it will - Stephen Pickering
It has to do with easy usability layers on top of real power, just as OSX is a usability layer on top of Unix - Stephen Pickering
And when that finally appears. we'll all be glad so much of the social graph is open for us to leverage. - Ian McGee
Just as computing became decentralized, so will social networking - Stephen Pickering
Ian, Right! - Stephen Pickering
as time goes on, are non-tech people gonna be reluctant to develop iPhone apps because they have to submit it for approval from Apple? - Da
Da, Yes - Stephen Pickering
Great show. - Mike Doeff
Da, that's already going on. Many developers are taking a close look at Android to replace; just takes more Android units out there to make it clear. - Ian McGee
And most of all, THANK YOU Steve for always putting these together! - Chris Aldrich
thanks to all of you. good show. :) - Karoli
Thanks, Steve and Gang - Stephen Pickering
Good stuff. - Ian McGee
Nice show - thanks much everyone! - Rob La Gesse
Thanks Rob! - Stephen Pickering
Mike Doeff
TidBITS: iPad Camera Connection Kit Works Simply and Well -
Review of the new iPad Camera Connection Kit - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
TidBITS: iPad Camera Connection Kit Works Simply and Well -
Review of the new iPad Camera Connection Kit - Mike Doeff
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 12 Noon PT. Participate at
f8 is today's topic, I assume? - Matt M (inactive)
Could be. - Cliff Gerrish
Gillmor Gang will get underway in about 5 minutes. - Cliff Gerrish
OK, waiting for the call. - Robert Scoble
Today's music, while on hold, Ghostland Observatory. Of course if you are friends of me on Pandora/Facebook you already know that. :-) - Robert Scoble
looking forward to listening to this on youtube later - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall: Or Pandora: - Robert Scoble
heh, no I mean to the show :) that's how i tend to consume the Gang, with youtube on iphone in my pocket while i'm out walking my dogs. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
my dogs hear the GG theme song, Steve's voice, and they go nuts, jumping all over, looking for their leashes. it's a whole family thing. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Live now, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Present and accounted for! - Stephen Pickering
is facebook still on track to serve 1billion 'likes' within 24hrs? - michael sean wright
smallish number of people "liking" the example code. ;-) - Ian McGee
Marshall - there is a feed for the audio only version (comes out a couple days after the show) - - Rob La Gesse
2 sites I visited today got hung up due to facebook integration. how much does this slow down the web? - michael sean wright
OK, I think I'm ready to stop watching this now. This is really annoying. - Matt M (inactive)
It's an iframe. - Cliff Gerrish
this is the same data facebook has on us. - michael sean wright
It's an iframe, but it's initialized via JS. - Matt M (inactive)
Yeah, it's moving a bookmarklet off the chrome and into the page. - Cliff Gerrish
Go Cowboys! - Rob La Gesse
Da Boys! - Stephen Pickering
one company owning the social graph. - michael sean wright
Are you talking about Twitter? - Cliff Gerrish
What's missing is context though. I Like articles on some topics with some friends, and completely different with my kids and even other with distant relatives. Tools coming to manage this? - Ian McGee
once upon a time, people feared doubleclick having so much data on us, pales in comparison to what facebook now has. facebook wants to be the layer between you and the net. how many people are going to by default, stay logged in to facebook not knowing that facebook is still there, collecting as you surf 100's of sites? - michael sean wright
michael... Facebook wants to be the layer between you and the world. With hundreds of millions of users with real world identities, the bridge between offline and online is increasingly built, raising significant dangers to individuals. - Tinfoil 2.0
Google and Microsoft also want to be the layer between you and the world. Twitter does too. - Cliff Gerrish
But Google and Twitter (and presumably Microsoft) don't require real world identities to use their services. That's the key, there's no way to partition off your Facebook life like you can with virtually every other service out there. - Tinfoil 2.0
that's all nice, but I have no intention of mashing everything up over on facebook. over there I'm just another face on the book. - Karoli
but as more sites adopt these really powerful FB "social widgets" will be hard to just be a face on the book... - .LAG liked that
The age allows Facebook to show me hair growth ads :) - Mike Doeff
the big push back is not being able to outrun the reach of facebook. it's one thing to willingly abide by the rules of using facebook while there but to be leaking data back while i'm not there is not kosher. a cookie can only tell a third party a few things, my social graph is who i am. - michael sean wright
+1 Michael - .LAG liked that
I don't know that it's true to say that your 'social graph' is 'who you are.' - Cliff Gerrish
Michael - your social graph does not belong to you. Deal with it :) - Rob La Gesse
Google social search is really neat - Susan Beebe
Social graph is a network of which you may be a node. - Cliff Gerrish
Gaming the system is age-old. BFD - Karoli
Rob - I agree but I feel a responsibility to those in my social graph to consider the cost of dragging them along the facebookweb. - michael sean wright
Social behavioral search is valuable for understanding the web in context of your friends interests - Susan Beebe
I'm just happy you guys aren't talking about the iPad again. - Alex de Soto
Andrew shouldn't be calling FriendFeed a POS with the creator there, that's just impolite - Stephen Pickering
Gee, I wonder how great Facebook will be on the iPad? - Cliff Gerrish
Let's talk about Facebook on the iPad :) - Rob La Gesse
hehe - Susan Beebe
Oh nooooo! - Alex de Soto
Yes, bring FF koolaid over to FB - Susan Beebe
Bret said yesterday that no resources from Facebook are being used for FriendFeed. - michael sean wright
feed fart - Rob La Gesse
lost the feed - Susan Beebe
me too - .LAG liked that
Everything went down - Robert Scoble
ditto - Mike Doeff
My Skype disconnected. - Robert Scoble
gotta love technology - Susan Beebe
I guess Gillmor's net connection went down. - Robert Scoble
Please wait while Facebook reboots the Internet - Rob La Gesse
overheated :) - Mike Doeff
.LOLz! - .LAG liked that
OK :D - Susan Beebe
Hang out a few seconds, let's see if they come back. - Robert Scoble
Right, the most important issue is getting Fiber to the Curb, Gigabit Internet, that's the real revolution - Stephen Pickering
We are coming back. - Robert Scoble
We can talk about the iPad while we wait. - Rob La Gesse
Good - Susan Beebe
I'm connected again, be back in a second. - Robert Scoble
iPad iPad iPad - Mike Doeff
Facebook as the single point of failure for the Net... - .LAG liked that
we're back! - Susan Beebe
Cool. - Robert Scoble
Once we have fiber, no one will control the internet or be a point of failure - Stephen Pickering
Whoever controls the fiber will control the Internet - to some extent - Rob La Gesse
The Fiber Barrons!!! - Stephen Pickering
That was Enron ;) - Rob La Gesse
No, wasn't it that Mississippi Company? - Stephen Pickering
what about authorized apps? - michael sean wright
I wish Kevin Marks was here, he brought up some technical points that I didn't understand about this on TWiG yesterday - Stephen Pickering
Somebody needs to do a remedial review of iframes and same origin restrictions. - Cliff Gerrish
Is there no way, via XSS or other, for a malicious site to grab the iframe content? - Tinfoil 2.0
How many users are going to understand that the data isn't shared? - Alex de Soto
The iframed code can get the URL of the parent, but that's it. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin brought up that the code they are using, and Gina Tripani agreed, was not open standard - Stephen Pickering
I mean the code you would put on your site - Stephen Pickering
Alex: not many - Robert Scoble
Big difference between an explicit Like button and something like Glue where any pages that you surf to - e.g. an imdb page - show up in your history - Mike Doeff
Not the code that Kevin developed for Google. And not Activity Streams. - Cliff Gerrish
oooh I didn't realize that the 3 partners MS, Yelp & Pandora have exclusive / separate data contracts with facebook - NOT same as social plugins...oooo - Susan Beebe
right - the code is facebook code not standard activity stream. - michael sean wright
Thanks Cliff and Michael, I wonder if we can get someone to pose the question to Bret about that concern - Stephen Pickering
Activity stream is an open standard - but this points up the difference between having a standard and 450 million users; and just having a standard. - Cliff Gerrish
but would you sign one with zynga? - michael sean wright
we can hear Steve via the ok - Susan Beebe
...what about the pRon site that writes a really big check? - .LAG liked that
Bret, what about a Like button that someone puts on their blog and they configure it with a URL to some spam site - e.g. teeth whitening. How do you prevent that? - Mike Doeff
Mike - and that's rampant already. - michael sean wright
Bret - NICE JOB on f8 :) love it - Susan Beebe
Now time for the iPad phase of the show - Mike Doeff
Good!! I was worried Steve would end the show. I'm glad he didn't - Stephen Pickering
Agreed - it's a tectonic shift on web. Facebook just pwnd Google :P - Susan Beebe
Beacon without the Bacon :) - Susan Beebe
not only was it a huge shift, it's an over reach on a scale we've never seen. - michael sean wright
facebook can already segment traffic by geo, gender, age, etc. - Susan Beebe
Just because Facebook wins, doesn't mean Google loses, this isn't a zero sum game - Stephen Pickering
the scary thing is the amount of publishers tripping over themselves to give control of their community to facebook. - michael sean wright
facebook just made static sites instantly social - and ties it all back to the mothership - freakin' awesome move - Susan Beebe
Static sites still need to include the code -- there's an action that needs to be taken first. - Cliff Gerrish
Susan, agreed - Stephen Pickering
What about all of the people opting out of Facebook Instant Personalization? Fringe group or is this the majority? - Mike Doeff
This re invigorates the Open Web - Stephen Pickering
Google knows what you search for - YAWN. - Susan Beebe
Cliff, but there's a big incentive - Stephen Pickering
Facebook is generating a whole new layer of the social web - THAT's revolutionary - Susan Beebe
It's the social index vs. the page index. - Cliff Gerrish
Right - facebook just added huge amount of CONTEXT to page index stats - Susan Beebe in the end, it's all just another advertising play? - .LAG liked that
google = small teams working on disparate tools and being fully aware of scrutiny. facebook = full scale push towards $ with 100% focus on the big return. - michael sean wright
Exactly, but do you know how big the Advertising Market is? - Stephen Pickering
it's HUGE - .LAG liked that
disclaimer: I work in advertising - .LAG liked that
I see the Facebook initiative as part of the maturation of the web. Accountability instead of anonymity becomes the predominant meme. - Jim Posner
LOL :D - Susan Beebe
But Michael, if Facebook behaves "evil" the Free Market will regulate them - Stephen Pickering
Yep, GraphAPI is huge - Susan Beebe
Social Graph! Network of your friends, shows your connectedness - Susan Beebe
...that's a lot of biz cards Scobleizer - .LAG liked that
facebook has acted evil, slow to change and constant confusing changes to policy hasn't hindered them yet. they have not earned our trust yet by default of size we just let it slide. - michael sean wright
...Michael: that's my biggest concern -- their technology is awesome -- their trustworthiness has not been established - .LAG liked that
Thank good we're not yet talking about social G-R-A-F-T. You know, implants on your skin that connect to the Network. - Alex de Soto
All companies have 'acted evil' - Cliff Gerrish
Alex... FB did announce an RFID product... you will be chipped, eventually - .LAG liked that
It's the hive mind - Mike Doeff
So what's the next step with Facebook RFID chip? LBS checkins? obviously, much more *could* be done with it - Susan Beebe
Big brother :) - Susan Beebe
Anybody have Gray Powell on their graph? - Alex de Soto
the new world will also include a definition of your social graph, the more you interact with a particular node the more prominence it receives. - michael sean wright
really think the evil vs. non-evil is a cartoonish way to view the world. Only in comics does that world view work. - Jim Posner
they didn't talk about mobile because geo tagging is not ready yet according to bret - michael sean wright
I do too - Stephen Pickering
facebook + docs is very interesting. - Cliff Gerrish
yes, weird to see M$ & facebook partnership - Susan Beebe
Susan, not considering their big investment early on - Stephen Pickering
Ah, good point. - Susan Beebe
I broke FB -> docs within seconds - Rob La Gesse
Smart move by M$ to instantly get to go mainstream by leveraging facebook platform as the backend for collaboration messaging - Susan Beebe
New often means "broken" these days - Rob La Gesse
Yes, but it still has to perform. Google Docs will constantly innovate - Stephen Pickering
I don't see myself using I only use MS Office products at work. Outside of work it's all Google Docs for me. - Mike Doeff company is unstoppable - .LAG liked that
I don't see the privacy concern. One can completely lock down their Facebook account if they want - Stephen Pickering
I am really glad to see Google get some real competition. - Jim Posner
Robert don't count out Bebo :) - Mike Doeff
Robert is overstating. Twitter is a Juggernaut too - Stephen Pickering
Stephen... yes, you can lock down your FB account, but it's not as easy as it might seem, and I suspect 100s of millions of users simply won't spend the time - .LAG liked that
well said Steve - Jim Posner
Stephen - a lot of normal users won't know what data is being shared or what the dangers are. - Michele Neylon
the iPad's not important to justify its own Facebook app - Tim Jones
Tim - it will be - VERY quickly - Rob La Gesse
Michele, yes one weird thing I see is that even on completely locked down accounts, one can still see the photos is someone else who isn't locked down comments on one photo, anyone can see not only that photo but the whole album its a part of. Isn't that weird? - Stephen Pickering
right - facebook is the strongest team, most momentum and brand. think the vulnerability is being too wide. the noise in the stream for the average user will overwhelm them. the general user is a scanner and not going deeper. good opportunity for more specific interest sites to grow. (theory only) - michael sean wright
Really want to see a facebook app on the iPad - Jim Posner
Stephen - there's a lot of that kind of thing and it freaks out a lot of people and it's far from easy to see what is or isn't being shared - Michele Neylon
Do you think Facebook is trying to make a move against Apple for some reason by not putting out a Table app? - Stephen Pickering
Jim, and when they release that they need to include video support. Very annoying that the FB app on iPhone doesn't support video. - Mike Doeff
here comes the Android army. welcome Lenovo - Tim Jones
But Scoble, you have to look at the value of the whole Eco System as a whole - Stephen Pickering
Zynga are making a LOT of money - Michele Neylon
85 million on Farmville - Tim Jones
C'mon there must be some value there, if she wants to play this game - Stephen Pickering
Steve is right - still early - Mike Doeff
Would like to see Chrome or Firefox on the iPad - Jim Posner
Zynga are very good at doing what they do - Michele Neylon
But its not a competition. You can buy Beatles and Stones albums - Stephen Pickering
Farmville is boring...and yet strangely addictive - .LAG liked that
Although at the time, you were either a Beatles or Stones fan. - Cliff Gerrish
The revolution is being updated. - Jim Posner
Mafia Wars sucks you in .. no idea why, but it does .. - Michele Neylon
waiting for capable Android or Win 7 slates - Tim Jones
The revolution is being updated wirelessly on your mobile device. - Cliff Gerrish
Michele, your right. It's almost unbelievable that a locked down account is opened simply by another friend commenting on a photo - Stephen Pickering
the significant shift is the reach of layer facebook now has spread across the web. will be hard to be a layer on top of that. - michael sean wright
...I like the "LIKE" button, and will be adding it to my sites - .LAG liked that
I can't believe there hasn't been a lawsuit against that - Stephen Pickering
Stephen - yup. I can see it happening :) And it won't be one lawsuit - it will be a whole load of them .. - Michele Neylon
Stephen, Michele... you can prevent that from happening if you dig deep into the FB privacy settings to find the "what your friends share about you" panel...but it's BURIED - .LAG liked that
in favelas people use netbooks, Nokias, no Apples to be found - Tim Jones
It's really unbelievable. If I have a locked down account, it's opened simply by one of my friends commenting on one of my photos. Why is there no outcry? - Stephen Pickering
slums I have been in..didn't have much internet access...they didn't have running water.. - Jim Posner
LAG, ah, IC. Really devious - Stephen Pickering
So, they're in the letter of the law but not the Spirit - Stephen Pickering
...I just think FB privacy defaults are bad for users, but GREAT for FB - .LAG liked that
Addressing privacy concerns is important, but seems to be ignored by the "cool kids" - Michele Neylon
Thanks Steve, Tina, et al ! - Rob La Gesse
Very good show, guys - Ian McGee
yes, thanks! l8r - .LAG liked that
Michele, I agree, the "influencers" are losing credibilty by not crying foul on this - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: privacy is dead, get over it. - Robert Scoble
Stephen - they've done more than not cry foul - and there you go - Scoble hath spoken (again) - Michele Neylon
Robert I'm not worried about it, but if someone does choose to lock down their account, its opened simply by someone commenting on one of their photos. Don't you find that disturbing? - Stephen Pickering
awesome job - sofarsoShawn
Stephen: no. Don't put your private pictures on facebook. - Robert Scoble
I have three naked photos of me on the Internet. I survived. - Robert Scoble
So will you. - Robert Scoble
Well, I'm not worried about it myself, My accounts completely open, but I'm just saying for those who truly only want friends and family - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: if you only want friends and family don't use Facebook. Times change. - Robert Scoble
Stephen: use SmugMug or Pipio. - Robert Scoble
Jim , you need to check out the internet cafes in Barangay Magsaysay La Paz Iloilo Philippines. the machines all look like Alienwares - Tim Jones
OK, OK, I've beat it too death!!! I see your point. I don't know why I'm even arguing it, since all my stuffs open anyway :-)) - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: exactly. Privacy is dead. - Robert Scoble
Thanks everyone. Great show. Great participation from everyong. - Cliff Gerrish
Stephen: if it weren't dead everyone would be moving to - Robert Scoble
Stephen: and they are not. So the argument is over. - Robert Scoble
Tim-Actually was in Tondo...not so much internet when I was there..but it's been a few years - Jim Posner
Well, I'm just playing devils advocate. I've been excited by yesterday - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: me too. I'm listening to Tom Conrad's Pandora. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's bs about privacy being dead. here's my argument - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Stephen - just because Scoble likes to put naked photos of himself on the internet doesn't mean that other people want to. - Michele Neylon
Yeah, that is just too cool, agreed - Stephen Pickering
Marshall: if your argument had any weight everyone would be leaving Facebook. They aren't. The argument is over. - Robert Scoble
Michele: I'm sure that that Apple guy wants his iPhone back too. It ain't gonna happen and we'll have to deal with the new world we all live in. - Robert Scoble
Well Michele, .LAG did inform us that it could be done, a complete lock down, so that's that - Stephen Pickering
really? people all over the world have been freaking out about Facebook's removal of privacy, I've been doing interviews with media outlets all over the world about it. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
and I think that's a logical fallacy - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Robert, your cavalier statements about privacy are dangerous and betray a lack of understanding. - Tinfoil 2.0
Damn, my heads hurting - Stephen Pickering
Marshall: I'm sure they are freaking out. But are they leaving? No. - Robert Scoble
...this after-chat is better than the show! - .LAG liked that
LogEx: I bet I understand privacy in more depth than you do. - Robert Scoble
Stephen - the problem is that most people aren't aware of how much data they are sharing. Scoble's argument is incredibly weak. - Michele Neylon
they can't leave Robert, their friends and family connections are trapped there - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Exactly, let the Free Market decide - Stephen Pickering
Robert, easy to say with no possible way to prove. - Tinfoil 2.0
LogEx: have you seen a Scoble sex video? I do have privacy. It is not dead. But a lot of my privacy is dead. - Robert Scoble
Marshall - exactly - Michele Neylon
So it's irresponsible to say that privacy is dead and leave it at that. Because it's a lie. - Tinfoil 2.0
LogEx: I have studied privacy and our changing society in more depth than anyone. - Robert Scoble
Michele, that's a good point: you simply don't know how much is out there on FB, because you only see it through YOUR lens... - .LAG liked that
LogEx: I just am bored with the argument as framed. - Robert Scoble
Between yesterday and this, my heart is just about done with FB. - Christopher Galtenberg
Yeah, I am too. Let's look at the Good Side at what they are doing. - Stephen Pickering
LogEx: it's irresponsible to want to live in the world as it existed two days ago That world is gone. That's why it is NOT irresponsible to tell people that our ideas about privacy are dead. - Robert Scoble
LogEx - agreed. - Michele Neylon
LogEx: we all need to change our ideas about what privacy is and we need new skills to deal with the changing privacy world. - Robert Scoble
People have choices. My Sister chooses not to be on Facebook and she is happy with her life - Stephen Pickering
i usually don't worry about what mainstream people want or need, i just focus on what's interesting to me, but the privacy stuff is really dangerous and irresponsible - Marshall Kirkpatrick
The less privacy, the less meaningful the sharing will be. - Christopher Galtenberg
LogEx: for instance, I don't check in at home on Foursquare. I could, but I don't. Why is that? - Robert Scoble
Robert, you are a public figure. You CHOOSE to have reduced privacy and enhanced publicity. Don't remove choice from the rest of the society just because it suits you better. - Tinfoil 2.0
Because you have a free will and take responsibility for yourself - Stephen Pickering
Marshall: the changing world is dangerous and irresponsible. 40,000 people die in cars every year. That worries more than if my naked photos are on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
LogEx - exactly. If there was any level of privacy Scoble would cease to exist, as he only exists in public - Michele Neylon
LogEx: EVERYONE is a public figure if they are on the Internet. - Robert Scoble
Michele: bullshit. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I think it would depend on which photos those were. - Cliff Gerrish
Michele: I existed before the Internet. - Robert Scoble
Michele that's unfair. He's got a private life - Stephen Pickering
Robert, one of my favorite examples: I had a friend tell me about people she knew who wanted to be Fans of a podcast for couples struggling to conceive children, but they didn't want family etc. to know about it. they used to be able to subscribe via Fandom privately, then that was made irrevocably public. why on earth are my subscriptions (facebook likes) not able to be private?? - Marshall Kirkpatrick
.LOLz! @Cliff - .LAG liked that
Stephen - I'm sure he does - Michele Neylon
Marshall Because they are not. Deal with it. - Robert Scoble
But he chooses to share what he chooses to share and we all have that choice which is great - Stephen Pickering
Marshall: I choose to live in the world as it is, not how I wish it to be. Although the world as I wish it to be makes for good blog posts. - Robert Scoble
Stephen - that's not entirely true. I have the choice to take my car's engine apart, but I don't know how. - Michele Neylon
Damn! I missed the show today.. I'm sure it was a good one. Hopefully a recorded archive will be up very soon! - Kevin Costain
Marshall: Microsoft execs thought their emails were private too. Was it a shame that they were shared in public due to DOJ action? - Robert Scoble
Targeted 'likes' to a private group -- sounds like a FriendFeed feature. - Cliff Gerrish
well, the world as it is is a mess, i don't know why you don't want to use this huge platform you have to point out when things are moving far away from what you wish they'd be - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall: I just don't put ANYTHING on a computer that I don't wish to have on the front page of the New York Times. - Robert Scoble
We've had good discussions on this in the past. We're using *companies* to put things online. The only sane assumption should be zero privacy. - Christopher Galtenberg
Marshall: and note that my drunken photos were on Techcrunch. I survived. Privacy is dead. - Robert Scoble
Christopher: exactly. If it touches the keyboard it can be public. - Robert Scoble
Robert: It is a great policy to do that - but there are places where private data does exist on computers. Where do you put your accounting data or stuff like that? - Kevin Costain
well, for hundreds of millions of people they can either have private and secure Facebook communication with the people in their lives or they have no communication with them at all - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Christopher: the more people understand that the better off we'll all be. - Robert Scoble
The fact that you survived is not equal to the idea that privacy is dead. Privacy is just a little more subtle now. More public signaling channels are available. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin: and how many "private" Twitter documents leaked onto Techcrunch. You can never assume total privacy. - Robert Scoble
Marshall: give me a break. Most of us don't care about privacy. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you aren't a woman who escaped an abusive relationship who wants to communicate securely and privately with an online support network. there are power issues at play, your drunk pics totally different - Marshall Kirkpatrick
The only rub to this is that soon companies will force information out of you, because they only do business online, and they're the only option. - Christopher Galtenberg
Robert, you have little credibility about privacy due to your hyperbole, and your vested interest in no privacy. - Tinfoil 2.0
I like keeping my bank account info private..that privacy is not dead yet. - Jim Posner
Marshall: most of the women I know who were abused were abused by people they knew in real life. - Robert Scoble
Robert: those twitter docs were probably intended to be private - but at the smae time twitters internal financials weren't what was leaked. - Kevin Costain
totally, and then they want to communicate free of scrutiny from abusers, what's your point? - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Kevin: other companies have had their internal financials leaked. - Robert Scoble
Bippy is opt-in - Jim Posner
Kevin: and go with Zappos. They put their internal financials up on a white board in their lobby for everyone to see. - Robert Scoble
Jim: yes. And so is Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Blippy reminds me of paintings in the renaissance -- people had painters include the expensive items they could afford in their portraits. Another form of social signaling. - Cliff Gerrish
Jim: so is turning on a computer. - Robert Scoble
Hey, Robert, side note, do you agree with Gruber that Gizmodo should be prosecuted? Just curious. I don't know how I feel about it - Stephen Pickering
Robert: Expectation of privacy is one thing.. and I agree that we cannot have an expectation. But, the other important thing is there is also data intended to be private. - Kevin Costain
Agree..I still think there is privacy. email is still private..your salary is still private - Jim Posner
Stephen: I wouldn't mind if Gizmodo were prosecuted. They received stolen property and profited off of it. - Robert Scoble
When you type your pin in an atm (and that may be the only place you expose it electronically), should you have a reasonable expectation that that info will stay private? - Kevin Costain
Apparently it's some kind of utopia when everything that individuals do is fully transparent, but governments and corporations are increasingly non-transparent? Wow. - Tinfoil 2.0
Jim: my salary has been discussed on the Internet, actually. - Robert Scoble
Well, LogEx, you know the Golden Rule: He who has the Gold Rules! - Stephen Pickering
Jim: it wasn't quite an accurate number, but that's cause a lot of my compensation is bonuses. - Robert Scoble
...last week, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was videotaped (camphone-taped) in a bar, having a "private" conversation where he made scathing remarks about a former head coach and some NFL draft prospects. the video ended up on YouTube and become a lead story on ESPN. I suppose the only place to expect privacy is inside your own home - .LAG liked that
LAG: I don't expect privacy in my own home, either. - Robert Scoble
...we have to draw the line somewhere, no? - .LAG liked that
Privacy is what other people agree not to pass on. - Cliff Gerrish
LAG: I do what I can to keep you from filming a sex video of me, but I'm sure sometime something will get out that I didn't expect to get out. - Robert Scoble
Robert-There is alot of confidential information on computers that is private...IPSEC - Jim Posner
Cliff: exactly. - Robert Scoble
we all live in glass houses then - .LAG liked that
Jim: yes. And a lot of that data leaks. Microsoft's emails, for instance. - Robert Scoble
LAG: if you live your life like that then you'll never have any problems. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: Should someone who wants to be private, be given it? Is it at least a basic human right? - Kevin Costain
agreed - .LAG liked that
by the way, if you have a sex video, you can see it on an Android, but not an iPhone - Tim Jones
I agree with your assumption though..all data should be expected to become public and treated as such - Jim Posner
Kevin: no. Just ask Bernie Ward. He was arrested for distributing child pornography. - Robert Scoble
Hey can I ask you guys a question? The other day Sarah Lane posted a question on Twitter. I copied and pasted it to Leo's chat room without saying it was from her because I was being lazy, and they tore me too pieces that I didn't "credit" her and even when I tried to explain the admin called me "Scum" trying to mine "his" chat room so that I could take credit. Was I in the wrong that bad to be called "Scum"? - Stephen Pickering
Tim: Steve Jobs is lying about that. My iPhone gets porn just fine. - Robert Scoble
Stephen: you should see what I'm called on YouTube. - Robert Scoble
darn, you Mr Scoble - Tim Jones
Hehehehehe, it just got to me when I tried to explain to "Dan" over their that I was going to tell her I got the answer from them, and he was like "Sure, you Scum" I was like "Whoa" - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I'm not sure. Sometimes online communities turn very mean and attack wrongly. - Robert Scoble
Robert: You do make good points. It could be considered the best way to live and stay honest if you expect eveverything to be public at some point.. - Kevin Costain
so the Privacy Settings on FB are essentially useless - .LAG liked that
IC, ok, thanks. - Stephen Pickering
Kevin: that won't stop me from getting drunk in London and wearing a pink wig again. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's really sad that you don't trust your family enough that "I don't expect privacy in my own home" - Tinfoil 2.0
Robert: lol.. I'm sure all that Tequila I drank in Venezuela will come back to haunt me one day too.. - Kevin Costain
LogEx: who said it would be my family? I might leave a microphone open. And if I send child porn I won't have any privacy. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: can you click like on the brand of Tequila? :-) - Robert Scoble
Conflating consequences of criminal actions with the loss of people's fundamental human right to privacy isn't very helpful. - Tinfoil 2.0
Allright, great show, overall I am very excited about what's happening. I don't know how I got to arguing about Privacy. I guess I playing devils advocate. But its all good. See you guys later. Thanks for the chat!!!!!! - Stephen Pickering
LogEx: also if you can see into your house from a public street, as you can see into mine, you have no privacy by law unless you close the window blinds. - Robert Scoble
...privacy concerns aside, the LIKE button everywhere is going to be HUGE - .LAG liked that
Robert: I don't think you can - Tequila is not a brand - El Jimador, that's a brand.. or the Agua Dente.. that stuff was harsh.. - Kevin Costain
LogEx: sorry, there is no privacy if you are doing something on the Internet. That's my whole point. - Robert Scoble
But.. I have to run a ravage a couple Citrix servers.. the work never ends.. sorry I missed the show.. - Kevin Costain
...well, i think that "closing the blinds" kind of privacy is what some people are expecting with their data - .LAG liked that
LogEx: you can have some expectation of privacy, yes, but I find that that expectation changes overtime. I'm sure the child pornographer expects privacy too. - Robert Scoble
...but you make a good point Scoble: if you're on the Net, there are no blinds... and there is no spoon - .LAG liked that
LAG: Microsoft execs had ALL their email put into public. Even ones that didn't break the law. - Robert Scoble
LAG: and I'm sure they had an expectation of privacy. (Not any longer). - Robert Scoble
mortifying - .LAG liked that
LAG: this is why I say Privacy is Dead. It's easier than to try to figure out when things will really be private and when they won't. - Robert Scoble
LAG: talk to a teenager sometime. You'll learn a whole new language about privacy. They've figured out how to live in public and still have privacy. - Robert Scoble
LAG: for instance, maybe if we want to be private here we'll make up a secret language that only me and you can understand. - Robert Scoble
I'm not really Tim..I'm a one legged dog that goes by the name...Lucky - Tim Jones
...they created whole new language - .LAG liked that
LAG: PGP does that too. Want my key? :-) - Robert Scoble
Tim: we're all dogs on the Internet. :-) - Robert Scoble
...I guess there's opportunities for cryptographic software makers - .LAG liked that
LAG: yes, there is. The question is do enough people really care about privacy? Marshall does not a market make. ;-) - Robert Scoble
...the whole PGP-key sharing thing, it's too geeky... will never work in a mass market product - .LAG liked that 72-yr-old mom won't know what to do with that - .LAG liked that
LAG: I know one company building it into their social network. - Robert Scoble
...but she's expect that her emails are private - .LAG liked that
if they can make encryption brain-dead simple, it will catch on - .LAG liked that
...then you could have some of the privacy people seem to want - .LAG liked that
...oh crap! this conversation's been gr8... I'm late for a meeting! thanks for the insights Robert....l8r! - .LAG liked that
LAG: she can live with that idea. But wait until she leaves her laptop signed in somewhere and her grandaugther gets a look. - Robert Scoble
Anyway, gotta run. - Robert Scoble
Hey is Robert still here? I meant to ask him what he's going to be doing in Israel, if he can make it - Stephen Pickering
apparently, even smoke signals had distinctive signatures of their sender. Running Wolf's smokes were a bit puffier compared to Screaming Eagle - Tim Jones
Robert, still there? - Stephen Pickering
Allright, I'll find out in good time :-) Just curious - Stephen Pickering
all the time - rose-angela
Mike Doeff
Twitter Has a Plan to Make Money With Ads - -
"Twitter will unveil on Tuesday a much-anticipated plan for making money from advertising, finally answering the question of how the company expects to turn its exponential growth into revenue. " - Mike Doeff
Mike Doeff
Twitter Has a Plan to Make Money With Ads - -
"Twitter will unveil on Tuesday a much-anticipated plan for making money from advertising, finally answering the question of how the company expects to turn its exponential growth into revenue. " - Mike Doeff
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 1:00PM PT. Participate at
I'm now standing by, ready to talk about iPads iPads iPads iPads. :-) - Robert Scoble
So am I.. :) - Kevin Costain
I wonder if you'll talk about the recent Apple changes for developers? - - that's some crazy stuff.. - Kevin Costain
iPhone OS 4 not iPads please! - Alex de Soto
Alex: is there a difference? :-) Kevin: of course we'll talk about that. - Robert Scoble
I'm just jealous. Don't have an iPad but I do have a 3GS phone. :( - Alex de Soto
My iPad should be here in Toronto in a few days.. :) - Kevin Costain
Well, why not talk about how Apple mindfucks people into accepting ads as OS features? ;) - Jorge Valentín
Jorge: I thought that was what Google does - Apple just makes you pay for it.. :) - Kevin Costain
Don't get me wrong, am all for devs getting revenue from whenever they can to leave their software free... I'm just saying its ironical that they introduce them as an "OS enhacement". - Jorge Valentín
Jorge, it was a developer event. iAds is a developer feature. I dont understand the problem. - Jamie
check this response from Adobe: - Jamie
What app was that? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Robert: I guess you gave the second iPad to him :) - Kevin Costain
AP does a great job on the Nintendo wii. - Alex de Soto
Alex: That iPad blend was amazing... great stuff!! - Kevin Costain
Steve shaved and got a haircut for his enterprise job on Monday! - Francine Hardaway
yes, congrats to Steve on the new gig! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I had the same glitch with the WSJ app - Francine Hardaway
congrats Steve! please keep the Gang going! - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I wonder if anyone has done a review of the iPad WITHOUT paid apps? How useful is it without any apps or paying for more apps? I recall seeing on Techcrunch that 28% (?) of the apps in the store are free.. not many really.. - Kevin Costain
I have paid more for iPad apps than I ever paid for iPhone apps - Francine Hardaway
Hey Steve, congrats on your new role at Salesforce - Mike Doeff
This is where I came in -- track - Francine Hardaway
Still miss track - Mike Doeff
yea, track was what kept me at twitter once the "oh cool" phase wore off - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
how useful is any computer without apps? not very - Jamie
Lots of Big co's now like Open source - Kevin Marks
congrats to Blaine on landing at Ribbit - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
An iPad with no apps is a really nice web browser... you can then run web apps, and read ePub books - Kevin Marks
What about the IBM/TurboHercules patent mess? I'm hoping that's where we are going.... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Oracle's "true" colors will be how deeply they bury MySQL - it's not Open Source if you can't get to the source - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Jamie: I agree that apps are what make the platform what troubles me is that I'm seeing lots of people who bought iPads dumping alot of cash on paid apps. Most platforms are incredibly valuable because of what you can do out-of-the-box (or as free updates or installed apps).. - Kevin Costain
Steve re that you have to read adobe's response to that change in the developer agreement: - Jamie
iPad is a Consumer device - capital C consumer where as Apple will do as much value-add as they can to continue the cash flow after the initial purchase. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Right. No reason to write native apps anymore. Except they are still making money - Francine Hardaway
Blaine: except that a web app that isn't Apple's (which has access to hidden API's) cannot have notifications, background updates, location services, and so on - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Safari does have access to location services - Jamie
Tight integration seems to be winning across the board. Web apps don't have that yet. - Cliff Gerrish
Doesn't Apples move actually encourage HTML5 app development? - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff: I think you're right - either that or a move away from developing for the platform itself.. - Kevin Costain
Kevin C. - As long as there's money to be made in the ecosystem, devs won't move from it. - Cliff Gerrish
In some ways Apple, Google and Microsoft are just making app devs choose which mobile platform to focus on - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
But, is whomever that posted this ( correct in saying that Apple's intention to "kill" the Flash platform? - Kevin Costain
yes bear, so we need to extend html5 to add more native support - Kevin Marks
PhoneGap is still a valid approach for cross-platform development. It won't work for games or heavy-duty processing, but you can do a lot of simple stuff that way. - Matt M (inactive)
My mistake - I didn't see that it was Lee Brimelow that posted that.. - Kevin Costain
... and it's still officially sanctioned by apple - Matt M (inactive)
KevinM - yep exactly - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert is right - Jamie
native apps still perform stronger than anything i'm seeing in HTML5 too - Marshall Kirkpatrick
But those apps could have been done without needing to fully know Obj C last week. I could have wrote something in many other languages....that's the argument. It has nothing to do with the end user, it has to do with developers and easier cross-platform dev. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Both Google and Apple can push HTML5 forward via WebKit. It seems like MSFT is on board too. - Cliff Gerrish
for now. Marshall - Francine Hardaway
Remember that closed is also "family-friendly." Even though a smart kid can get smut from the open Web. - Alex de Soto
GillmorGang Recording Session w/ Blaine Cook, Kevin Marks, Doc Searls, Scoble now at: - Cliff Gerrish
PhoneGap is sanctioned. They went through this a few months ago and worked with Apple to come up with something that would work for Apple and PhoneGap. - Matt M (inactive)
0y. 6 months to obsolescence - Francine Hardaway
There is no market outside of the iPad market -- it's still in the process of being created. - Cliff Gerrish
cliff right - Robert Scoble
What Doc is saying is the one thing that is making me give a "pass" to Apple for the moment since soon Android tablets will be available - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
My attention to Buzz lasted about three weeks - Mike Doeff
But there is no Android phone or tablet without the work that Apple has done. - Cliff Gerrish
News on the possible RIM tablet.. - Kevin Costain
Cliff - HTC has shown they have the same level of "wow" hardware design skills as Apple IMO - so i'm hoping they will do something - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bear, they seem to have 'fast follower' skills -- not original design/market making skills. - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff: what is good about iPad is only 20% hardware, though. - Robert Scoble
@Cliff - I disagree on that. If not Apple, the CrunchPad would have sparked the movement. Not saying the Joo Joo is great but the CrunchPad sparked lot's of early interest. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Cliff: for those of us with normal household budgets, fast follower is good enough :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert: It's the whole ecosystem. Apple's been preparing it for 10 years. - Cliff Gerrish
Apple's ecosystem can only be challenged by a user/consumer backlash. As long as this sells, it won't be moved from the top spot.. - Kevin Costain
Mark: the CrunchPad got my interest because Mike was aiming for $300, not $500, and the slate idea is something that catches our interest. Apple has satisfied that interest and now other players will have a tough time to get going. - Robert Scoble
Open messaging protocols seem to be fundamentally different that "open" computing platforms. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin: and the users are NOT revolting. If anything they are becoming more evangelistic about Apple products. - Robert Scoble
Robert: From all indications I see - your right. I often hear about the iPhone killer (Blackberry Storm) or no the iPad killer (JooJoo or HP slate). I can't how anything but the consumer could be an iPhone or iPad killer.. and they are clearly enthralled with apple right now.. - Kevin Costain
We always checked into panels at SXSW. That was almost virtual - Francine Hardaway
hmm, I should go talk to some of my Comcast friends about their tv checkin idea - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Francine: exactly. I checked into a revolving door party too. :-) - Robert Scoble
bear get them to look at the netflix activity stream - Kevin Marks
1bn impressions - Jamie
its entirely at the developers discretion - Jamie
and a way for them to subsidise development. - Jamie
Free apps in exchange for watching ads. It's television. - Cliff Gerrish
But, should the check-in be equated to something we actually do in the real world? I almost feel like a new expression is just being created for us. We already express ourselves in the short-form (Twiller), and in the longer form (Blogger) or storytelling (books). Where do we do check-in in real life (except for a hotel)? - Kevin Costain
Yep. I also use Foursquare and don't know why. But, Doc, I am the Mayor of 33 places:-) - Francine Hardaway
KevinM: that was one of the techs on my short list - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
hashtags are the virtual checkins we actually use - Kevin Marks
I managed to be the mayor of one place myself. I would love to know why (other than checking in there.. lol) - Kevin Costain
Look at the iPad Placement in Modern Family. Brilliant and so natural - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: You thought that was natural? Wow. - Kevin Costain
Can't wait to see a Lady Gaga anti-litter campaign. - Alex de Soto
The Truman Show lives. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin, Yeah, because don't you think there were hundreds of thousands of Guys out there who were really like that guy? I was! - Stephen Pickering
If a product is really part of the culture, why shoudln't it be a natural part of the story? - Stephen Pickering
it helps developers make money. developers stay on the app store. apple wins. - Jamie
Stephen: True, i'm one of those guys. But, what was not natural was how forced the storyline was in that show. And doesn't Steve Jobs partly own the parent company of the show. Eeesh, just a but funky I'd say.. - Kevin Costain
Apple is selling a lifestyle and the tools to get there - just like fashion magazines and clothing companies have been doing for decades. They are just one of the first tech companies to make a successful transition to consumer space - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Perhaps I think a bit too critically about that - but while I was watching the show - it felt wrong, wrong, wrong. I can understand not everyone felt that way. - Kevin Costain
Kevin, didn't feel forced to me. I enjoyed it, but we can agree to disagree. Yes, I realized Disney owns ABC, but what I find interesting is that there are a lot of Macs in that show, but the Apple Logo is covered by a sticker on all of them at least in the older epidsodes. I wondered why - Stephen Pickering
The page turn on the iPad is beautiful.. I love the look of that.. - Kevin Costain
Every day I enjoy and more amazed by my iPad. Last night I watched a movie on the wicked netflix app and I can just carry that movie with me wherever I go - Stephen Pickering is Blaine's ebook reader - Kevin Marks
the #qanda hashtag works that way in Australia. Its a weekly TV ABC show where a panel of politicians and other people take questions. The Twitter stream is becoming integral, democratizing - Hilary Talbot
We are the world's biggest consumers! The iPad fits the culture perfectly. - Alex de Soto
But, Stephen, you (and any other viewer of the show) are the indicator for whether or not they went too far. The rating will always reflect that. The question is, though, do you think that show helped sell iPads? If we are to think of the show as an advertisement. - Kevin Costain
Hilary - I often bring up Twitter now when I'm watching the rare live TV show (most of my TV consumption is time-shifted now) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
really blaine? - Jamie
Yes, I do a bit with other shows, too, bear. The interesting thing about Q and A is that the ABC knows its happening and plays to it as well. - Hilary Talbot
What Blaine is talking about was demoed (IIRC) at Xerox Parc in the 70's -- the system followed you from room to room and any computer you were next to became your workspace - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
All of the other tablet devices are inferior in the number of things they leave out. Simplicity rules. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin, oh yeah, I think it did. When I saw him blow those "virtual" candles out with his real breath, that pushed me over the edge. - Stephen Pickering
scoble ftw - Jamie
Hilary - oh snap - I didn't realize it enabled a tighter feedback loop - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
haha.. dont let them pick on you Scoble! - Kevin Costain
User Experience is the Killer app, that's what drives popularity which then leads to a platform ecosystem - Stephen Pickering
You're right Robert, the user experience is incredible. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I've heard this argument before. - Robert Scoble
Stephen: I thought the timing was a bit off - but that was pretty cool.. :) - Kevin Costain
yea, I wonder why more folks are not calling "follower foul" on Apple for bringing in some of the Nexus One features - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Moore's Law and Battery Life are on a collision course. - Cliff Gerrish
THe thing is, any of these companies could build a similar device, but they don't. It's like they are blindsided - Stephen Pickering
we heard the argument just 3 years ago. the iphone doesnt do this, it doesnt do that. - Jamie
The phone wars are over. The pad is the next battle ground - Stephen Pickering
Yes, very much, Bear, And the q's are kind of off-the-cuff , so you see a different side of the panelists. - Hilary Talbot
And nothing does ALL of this/that together.. really a glowing rock with 11 hours of battery life would sell.. :) - Kevin Costain
What else compares to that? No PC of any sort.. - Kevin Costain
Hilary - ah, I can see how not having a prepared script will cause them to react in a more organic/normal way to questions - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I switched from my Blackberry to Andriod for the touch interface.. the Storm doesn't do it for me either.. I'm still using the G1 (for now).. - Kevin Costain
This is a marriage of the Analog and Digital world. - Stephen Pickering
The only thing I see about the iPad that causes me to not immediately buy one is just that my $dayjob requires me to have more than one application's window active as I do research or fix issues. I would need 2 or 3 iPads *and* have them be able to share data - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
It took me about a week to totally get used to the iPad. And when the new OS comes out it will be even better. - Francine Hardaway
Stephen - GUI + NUI (Natural User Interface) - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff, ah yes, I like that, NUI - Stephen Pickering
I have carried nothing but the iPad all week. I do have a problem with productivity apps and attachments. I presume OS 4.0 will fix that - Francine Hardaway
An interesting perspective on how the iPhone was a training tool for a new era of iPads. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
the iPhone was also a proving ground for small UI's and if the user would accept a single task oriented consumer device - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Viewing the twitter stream by touch gesture is incredible, I must say. It's a much more natural way of travelling through the stream - Kevin Costain
Does it have a mike and camera? - Alex de Soto
Where's Dave Winer????? - Francine Hardaway
yeah get dave in the picture - Jamie
Don't be so sure he doesn't want to be on - Francine Hardaway
Get Dave on! - Mike Doeff
Holy crap, a true kick-ass conversation on FF <sniff> This is beautiful man </sniff> - Dave Hodson
so is the Chirp conference just a "make them feel good" while they sharpen they knife? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Liked Ben Long's naysayer about iPad. Exactly my experience. Amazed the way all you guys have drunk the kool-aid. - Jefferson Berlin
Loic didn't seem happy - Stephen Pickering
This is what Calacanis warned of though - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: especially since they announced the "Official" BlackBerry app - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Loic has said Seesmic is about helping you connect with your brand, not about Twitter - Francine Hardaway
Yeah, he didn't like "official" - Stephen Pickering
Yes! Congrats Steve! - Kevin Costain
a great show Steve! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
cool, Scoble's playing Geometry Wars. - Vezquex
The 4/9 ep is on Youtube: - beersage
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