Thank God It's Friday...Maybe Not WhereYou Are This Is Yesterday -
Thank God It's Friday...Maybe Not WhereYou Are This Is Yesterday
Hope You'll Be Seeing More Here As The End Of My 30's Is Near -
I’m stuck on Question 2 of #ultimateproblemsolver. Can you help?
10 LinkedIn Tips for Building Your Business
Eliquid, Cartomizers, Ego Batteries, Atomizers, Electronic Cigarettes and more!
Pinterest Rolls Out Curated Newsletter for Users
I need a tattoo!
Nothing like a long time friend having prostate cancer to ignite your writing.
Finally figured out how to message back with this new format. OK how long have you been tweeting?
Writing Wednesdays: The Fruits of our Labors
Still traumatized buy jury duty, need to write about the experience.
Wray Herbert: Old and On the Road: Can We Train Older Drivers to Be Safer?
Sponsor Job Opportunities - BarCampWiki
Being on a jury is like having a job.
News and Events - About - 50-Plus Internet Marketing: Immersion Active
The Check-up of the Future | WBNG-TV: News, Sports and Weather Binghamton, New York | Photo Galleries
Why aren't seniors wowed by tablets? | Aging In Place Technology Watch
Is that me outside there?
Need to be getting somewhere.
Temptation is an offer of $100K but letting people down is not something I would want to do on purpose.
Jumped the gap today!
I wish that all I follow would follow me back, even is nice.
I question the ethics that I see in marketing lately and why am I so stagnant.
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