Vote for the best flamingo! #ACMgroup2014
.@bhecht has best slides of the day. Great presentation! #ACMgroup2014 (ps my location is Boulder and Sydney :))
RT @IsaJa: #ACMgroup2014 Facebook's users don 't know the consequences of their privacy settings? read the full paper
Hurray for recognizing limitations to the study - makes for better framing and understanding of claims. My 2c-worth. #ACMgroup2014
This Facebook privacy settings study is great. I bet most people have doubts or are wrong on their settings. #ACMgroup2014
RT @sociallycompute: Hearing of #acmgroup2014, a leading social computing conference, Obama calls for a free and open internet.
Entire room thoroughly enjoying Doug's presentation. #ACMgroup2014
"Most users don't want to lie" [about their attributes on online dating sites] - this means the rest are delusional? #ACMgroup2014
Doug has gone to great extents to de-identify the free online dating system he studied. #ACMgroup2014
Looking forward to 'Impression Management Struggles in Online Dating' aka why men get it wrong online. #ACMgroup2014
Mediamum Daily is out! Stories via @HennArtOnline @hmusa
I'm sitting in Houston airport, Texas, listening to Sydney radio WS-FM. I couldn't survive without the internet! @JonesyandAmanda
I'm sitting in Houston airport, Texas, listening to wsfm. I couldn't survive without the internet!
DEN to RSW via IAH
Academic woes: Discovered my poster is 1in too long for a standard poster tube. Have to call out the Guardians of the Galaxy size tube. :(
Clever brands invite me to events where I am excited to share what I'm seeing/doing/hearing. They make it easy and natural.
Forest and I both rolling off to bed. Pohew
So good - the @olivegarden Pappardelle Pescatore #OGTastes
Beautiful rich Grilled Chicken Butternut Squash Alfredo Fettuccini. #OGTastes @olivegarden
I voted today and I'm not American. My vote is for @olivegarden's Chicken Abruzzi. #OGTastes #under575cals
Insanity! The Garlic Rosemary Chicken with mashed potatoes is under 575 calories! You don't have to limit yourself at @olivegarden #OGTastes
Loving the Bucatini with Spicy Three Meat Sauce and Sausage Meatballs. Just the right spice! @olivegarden #OGTastes
Now we are trying the Smashed Chicken Meatball Sandwich @olivegarden #OGTastes #CoolName #TastesAsGoodAsItLooks
Loving the new Risotto Bites on the @olivegarden menu! #crunchy
Preparing to guest lecture in the Introduction to Computing class this evening. This week is all about presentations!
I just wrote "cite that stupid idea by that guy." I kind of like that I will know exactly what that means when I put the refs in. :)
I remember when people were scared of buying stuff online. Now they're more scared of shopping centers.
Dropping in two textbooks from 2012 I found in kid3's room and trying to fix his registration for year 11. Because I am the mom.
Traffic on campus is stupid. All these new people arriving for dorms and registration. #GetOffMyLawn
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