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I just wrote "cite that stupid idea by that guy." I kind of like that I will know exactly what that means when I put the refs in. :)
I remember when people were scared of buying stuff online. Now they're more scared of shopping centers.
Dropping in two textbooks from 2012 I found in kid3's room and trying to fix his registration for year 11. Because I am the mom.
Traffic on campus is stupid. All these new people arriving for dorms and registration. #GetOffMyLawn
Mediamum Daily is out!
On the blog: Petaluma: Exploring Sonoma County's gorgeous exclusive wineries - #petalumamade
I believe people are watching Twitter for #Ferguson updates bec of lack of algorithmic adjustment seen in FB. But volume of data is hard.
RT @BeaconReader: Fund journalism on-the-ground in #Ferguson. Every dollar goes directly to reporters on the ground.
Being born in America is a really easy way of being an American. However, those of us without that privilege have to turn water into wine.
And then I will come back and complete my CSCW reviews. (Typing these tweets appears to be a weird kind of procrastination.)
I believe I have checked every flight possibility to Sanibel for GROUP in November, and think I've made a decision. To go hike with the dog.
Scrolling through eBay, something in my head just said "ooh, a crossbow!" I don't know who I am any more.
My favorite @Zevia flavor, ginger ale, is sold out! :(
News of Robin Williams' passing is just shocking. Such a terrible loss. What a great comedic legacy he leaves.
Darn it. I have no stamps. And so I must go buy stamps. It will be a race between me getting stamps and the postman coming here. And...go!
Mediamum Daily is out! Stories via @emile_hokayem
I blogged authentically about today: He's Back.
Kid2's CUBuffs transformation has begun.
Good grief I love my kids. Wow. Listening to the boys catching up. This is what it should be.
According to @hashtracking Hashtag Explorer, #mumtracker generated 83,918 impressions with 10 tweets recently.
Thanks to the @united social team who confirmed for me that Kid2's ticket was processed. #mumtracker
We're leaving for DIA. Here's a pic of Kid2's flight right now (hope he's on it!) #mumtracker
So cute - both Kid3 and Kid4 just came down to tell me they're ready to go to the airport and get Kid2 #mumtracker. #NotYetGuys
.@markgammon Ooh! It's flying now! It's flying! Here's a pic of it in the air. :)
Pushed from gate 50 minutes ago and still taxiing, so sayeth FlightTracker. :( #mumtracker #stress
United flight 870 has arrived at the gate in SFO. Yeeha! Now to hope he makes his connection to DEN. #mumtracker
RT @ThatEricAlper: I hope this really happens.
Tracking Kid2's flight in realtime. On time! #mumtracking
Photo shoot baby. Invoking the blue shadow! #invisaligntalk
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