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RT @BZB: @Mediamum You are a week ahead of me. I've still got laundry that needs folding.
I just sneezed, and whacked myself in the head with my tea mug. So that's how this is going to go, huh?
I've been on Twitter for 7 years today. That's kinda a long time. I should probably get a real job.
OH at family dinner: 'Stop twerking at my Dropcam!' #onlyMyKids
Very proud of the two groups of students who did fieldwork with me this week. Positive, focused, inquisitive. Proud to be #CUBuffs
RT @aqualung: @Mediamum Yes, I believe so … but very little used, methinks
If something is not unwieldy, does that make it wieldy?
Solve a family ... 'conversation'. If one is in Montreal, in a supermarket, can one buy Maltesers?
Mediamum Daily is out! Stories via @QueenofCr8tvty @petit_elefant @neetzan
RT @eatplaylove: @Mediamum I saw the best bumper sticker last week, Put Down Your Phone And No One Will Get Hurt!
Don't make a dumb choice with your smartphone. #justdrive I unfollow ppl who post from behind the wheel.
It's illegal to use your cell phone to text or email in New York State. #justdrive
If you think you're a social media leader, and you #instagram while driving, you're a dick. #justdrive
I will take this as far as it needs to go. Social media and driving don't mix. #justdrive
Don't be a dick. #justdrive
I loved this weekend. Another step In multiple areas of my life. Thanks to the people who make it possible.
And I've forgotten what I sat down to check. I'm getting offline now. As soon as I close the lid, I'll remember.
Sit down to check something quickly online. Get sucked into Open Street Map. Half an hour later I've mapped 3 locations around the world.
RT @toddlevin: My cat is missing, and my heart is breaking. Last seen in Los Feliz area near Rowena Reservoir. Pls RT. Pls help.
And Ghostbusters just linked with my work. Mr Staypuft, the Marshmallow Man is on the scene. Fun link to Sandy data. I give up. :)
Actually, I write very little blog at all, these days. ;)
I obviously do not write a food blog.
Also, I made 'mummy burgers' which teens actually eat, make me feel like I did cook dinner (patties, yay), and everyone's happy.
The best thing about having teens: Come home exhausted, & "Ghostbusters" is on. "When someone asks if you're a God, you say YES!"
RT @QPSmedia: Residents btwn Cardwell & Yeppoon are being urged to prepare for heavy rainfall and flash flooding as #TCIta...
But confession: Afterwards, I drove directly to the local starbucks and used my computer to write my own field notes for an hour. :)
I really loved the experience of getting CS people away from their computers. One asked, "Can I take my computer?" Not one used it! :)
Fieldwork for group one completed - mapping animal evacuation sites to assist with traffic flows and information during crises. #Tired
It's a great day for fieldwork!
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