Jennifer Leggio
I really do dislike Plurk. I'm starting to wonder if the people touting Plurk's virtues just want to be right about Plurk -- versus seeing the reality of Plurk. Thoughts? Am I wrong? If so, tell me. Still contemplating a ZDNet blog on the topic.
The whole karma thing bugs me. Turns microblogging into a competitive sport. - Hutch Carpenter
The threading is really nice, but for some people the simplicity of twitter is much more appealing. - Rob Diana
Look at what's happening on The race for the most amount of followers. Same difference if you ask me. - Bwana ☠
I haven't found Plurk to be usable. The sideways scrolling, the constant "You have an update!" notifications: it gives me a headache. - Mark Trapp
i tried plurk -- a little too bubblegum for me to be honest. plus the karma points make me feel like i'm in some competition. - Cee Bee
I enjoy the threaded conversations while I'm there. Really really easy to have conversations. It took me a week to get used to the timeline, but when I did, I could see the value. It's a totally different animal from Twitter. (literally) - Bwana ☠
I haven't used Plurk THAT much, but it seems to be carving out its niche as a chatty, lightweight application. There's clearly a group of people who really like it. It won't appeal to everyone, but I think it will find its own audience, probably at the expense of Twitter or FriendFeed. Shrug. If nothing else, it shows that people are interested in conversations, just as they have been for the past 20+ years. I will probably be an occasional user at best, but it probably wasn't designed for me either. - Mark Dykeman
I try not to compare it to Twitter and judge it on its own merits. I just feel overwhelmed having to collapse every single thread just to see if I might be interested in the convo. And having to collapse every thread to see if anyone responded to time. I can't even fathom how a business might use it as some folks have suggested. - Jennifer Leggio
Regarding Jennifer's question, I sincerely believe people who say they like Plurk. Of course there are some who simply must be right as that is true with any situation, but the people I've observed and talked to on Plurk use it for meaningful purposes. You hate it and it seems like you hate to see people like it. :) It's not a black and white type thing though. The term "reality" doesn't have a factual meaning here because liking Plurk is purely opinionated. - Bwana ☠
I disagree that Plurk can be used for business purposes. In my opinion, it's a social, fun tool to be used between friends and family. - Bwana ☠
Regarding following threads, the technique I found to work was selective reading. To "catch up" on Plurk, you will drive yourself nuts if you try to read every thread. What I do is skim the conversations and find the 2 or 3 I'm interested in and I read those. With the new "mute" functionality, I have a rule that if a unwanted conversation shows up 3 or more times when I catch up, I mute the thread. This workflow allows me to catch up on hundreds of updates in minutes. - Bwana ☠
Even with that technique, many don't want to bother with all that. That's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with disliking it. Plurk can be a huge timesink even with efficient techniques. That was a big reason why I cut back my usage. I would spend hours talking to people. No time for that :) - Bwana ☠
@Bwana "You hate it and it seems like you hate to see people like it." That was an incorrect, unfounded and unnecessary judgment. Just trying to understand it as all. I don't have that much free time to sit around and play with all of these tools so I ask questions to get other people's insights. I expressed an opinion but that does not mean I hate the other people like it. I don't understand why other people like it. Big difference. That comment kind of discredited your whole statement. - Jennifer Leggio
It was a joke Jennifer, hence the smiley. Text sucks for wit. - Bwana ☠
There are lots of things I dislike -- baseball, pork, country music. I may ask questions to better understand the appeal and in doing so I might express my own opinion, but that doesn't mean it bothers me if other people like it. I just may never agree and may always look at them with a raised eyebrow. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
@Bwana - Yeah, hard to tell if comments with a smiley online are jokes or passive aggression. lol. In that case ignore my statement. But I still dislike Plurk, baseball, pork and country music. ;-) - Jennifer Leggio
Plurk took away the ability to delete an account about 2 weeks ago... I wonder why that is...? I'm guessing Account Retention due to an increased frequency of deletions... sad though that they would prevent you from deleting your account. They don't answer support inquiries either. Fail across the board. - Brandon
I'd like to know how in the world people would use Plurk in their business. A far stretch would be to gather feedback from their products (as businesses do on Twitter, etc). Other than that... I can't see it at all. - Bwana ☠
I find the headless graphic disturbing. - Angel Aviles-McClinton
@Bwana Yeah, I'm trying to figure it out. I've seen a lot of claims made but nothing in action. If I hear of anything concrete I will let you know. - Jennifer Leggio
@Brandon I'm actually interviewing the Plurk folks sometime in the next week so I'll ask them about the account deletion and support. - Jennifer Leggio
Angel - so did I at first. You can change that graphic, but it's not obvious - Bwana ☠
I think the Karma thing bugs me the most. The timeline, is kitschy and I think needlessly complexifies the UI, but ultimately is just a personal preference. I could see businesses using it the same way they use twitter, but with greater potential for starting a dialogue since it is trivial for anyone to track the full conversation. - felix
@Jennifer That sounds great, thanks. - Brandon
have a plurk but check it minimally - never really had what i was looking for, but neither did jaiku or pownce - think will be the same way - am liking swurl so far though but friendfeed is the real keeper... - mike "glemak" dunn
@Mike Agree. I think that FF has the most sustainability of them all. I wish I could say that about Twitter as I do <3 it... but not looking so good. - Jennifer Leggio
@Jennifer agreed, i ♥ twitter too but things aren't looking that well anymore. FF ftw. - Brandon
@mediaphyter, Plurk is as good as the friends you follow... yet I can't condone one replacing the other. - Czar
Jennifer I can tell you that the people using Plurk are there because we honestly love it. I was on there last night laughing my head off till I was crying at some of the stuff other people were plurking about. It was literally roll in the floor hilarious! I can understand why some people don't like Plurk, but I can also understand EXACTLY why those of us that spend time on Plurk, love it. - Mack Collier
@Mack But the hilarity of the content has nothing to do with the platform, it's the people right? Those people could be anywhere. I have similar experiences with Twitter and FriendFeed and even Pownce before I retired from there. Saying "but it's funny" doesn't defend the platform. It just says you happen to have a good network or find good conversations. That can be done anywhere. - Jennifer Leggio
I'm over at Plurk trying to give it another chance. It's making me feel like I have ADD. Plus there's no way I will remember all of the threads I've posted on. Maybe I need to carry around a Plurk notepad and write them down? :-/ - Jennifer Leggio
Yeah, but people also tout the virtues of MySpace. - Evo Terra from twhirl
Plurk does seem to be a love/hate app - Sarah Perez
Why do people feel that Plurk has to be useful for business? I wasn't into social media at the time but did this type of discussion happen when MySpace came out? Unless you have a band, not too many business uses for that either but it's still very popular. - Vaughn
@Vaughn I don't think anyone's saying it has to be useful for business - but a lot of people are claiming that it is. So I want to understand how (and am currently having that convo with Plurk itself via email). As for MySpace, as much as I've outgrown that myself, a lot of consumer-oriented companies DO still use it for branding and promotion. It's a lot of the B2B companies that it has scared off. - Jennifer Leggio
@Jennifer Leggio That makes sense. Sometimes I feel that Plurk is the square peg and people are trying to force it into the round hole. - Vaughn
Jennifer, stick around a bit longer, it grows on you. But notably: different types of conversation, more informal, less depth. In terms of the layout, I don't like it either, which is why I created Plurkair using the mobile version for the desktop: I prefer Plurk Twitter style, and in that way it's an able player in the space - Duncan Riley
Only mouse-clickers like Plurk. For the keyboard folk, it's like trying to write a 4000 word physics essay with a giant crayon, horrible interface! and Karma? "come back to our service more than Twitter, or we will punish you!". Plurk sucks ass. - Cait
Plurk just blows my mind. I click on something and then it's all ZAZOW and does something crazy I didn't expect. - brad sucks
I like Plurk alot more that twitter, I've got a whole lot more real life friends on plurk. I also like how you have great control of what your profile looks like. I like the timeline, even if it slows down my browser a bit. But I'm a visual person like that. And I like, at least in my opinion. I like how active the community is. I don't like how there are few if any myspace, facebook or lj apps/widgets for plurk. The whole karma thing is annoying, but has made me post more on plurk than I normally would - james
Plurk is better to understand for the casual social user than chatrooms or Twitters and even FriendFeed IMO. It's easier to monitor multiple conversations and reply to them rather than finding out what's up with someone and never getting past most of that. Twitter, I couldn't get. Looks more like something businesses might use and FriendFeed, don't even try following the conversations. It's too hard to monitor the comments unless you have a specific submission in mind. - Fake Name