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I’ve been trying to get through Charles Stross’s Accelerando for months now. Maybe it’s time to give up.
self quote: “cmon megan go to bed. and by go to bed i mean go to work.” #wishfulthinking
The best thing about my cooking is eating it.
OMG, there’s weather!
The Fifth Element - Complete Score
Can we just all acknowledge how awesome Kacy Catanzaro is for being the first woman to finish the American Ninja Warrior?
I was going to go for a run tonight, but then I had to walk 1.5 miles b/c trains are dumb. Also, rain. #excuses
LPT: Just add sriracha.
Trying to decide which is worse: Linkin Park or Nickelback.
Affective and Effective are not synonyms. #justsayin
Cleo with her fancy haircut!
Cleo got shaved today! She ran under the couch before I could get a picture, but she is now half of her usual size.
I made some bomb-ass tacos, coconut mustard chicken, chicken piccata, and chicken curry this weekend. I have missed cooking, it’s so fun!
Recipe for complicated breaded chicken: simmer until chicken is no longer pink in the center. Yea, lemme just grab my x-ray glasses…
Pixel just restarted my laptop. Thanks, jerk.
Neat Chrome extension finds responsive design breakpoints on your page and creates view for each breakpoint.
It totally blows my mind how small consumer computers can be these days.
Because karaoke wasn’t nerdy enough: cc @gsiegman
Why yes, I did just put the whole damn frying pan in the fridge instead of putting the food in tupperware...
That thing where I open a new tab in my browser, and then forget why.
Dear allergies: FUCK OFF. kthxbai.
I just used @HailoNYC to get to a vet appointment and home again. Usually, I have to walk halfway (with kitty!) before I can hail a cab!
Kyle and I both got kissed by Voltaire!!!!!
I should really create this alias for git: giot.
I had some seriously horrible dreams last night. Lots of panicked waking up to make sure it was just a dream.
RT @ProjektRecords: Rare NYC @AurelioVoltaire live show this Friday at 8pm! See you there :)
Pixels gotta push.
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