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My thoughts on guns and gun ownership have nothing to do with my gender.
All of my IE8 troubles today were caused by not noticing that the browser had gone into quirks mode.
Someone took a bath in cologne this morning and then got on the subway. Thank you sir, my sense of smell is shot for the day.
Vape Dojo's Gum Fu Panda tastes kinda like children's cough syrup.
RT @ScriptEdOrg: "Theyre turning into serious programmers who can debate the bounds of Math.random as seriously as they debate time travel+comic book fights"
RT @snipeyhead: Great, comprehensive list of services that offer two-factor authentication: (h/t @trdarr)
RT @vaguity: I love these posts that say "we have no evidence that the Heartbleed was used." Yeah, no one does, because that's impossible.
RT @tswicegood: “You know that little locked padlock next the address of the site you're visiting? … it's intended to be ironic.”
RT @wilto: A browser plugin that swaps all of the copy on any page containing the phrase “our journey” with “so, listen: Facebook bought us.”
RT @StartupLJackson: Throw your hands in the aaay-ir, if you 2-factor auth and just don't caay-re.
Confirm? MT @dangillmor: Security ppl saying: DO NOT reset Internet password until the specific site has patched its OpenSSL vulnerability.
WHAAAAAT?! Red Dwarf renewed for 11th series
I will never understand the designer obsession with widows.
So you want a forum with no registration, no moderation, and everyone can upload images? #internetdeathwish
This is so smart and adorable. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
Does a female-friendly environment automatically exclude anatomical humor?
Re-reading The Fountainhead, thought of this scene from The West Wing:
Kyle is reading Stranger in a Strange Land and his brain is exploding all over the apartment.
So many reasons to build this: Arduino Motion Detecting Squirt Gun #cats #coworkers
I am wearing a wrist brace to protect my wrist, but as a result, my shoulder is starting to hurt….
I read every single one of the Dragonriders of Pern books, and loved them. #annemccaffrey
Frozen parody: Will you help me hide a body?
Love this concept: gremlins.js is a monkey testing library written in JavaScript, for Node.js and the browser.
I started listening to WBUR's Here and Now to replace Talk of the Nation. Not doing it for me. Any other alternatives?
Make Perfect, Crispy Bacon Every Time with BACON METHOD.
Metal cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen Also, everything else this guy does.
Metal cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen Also, everything else this guy does.
RT @jswatz: The world is full of wonders.
7 train service changes are so disastrous.
About 25% of the time, I have no idea what is going on on The Good Wife. I feel that this 25% is crucial to the plot...
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