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I keep feeling like I’m forgetting about things I have to do this weekend...
RT @ScriptEdOrg: We just sent our acceptance letters to our students for our Summer Internship program. Congrats on all your hard work this year!
RT @nessthehero: “Can we do X?” Dev answer: No. Real answer: NO. Secret answer: maybe
RT @ChrisLKeller: Attn: @erikaaaguilar @sandentotten Seems important... RT @tuppaware: A Total Eclipse of the Heart, as a flowchart.
RT @ArtSinclair: If you're a rageaholic, twitter is a great source of rageahol.
Bergen Community College suspends professor because he posted a pic of his kid wearing popular pop culture t-shirt.
RT @brainpicker: Hope Is a Girl Selling Fruit – gorgeous Indian illustrated celebration of women's journey toward creative freedom
Despite having a population of more than 310 million people, 47 percent of the USA remains unoccupied. Maps are cool.
The collection of chemicals and neurons in my brain kinda dig the collection of chemicals and neurons in your brain.
The collection of chemicals and neurons in my brain kinds dig the collection of chemicals and neurons in your brain.
RT @derekwillis: Will be posting this periodically til it happens: where is my @source podcast?
RT @nytimes: Gabriel García Márquez, Exemplar of the Fiction of Magic Realism, Dies at 87
I find this hilarious: "fatal: cannot handle ADD internally"
RT @ScriptEdOrg: Did you see our April News updates? Check them out here:
This IE8 bug had me stumped for hours. #abandonhope
Name your price for CSS Animations Pocket Guide by @vlh.
Cuteness is a domesticated cat survival skill.
RT @hbillings: Protip: If you're in a bad mood, troubleshooting FrontPage generated code in IE8 is probably not going to improve it.
Thank you, DNA, for once again sparing me the Passover hangover. #justluckyiguess
Irregularly-shaped img + live text + link + responsive = Nope.Nope.Nope.Nope.
RT @ddt: "The beard has turned into the padded bra of masculinity." An Open Letter to Bearded Hipsters.
Use code MEGAN3388 on & get $25 off 1st home cleaning or handyman booking! @handybookhq Excited for my 1st cleaning!
RT @Circa: The Guardian US, Washington Post share 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Snowden revelations. Full list of winners here:
RT @GreatDismal: Next major security bug, considerably less serious but in the short term more dramatic, will be named Nosebleed.
RT @jimbradysp: Dear non-journalists: US journalism will now be taking a break from now until about 3:15pm. See you in 30 mins. #Pulitzers
PSA: Please Stop Calling Nerds the T-Word #techie
Crap, I guess I’m going to Trader Joe’s after work tonight. I have to pick up some Kosher for Passover wine. #procrastination
RT @jacqui: Happy Pulitzer day, newsies!
RT @gsiegman: This talk on Impostor Syndrome and burnout by @juliepagano is excellent. I really could've used this a year ago.
If only so I don’t feel so left out of an hour and a half worth of my Twitter feed once a week!
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