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Because karaoke wasn’t nerdy enough: cc @gsiegman
Why yes, I did just put the whole damn frying pan in the fridge instead of putting the food in tupperware...
That thing where I open a new tab in my browser, and then forget why.
Dear allergies: FUCK OFF. kthxbai.
I just used @HailoNYC to get to a vet appointment and home again. Usually, I have to walk halfway (with kitty!) before I can hail a cab!
Kyle and I both got kissed by Voltaire!!!!!
I should really create this alias for git: giot.
I had some seriously horrible dreams last night. Lots of panicked waking up to make sure it was just a dream.
RT @ProjektRecords: Rare NYC @AurelioVoltaire live show this Friday at 8pm! See you there :)
Pixels gotta push.
Hey NYC, make sure you catch @AurelioVoltaire perform this Friday 7/11 @ 8PM @ DROM
Its dangerous to eat tuna with kitties about.
I just finished 30 minutes of Circuit Training with @Sworkit Totally earned my drumsticks with sriracha-honey sauce!
RT @smwat: it's the 👀of the 🐅 it's the 💥 of the 👊 ⤴️to the 🎮🃏 and the 🔚📖👼 🌽his 🙇 in the🌃 and he's 🙈👓 us 👪 with the 👀 ...of the 🐅 ✌️
Rewatching the first 30 minutes of the Germany vs Brazil game. #WorldCup2014 #GERBRA
Tonight’s cheese: Saint Nectaire Salty.
RT @taupecat: you. me. wordpress. sass. New York City. Aug. 2 @ 11:30. the #WCNYC schedule is out, baby.
Whatever Grunt is doing is taking 20 seconds every time I make a change. :(
RT @Upstreamism: Nothing's more American than consoling yourself by talking gleefully about another country doing something worse.
RT @TheKm: Oscar displays the world's saddest post-goal face.
RT @harrisj: The German players are basically strolling like they’re invisible
RT @webjournalist: Wow! #GER adds yet a sixth nail to #BRA’s coffin! #WorldCup
RT @paulbradshaw: Smart. “@FR314: DAYUM! RT @BuzzFeedUK: 5 Germany goals in one #Vine”
RT @ProPublica: Do contraceptives prevent pregnancies or end them? @tnr looks into the controversy:
Worst news ever, @TheKm. RT @dkberman: New York's 48-store CRUMBS cupcake empire is to close and cease all operations
Pixel just launched himself off the couch and landed 10 feet away. Dude, I need your super morning powers. Give them me.
My skirt and I got into a fight while I was out walking today and now my thighs are chafed. #skirtssuck
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