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Strawberry basil lemonade is delicious. That is all.
I gave Cleo a bath 8 hours ago and she still has a few damp spots. :(
My body is betraying me this weekend. First my back, now my hip. #gettingold
Wet dingleberries are the worst.
It is important to note that the census counts students living in dorms as living in their parents' home.
.@grayfuse We need to combine tableflipping with ‘flipping a shit’.
RT @johnbowman: There's some Ghostbusters shit going down in NYC. @NBCNews: CAUGHT ON CAM: Lightning bolt
Loving this thunder! One of the very few things I miss about Florida.
RT @TheKm: We're now having a semantic argument about having semantic arguments. #someta
RT @hesterstfair: Frittering Away is a classic lemonade stand w/a twist. Try their Watermelon, Jalapeño Limeade! @fritteringaway1
RT @grubstreet: You should take a look around Manhattan’s premier oyster bar on a boat:
RT @ScriptEdOrg: Congrats to our #ScriptEd students! They've finished #scriptedbootcamp and are ready to roll for their…
RT @kev097: "We at Facebook are sorry you plebeians do not understand our enlightened genius. We'll use small words next time."
.@gsiegman What if we told men who want sexytimes with women who have a healthcare plan that doesn't cover birth control to get vasectomies?
RT @ashleymayer: Soccer is all like: anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety ... sweet sweet euphoria or death
RT @ScriptEdOrg: Kendra and Kobe are brushing up on @angularjs before their internships start on Monday! (Cc @ngNewYork)
RT @GreatDismal: Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby dissent, in song
No more Ms. Tolerant Atheist.
RT @buhny: I swear to you, ALL I fundamentally want from feminism is to be considered as human as a man.
Tonight’s cheese was unremarkable (tomme de savoie), so good thing I bought Hot Fireman's Pear Jam at @Bklyneats!
RT @snipeyhead: From my 11-year old (boy) mentee. It really is getting better, folks. This kid is exceptional, but he exists.
I checked in at Pommes Frites on #Yelp
I just checked in at Wafels & Dinges on #Yelp and earned the Rookie badge!
I checked in at Williamsburg Bridge on #Yelp
I checked in at Pies-n-Thighs on #Yelp
I checked in at OddFellows Ice Cream Co. on #Yelp
I checked in at Depanneur on #Yelp
I checked in at Bedford Cheese Shop on #Yelp
I checked in at The City Reliquary on #Yelp
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