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When you want to make a thing, but you don’t know how. :-/
What is the deal with the arrows icon in TweetDeck and this Collections thing?
Just bought my tickets for Maker Faire NY!
::headdesk::headdesk::headdesk:: $12 A Month For Facebook – Sprint Tramples Over Net Neutrality With New Prepaid Plan
I checked in at Down the Hatch on #Yelp
This not safe to keep this many nerds away from their caffeine.
Internet out. :/
I’m becoming obsessed.
RT @root2702: IN THE WORKPLACE YOU: __Seek out new responsibilities with gusto __Wait to be assigned tasks __Weave silently through the inky blackness
Just got an email from a recruiter. The subject line begins with “Woh!” ::facepalm::
RT @Pinboard: I’m still determined to wait out the whole app fad until the normal web comes back. And if I’m wrong, I’ll go down with this ship
RT @adamclarkestes: The smallest piece of private property in NYC is the size of a pizza slice.
::headdesk headdesk headdesk:: It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All
Did Congress just do smg that doesn't fuck users in favor of corporations? Congress passes cellphone unlocking bill
I walked 9 miles today, playing #ingress. This is officially the best thing ever. #Enlightened
Seems important: ALL THE FOOD/WINE/BEER/CIDER & FUN YOU CAN HANDLE! Saturday, September 6th, from 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
I walked 2.5 miles this morning, playing #ingress. #Enlightened
RT @elfworld: .@RichardDawkins Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction, Study Finds
Hey guys, remember this? The Time the United States Blew Up a Passenger Plane—and Tried to Cover It Up
Le sigh. The control field I built last night is being destroyed this morning. My evening’s work is cut out for me. #ingress #enlightened
.@Instacart comes to NYC! Get groceries delivered in one hour. $10 off first order + free delivery.
Ugh, I was so close to leveling up when it started raining! #ingress #enlightened
RT @jbarro: I'm not sure who's more annoying: the inflation truthers, or the honeydew truthers, who insist that tasty honeydew melon exists.
Who wants to go roller skating this weekend?
My baby sea turtle is sitting on top of my monitor. a) was it there yesterday and I didn’t notice? b) is it some sort of p/a msg?
Finally got around to installing @ingress last night. I’m “Mythrail", playing on the side of the Enlightened.
I’ve been trying to get through Charles Stross’s Accelerando for months now. Maybe it’s time to give up.
self quote: “cmon megan go to bed. and by go to bed i mean go to work.” #wishfulthinking
The best thing about my cooking is eating it.
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