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Thank you, DNA, for once again sparing me the Passover hangover. #justluckyiguess
Irregularly-shaped img + live text + link + responsive = Nope.Nope.Nope.Nope.
RT @ddt: "The beard has turned into the padded bra of masculinity." An Open Letter to Bearded Hipsters.
Use code MEGAN3388 on & get $25 off 1st home cleaning or handyman booking! @handybookhq Excited for my 1st cleaning!
RT @Circa: The Guardian US, Washington Post share 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Snowden revelations. Full list of winners here:
RT @GreatDismal: Next major security bug, considerably less serious but in the short term more dramatic, will be named Nosebleed.
RT @jimbradysp: Dear non-journalists: US journalism will now be taking a break from now until about 3:15pm. See you in 30 mins. #Pulitzers
PSA: Please Stop Calling Nerds the T-Word #techie
Crap, I guess I’m going to Trader Joe’s after work tonight. I have to pick up some Kosher for Passover wine. #procrastination
RT @jacqui: Happy Pulitzer day, newsies!
RT @gsiegman: This talk on Impostor Syndrome and burnout by @juliepagano is excellent. I really could've used this a year ago.
If only so I don’t feel so left out of an hour and a half worth of my Twitter feed once a week!
Now I think I’ve developed enough distance from the books, maybe I should start watching.
I had just finished reading the GoT books when the show came out, so then I couldn’t watch the show, bc inconsistencies piss me off.
KFC Prom Corsage #awesomeorawful Bring me two, 'cause I’m eating one on the way there.
RT @frenchielaboozi: i can't believe i have to keep washing this stupid body until i die
Cleo has excellent taste in reading material.
Use code MEGAN3388 on & get $25 off 1st home cleaning or handyman booking! @handybookhq Excited for my 1st cleaning!
Finished reading The Fountainhead, for the 7th time. I’m not a follower of her philosophy, but damn, could she put together a sentance.
WANT. This robot printer runs around the page laying down ink
"This JIRA board is clean.” - Tangina, Poltergeist
RT @jeresig: You should write code every day:
My thoughts on guns and gun ownership have nothing to do with my gender.
All of my IE8 troubles today were caused by not noticing that the browser had gone into quirks mode.
Someone took a bath in cologne this morning and then got on the subway. Thank you sir, my sense of smell is shot for the day.
Vape Dojo's Gum Fu Panda tastes kinda like children's cough syrup.
RT @ScriptEdOrg: "Theyre turning into serious programmers who can debate the bounds of Math.random as seriously as they debate time travel+comic book fights"
RT @snipeyhead: Great, comprehensive list of services that offer two-factor authentication: (h/t @trdarr)
RT @vaguity: I love these posts that say "we have no evidence that the Heartbleed was used." Yeah, no one does, because that's impossible.
RT @tswicegood: “You know that little locked padlock next the address of the site you're visiting? … it's intended to be ironic.”
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