RT @ScriptEdOrg: @csnyc & @lsudol have #NYC teachers in students' seats this month, lending them tools to learn #gaming, plan #CS lessons & #teachkidstocode.
Why is category exclusion in Wordpress still the hardest thing ever?!
Dear PHP, die in a fire. kthxbai.
The best thing about being married is that @TheKm can deal with the roach infestation and I cannot.
"No one is paying for my birth control but me” This is about an employer imposing their beliefs on their employees http://www.feministe.us/blog...
AMAZING. This is a Finnish band called Steve'n'Seagulls playing AC/DC's Song “Thunderstruck” Hillbilly style. http://www.chonday.com/Videos...
.@MtBakerVapor Is there a recom'd steep time for Freckled Lemonade? It’s good out of the box, but I’m tasting like, a hint of Splenda?!
I might have to go back to bed. I just put the ground coffee in the fridge.
When you open a new browser tab and then forget why...
Phones are out in my entire building. Productivity quituples.
RT @obrien: So, foursquare is yelp now. Shouldn't one just buy the other and get it over with?
Today was a good day to bring my first-ever Nerf gun and plenty of ammo to work.
RT @Pinboard: Gaze into the tech abyss, summer 2014 edition. http://techcrunch.com/2014... Note that any of these apps could have been (and were) done in 2009
RT @ScriptEdOrg: A terrific #JS trio in #NYC will become a fantastic foursome. The 1st ever @queens_js meetup is tonight & we're sponsoring. Check it out!
Platonic ideals in programming. :D
Before I talk, I should read a book.
Streaming music on shuffle from home server (>3k songs) and getting some really old school shit. Static-X!
RT @TomNamako: Primer on ebola for NYC residents: Q: Will you get ebola? A: No.
I woke up 30 minutes early this morning so I would have time to farm for #Ingress before work. #Enlightened
RT @ScriptEdOrg: Want to transform #tech this week in #NYC? @NYCEDC rolls out a week filled with tech events to help you do just that. http://nycedc.tumblr.com/post...
It’s official, I am deeply sick. Was up walking around a graveyard linking portals BEFORE coffee this morning. #Enlightened #ingress
“I need more palms.” - @thekm while watching Oz the Great and Powerful.
Apparently its bad movie night?! Following Noah up with Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. X-(
This would be cool if clips ever stayed in my hair: http://gizmodo.com/a-multi...
Noah has a magic snake skin. From the evil snake in the Garden of Eden. So many wuts.
What if the story of Noah had rock golems and magic fire rocks?
Kyle and I are watching Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah' and just…what?!
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