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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Judy Chicago is doing fireworks now???? I am totally going to this: BUTTERFLY-THEMED
holy WOW. - Catherine Pellegrino
The cat stopped eating, and my sister is pursuing a job that is, at minimum, a 12-hour flight away (with a 6-hour time difference). So, you know, things could be better.
If you need them, hugs from afar. - Julian
(((Meg))) - Jenny H. from Android
**hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks guys. Vet appt is Tuesday AM, but presumably drawing blood will be required, and I don't think that's possible, so I have no idea. - Meg VMeg
Oh no. - Marie from iPhone
thinking of you here. - Marianne
xoxoxoxoxoxo <-- you get all of the kisses and hugs i have. - jambina
:-( - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Sorry to hear it, Meg. - Steele Lawman
Thinking of you out here, too. - Catherine Pellegrino
Nooooooo! I am so sorry. I will think good thoughts for Jeffrey and come knock sense into Ellen's head if need be. Hugs in the meantime. - laura x from iPhone
They're keeping her today for tests and subQ fluids. Current guess is kidney disease/failure. - Meg VMeg
keep us posted, pls. - Marie
Bill de Blasio is my fucking hero:
Also, search is working! - Meg VMeg
Yessss people don't understand this importance. - Lily
Soooooooo...what are the best options for watching Mad Men (season 7) online? Still the Amazon season pass, or is there anything better?
it's streaming on netflix i think. - Sir Shuping is just sir
ohhh..current season no. sorry, missed that part. i would say amazon then. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oh well, worth a shot. - Meg VMeg
Costco in Brooklyn. Maybe I could handle it 3 times a year.
It is a lot. - Zamms
Third time in under a month that I've bought a 6- or 4-pack of beer at the store, but when I get home, one of the bottles is missing. It's spooky.
That's ....... odd. - Zamms
how do you get home from there, car, metro, other? maybe there's a ghost along the way? or aliens - Sir Shuping is just sir
seriously, you'd think we'd be experts in the weight of a 6 pack by now. getting old sux. - jambina
Did you drink it? ...are you sure? - Jason P
My spirit travels far... - Zamms
I love the song "Smooth Criminal" so much.
^haha. - Derrick
mmmmm, jamon - jambina
I love how insulted/galled the cartoon antidepressant pill looks in the Abilify commercial.
WHAT, A CARTOON ANTIDEPRESSANT PILL ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? And Abilify just smiles back, faux sheepishly. - Meg VMeg
Abilify pill is a smug bastard and needs to get the bar of soap in the sock treatment in the pill planner late at night. - Big Joe Silence
I just finished "In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson, and it is stunning:
And we're still back! What a glorious day!
I was scared to check until now. - Meg VMeg
Our long, national nightmare is over. - Mark Trapp
My neighborhood (borough?) is full of smoke. Picked the wrong day to start jogging again *cough*
I could smell smoke over on the Upper West Side. Wonder where the fire is? - Stephen Francoeur
Brush fire in Jersey? It definitely smells like autumn. - Meg VMeg
That must be it. - Stephen Francoeur
It's fine outside, but I can smell it in the atrium at work. - Meg VMeg
!!! - jambina
Ritter Sport cornflakes
Yes. - Zamms
My favorite. - Derrick
I still have not seen that flavor anywhere :-( - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I am officially in love with all women in their 50's who lead large, IT-related/focused entities.
The ones I've met so far are entirely badass. - Meg VMeg
Bought my cat a Bret Michaels cat toy because it was on sale at PetSmart for $2.50. She loves it.
In other news, Bret Michaels has a line of pet supplies. On sale, if you're lucky. - Meg VMeg
\m/ (=^;^=) \m/ - Zamms
Oh, whew! I thought your cat's name was Bret Michaels. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Cause cats don't need nothin' but a good time? - Corinne L
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I said, "Go fuck yourself," as often as I thought it.
It was my Boris Badenov comment, wasn't it. - Joe - Systems Analyst
OH: You can't even not, with this dude, dude.
duuuuuuuuuuude. - RepoRat
*nod* - Marie
Coffee shop! Coffee shop for birds!
BIRD - Meg VMeg
Smart of them to put in a mic, so you can click over when you hear rustling. - Meg VMeg
Farm Heroes Saga
i love it - jambina
I assume it's a Steinbeck-inspired game. - Meg VMeg
I just had a grapes of wrath flashback. - kendrak from Android
Grapes of Wrath II: Plums of Fury - Zamms
Grapes of Wrath III: Raisin Cane - Pete
Thunder!!! I can't remember the last time I heard thunder.
i woke last night to the sound of thunder. "How far off?" i sat and wondered. *runs for life* - Big Joe Silence
Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.
oh man, i'm out of baking powder or i would totally be making that. - jambina
Can someone explain 2048 to me? Is there strategy I'm not seeing?
How fast do you play it? - Meg VMeg
Try to keep the biggest number in a corner and the row and column it's in should also be sorted low to high. I was talking to someone about this and he described it as "sorting", which works but also takes most of the fun out of it. - Andrew C (✔)
Eventually, you'll reach a point where you can't make a move without abandoning the corner, and then it's luck whether you can get it back there or find another corner. - Andrew C (✔)
Maybe I don't have the attention span, then. I just start mashing keys after a bit. - Meg VMeg
I found that I got good at it intuitively (andrew's guidelines are useful but not all there is to it) and I play it rhythmically. Usually while doing stuff like talking to my mother or watching tv. If I think about it too hard I screw it up. (But then, I can't win at poker if I try to math out the odds, either.) - Marianne
Yeah, I used the corner strategy, and tried real hard to not give up having my highest pieces on the bottom row. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
What a week.
yis - lris
I forgot to include February 2013 in my FY13 stats report. - Zamms
Irrationally biased against resumes involving color.
I see nothing irrational in this. - ellbeecee
What ellbee sez. - Walt Crawford
what type of colors are we talking about? the favorite one I saw used a yellow font on white paper. with some pink thrown in for good measure - Sir Shuping is just sir
Any color whatsoever (though I'm fine if email addresses and URLs are incidentally blue). Like, even if the effect is aesthetically pleasing and the information is well laid out, I just hate it on some kind of principle. - Meg VMeg
I prefer resumes with some design sense. *shrug* Possibly an allergic reaction to CVs, which ugh, so ugly and hard to scan. - RepoRat
I am irrational biased against resumes involving the movie Colors. I can check IMDB to check if you're in it. - Zamms
I like small color accents, but I hate when they use text boxes in Word, and then don't convert to PDF, so you see boxes of dashed lines all over the whole thing when looking at it electronically. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
What about, say, a résumé that appears on a website that already has a theme involving color? Should it appear on an unthemed page? - Mark Trapp
I'm okay with tasteful use of color in HTML/web-based resumes. It's only the PDFs and Word docs where it bothers me. Clearly I am insane. - Meg VMeg
Mark, that I'd expect it to be themed as the site, but give me a link to a pdf too because I still need to be able to print it off and mark it up (well, if you're an actual applicant. And in that case I'd have expected you to attach your resume/cv to an email and make my life easier) - ellbeecee
ellbeecee: oh sure, definitely on the PDF alternative. Meg: nah, I totally agree, though maybe for different reasons. My feeling is that Word docs and PDFs have an implied "this may be printed" contract associated with them that web/HTML does not, and I don't want to go all wasting my precious color ink on some superfluous coloring. I guess I could always just check "B&W" when printing, but that's an extra step that's not needed! I dunno, maybe we're both insane. - Mark Trapp
Jacob Clifton used to come over to my house all the time, when we lived above the Magick Cauldron on Westheimer, and he gave my now-ex-boyfriend the book that I ultimately got my tattoo images from, but I never read TWoP, even though Jacob said it was "big", because I guess I was doing other things, I don't know #namedroppinginternetcelebrities
Westheimer in Houston? #differentkindofnamedropping - Marie
Yep. A block or so from Montrose. Used to be Infinity Records. - Meg VMeg
The one where Sheldon knows football.
I find this equally as delightful as the new Old 97's song
I saw that too a good reality check, no? - LibrarianOnTheLoose from BuddyFeed
There's an old Clay Shirky quote (about the semantic web) that has always stuck with me: "Any attempt at a global ontology is doomed to fail, because meta-data describes a worldview." - Meg VMeg
I got zero work done this weekend. I purchased a season pass of Broad City as a reward.
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