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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Maybe this weekend, I'll try some nance: It's in a bunch of markets near my house. Has anyone eaten it before?
Nope, but I'd try it. - Stephen Francoeur
what Stephen said - jambina
Just got upsold at the fucking optometrist's office. Hate hate hate hate hate hate. If I can't get my money back, I'm calling to complain.
What did they sell you, just out of curiosity. - Kirsten
Now it looks like they just lied to me, and said my insurance wouldn't cover a single box of contacts? So that the annual supply would seem more cost-effective? They also said they gave me a "more advanced exam," so I had to pay $60 instead of my $15 copay, but I was not told that it was a "more advanced exam." - Meg VMeg
I should have paid $15 copay and gotten a free box of contacts. Instead I paid $610 and will get 13 boxes. - Meg VMeg
there's a new law from like last year or so that says they have to give you your prescription so you can shop around - heard about it because a pet one is being considered.i got my contacts at costco for much cheaper... have to do reimbursement either way. - Christina Pikas
Oh crap, and I forgot about Costco. Crap crap crap. Crap. - Meg VMeg
Oh man, that advanced exam stuff: it's for glaucoma or something, right? It's never covered by insurance and they always try to upsell me to that, too. - Mark Trapp
Yeah, that's all a load of BS. Ca medical offices be reported to the Better Business Bureau? - Kirsten
You may also be able to ask your credit card to help you if you paid that way. - Hedgehog
So I have also now realized that I am being charged way too much for these lenses (I haven't bought contacts in years). Ughhhhhhhhh. Kirsten, it's not a medical office per se, because it's just like one of the strip mall places. Hedgie, what would I tell them? I was considering contacting them, but I don't know what I would say. And it says "NO REFUNDS" all over my receipt. I know I can still yell at them, and escalate, and whatnot, but ughhhhh. I am such an idiot. - Meg VMeg
Ugh, what a mess. - Marie
Now, why don't women trust men? - Joe
Honestly, I'd consider filing a complaint with your insurance company as well as potentially whatever government agency licenses them. They're not allowed to lie to you about what insurance covers or perform procedures or tests you haven't explicitly agreed to. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, that's part of the long-term plan. I'm going to call in the morning to "cancel the transaction" (I don't even have the contacts yet), and pretend that I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, that "someone" misunderstood my insurance. Playing dumb, you know? Because we are, right? - Meg VMeg
Huh. You have to (get to?) apply for a permit to use a metal detector in NYC parks and beaches:
My husband lost his wedding ring in an Edinburgh park and some kind person with a metal detector came to help us. He had to get permission and everything he found was to be turned over as it belongs to the queen. (We didn't find the ring but it was fun to look). - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
This skirt has pockets, but they give the silhouette a faux panty-line effect, so I may have to sew them shut and cut them out.
Noooooooo! - Kirsten
Tragic - Steve C
ballz - jambina
We take Christmas in July very seriously up here.
Movie set? - Stephen Francoeur
It's for "Flesh and Bone" which is apparently "an upcoming American drama television series created by Moira Walley-Beckett. Its first season will premiere in 2015 on the American cable television network Starz." Ballet-oriented. - Meg VMeg
I'm sure your baby will look cute eventually.
But for now...nope. - CAJ hates pants
dang. that's rough. but sometimes, true. Once when Waif's namesake was presented with a new baby at her church she was stuck in the unenviable position of telling the truth, and hurt the parents feelings, or lying in the sanctuary (which she, unlike a lot of preachers, takes very seriously). Her quick and glorious mind came up with "Now that's a boy! That's a real boy!" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
My great grandfather, I am told, used to say, "My, that IS a baby!" - laura x
Sometimes they need a few months on them to fill out and get chubby. - Stephen Francoeur
^^this. - Corinne L
Does anyone have the Roku stick? Does it work okay?
*bump* - Meg VMeg
Oh, now I'm seeing it only works with certain tv's. Nevermind. - Meg VMeg
I don't have one, sorry: I wind up using Apple TV for streaming. Weird that it only works with certain TVs: seems like it should work with anything that has a free HDMI port. - Mark Trapp
0.9 miles today. I could have done a whole mile, but I was tired of the people. I swear, 20% of my energy goes toward figuring out what the fuck the other swimmers are doing.
It's the thing that stresses me out most about swimming laps. - Kirsten
I did another 0.9 today for the same reason. I have a number of theories: lack of floaters between lanes, confusion about the words "lane" vs "line", totally bizarre drills that require dead body stillness after 8-10 strokes, flopping to facilitate frottage, distraction by construction. - Meg VMeg from Android
I will only go to pools that are very empty for this reason. - laura x
this is why i can't swim! - kendrak
Today I swam behind a guy who was great for the first and last 25% of the length of the pool. In the middle 50%, he would veer sharply to the left, then swim into oncoming traffic for a good 20 meters before returning to our lane. Every single fucking time. - Meg VMeg from Android
It bums me out! I work in a public service position, and I can't come to work angry every day because the public is ruining my healthy fun exercise. - Meg VMeg from Android
Did you say the lanes didn't have dividers? I could see that causing problems - Christina Pikas
No floating dividers, just the stripes on the floor of the pool. - Meg VMeg from Android
No bueno on the lack of dividers. Is this a small community pool? - Corinne L
Wait, no floating dividers? wth? Seriously uncool. - Catherine Pellegrino
It's an Olympic-size, WPA-era public pool. I have no idea. At least this gives me hope about other pools! - Meg VMeg from Android
That's so odd that a public pool wouldn't have floating dividers that are clipped to the pool sides for lap swimming. Maybe a few emails to the right folks would help move things in a more organized direction? In any event, may you find the perfect place to swim laps with more coordinated, rule-following fellow swimmers! - Corinne L
The secret to Shake Shack is to get a beer from the very short express/beverage line, then you can drink it while you're waiting in the very long food line.
You're welcome. - Meg VMeg from Android
Stuck in my head for days - Meg VMeg
What. the. fuck? I mean, what the fucking fuck? - Zamms
Jen: "That was problematic." - Zamms
She means awesome. You will crave this. I can't stop. - Meg VMeg
Also, welcome to 2003! How I miss it, in some ways. - Meg VMeg
The lighting could pass for 1977. Why does TV still look so bad in 2003?! - Mark Trapp
I blame Craig Kilborn. For many things. - Meg VMeg
Listening to the original now. - Zamms
Sounds so restrained, no? In comparison? To this effervescence? (Seriously why does the original sound like that? It's like Collective Soul or something) - Meg VMeg
That is now my new profile description. - Zamms
AND ALL THE WORLD IS FOOTBALL SHAPED (your description is very good for Biden) - Meg VMeg
Is this song about BDSM? And anxiety? I haven't checked yet. - Meg VMeg
Um...where does one check for that. - Meg VMeg
It's more or less a stream of consciousness, written specifically to be a chart topper. Here's an interview with Andy Partridge, where he discusses what led him to create the song: - Mark Trapp
You rule. - Meg VMeg
So...yes. - Meg VMeg
Nothing, they just sound like they placed all the speakers facedown on the floor before recording/playing. - Meg VMeg
I could see that. I am not a big CS fan. I saw them for free once. about 17 years ago after their first album. - Joe
This needed to be bumped. - Zamms
oh yes - Meg VMeg
Mandy sure is cute, but I like the XTC MTV version a little better. - Joe
I like that I can always find this just by remembering the word effervescence. - Zamms
Assuming I remember how to spell effervescence. - Zamms
Oh my god, this morning I was going to bump this. - Meg VMeg from Android
I need to bust out my XTC stuff - Steve C
This is so good. It's something about how unlikely it is that she knows and likes this song, but she does, so what the fuck are you going to do/say about it. - Meg VMeg
And the eye contact at 3:38-3:45. Like, who knew this was a sexy song? Mandy Moore fucking knew. - Meg VMeg
And has committed to the occasional awkward "OWWW!" against everyone's better advice. - Meg VMeg
The arrangement is so odd. The bouncy cheesy synth in the second verse just KILLS me. Have you seen the track list on the album this is from: - Zamms
I want to listen to this sososososooooo much but everyone's still asleep here .... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
WAKE 'EM UP!!!! - Zamms
Oh wow, no, I didn't realize it was even on an album. How odd. - Meg VMeg
Russ says: "Is that Pat Benetar?" - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Benatar? spelling ish - LibrarianOnTheLoose
How much I love Katy Perry for stealing the phrase, "eye of the tiger".
And if any Kacey Musgraves fans have missed this, it's so fucking great: - Meg VMeg
And if anyone isn't familiar with Kacey Musgraves: - Meg VMeg
"Damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't, so you might as well just do whatever you want." - Meg VMeg
"just cuz you can't beat them doesn't mean you should join them" - LOVE - jambina
I love Katy Perry, though that surprises me every time I acknowledge it. I generally disdain the manufactured pop radio tastemakers, but she's just so damn versatile and always seems to have this look in her eyes as though she letting this happen because she wants it, and she's in control, and she's having a laugh with us. - Holly's favorite Anna
Love Kacey Musgraves, but hadn't seen your first link yet - thanks! - ellbeecee
Crap, Anna, I missed your comment. Yes. - Meg VMeg
JFC, I'm at a Neutral Milk Hotel show that is paused indefinitely for lightning.
And here's a funny/awkward transition: moving from speaker to subject (generationally) in the ALMOST TWENTY years since Mangum wrote, "And your mom would drink until she was no longer speaking; and dad would dream of all the different ways to die..." - Meg VMeg from Android
It was a good show. I have so much more sympathy for the parents in that song, now. I wonder if Jeff Mangum realizes. - Meg VMeg from Android
You should have said hi to my second cousin! - kendrak
Which one!! I screamed Julian quite a bit as he was playing saw/banjo/bass and I love him from Music Tapes and maybe Elf Power. - Meg VMeg from Android
My second cousin was playing viola or French horn. - kendrak
A dude? I mean, there was only one lady, obv. - Meg VMeg
A dude! - kendrak
Huh. - Meg VMeg
So here is a thing I realized about the song "Rocky Raccoon": she calls herself "Lil' McGill" using lil' as a cutesy modifier. It's NOT that she arbitrarily chooses to go by the actual name "Lil" for no real reason, while everyone thinks she's nuts, or that it's a dumb nonsensical rhyme. It does make sense: Lil' Nancy McGill.
One small problem that has been deep in the back of my mind since childhood has now been dispelled. Thank you. - Steele Lawman
I further posit that everyone makes a point of calling her Nancy because she's rather plump (or old?), and not lil' at all, and so calling herself that all the time gets on their nerves. - Meg VMeg
Alternatively, it could be a play on, "What? You mean, lil' old me?" and she's pretending to be innocent in the whole Rocky/Dan matter, but everyone knows that she's not. - Meg VMeg
Huh. I always surmised it was the actual name Lil, but it was her middle name because she hated her first name; everyone called her Nancy anyway because she grew up there and she went by her real first name until she got older. Kinda like how Indiana Jones goes by Indiana, but his father still calls him Junior because Indiana was their dog's name. - Mark Trapp
I feel like the fact that they were in "the black mining hills of Dakota" and later at a "hoedown" (etc. etc.) also backs up the Lil' theory (because of the Western theme). I plan to tweet at Yoko Ono tomorrow. - Meg VMeg
At least I'm not this crazy: - Meg VMeg
Oh my. - Mark Trapp
Holy crap, she does a whole QandA day each Friday: - Meg VMeg
Mark's theory has also always been mine, but I like yours better. Also, please keep us posted. - laura x
FWIW, I'm 150% less angry that Apple is using a Julie Doiron song for their most recent ad (even though it's over-the-top targeted at parenting types my age) than I was about the incredibly lame "Gigantic" ad.
I do feel that someone there is making a Breeders joke out of it. - Meg VMeg
Maybe there's a kaiju approaching from the Atlantic. #toomanymonstermovies - Stephen Francoeur
two minds, Stephen...with one thought. - Big Joe Silence
i sort of want an airhorn now. - kendrak
I instantly thought of you. - Meg VMeg
you know what i like. being loud and obnoxious for the world to love. - kendrak
I would have paid good money if it were a minimalist Scandinavian performer/composer and not kids. - Meg VMeg
OMG Stephen, have you ever heard this: (have to listen through 0:40) - Meg VMeg
Kendra, you'll like too, if you haven't heard, though the airhorn isn't until 2:43 - Meg VMeg
why haven't we started the librarian nowave band to make all the $$$$$$$$? - kendrak
because we're the only ones who would buy the records? - Meg VMeg
I mean, I'm open to a SWOT analysis. - Meg VMeg
Obviously. - Meg VMeg
We could be called OMGCLC. But it's not offensively grammatically/technically incorrect enough. - Meg VMeg
there would be other librarians who buy the records. they are the ones who slouch and look annoyed at the librarians who karaoke to taylor swift. - kendrak
I love you all. - laura x from iPhone
that's too many letters for my knuckles :( - kendrak
have to include thumbs :( - Meg VMeg
OMGCLC ... that's so underground :p - Hedgehog
Meg, the DJ Detweiler song is awesome. The recorders reminds me of when Mr. 11yo was in 4th grade and they learned a number of songs on recorder that year, although nothing as much fun as this. - Stephen Francoeur
I found the DJ for our band: - Stephen Francoeur
This is a great video, if you have an extra 8 minutes, enjoy quiet narration of excellent visualization, and love to think about global weather/atmospheric patterns:
Oh, neat! - Kirsten
Right? It really is. - Meg VMeg
Today I'm trying a swim cap for the first time. Also, I'll have the full 90 minutes, if I want (you have to swim during specific early/late times to have it count for the 25 miles).
0.6 miles in about 40 minutes. I need a nose clip, I think. I'm also scared of wearing goggles, in case they bruise my eyes. Is that crazy? - Meg VMeg
Just registered for the lap swim program at the nearby park. 25 miles and I get a free t-shirt!
Trying to figure out where I can buy a lock and a swim cap on short notice... - Meg VMeg
Gotta go to Mo's! - Stephen Francoeur
Dammit, and I have no idea where my swimsuit is packed. I am totally going to Mo's. - Meg VMeg
Today I swam 0.3 miles. I think. - Meg VMeg
Do you ever use the pool at NYU? - Stephen Francoeur
I haven't! I'll definitely consider it, if I can keep this up for the summer. - Meg VMeg
Oh, wait, I swam 0.6 miles. Thank goodness I did that math wrong! - Meg VMeg
I've been thinking about swimming in the mornings here at Baruch. A number of my colleagues in the library do the same. Maybe we'd have impromptu discussions about linked data, etc. as we pass in lanes - Stephen Francoeur
Do it! We can race to 25 miles! - Meg VMeg
Or, you know, have discussions about our separate impromptu discussions about linked data, etc. - Meg VMeg
Oh good, kids outside playing with an airhorn.
time to find a squash and stick in the airhorn - Sir Shuping is just sir
Over-tipped, because the bar reeked of mildew and the patrons were shrieking, and so I felt bad for the bartender who made me an amazing cocktail involving black pepper syrup and muddled strawberries when I asked what he would recommend.
Dear Taxi Driver: You can't tell me that driving me to my house is basically taking money from your pocket, then in the next breath, complain that Uber is destroying the entire business. Or, you can, but I'm not going to be very sympathetic. Love, Meg
He said that because it's a short trip? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
They usually say that if you take them to a neighborhood where they can't pick up a customer going back the way the taxi is headed. - Spidra Webster
Yes, I know why he said it (it's a long trip, Starmama, but he can't get a $$$$ fare in Brooklyn, because of a variety of reasons). In fact, I have had taxis refuse to drive me to Brooklyn before, which is illegal. The thing is that this is why people like Uber. - Meg VMeg
So much for that guy's tip. - Stephen Francoeur
Sorry, Meg, I was responding to Starmama. I very much understand why you'd be upset by that and that's why Uber and others are able to eat so much of the taxi cos' lunch. - Spidra Webster
Ah, gotcha! I also just got off a red-eye, so everything makes me crabby :) :( - Meg VMeg
Hated that when I was living in queens....rude cab drivers who didn't want to take me home - Hedgehog from Android
Man, a lot of times they could easily pick up fares in Brooklyn when they have to go out there, but they purposely avoid the hotspots and drive straight back to Manhattan because they don't want to risk having to go even deeper into the outer boroughs. - Mark Trapp
Yeah, and they could easily pick up fares if anyone in the outer boroughs ever expected to see them or get picked up by them, which we don't, so they can't. It's a very interesting ecosystem of politics/economics/logistics (especially now that green taxis and Uber are here), and I would have been happy to discuss it with him, but I think he wanted to "have a debate" or something (or make me feel bad or tip more). Who has the energy? - Meg VMeg
Last night in Utah. Red Iguana takeout ftmfw.
that looks *so* good. - holly #ravingfangirl
Roughly left to right: queso, beans, salsa, chips AND totopos, enchiladas suizas (but they do it with mole poblano), an almond mole dish called PUNTAS DE FILETE A LA NORTEÑA, shrimp quesadilla, nachos - Meg VMeg
It's seriously amazing. You had to wait 40 minutes for a table, so we got everything to-go in 15. - Meg VMeg
So wise. I ate lunch there once. Good stuff. - laura x from iPhone
Laura! We saw so many bison. We thought of you. - Meg VMeg
Aww! I miss it out there so much. - laura x from iPhone
And I miss you and Ellen too!!! - laura x from iPhone
We miss you! *mwah* - Meg VMeg
Any nachos left? *wants* <oops! sorry. Threadjack> - Marie
Animals I did not hit at 2am, after driving 4 hours, after being awake since 3:30am: 3 deer with antlers, 2 deer without antlers, 2 jackrabbits, 1 cottontail rabbit, 1 freaked out raccoon frozen in the middle of the road.
The next day I did not hit a family of 5 Merriam's turkeys (3 babies) and 2 Kaibab squirrels. - Meg VMeg
Greetings from the North Rim!
When's the last time you used a laundromat?
1997 - Micah
about 13 years ago, but I will again later this month when I'm on my bike tour. - DJF from Android
A week ago tomorrow. And tomorrow I will again. - ellbeecee
over and over in various cities in 1993. low budget touring sucks. - Big Joe Silence
Couple years ago when dryer crapped out. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
find a laundromat in $city before ubiquitous Internet and wifi and Giggle Mops! - Big Joe Silence
the hotel in philly during SLA2011 - jambina
Last summer during vacation. - Hookuh Tinypants
was it SUDDENLY last summer? - Big Joe Silence
2008 during honeymoon travel. - RepoRat
At least 10 years ago. - Brian Johns
2010, I think, to wash my comforter. The last time I used one regularly was maybe 2002. - laura x
Last Friday. - Slippy: Potato Croquette from Android
Joe, it was TOTALLY SUDDENLY last summer. - Hookuh Tinypants
the last time I was in San Francisco. two summers ago? something like that. - t-ra: taking the piss
2007 in Missoula, MT - Jim: with more caffeine! from iPhone
I'm so jealous of y'all. I have to get it down the stairs, in the car, and to a different neighborhood. Hate having to use a laundromat. Last time? Week n a half ago. Going again Friday. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Last summer for massive bedding & linen washing. Otherwise it's downstairs in my building. I look forward to the day when I have my own washer & dryer again and I don't have to save all my quarters for machines. - Corinne L
I'm going to tomorrow for the first time since 1999. But I'm going to cheat and use their wash-n-fold service. - Akiva
Two weeks ago. (It will soon be time again.) - Julian
2 years ago when I moved in w Philosopher. we have in building laundry. - Hedgehog from Android
Earlier this year, when I was living in Vegas and the bunkhouse washing machine was broken for about 6 months. - Jenny H. from Android
Last fall to clean my duvet and mattress pad. I have a small washer with agitator, and they don't fit in it. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
Used the apt one last fall. Truck stop one two years ago - Joe Hardy from Android
Last year, to wash our mattress pad since it doesn't fit in the laundry machine. - Andy
Laundromat. Um, Paris, I think. Yeah. Paris was 1995. Last laundry-not-my-own was the at motel I lived in December 2011 while my house was being repaired post-earthquake. (Haha. They still haven't finished off the work, but at least they finished enough that I could move back in and even eventually put the curtains back up.) - Deborah Fitchett
Six days ago to do sleeping bags before the camping trip. - Joe
Sunday. - Steven Perez
Probably a year ago but I think it's likely I'll be using one at least once on this upcoming trip. - Spidra Webster
My husband used one yesterday, but I am still washing my clothes by hand. - April Russo
Two days ago. And I didn't use the laundromat, it was consensual and mutually beneficial. - Todd Hoff
Frontera frontera frontera frontera frontera frontera frontera frontera frontera
You are in Chicago? - Julian
ARE YOU?!?! - jambina
You got stuck at my airport due to rain, figured I'd return the favor! - Meg VMeg
I am at Meg's, so if you need a place to crash, just holler. - jambina
Will do, thanks. Hopefully our next flight won't get canceled. - Meg VMeg from Android
Tortas Frontera calls Negra Modelo, "Mexico's finest Munich-style Dunkel beer" - Meg VMeg
That would probably be funnier if you'd been up since 3:30am. - Meg VMeg
I was up off and on from 1-7:30. It's pretty funny. - laura x from iPhone
I'm just too tired to laugh properly. - laura x from iPhone
*fistbump* - Meg VMeg
There is an Amish or fundamentalist Mormon woman here, plugged into a battery. Also this other woman is having a really loud and excruciatingly detailed conversation with her child about the child's loose tooth. - Meg VMeg
My pants are covered in Garrett's cheese powder. - Meg VMeg
We are eating torta number 2. - Meg VMeg
what's your ETA? - jambina
So we're boarding in an hour, barring further storms and/or federal requirements for rest. - Meg VMeg
ah, okay. let me know! - jambina
There is a thing called Central Time for people in the central part of the country. Remember? I think Houston would have been in it. - Joe
Made it! - Meg VMeg from Android
Only LBC appreciates the joy of DVORAK. - Meg VMeg
It's unfortunate. More people should know this joy. I've tried to proselytize, but often failed. - ellbeecee
Turn the Internet back on, you motherfuckers.
uh oh. what happened? - jambina
Outage of some kind, since last night. - Meg VMeg from Android
do you know who to shake down? - kendrak
Time Warner? - Meg VMeg from Android
you're not stealing it? - kendrak
Stealing internet? I lack the energy and easy access to (or delivery of) electronic components to steal cable. We might do DSL. - Meg VMeg from Android
We're DM'img on twitter now. I WANT TO BELIEVE. - Meg VMeg from Android
NOT STEALING i mean using open wifi. - kendrak
are they good on DM? comcast has always been useless. - kendrak
Ohhhhhh, there's nothing open here for 5 years or so, now. It remains to be seen if they're good on DM, I assume it's kind of like dermatology and they're stalling for the situation to resolve naturally. - Meg VMeg from Android
Yep, "techs are working to restore service ASAP" with no estimated time of repair. It's helpful for them when I move to DM, though. Hate. - Meg VMeg from Android
Why can't vertebrae and nerves be friends?
Such a good question. - laura x from iPhone
Anyone know of a good resource that lists scholarship opportunities for undergrad women pursuing STEM majors? Something national/international and/or that breaks down these opportunities by institution?
Or is this not a kind of money that undergrads traditionally apply for? I can't figure out why there's not a list. The best I've found so far is this Gender Equality one from Berkeley: but it's not entirely science, and includes UC-specific info. - Meg VMeg
US news has an old list I don't know of a newer centralized list but the groups they mention all seem to have undergrad and grad $$ available. - Hedgehog
Yeah, that's the next best thing I found. But it's missing so much stuff! Now I'm finding some good stuff in a bunch of different places, but I'm surprised there's not a more comprehensive list (maybe some kind of reference source), and I do not have time to compile one. - Meg VMeg
Where's a LIS intern when you need one.... :p - Hedgehog
lol - Meg VMeg
There are books at the public library. Scholarships by major by region by other decriptors - Christina Pikas from iPhone
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