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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Still the best mayor ever
Wonderful image. - Marie
Does he always have his kids at hand or does it just happen I've only seen photos of the whole family? Most politicians try to keep their kids out of the spotlight, he seems to do the opposite. - Soup in a TARDIS
This Gillette commercial, with the razors shaving a raw chicken cutlet or sushi or something, makes me nervous and slightly nauseated.
Helped a dancer from Martinique navigate the Atlantic-Pacific station after she asked me if Union Square was the same as Union Street (it's absolutely not). She was wearing facepaint, an elaborate crown, a coconut bra, and was covered in pheasant feathers. She'd gotten separated from her troupe during a stampede at the West Indian Day Parade.
On our way through the station, we had to stop because some European tourists wanted to take a photo with her. - Meg VMeg
She said that crowd control/security is much better in Martinique (re: stampede). I told her that's why I don't go to parades anymore. - Meg VMeg
I want a step-stool so badly, but it would take a bus ride and hours to get one, but I want a step-stool so badly, etc.
Isn't there a you can order from? - Zamms
Can only have Amazon delivered to work, and it would be harder to get home during rush hour with stupid step-stool. - Meg VMeg
It's also possible I'm just in a self-pitying mood. WOE IS ME, THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS SUCH EASY LIVES, WITH STEP-STOOLS AT EVERY TURN. - Meg VMeg
I love you, Meg. - Zamms
I am drinking a Fresca made with real sugar!
how is that even possible! - kendrak
I don't know! It could be really, really, really old! - Meg VMeg
Made in Honduras! - Meg VMeg
I was just going to ask if it was from Mexico. - Stephen Francoeur
Imported by someplace in Copiague, NY. - Meg VMeg
Oh man, I need a Fresca now. - Zamms
You jerks have been holding out on me, re: existence of sangrita.
what the what? - kendrak
You would love sangrita. - Meg VMeg
A sangria slushie? - Andrew C (✔)
Sangrita is near Modesto, isn't it? - Zamms
Sangrita: It's like a deconstructed michelada, but with tequila - Meg VMeg
!!! - Zamms
The traditional chaser for tequila blanco :D - Victor Ganata
So Infiniti drivers are extremely distracted, if not just plain bad at driving, is what I'm understanding from this commercial.
I had the SAME thought. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I am too important to focus on driving. They all live in DC. - Zamms
Do you remember anything about your first week of college?
All I remember is the horror of living in a triple with two high school cheerleaders. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I remember we did this at orientation: (warning: late '90s web design) which was fun and goofy and appropriate to the campus. - Catherine Pellegrino
About that week specifically, no. - RepoRat
I remember a great many things. Far from the whole kaboodle, but there's a lot that I do remember. - Marianne
I remember the COOT trip I was on - - and I remember pieces of things. I have little memory of the actual first week of classes though. - ellbeecee
I remember quite a bit from Orientation Week (including lots of trips to Target, as there was no IKEA then, and learning offensive chants that they don't teach them anymore), but very little about my first week of classes. - Meg VMeg
I remember a lot, too, including the first week of classes.This would have been fall 1984. We had a crazy system where you registered by showing up in the class you wanted to take and getting a card from the professor at the end of the first session, You could swap cards with other students if needed. After maybe another semester or so, we finally switched to computerized registration. - Stephen Francoeur
Oh oh oh, that's right! Registration happened in the gym, with cards and lines and frazzled administrative assistants. Also a crapton of surveys, with scantron sheets. - Catherine Pellegrino
My first week was an orientation class, too, the week before regular classes started. I remember that class very well. Taught by a married couple (she worked in admin somewhere, and he was an art prof). In addition to classroom time, we went out to the nearby state park, tot he Mennonite grocery store, and to the campus archive/museum. And I do have a few distinct memories from the... more... - Kirsten
We used cards with lots of carbon copy slips for registration (and Add/Drop) and had to take them to the registrar, and then maybe they printed something out for us? On dot matrix? - Meg VMeg
A few things very specifically, the rest impressionistically. - Steele Lawman
Playfair! So this was a thing - my campus did this too. This was in 1986. - Elizabeth Brown
Yes! (1988 for me.) It's still a thing - they had it here at MPOW this year. - Catherine Pellegrino
I had an upperclassman try to swap me rooms while I was moving into the freshman dorm (freshman dorm was the nicest at the time) and I remember a circle orientation activity. Don't remember anything about classes or registration. - Hedgehog
Yes. - Laura
From 52 years ago? I remember the orientation, I remember the feel of moving from a campus of 2,500 to a campus of 27,500, I remember figuring out how to fit into the "apartment" (oversize closet) I was living in before moving to the student co-op. And I remember falling in love with the Berkeley campus almost immediately. That's about it. - Walt Crawford
The marching band party out in the countryside with much pot and alcohol. my roommate's side of the room covered in Star Trek and Star Wars paraphernalia (including a Star Wars bedspread - He also literally believed he was Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, btw), experiencing true freedom for the first time. - Friar Will
I remember being so lonely and anticipating a horrible week since it was also my 18th birthday. The neighbors on my floor totally surprised me with presents and some time hanging out. It ended up being okay. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I remember going to orientation, meeting some of the people in my dorm, and starting my work-study job. I don't remember much about starting classes that fall. - John (bird whisperer)
We registered with cards filed in shoeboxes and swapped cards with people looking to trade. I took a bus and a streetcar until I found a ride. We had half-naked "posture pictures" taken in the gym. There were some evening events but they were mostly aimed at resident students, not "dayhops." - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I remember feeling like I would never make any friends, and even my orientation group wasn't all that keen on me. - Holly's favorite Anna
So many things. The guy down the hall from me freaking out when they did a sex-ed talk in the chapel (he went to Catholic school). Camping for a couple of nights and talking with a girl about our favorite lines from On the Road. Thinking it was funny that my roommates both wore dresses/skirts when we were all moving in. Signing the aged matriculation book. Talking my way into year long Shakespeare. Thinking I might finally have come to a place where I was going to have friend for the first time in my life. - laura x
ya i remember that the senior's trying to haze /harass some of my buddies who went with me to school.. so I stood up to them.. kicked their butts.. I was street creed. nobody screwed around with our group /class - Peter Dawson
Flipping through the freshman facebook. - Stephen Francoeur
I remember waiting in an ungodly line to get my student ID thinking I'd have enough time to do it and get lunch in the three hours between calculus and physics, and ended up having to SPRINT across campus to the science wing to get to physics in time, completely missing lunch. I was a bit underwhelmed after the first day of classes, a bit overwhelmed after the second day of classes, and then leveled out by the weekend. Spent too much time figuring out the right Scantrons to buy at the bookstore. - Hookuh Tinypants
I remember a lot - the first week was 'Hell Week' for marching band. We practiced all day, every day, and then there were at least three parties and one road trip to perform at a high school (somewhere in the Tri-Cities.) We did an orientation, and that's when I figured out that one of my friends from high-school was transferring into my dorm, and by the end of the next week, we'd... more... - Jennifer Dittrich
As it was fairly recent, at least some. I remember all the weird icebreaker activities that took place on the quad. I still have some kind of distaste for them even though comparatively speaking, these were actually somewhat entertaining. - MariWeaver
In my first day of my freshman seminar, I thought I was super clever during the icebreaker. We were in Connecticut (Trinity, in Hartford), so when prompted to say something that was unique to me, I said "I was born in Rockford, Illinois." The guy next to me said, "Hey, me too!" We are friends to this day. - Jenica
Irony doesn't work when chatting up girls at a semi-legal beer hall in one's residence. - DJF
1982. Yikes. I went to Concordia while the vast majority of my friends went to McGill so I do remember feeling both incredibly excited yet a little apprehensive about feeling a bit isolated. Concordia CS at the time maxed out at about a class size of 50-60 so the actual experience didn't feel too different from CEGEP. - John Dupuis
I remember quite a bit - Soup in a TARDIS
First day: I met a very petite girl, Jenn, in my statistics class. She invited me back to her dorm room to hang out before I went to my next class (I was a commuter student). She sang along to "Teach Your Children Well" on her boom box, some random dude named Seth wearing a toothbrush and towel stopped by to say hello, and I thought, well, this college thing is pretty wild. - Corinne L
I remember going to all of the fraternity houses for the first time. Oh, and I remember my group winning a scavenger hunt that was part of orientation because we were the only group able to produce a used condom. - Katy S
Caltech sent us to 'frosh camp'. I remember one or two incidents from the whole thing. Also, I went to school a week early as part of the acclimatization program for international students. I vaguely remember they took us to Santa Monica. As for the first week of actual school, I don't remember anything. - Andrew C (✔)
Oh, I remember a ton about the first actual week of classes, particularly the part where I spilled coffee all over myself and the book I was reading right before my first class, which was baby Greek. I still have the book, with the coffee stain. - laura x
I don't remember first week of college but I remember that sometime that summer there was a special week for some kind of minority orientation. Wilma Rudolph came and spoke to us. I'd only been in the US for 10 or 11 months and I remember telling my mom how surprised I was to find out that blacks were a minority. Until then, I was the only Hispanic I knew in town. I remember one other Hispanic kid in the orientation group, and one Polish kid from Hamtramck. I don't remember anyone else. - Betsy
Yes. I remember more about freshman orientation (we moved in about a week before the upperclassmen returned) than about the classes I was taking. I met one of my dearest friends in a world civ class that semester. I think my other classes were college algebra, music appreciation, church history, and our freshman colloquium, the "here's how to cope with college" class we all had to take. - L to tha B from Android
I do remember that the entire first trimester of school felt like an entire year had passed. - Andrew C (✔)
I remember wearing a pair of J Crew flip-flops to class in the rain... funny thing about those J Crew flip-flops, they're really slippery when you hit a wet tiled floor. I wiped out on my way to Bible class... in a skirt. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
I guess my answer is a bit different, if I'm talking about classes. I remember quite a bit from there, too - especially my Psych 101 and Gen Ed (really World History) courses, where I found and sat with several other marching band folks (three of which are still great friends of mine.) Our Gen Ed class made the school paper after an argument between the author and my professor over race/ethnicity/nationalism in Egypt. - Jennifer Dittrich
I remember making friends with a guy in a Sewer Trout shirt. I remember napping. - kendrak
I don't remember much (not because I was getting blasted) about what it felt like. I remember how sophisticated and funny the conversations were at the UCHA Co-op where I was going to live and how weird it felt to be the only freshman there (they have a long waiting list so most freshmen don't know to get on it that far ahead of time). - Spidra Webster
More is coming back to me: I remember an orientation session with our RA and dorm director about sex and STDs, and one upper-class student quipping, "and remember: bedsprings squeak." I can't remember if we played laser tag in the dorm during that first week, but we definitely played it my first year, until campus security put the kibosh on it. Same with the Purity Test(s). - Catherine Pellegrino
I recall a fair bit. Ha, so I remember during o-week I was with a group of 6 or so, and we did that team building exercise where you fall backwards and THE TEAM catches you—I MEAN, AREN'T FRESHMEN UNI STUDENTS TRUSTWORTHY! Anyway, it's sort of my own damn fault, but as I stood on the picnic table, at night, ready to be caught, I instinctively did my backstroke spring off the start block... more... - Micah
I want cake! There's no cake. All I have is 2% milk (no chocolate syrup) and The Strange Log
Neither of those is cake. - Marie
Maybe not, but strange log is awesome! Thanks Meg :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It makes me so happy. All I could ask for, now, is chocolate syrup :) - Meg VMeg
The children of Facebook are going to burn Facebook down.
It will be glorious. - Meg VMeg
Leftover yellow dal, over rice, topped with 2 poached eggs.
Thanks, but if I wanted to feel bad about myself, I'd log in to Facebook.
Meeteetse is on my tv right now! Dateline: Teen Plane Crash
Whoa! Tell me more! - laura x from iPhone
Neat / yikes! - Steele Lawman
How would you open this? The bank is heavy vinyl. The plug is plastic. Neither pushing nor pulling nor rotating it appears to do anything.
Pliers? Hammer & chisel? - John Dupuis
Burn it with fire! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Pliers - Soup in a TARDIS
Churchkey or screwdriver or paintcan opener - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Looks like a press-fit plug. You could try sitting an ice cube on it for a few minutes before getting a good grip with a hefty set of pliers and levering it out (rather than pulling straight). - Slippy
My sister used to have a game she called "Bowling Ball Versus". As in Bowling Ball Versus Piggy Bank. I don't know if it'd open the bank but the attempt would provide interesting scientific data. - Deborah Fitchett
PROTIP: Make sure piggy banks can be opened or smashed before filling them with change for 3 years.
I use a glass jar. Post-penny, it takes over a year to fill then it's all mad money time! - John Dupuis
Fucking Time Warner, man.
Oh good, a condescending TWC guy fixed it over the phone, and all I had to do was pretend to follow his instructions. - Meg VMeg
I finally did it: I forgot to bring work shoes.
Remind me to tell the story about how I tried to buy work shoes later that day. - Meg VMeg
Remember to tell that story. - laura x from iPhone
You are great. - Meg VMeg
"Forgot." - Stephen Francoeur
The smoke alarm says, "Fire fire fire," in a calm lady voice, on top of the usual beeeeeep. Seems like overkill? I had never heard this before. For a second, I thought my roommate was making fun of the alarm.
I guess so you don't confuse it with a hypothetical CO detector? But what does that one say then? - Meg VMeg
Cookie brittle? - kendrak from Android
Rude alert! Rude alert! An electrical fire has knocked out my voice recognition unicycle! Many Wurlitzers are missing from my database. Abandon shop! This is not a daffodil. Repeat, this is not a daffodil. - Betsy
"FIRE! FIRE! BURING THE DANCE FLOOR" - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
The combo CO/Smoke alarms do say "Fire, fire, fire" and not just beep, when they detect least mine does. But it doesn't know the difference between fire and a pan full of tater tots & fish sticks, or pancakes, or steak, or sometimes pizza. (I hate having a smoke detector in my kitchen) - April Russo
Time to take the batteries out and pray the thing isn't hard wired. - laura x from iPhone
April, do you know what it's supposed to say if there's excess CO? "Carbon monoxide carbon monoxide carbon monoxide" (say *that* three times fast)? - Meg VMeg
mine yells Fire! Feu! Fire! Feu!. Apparently voices wake people up better than beeps. - weelibrarian
They did a study a couple of years ago and found that kids just don't hear the fire alarm when they're asleep. This link is to a similar study 8 years ago. - Betsy
Meg, thankfully, I have never heard it NOT say "Fire, Fire, Fire" or go off when my hubby wasn't cooking something. - April Russo
I wonder if I'd really *use* a hanging shoe organizer.
Can use them for more than shoes, of course... - Corinne L
Yeah, I'm just bad at putting things away. Cubbies and open bins are my upper limit of organization, it seems. I gave up on dressers years ago. - Meg VMeg
I use one to organize all my electronic gear (cables, chargers, adapters, cases, earphones, etc.). - Anne Bouey
i have one hanging on my bathroom door for all that hair/lotion/stuff - ~Courtney F
Yeah, nothing fits on these doors, so it would go in my closet, so I would never see it, so I would never remember to put anything into it, which is the concern. - Meg VMeg
this idea is totally doomed - lris
But maybe I'd keep my shoes in it! Maybe! Like normal people! - Meg VMeg
I keep my shoes in a pile by the door. - laura x from iPhone
Yeah, I keep mine in a cubby. But maybe! - Meg VMeg
I love both of mine :D - Soup in a TARDIS
Well, it might be good for holding less frequently worn shoes. - April Russo
I kind of wonder how the celery market sustains itself.
We know it's not due to the marketing (have you seen the Portlandia sketch on the topic?) - Marie from iPhone
peanut butter. its the only explanation - Sir Shuping is just sir
Low overhead. You can grow celery in a glass of water! - Mark Trapp
Oh dear god, am I a walking, breathing episode of Portlandia? It figures. - Meg VMeg
Buy stalks low, sell high. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Meg VMeg
Now I feel bad for celery. - Meg VMeg
Forget it, Meg: it's Corn Town. - Mark Trapp
Bwahaha! One of the many things I learned during my Amish romance period was that celery is a big deal with the Amish. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Officially too old for the Lower East Side.
The border checkpoints are getting rough. - Andrew C (✔)
you are never too old for anywhere. they are just too young for you! - Sir Shuping is just sir
All these mid-20's folks walking in the streets! Wearing, like, tall shoes. - Meg VMeg
Every time I see "ISIS", I think it's a reference to Archer.
me too - weelibrarian
One of the primary reasons why I refuse to use ISIL or IS when referring to it. - Mark Trapp
me tooo - jambina
I keep thinking of this: - April Russo
I'm probably late to the party, but I'm all about this song:
I'm probably late to the party, but I'm all about this song:
i just heard that for the first time a couple days ago. - holly #ravingfangirl
can't stop dancing - Meg VMeg
"When Trainor was 13, her parents bought her a computer so she could produce songs." <3 <3 - Meg VMeg
*bump* - Marie
I love that this has gotten more "like"s than the original post. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Man, remember when Sebastian Bach had that recurring role on Gilmore Girls? Love.
bzuh? - RepoRat
Stupid ads for ladies in front of lady-oriented YouTube videos: - Meg VMeg
oh. - RepoRat
Ha ha. I had 3 guesses for where the gel went ( skis, roller pens, and the obvious ...) and was completely wrong :) - Christina Pikas from iPhone
RAZORS! - kendrak
Whenever I get bored on the internet, I compulsively think, "Hotmail, Salon, Livejournal, Members," because those were the 4 places to check for new content when I was bored on the early-2000's internet. "Members" referred to a local music scene messageboard (URL started with
Where do you go now? I'm afraid I have here, Facebook, and Reddit. - Steele Lawman
I cycle through Friendfeed, AskMetafilter, Metafilter, NYTimes, Gothamist. Metatalk if I'm desperate. Facebook if I'm desperate and I've been drinking. - Meg VMeg
Friends don't let friends face and book. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I have to drink to look at Facebook so I don't comment, "Oh fuck you," everywhere. - Meg VMeg
I still log in to Livejournal 1-3 times a year to wish everyone a happy instance of all the holidays that have passed since I last logged in. - Meg VMeg
Here, a couple of Facebook groups I'm in, MetaFilter/AskMe, NYTimes, the Rumpus, Arts & Letters Daily, local paper, Twitter, not necessarily in that order. - laura x from iPhone
here, Straight Dope, reddit, Facebook, and my feed reader. oh, and tumblr - ellbeecee
For me, it's DC, FF, G+, that order. - April Russo
What is here? I'm just coming up with some odd mapping software I've never heard of. Also, I actually have to stay away from Facebook if I've been drinking because then I'm much more likely to comment "Oh fuck you" everywhere. - Laura Krier
"here", at least in my comment, is Friendfeed - is that what you're asking, Laura? - ellbeecee
My ideal day these days: Wake up at 8. Poke around on internet & drink iced coffee. Go running. Poke around on internet while eating large arugula salad and drinking seltzer. Work on interesting research project (without concrete deadline) while random shows/movies are playing on tv....
Drink beer while continuing to work on interesting research project, poking around on internet, and chatting with BFFs while random shows/movies are playing on tv. Order in amazingly cheap and delicious food and chat with BFFs. Drink beer while continuing to work on interesting research project and poking around on internet (again). Bedtime at 11. - Meg VMeg
that is my ideal day too. only replace running with swimming. - jambina
Living the dream. - Steele Lawman
Yeah, and today there are lots of action movies on, all featuring Denzel Washington, so it's kind of like there's one really, really long Denzel Washington action movie playing in the background, which continuity is surprisingly soothing. - Meg VMeg
If left to my own devices I could totally go to bed at probably like 9:30-10 and wake up at 6 or 7. I would dig running, too, and the weather for running would always be like 55-60 and slightly overcast but no humidity at all. - Christina Pikas
Sounds awesome. I too would replace the running with swimming, and the beer with wine. - Corinne L
Got tailed by neighborhood security for taking phone pics (from the sidewalk!) of some of the crazy mansions. Lol, dude, don't put crazy mansions in the middle of Brooklyn then. Sorry I'm reusing an IKEA bag and wearing sneakers with no socks.
wow. gorgeous. - jambina
It is unreal. I could look at them for hours. So many strange porches and columns and cupolas. Cupolae? - Meg VMeg
Are you in the Bay Ridge section? *cough* mafia *cough - Janet from FFHound!
Wow, these are in Brooklyn ? I can't even imagine what they cost and what taxes must be - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Kensington? Midwood? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Ditmas Park! It looks like they go for anywhere $1-3million: No idea what the taxes would be like. - Meg VMeg
Fun day walking around with one of my best college friends (on a 20-hour layover from EWR): Dog lake and biggest meadow in Prospect Park, chocolate chess pie at the library, Ai Weiwei and Swoon exhibitions at Brooklyn Museum of Art.
yay! - jambina
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