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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Do they have people in your city who will saw apart your couch, then reassemble it for you, because it won't fit up the stairs to your apartment?
PIVOT. - Kristin
+1 Kristin - Corinne L
+1 Kirstin. - bentley
hahahahaha - Meg VMeg
I'm torn.
Maybe with a PBR chaser? - Meg VMeg
Do you eat it or huff it through a mask? - Pete
Pete speaks my thought. - RepoRat
The person who finds the ear wins - DJF
+1 DJF. - laura x from iPhone
Hmm, I guess this is for those parties where you're announcing you're having a boy? - Hedgehog
Agh, David beat me to it. *shakes fist* - maʀtha
"Did you use your own money to pay for job-related expenses in 2014?"
Sure. - RepoRat
Actually I used Jen's... - Zamms from iPhone
I should have put quotes because it's what TurboTax just asked me. Was it money that you got back through your taxes? I am angry at the taxes. - Meg VMeg
Yup. - Hedgehog
If anyone has a NYC CPA they can recommend, please dm me. I have 3 W-2's and 2 1099-MISC's, and fuck it. WHICH WAS MY JOB? WERE THE 1099'S SIMILAR TO MY JOB? DOES IT MATTER? YOU TELL ME, TAX PEOPLE. - Meg VMeg
Oh...I might. Let me check with Jae and see if his dad is still doing tax work - Hedgehog
Thank you! It's gotten to where I don't know what their words mean. Not to mention that last month, NY State said that I owe them $130 from 2011, after already refunding me an extra $100 from when I filed in 2013. - Meg VMeg
I'm really uncomfortable with cooking instructions like, "When the oil begins to smoke...."
you must whip it! - Pete
must be 25 feet from building. - Micah from iPhone
Not as long as Step 1 is "take the batteries out of your smoke detector." - Catherine Pellegrino
Actually, now that I think about it, the instructions that really freak me out are "just before the oil begins to smoke..." - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, I can't do that one either. - Meg VMeg
shield your eyes and pray to 灶君 in the appropriate dialect. - Big Joe Silence
Appreciating folks' warnings re: House of Cards spoilers, as I'm watching next weekend instead.
Oh thank god, it's white/gold again.
For hours, it's been blue/brown, and I thought I could never go back. - Meg VMeg
It depends on which device I'm looking at it on. It's blue and black on the iPhone every single time. On my computer it is always white and gold. - Soup in a TARDIS
Yep, he's got it. That's one of the more helpful explanations I've seen, in fact. All this crap with the color-shifted photos didn't make any sense to me until after I realized I could see both. - Meg VMeg
This is also good: - Meg VMeg
Women of the bauhaus: Totally effing great.
Today I learned that the "lake effect" stops when the lake gets super-cold. Makes total sense, I just hadn't considered.
Can't ever remember whether Gala or Fuji apples are the ones that I like/hate.
stupid cvcv fruits - Meg VMeg
I love Fuji, hate gala. - jambina
Yeah, I think I need to remember "fuji=favorite" but I confuse it with "gala=great" - Meg VMeg
You need like a whole acronym. Favorite Unicorn Juggling Innuendo or Great Acronym Like Apple (I got nothin on that second one.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I avoid them both, but I really like Jenn's suggestion. :D - Jenny H.
Ooooh yes, good idea. - Meg VMeg
Gala = gah! - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Don't buy either: get honeycrisp instead! - Stephen Francoeur
I buck trends and like Gala. Also Mahana though that mightn't be known outside New Zealand yet and part of why I like it is the name (Māori for warm both temperature-wise and by extension emotionally). Also I think there was a variety with a name reminiscent of lemonade (unless I'm getting confused with the Whittakers L&P flavoured white chocolate but that set of flavours is a whole different field of awesomeness). - Deborah Fitchett
We are ecumenical in our apple tastes, and like both Gala and Fuji. But, Galas are an earlier variety and don't keep well; Fujis are a later variety and keep somewhat better, so we wind up eating more Fujis than Galas. (And I wandered into the "more than you wanted to know" zone about three clauses ago, didn't I?) - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I'm fascinated! Stephen, I'd get honeycrisp, but they don't sell them at most stores on the way to/from work. - Meg VMeg
oh, you should see my matrix of acceptable apples. it's only in my head right now, but it's a doozy. - holly #ravingfangirl
I prefer Fuji to Braeburn. Those are the ones I most often get messed up. Galas were great early on because they were the first real alternative to Delicious and Granny Smith, but they've fallen in my rankings. - laura x from iPhone
The only bad thing about grey clothing is that it doesn't hide coffee stains very well.
Yes, but in the dark, all cats are gray, so turn down the lights or just go out at night and you're A-OK. - Stephen Francoeur
If I'm reading Stephen correctly you'll be A-OK but you'll also be a cat. - lris from Android
you say this as though it's a bad thing - RepoRat
1. To what extent can my problems be solved by digital computers?
2. Will a digital computer lower my costs or increase the range of problems I can solve? - Meg VMeg
3. Should I obtain a computer of my own or should I send my problems to a central computing laboratory? - Meg VMeg
4. How do I recognize a problem to which a digital computer can contribute? - Meg VMeg
5. How do I prepare my problem for solution by a digital computer? - Meg VMeg
6. Will a computer enable me to forge ahead of my competitors? - Meg VMeg
God, it's late. - Meg VMeg
I'd stick with analog computers. - Stephen Francoeur
Metaphorically. - Meg VMeg
Too late for punchcards - Big Joe Silence from iPod
have an abacus! - RepoRat
Personally, I choose to send all my problems to a central computing laboratory. Then again, I have little interest in forging ahead of my competitors. - Meg VMeg
*hits scram switch and dashes out doors ahead of halon dump* - Big Joe Silence from iPod
At some point, doesn't it make more sense to re-number the doors?
That is...... wow. - Micah from FFHound!
On first blush you'd think what's stopping them from renumerating? Well, perhaps a lot. To deviate from the construction drawings numbers could mean the fire alarm zone labelling would mismatch, along with other infrastructure references and so on. A pricey change. - Micah from FFHound!
So it's the architect's fault? - Meg VMeg
well, there are only five rooms affected by the strange numbering. And I'm willing to bet that this happened because a circular hall got sealed up at the far end for some reason. - DJF
Interesting theory, I'll look for a floor map on my way out. - Meg VMeg
Nope, I blame the architect: - Meg VMeg
Interesting. After looking at the dropbox image I think the architect followed standard methodology. Odds on one side, evens other side of corridor ascending from the main entrance point. The wayfinding sign is the weak link, that can certainly be improved. Here's some bedtime reading: - Micah from FFHound!
Seems like they should have looked where the main elevator would be, then do ascending/descending on either side of that (and have however they wanted to handle even/odd be secondary, I've seen it both ways). How would you improve the sign? The sign is accurate, is the problem, in my mind. - Meg VMeg
Oh, maybe what you're not seeing in the dropbox image is that they started numbering from the emergency stairs, at the far end of the floor. Not from the (only) elevator which is nearest to rooms 316-317. - Meg VMeg
To me the sign would be quicker to decipher like this: << ODD 301-321 EVEN 302-320 ... ODD 323-345 EVEN 322-340 >> - Micah
What's a book that is famously written by more than one person? Like, everyone knows that Blah & Blah wrote that book, and both are listed on the cover.
Not Masters & Johnson, though. - Meg VMeg
Strunk & White? - Spidra Webster
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett - Spidra Webster
All the President's Men, Woodward and Bernstein - Jennifer Dittrich
^ Good one! - Spidra Webster
Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston have a bunch of books they've done together, Stephen King and Peter Straub, as well as Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman, but those tend more towards genre/airport novel sorts of things. - Jennifer Dittrich
Man, I'm a loyal genre fiction reader and I thought of Strunk and White before Good Omens. - Jenica from iPhone
Oh! Also Gibson and Sterling for "The Difference Engine." - Jennifer Dittrich
In the SF world, Frederik Pohl and CM Kornbluth are famous collaborators. Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle, too. Pohl & Jack Williamson. - John Dupuis
Stephen King and Peter Straub wrote at least one book together. - WebGoddess
The Nanny Diaries, Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus. Only sort of famous briefly, though. - laura x
Liddell and Scott (Greek lexicon) and Lewis and Short (Latin dictionary), if you're a Classicist. - laura x
In that same vain: Goodwin & Gulick (Greek grammar) - Bren from iPhone
Fruttero & Lucentini - Roux
Science Fiction authors Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle wrote "The Mote in God's Eye", "Inferno", "Lucifer's Hammer", "Footfall", and "Oath of Fealty" (and a few others) together. - Big Joe Silence
Steven Brust & Emma Bull, Freedom and Necessity. (which EVERY SINGLE ONE of you must read. RIGHT NOW.) - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Someone already said the ones I was going to say. I have another name that fits the first half of your question but not the second: How about books famously written by two people, but under one pseudonym? I'm thinking of Emma Lathen. - bentley
Ellery Queen - DJF from Android
not super famous but Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter -The Long Earth - weelibrarian
(I love the Ellery Queen TV series, especially the lead actor.) - bentley
Stan & Jan Berenstain. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The Joy of Cooking. - Brian Johns
Will Grayson, Will Grayson. - Prairie & I Know It
Glaser & Strauss (grounded theory) - Marie
William Shakespeare and the 17th Earl of Oxford? ;) - Brent Schaus
Wait. Doesn't pass the cover test. But we all KNOW it, right? - Brent Schaus
Ingri & Parin D'Aulaire's books. (Good catch, Starmama.) - Spidra Webster
ooh the D'Aulaires! - Starmama
This snow was squeakier than usual.
what makes snow squeaky? - kendrak
She'd know better than I would. - Meg VMeg
Just wait. Won't be long before our squeaky city snow is all covered in oil, among other things. - Stephen Francoeur
That would be a great opening line for a book or short story. :) - Jenny H. from Android
well-lubed snow? - Big Joe Silence
Favorite airport timewasters?
Maybe I should just buy a book. - Meg VMeg from Android
That's what I do. Or play dumb phone games, but mostly I read. - lris
Ebooks on the iPad, yeah. Comfort reading, because I dislike travel. - RepoRat
Since I hate the sitting for hours on the plane, I tend to walk whatever concourse I'm in - get some steps/exercise in. Sometimes too, when I am sitting, I can't concentrate on my book, so I make up stories in my head about the other people waiting. - ellbeecee
Reading, journaling, games on tablet, listening to music. If it's a really long wait I will get out the laptop and do some writing or editing, or work on a project. - Corinne L
comfort listening - depending on my anxiety level, either music or the relaxation thingies. or a newspaper / magazine, also to ease anxious flying. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Get mad at the very slow free airport wifi. - Joe
People watching after wifi fails. - Jen
I'd much rather hang out with the guy who owns my former local record shop than I would 99% of the human population.
We also went here yesterday...
It was a great day. - Meg VMeg
That looks amazing. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
I SO want to go there. Man. So cool. (Also, as I may have mentioned, my mom's dissertation was putting together a definitive edition of Life on the Mississippi. Obviously the book predates this, but I have a fascination with all things related to the river.) - laura x from iPhone
Muses Krewe parade
Love love love love love love love love - Meg VMeg from email
Started the day with a ten-story spiral slide, ending with Gus's World Famous Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken.
NIIIIIIICE - jambina
Tonight's lodging has a swimming pool shaped like a guitar. - Meg VMeg from Android
In an ideal world all pools would be. - Zamms from iPhone
Is that in Amarillo? Please tell me that's in Amarillo. - Zamms
Yes! You should go. Plus: Cadillac Ranch! - Meg VMeg from Android
I've seen Cadillac Ranch! In a snow storm! - Zamms
You're in Memphis? - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Just for chicken and sleep, unfortunately. We're on our way to New Orleans now. - Meg VMeg from Android
Did anybody even get to try that Papa John's Frito Chili pizza?
I hope not. That has indigestion written all over it. - RepoRat
Happy hour at the Drury Inn, y'all.
Do they have cheap well drinks? - Zamms
Free! - Meg VMeg
YES. - Zamms
NICE - jambina from iPhone
Excellent! - laura x from iPhone
Oh man, suddenly I want a free well drink. - Zamms
Oh excellent, the front page of makes me motion sick.
*goes to look* Oh. That's awful. *closes tab* - ellbeecee
woah. *closes tab* - Catherine Pellegrino
Any autostarting movie/animated gif is troublesome (and I wish a few thousand folks would get that message). That one, just no. - Walt Crawford
Whew, it's gone! I wonder how many people complained. - Meg VMeg
What was the item causing all the trouble? - Stephen Francoeur
Yeah, a gif that started about 25% of the way through that thing that I cannot watch. - Meg VMeg
Whoa, why didn't they cut that first part out? That's nuts. - Mark Trapp
I think they wanted the motion to compel you to click instead of make you vomit. There was no audio either. It was just a weird, jerky, bright square in the middle of the page. - Meg VMeg
It cracks me up when people, who aren't the parents, don't want to know a fetus's sex when the parents already know. Even if I liked surprises, I cannot imagine giving a good goddamn what sex someone else's kid is going to be.
Spoiler alert! - Corinne L
How long has it been since you lived with a roommate/housemate? (let's say, shared space with someone who's non-familial and non-romantic, for longer than 6 months) Also, feel free to share your best/worst roommate stories.
About 5 years, give or take. I don't really have any terrible stories, just the normal occasional spats and fights over dishes. - Jennifer Dittrich
I graduated college 20 years ago this spring. I lived in a single room my last two years. So, 22 terrible/great stories. roommates were fine. - ellbeecee
I have never lived with a roommate. I did have a couple dozen floormates in college (19 years ago), and a shared coed bathroom, but we all lived in tiny monastic-cell-like singles. My favorite story from that time involves how someone got busted for his pet rats, and for the rest of the semester we all took turns having them live with us so no one got busted. I also really liked hanging... more... - Marianne
It's been about 8 yrs since I had a housemate (although for the last 4.5 years I've lived with family again so I have a number of the same issues, possibly even worse). Worst is probably the guy who moved in and didn't mention he was bipolar. I was the master tenant and thus responsible when I came home from a road trip to find him sitting drunk on the roof in the middle of trying to... more... - Spidra Webster
Last roommate was December of 2001, so 14 years. I had suite mates until May of 2004, but we all had our own bedrooms. I've never had a housemate or live-in partner. - Soup in a TARDIS
Edited to add "housemate", because that's really what I meant: sharing common areas, not a bedroom necessarily. I'm curious if I'm the only one "here" who shares living space like this (currently, it's out of financial necessity). I've only lived on my own for 2 years of my life, and even when I've lived with significant others, we had housemates. - Meg VMeg
Earlier this month, after I lost my job as the Red Power Ranger, I had an argument with my roommate and ended up stabbing him with a sword. It was self-defense, though. - Stephen Mack
Do Chris's parents count? It's more like being a kid than having roommates except that I have more to complain about. - Heather
It's been 7 years, though I was considering a roommate again until Philosopher and I got serious - Hedgehog from Android
I was starting to say college which would be 20 years but d'oh forgot the whole navy thing living with like 350 of my best buddies in a tin can for a 6 month deployment and then other underway periods of 1week to a couple of months. Of course those would be Navy stories, not roomie stories - Christina Pikas
My first roommate was the worst. She insisted on having sex in the room while I was still in it (like I'd be writing a paper and she'd be banging away) and she didn't "believe" in taking regular showers (maybe once every month or two). She was also cheap as hell, which meant she would only do her laundry when she went home for the holidays (where it was free). When she'd get out of bed in the morning and flip back her duvet a wall of heat and stick would fly across the room. Ugh. - Soup in a TARDIS
Hmm....I guess it's been seven years. I briefly shared a house instead of doing a daily 4 hour commute. It was okay until another person moved in. I found a studio apartment shortly after that. Honestly, I'd say people have more bad roommate stories about me. I just don't like sharing space with most people. My worst experiences were the year I shared a house with two other women while... more... - J. Marie B
Sophomore year of college, so ... good lord, 25 years. I am not a roommate person. - Catherine Pellegrino
Currently have a roommate. Have had roommates consistently for the past...20 years? It's just a comfortable arrangement and I don't really care to change it up much. We respect each others' space and still come together to hang out or share meals. It's kind of like living with family I guess. Nightmare roommates - I've had two, but one was by far the worst. He'd decided it was his god... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
19 years! - Andrew C (✔)
11 years. I sort of miss having housemates, actually, because I truly loved some of my housemate situations, but then every time I think about having one now I get squidgy. - laura x
Based on your parameters, Meg, never. Longest platonic roommate/housemate situation was 3 months and the last one was about 5 years ago. - Corinne L
Grad school. I lived in a big old Victorian house with my best friend from high school (Tim), my high school boyfriend who I dated on and off for a decade (Christian), and my friend's friend (Mary). The house was in a constant state of renovation, and the guys worked 3rd shift. I got up one morning to find they'd stripped all the carpet out while I slept. On another day I came home and... more... - Jenica from iPhone
!980, my one and only roommate - I was 14, pretending to be 19, and my roommate was a single mother with 2 kids, that I met in a homeless shelter in Santa Monica. She had recently acquired a job but didn't get her first paycheck, yet. She was hitting the time limit at the shelter and they were kicking her out. With no money, 2 kids, and no place to go, she was in pretty deep... more... - April Russo
About nine years. - Julian
If you don't count my first four months here in DC where I did live in a shared house situation, 8 years. And even then I was living with my parents and we have a pretty decent dynamic. The DC situation taught me I'm not opposed to having roommates, as long as I have my own bathroom. - Katie
since 2004 I think? so...10 years. some of that time i lived with family but yeah...nothing since then. the last roommate i had broke my desire to ever do that again. it was the woman that owned the house and she said she was a vampire, mortician, belly dancer. she liked to come home at 3 in the morning stomping up the stairs in 3 inch boots and when the other dude and i said something to her, her response was "its my house i'll do what i want." she was...interesting. - Sir Shuping is just sir
It's been 51 years (!). Sophomore year of college, first year in student co-op. He probably wasn't a terrible roommate (most of the house was engineering students, and "slacker" was not a 1963 term at UC Berkeley in engineering), but I was happy to get and keep a single the next year. - Walt Crawford
I had a roommate in ketchikan. But she was pretty cool. My first (and only) roommates in college though were horrendous. My freshman year RM his her weed in my backpack once. And she was a tottotal drunk. She spilled her beer all over my homework and wrecked it so I wasn't able to turn in the 50 point assignment. My second roommate was just weird. She picked skin off her feet and ATE it. - Marissa from Android
Don't want to go crazy. - Zamms
I couldn't figure out whether "mild" was one step up from "original". - Meg VMeg
Do they have Rotel EXTREME? - Zamms
The internet suggests that they have "hot" and "hotter" (and a bunch of other people have also wondered whether mild was more or less spicy than original, which makes me feel better), but I can't remember if I've seen those in Texas. It's only in the past 5 years that they started selling it at all in NYC. - Meg VMeg
Rotel Mild is milder than the original. "Sometimes you need a quieter, gentler RO*TEL, so we've toned our legendary flavor down just a bit. Flavor Profile. Same great freshness and flavor as the Original but with less emphasis on the zesty chilies and spices. The flavors of the reddest, ripest and plumpest tomatoes are the essence of this celebrated flavor." - bentley
Don't tell any of my fellow Texans, but I prefer Rotel mild, particularly if I'm adding a can to a pot of beans,a rice casserole, or the slow cooker. - Greg GuitarBuster
I like the one with habaneros. - April Russo
Now I'm bored.
Hate that dude.
Fucking Tom Brady, man. - Meg VMeg
I deeply hope something bad happens to his face. I don't like his face. - Meg VMeg
Absolutely. - Meg VMeg
Way to go, assholes. - Meg VMeg
I love you both so much. - laura x from iPhone
Belicek looked like he picked his sweatshirt up off the dirty laundry pile. - laura x from iPhone
Katy Perry is crazy savvy. - Meg VMeg
How did I miss that she was going to be performing? - Meg VMeg
And now it's back to Katy Perry ... - Kristin
Yes, that is clearly a mistake. - Meg VMeg
Gah, this is not safe. - Meg VMeg
Wait, is Bittersweet Symphony their team song?
Oh riiiiiiight, Rolling Stones. - Meg VMeg
Wait, no. - Meg VMeg
Is Bittersweet Symphony seriously their team song? - Meg VMeg
I found it confusing. - Katy S
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