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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Mitt Romney's face.
Do you have (edible) peanut butter in your house right now?
Barely. You reminded me that I need to buy more. - Steele Lawman
For you, or your kids? - Meg VMeg
Kids. Peanut butter makes me feel ill. - Steele Lawman
Yes, I do. For me. - Spidra Webster
yep. 2 kinds even. almond butter too. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yup. Had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch - DJF from Android
Almond butter, yes. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
NEVER - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Always - Katy S
Yes. None of it ever eaten by me. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
yup - RepoRat
Always. It's a pantry staple. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
I'm actually right this very minute eating PB&J for dinner. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
No. Neither of us like it. - Walt Crawford
almond butter for me, yes. Peanut butter for him - need to get more. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Yes. I was thinking of eating pbandj for din din. Instead, I am having a beer right now. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Yes, lots of it. - Bren from iPhone
Sure do! Mostly for me :D - Melly
Does Nutella count? - Steven Perez
i have PB but I don't know if it's edible. I go through phases when I crave it and then I forget about it for years. - Marianne
no - ellbeecee
at all times - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Always. - Anne Bouey
Probably about a pound left in the 9lb bucket. - laura x from iPhone
Always - Soup in a TARDIS
Yep. - Kristin
extra crunchy - Big Joe Silence
Where's when you need them. Stupid dot-com bubble. Messed up my life real good. Now I gotta walk 50 feet to the deli on the corner. - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, some in a jar and the rest is inside of cups and eggs. - Greg GuitarBuster
Yes, and a backup jar as well - JAson FLeming from Android
yes - Steve C
Yup, giant jar of crunchy peanut butter - Hedgehog
Yes. Lots. - kendrak from Android
Yes - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yes, always. - Jenny H. from Android
Always. Mmmmm, noodles with hot peanut sauce… - David Lounsbury from iPhone
Always. Preferably from a peanut farm in the south-eastern part of the state, but any kind without added sugar will do. - Kirsten from Android
Edible peanut butter? You mean the kind with chocolate around it? Unfortunately, no. :-( - Uli
Yes, about 5 lbs of it. It has been one of the staples of my daughter's existence, since about the age of 6. She starts every day with a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich on dense, dark, multi-grain bread. It keeps her from turning into a flesh eating zombie, till lunch time. I still have to keep a good supply of it in the house, just in case she comes to visit and decides to spend the night. (I eat peanut butter, too, but not as much as she does. She NEEEEEEEDS it.) - April Russo
... plans on noodles with hot peanut sauce for dinner ... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
In other news, I am fourth cousins (three times removed) with the guy who invented the Van De Graaff generator.
Walked 2 miles in the pouring rain, with a bloody nose. Presumably there were cosmic debts.
That is a cosmic punch. - kendrak from Android
Today I visited the highest topographical point in Brooklyn.
Is that in Green-Wood Cemetery? - Stephen Francoeur
It is! Battle Hill. Apparently it's the lowest highest point of the 5 boroughs, which I find surprising. - Meg VMeg
Read that as highest typographical point, and it just didn't make sense.... - Joe - Systems Analyst
I'm surprised there isn't a higher point in the Bronx. - John (bird whisperer)
John, all the boroughs have higher points than Brooklyn does (my phrasing was confusing). This one is lackluster, in that sense, but pretty and nearby :) - Meg VMeg
No no no no no. - laura x from iPhone
^ - Marie
Ack! - lris
*cough* always good to mix things up a bit *cough* - Meg VMeg
Boo :((( - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Boozy brunch with my sister, binge-watching True Detective, napping.
Finished True Detective. Truly puzzled. #nospoilerz - Meg VMeg
Somehow I only learned the Australian/NZ definition of "paddock".
It must have been from a book? Though I can't think of any Australian/NZ fiction I would have read as an adolescent. - Meg VMeg
Seven Little Australians? - Soup in a TARDIS
Nope, never heard of it. - Meg VMeg
Just met a seemingly normal person who's never heard "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie.
I've never heard it, either. That I know of. - Spidra Webster
I've never heard it either. Or even heard of Biz Markie. *uncool* - Soup in a TARDIS
i know who Biz Markie is but never heard of "Just a Friend". it's not my area of music, tho. - Big Joe Silence
FREAKS the lot of ya. - Meg VMeg
You know, the song David Byrne does... - Zamms
OH BABY YOU... - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
i never claimed to be a "normal person". ;) - Big Joe Silence
I really love the cover Mario did, the remix version with Biz on it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I still have the Goin Off album, vinyl :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
a student had to explain Biz Markle to me last month. never heard of the song.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Briefly wondered why folks mightn't camp out in the lovely churchyard near my house, then I saw the MASSIVE opossum.
Those things would be way less creepy if they weren't driven by clockwork. - Meg VMeg
Also if they didn't have so many teeth. - John (bird whisperer)
Or so many tails. - Meg VMeg
And didn't hiss like death. - Jennifer Dittrich
it's the eyes that get me. they have slanty alien eyes. - ~Courtney F
Uh-oh. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
not all of them. - jambina
Yes. - Uli
I can never get motivated to make something from 101 Cookbooks, which is a bummer because the recipes always look so tasty. Just the idea of acquiring lemongrass exhausts me.
Maybe it's an east/west coast thing. - Meg VMeg
Try living in Iowa... - laura x from iPhone
Tom DeLay is such a hilarious name.
"Tom DeLay Industries! Say 'Tom DeLay Industries'!" - Mark Trapp
Dear Web Owner Hello Good Day
So you own the entire Web now, huh? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Pretty neat, right? - Meg VMeg from Android
Can you help me wire some funds to my friend over seas? - Blake
Janelle Monae covers "Simply Irresistible": FINALLY
Fuck yes. Can't wait for the video. - Meg VMeg
This is what I'm listening to, all day long. - Meg VMeg
Does the orchestra know who wins, or do they have a different piece of music picked out for each winner? Or was that just a coincidence?
The conductor works for PriceWaterhouseCooper. - Zamms
So, like, is there something wrong with the teleprompters?
10 point font, perhaps? - Marie
I assume Sally Field was nervous or drunk or both. - Zamms from iPhone
Cos I know I am. - Zamms from iPhone
Nervous? Drunk? Both? - Marie
Harrison Ford too. And whoever that was just now, who called Karen O "an aspiration for young women everywhere" - Meg VMeg
Are they allowed to drink? I thought this was one of the non-drinking ones. - Meg VMeg
Ellen should be drinking. - Meg VMeg
It would be cruel not to let them drink. George Clooney has a flask! - Zamms
Oh, also, Naomi Watts said, "el-e-ment" like each syllable was the same and like she didn't recognize the word. It worried me. - Meg VMeg
Marie: both. - Zamms
Chromecasting 5 hours of SPSS training while the stew simmers. Red wine.
Chromecasting? Don't you just view it directly on - Spidra Webster
Yeah, but I'm using Chromecast to project it to my tv. Exciting times! - Meg VMeg
Not to be lost in all of this: the red wine. - Julian
What Julian said. - Monique Judge from Android
Dude is entirely too enamored of boxplots. - Meg VMeg
Well, i mean, come on! BOXPLOTS. - Zamms
boxsplots is really fun to say - jambina
liking for boxsplots - RepoRat
Lynda, red wine, and SPSS. What's not to love? - Jen
heh - jambina
Clopper-Pearson? I hardly know'er! - Meg VMeg
Do you think the Farmer's Almanac guy would be interesting to hang out with, or just an insufferable know-it-all?
What about that Farmers Insurance Prof guy? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Be warned, don't casually bring up Wikipedia. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Something I love about taking the bus: even though there are numerous signs and recorded announcements informing you to leave through the rear door, everyone leaves through the front, so they can say thank you to the bus driver #civilized
Huh. Here in Portland, we take the rear exit when convenient but yell "thank you" up to the driver. It's about 50/50 on whether they acknowledge the thank you when using either exit. - Mark Trapp
Interesting! Do you also say hi when you get on the bus? - Meg VMeg
I typically greet anyone I run into anywhere with "hey, how's it going", including drivers. From my observation, less than half the people getting on greet the driver, though. - Mark Trapp
I can back up Mark's findings with my [limited] experience. - holly #ravingfangirl
There has been a ruinous camphor mishap at my grocery store. For days now, you can't breathe inside the store? And the rolls of toilet paper that I bought there are camphor-scented.
Ruinous Camphor Mishap is the name of my next band. - Catherine Pellegrino can't see Chromecast. Chromecast wants new wifi password. There is no new wifi password.
I blame Netflix? - Meg VMeg
When I call my parents on the weekend, we troubleshoot. Things. We troubleshoot things.
This explains a lot. - Meg VMeg
Peanut oil has a very low smoke point #notonfire #notevenalittlebit
Yes. Yes it does. Back when I used to cook with fire (rather than radio waves, which I do almost exclusively now), I always used peanut oil for burnishing a brand new wok. In cooking, I would add it towards the end of the process, rather than using it as the frying oil. - Steel Penguin Slippy
We just made french fries with it, so I wasn't thinking. Not so good to coat baked potatoes. Round two: olive oil (tried and true). - Meg VMeg
Huh, I always thought it had a high smoke point. says low for unrefined, high for refined. - Andrew C (✔)
I've only used it for high smoke point frying...turkeys, fries. I don't think I would really use it for anything other than high temp frying. - Derrick
Yeah, I have no idea, it was fine with the fries. The laws of physics are potentially breaking down. - Meg VMeg
I assume it was refined, but I don't know how I would know. Like, it was boring, store-brand peanut oil. - Meg VMeg
I love it for popcorn. - Katy S
I'm told smoke point lowers with use. - Andrew C (✔)
Wow, I thought it had a high smoke point as well! - Spidra Webster
It most likely has a high smoke point, I don't know what happened. I should edit my post, but then nothing would make sense anymore. WE NEED SENSE :P - Meg VMeg
But still, it's REALLY good for burnishing new, untreated steel woks. Outdoors. - Steel Penguin Slippy
Frito pie!
yesssss - Marie
*gets out fork* - holly #ravingfangirl
I'll be right over. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Hiding all House of Cards threads. NO SPOILERZ PLS.
i promise no spoilerz, but watch it asap. - jambina
Binge-watching on Sunday. Sister is coming over and we are making homemade chili cheese fries (homemade chili, homemade fries, storebought cheese). - Meg VMeg
ohhhh what's your recipe for chili and what types of potatoes do you use to make your fries? - Sir Shuping is just sir
My sister insists that this is the best chili she's ever had: This is the fry plan: Russets! Still trying to come up with a themed cocktail. Something with Ace cider? Club soda? Apple jack? - Meg VMeg
I tried to clearly label my semi-spoiler. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Yes, and I appreciated it very much! - Meg VMeg
ohhh thank you! themed cocktail...hmm...what about something like this one: - Sir Shuping is just sir
Intriguing... - Meg VMeg
I couldn't possibly comment. - Steel Penguin Slippy
I wish there were a way to Hide All the Spoilerz!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I am committed to finishing. Tonight. My blood pressure's too elevated to sleep from watching a couple, might as well bring it to resolution.#allnighter - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Yep, we're on episode 5. About to fry the donuts in the fat. - Meg VMeg
SAME. - Marie
Is it just me, or does the actor who plays Garrett Walker sound exactly like Obama when I close my eyes - LibrarianOnTheLoose
it took me till 5am but I watched the while thing - LibrarianOnTheLoose from BuddyFeed
<3 - Marie
Do you guys cook with Maggi sauce? I just learned it was "a thing" in, like, every other country in the world.
I hadn't heard of it before. I won't use it because of the MSG. - Greg GuitarBuster
never heard of it - jambina
I actually grew up with it. I'm Chinese, and our family used it like an ersatz soy sauce, but a long time ago my family and I switched back to real soy sauce. Dunno about the reasons for either switch. - Andrew C (✔)
It's big in Germany. - kendrak from Android
I don't, but that's because I'd usually rather add that sort of umami flavor in a different way - fish sauce, soy sauce, mushrooms, etc. - Jennifer Dittrich
Been seeing it recently on the same shelf as good ol Anglish gravy similar bottles. Assumed it to be some kind of eastern european equivalent. While I'm here, random unconfirmed fact(oid): We're hardwired to crave MSG because there's glutamates in breast-milk, and loving breast-milk is kind of an evolutionary necessity for us mammals. - Steel Penguin Slippy
When we lived in Honduras Maggi was everywhere. We've seen in here in the US but don't use it. - Marie
I've heard of it and my international friends from various countries had it in their pantries in school, but I've never used it. - Derrick
I've never used what the post is talking about. But Maggi-brand Sweet Chilli Sauce is the shit with beef and rice. I stockpiled a bunch of bottles, when I found some, because for a while I couldn't find them locally. There's several other of their sauces I like. - Not Me
I've used it but it's not something I usually have on my shelf. I have some of their bullion-like garlic & onion seasoning tho. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I can't recall ever using it. - John (bird whisperer)
just for Micheladas - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I sometimes use Maggi recipe bases (powder or liquid in a sachet). And Maggi 2-minutes Noodles. That's about it. - Melly
See, I never know Maggi Micheladas were possible. - Meg VMeg
Yes that's the "real deal" MIchelada -- uses the Maggi Jugo sauce. C'mon over, bring some key limes and I'll fix ya one.or three LOL - LibrarianOnTheLoose
When I lived in Mali, you were either a "Maggi" family or a "Jumbo" family, and it was a rather big deal which. - Lily
Maggi Michelafas here - Iván Abrego
Today I also learned that you can pronounce "dour" to rhyme with "boor".
Yes, I was shocked when I heard it pronounced that way. I think that's more common in the UK. - Spidra Webster
Did you know that blackguards can also be pronounced "blaggards"? I learned that one yesterday. - Mark Trapp
I learned how to pronounce blancmange from Monty Python. - Betsy
I didn't know there was another way to pronounce blackguards (other than blaggards). Not that it comes up that often. - Walt Crawford
Treating "black" and "guard" separately is also an acceptable pronunciation and it's how I learned it. I was told the "blaggard" pronunciation is the specifically the British pronunciation, but I can't find any evidence of "blaggard" being merely regional. - Mark Trapp
I don't doubt it; I think the only times I've ever heard the word used were in movies, and not often there, and always blaggard. - Walt Crawford
I RULED at Lemonade Stand. - Mark Trapp
I am very bad at it. - Meg VMeg
omg now i'm going to play lemonade stand and watch house of cards all afternoon. awesome. - jambina
I had a bit of obnoxious love for that ET game (hey, I was 10!) but I don't remember what I need to do anymore. I'll have to check it out again later. - ellbeecee
rocky's boots! I need about 5 like buttons for this. - Marianne
Jason Scott is the man. - Steele Lawman
I am so tempted to fire up WordStar, just to see if I can still remember the commands. I think .B starts a new paragraph? - Catherine Pellegrino
LBC, they have the ET game???? That is my favorite Atari game! - Meg VMeg
yep, scroll down the page you linked and you'll see it :) - ellbeecee
Thanks! Too distracted by Lemonade Stand! - Meg VMeg
LodeRunner! - Laura
KARATEKA!! - Big Joe Silence
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