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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Do you have a safe deposit box? Like, one that you set up, not one that your parents set up which incidentally contains items belonging to you.
Yes. It has stuff like wills, deeds, etc. - John Dupuis
I got a good deal on one years ago at the Chase on University Place. I tried to find similar rates on the UWS but had no luck. - Stephen Francoeur
Yeah, it's got a few things in it. I need to put our wills in it. (NTS: get wills.) - Catherine Pellegrino
yes, we keep things like wills and living wills in it. When my spouse was still on a visa, we kept all of her official documents there - it would have been terrifying to lose them in a fire or to burglary, etc. My ex actually kept a relatively large stash of money (a few thousand) in hers. - Sarah
No, but I probably need to put my will into one. Or at least get that extra copy sent to my friend who lives out of state and is the back up executor. - Hedgehog
I preface this by stating flat out I know next to nothing about wills, but how do you get around the chicken-and-egg problem of needing the will to access the safe deposit box to access the will? - Mark Trapp
yes we have one. ^ copy of ... is how you get around. i actually don't know for sure what's in there. documents about our cars and our house and my engagement ring. - Christina Pikas
Yes, what Christina said. We have a copy, our lawyer has a copy, and the original is in the safe deposit box. - Sarah
i got one in the mid-80s, i forget why. later, once i married, we kept our passports and leftover foreign currency and titles and wills and other documents in it. my wife and i decided to ditch it a few years back for what we feel is a better solution for us. - Big Joe Silence
Yep. Stack of cash, extra passports for various nationalities/identities, loaded handgun, microfilm... the usual. - SAM
I used to, then I moved and never got around to setting up a new one but I should've. Since I'm about to move again, I think I will this time. I just need to find a place to replace my good credit union. - Betsy
@SAM: i always knew there was more to you than a ranch and a guitar. time to come in. - Big Joe Silence
Used to and probably should again, not for wills (exc. copy) so much as for other legal documents. - Walt Crawford
yes. I've kept one since I left home. It has original documents (birth certificate, passport, vaccine records, etc.), inherited jewelry and other tidbits of reasonable value, and a meager stash of emergency cash. - t-ra: taking the piss
Yes, I've had one since my mid-20s, a long time ago. :) Contents include wills, trusts, deeds, titles, passports, vaccination records, marriage license, jewelry, and copies of wills/trusts of relatives that name us as executors. Also contains some of the same for kids who have not yet obtained a box. - Anne Bouey
Nope. I also need to make a will. And get some witnesses to sign my durable power of attorney. - laura x
Christina and Sarah: Aha, makes sense. Thanks guys! - Mark Trapp
Never thought about it. Vital legal documents are in a pocket in my go-bag. Not so useful if fire breaks out when I'm not at home, granted. Should scan and email copies to myself, at least. - Deborah Fitchett
A cemetery worker suggested having important papers placed in waterproof baggies or containers and then placed in the freezer. In circumstance of fire this appears one of the last to be damaged. - Janet
I can't tell how irritating it is when I speak Spanish to people in my new neighborhood (where Spanish is basically all you hear). In my head, I look/sound like Peggy Hill (from King of the Hill), which makes me cringe, even though I actually can speak Spanish. And I don't want it to seem like I assume people can't speak English.
I assume you don't speak Spanish really slowly, then? If you speak at speed, maybe people assume you're just one of the good gringos? (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A LINGUIST OR A PERSON OF SPANISH DESCENT.) - Zamms
In my head, it's never fast/good enough to make up for how white I am. It's compounded by the fact that I often can't understand what people are saying to me in any language. - Meg VMeg
I wonder, is it like how I feel whenever try to speak Tagalog? I feel like people kind of laugh in amusement then talk to me in English anyway. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
My experience has been similar to Victor's: if they don't appreciate my attempt to speak their native language, they'll usually attempt to start speaking English to get me to stop. If they haven't done that to you yet, you're probably okay. Maybe. Hopefully. - Mark Trapp
Has anyone had success with a digital antenna that cost less than $50?
TV? - kendrak from Android
Yes. Though I'm starting to think that the Financial District is the real problem, not the antennae. - Meg VMeg
No. (At least, not any network stations--lots of bizarro local foreign stuff, mostly on channel 1.xx) Apparently we'd need about a 30' rooftop antenna tower, which is why we still have cable. - Walt Crawford
Yes, but we've got several stations fairly close by. - Kirsten from Android
From everything I've heard, if you're within 30-40 miles of the broadcast antennas and don't have mountain ranges between you and them, these work fine. - Walt Crawford
Yeah, that's why I'm thinking it's the Financial District (cf. mountain ranges). My broadcasts are from Midtown, according to the handy FCC chart. - Meg VMeg
Truly epic bruises, thanks to moving heavy stuff and the blood-thinning powers of Advil (required for moving heavy stuff). I'll be wearing pants for a week or so.
Has anyone eaten "aji de gallina" (Peruvian spiced creamed chicken)? I'm intrigued.
I am so in love with my new neighborhood. - Meg VMeg
ME TOO. - laura x from iPhone
Guava and cheese pastries for breakfast with iced cafe con leche. Now driving up to City Island, wish us luck.
DOS MUCHOS - ~Courtney F
lol - Meg VMeg
SUCH WOW. - Betsy
It annoys me when people say they're "free all week", so you suggest 3 potential days and ranges of times to meet, and then they counteroffer with a totally random other time. It pings my sociopathy meter.
Ugh. One of my friends ("friends"?), keeps asking to hang out and any date I give her never works. Last week she said "I'll make anything work just let me know!" So I said "Monday or Tuesday night for dinner, or any day for lunch." Haven't heard back since. - Miriella from Android
But 2pm is sooooo inconvenient. They may have to leave lunch early! - Joe
TMBG first album live, free download:
This cracks me up, even though I found it because THERE MUST BE A LAW, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, IT'S 9:30 AT NIGHT:
Also funny: Noise From Animal Other Than Dog - Meg VMeg
5 avocados for $4 in bodega around the corner from new apartment. Cue "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" from the musical Annie.
How much for the limes? - Julian
And now I have the lime and the coconut earwormed. Thanks, Julian. - Betsy
Sounds like a party? - Julian
Ooh, yes, let's! - Betsy
It's fine to refreeze butter, right?
No loss of turgor or something. - Meg VMeg from Android
I do it all the time. - laura x from iPhone
That's where I keep butter I'm not using. - lris
butter you're not using? *does not compute* - Heleninstitches
But to refreeze? Like, I bought infinite butter, and it's in the freezer. If it should defrost or god forbid melt, can I simply refreeze? - Meg VMeg from Android
why is there freezing in the first place? - Joe Hardy
Joe: We certainly freeze butter because we don't use that much of it (and ideally buy Land o' Lakes 8-half-sticks-to-the-pound when it's on sale). - Walt Crawford
As long as it's wrapped tightly, you should be fine. Keep it away from air or light. Oh and of course heat. - Mark Trapp
i think you could probably refreeze. If you move it in a cooler, it probably won't melt all the way anyway. I buy 3x1lb packs at costco so i freeze them,too - Christina Pikas
Pack it with some frozen 2-liter bottles of water, too. They take longer to melt and don't make the mess that ice cubes would. - April Russo
Whew, the butter made it. - Meg VMeg from Android
50 years from now, there will be tales told of the endless pay-it-forwarding of skateboard wheels. You won't be considered a local until you've received them. - Mark Trapp
Throw in the cat, and I'll take them. - Joe
I miss them now. - Meg VMeg from Android
somebody bought them? - kendrak
Free stuff. A million people wanted them. I am too sentimental. - Meg VMeg from Android
The movers say that my boxes are "a little heavy"? I'm not sure what I can do about that, at this point.
They might be making conversation. Maybe if I tip them in advance, the boxes will be lighter. - Meg VMeg
Does sound like the start of a protection racket. "These boxes are a little heavy: would be a shame if something were to happen to them. Perhaps our friend Andrew Jackson can ease the load." - Mark Trapp
Now they are implying that the 8 cement stairs leading up to my building mean that I am technically on the 4th floor (though it wouldn't cost more if I were on the 4th floor). Hmmmmmm... - Meg VMeg
lol Mark - Meg VMeg
"I'll work on lowering earth's gravitational pull. In the mean time, heave-ho, gents." - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"Oh, I thought you were at least as strong as I am" *hoists box* - lris
"sorry everything went wibbly wobbly after that last journey, so the gravitational pull is a bit strong today. let me go bang on things and see if i can fix it" - Sir Shuping is just sir
"These? These ain't nothin'. You shoulda seen the LAMP." - RepoRat
The movers I had complained about the heavy book boxes. Said that's why it took them longer to move than the estimate. Be prepared for that. - Holly's favorite Anna
Oh yes, I am hugely prepared for this to turn into a nightmare. I'm surprised it's gone so well, so far. - Meg VMeg
No easy parking at the new place. They are gonna be unhappy. - Meg VMeg from Android
Except that this is their job and they work in New York. So they should Suck It. - lris
Yeah that's like me at my old data entry job saying, these documents have a lot of characters to enter! lol - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This episode of Meg's packing and moving process is brought to you by: Advil
*shakes pompoms* You've got this. - Kirsten from Android
I'm about to take apart the bed! I think that's the last taking-aparting to be done! - Meg VMeg
Woohoo! - Kirsten from Android
Hopefully Advil is the strongest thing you'll need to take today. - Stephen Francoeur
Good luck! - Marianne
Three people (NYC people, even) have asked if I'm buying a place, after I've told them I'm moving. It makes me feel extremely poor, old, and single, in that order.
:( - Jenny H. from Android
:( - Janet from FFHound!
I was going to say. Who buys a place in NYC?? - Joe Hardy from Android
Sorry :( - Joe Hardy from Android
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Right? I'm forced to assume it's a buyer's market. Everyone seems to be buying or looking to buy. - Meg VMeg from Android
*hug* What matters first and foremost is your health. If you have that, then the others, we can either work on (if you wish) or do not matter so much anyway. - Julian
Thanks, Julian. I usually don't notice or care about any of them. It's just strange to hear the same unexpected question this often. It feels like a cosmic hint. It's not a cosmic hint. At the same time, I am trying not to say a little prayer in favor of sea level rise. - Meg VMeg from Android
Maybe the cosmic hint is more along the lines of "you project prosperity and abundance to others - how you choose to work with (or against) that projection is up to you." - Corinne L
Ooooh, I like how you think. I will ponder that. Thanks. - Meg VMeg
You're most welcome. (I've had similar experiences that made me think I needed to reframe my response.) - Corinne L
It is such a gorgeous building.
Scheduled my Time Warner service disconnection (which you can only do over the phone, which is total bullshit). At the end of the call, the woman encouraged me to "keep Time Warner in mind for my future home telecommunications and entertainment needs".
The only time I found that easy was when I was moving out of WI --still had to call but at least the person on the other end of the phone didn't feel obliged to go through all of the rigmarole of sales stuff. - Hedgehog
We cancelled Comcast - had to call during business hours and have to drive 30 min away through traffic to return gear - Christina Pikas from iPhone
The local cable company's phone script includes, "thank you for choosing Rogers", which is really funny when you are calling to cancel. At least once I responded to that part of the script by telling the person on the phone that I have never "chosen" their company, but only ever signed up braise there were no other alternatives. - DJF from Android
Yep, Time Warner is the only service available in my area. It blows. - Meg VMeg
There's a good chance you can look forward to having Comcast. Which may blow even harder. - Walt Crawford
wooooooooo - Meg VMeg
Annnnnnnnd....they just sent me a bill for July service. - Meg VMeg from Android
Lugging a VHS player and a Midi keyboard on the bus to donate them to Brooklyn Public Library.
Then I pack until I die. Movers show up between 12-7 tomorrow. - Meg VMeg from Android
Good luck!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thank you so much! - Meg VMeg from Android
Loaded into a zip car? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Is the lamp wearing a lampshade? - Julian
Spidra was right, they got a van, AND they were able to telescope the stem in on itself, AND we figured out how to remove it from the base. 100% success for me, and maybe the guy didn't hurt himself too badly. - Meg VMeg
Woo! - lris
Ugh, 5 replies in 10 minutes, but I don't think they understand how heavy it is. I should have charged $20 just to weed out the dreamers. - Meg VMeg
Two promises to pick it up tonight, but one has already decided that tomorrow morning is better. No response from the other. One promise for Sunday morning. Such a mess. - Meg VMeg
"I'll rent a ZipCar and we'll figure out a way to remove it -- I just moved a piano, so nothing fazes me lately!" Nope nope nope. This might be worse than a piano? Less compact, and must have been assembled inside the apartment, with no clear way to dissemble. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. - Meg VMeg
I'm going to have to delete the post, or charge money to make sure people want it enough to take it. - Meg VMeg
That's really worse than a piano? - Spidra Webster
It's pendulous, because you can't easily telescope or detach the stem (if that's even possible), and you'll have to have two people carrying the base. It's three flights down, with a 180 turn halfway through each flight. It would absolutely not fit in a ZipCar. God, I hate this lamp. I deleted the post and told the ZipCar guy he could text me in the morning when he's on his way. We'll see? - Meg VMeg
Two professions of love, LOVE, even after the post is deleted. Five other replies that are less amorous. Craigslist "free stuff" has become kind of an arms race here. Makes sense. Doesn't help. - Meg VMeg
ZipCar has trucks in its fleet so it's possible they're talking about one of them. Love. Wow. If only I knew that Craigslist freebies worked better than the personals... - Spidra Webster
Fingers crossed! The "free stuff" doesn't work well here, anymore. The noise to signal ratio is nutso (on both sides, because no one knows whether the other side is committing or not because no one commits because no one *can* commit, because it's free, so both sides bail constantly), and I know this, but I was desperate/checking to see if it was still the case. So you're left with 20 people who promise to come by, and 3 do, and then they're like, "Oh, you're right, this is heavy. I'll be right back!" - Meg VMeg
And I'm saying this as someone who truly loves (and owes a lot to) Craigslist, it's just frustrating. - Meg VMeg
130 pounds doesn't sound so heavy. I'll be right there in 6-7 months and will lug it down the stairs over my shoulder and then fly it back to California by stuffing it in the overhead bin. I TOTALLY PROMISE. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen sounds sincere. - lris
It's all yours, Stephen. Text when you get here. - Meg VMeg
I've reached the age where happy hour makes my feet swell up almost enough that it's not worth it.
*fistbump* (come to vegas tmrw? you can crash with me and we can go to the tiki bar and avoid all librarians?) - jambina
OH MY GOD I WISH (pinball hall of fame!) - Meg VMeg
lol, I only have to move on Sunday - Meg VMeg
shitfuckballz. i forgot. - jambina
sokay, I almost prefer it to a conference :P - Meg VMeg
well, ya. but pinball and tiki drinks with me? come on... that's gotta beat out moving! - jambina
TIKI DRINKS. That's what we were missing in Vancouver. - Zamms
Well, at least Vancouver will always be the birthplace of Tiki Bar TV. - Micah
just leave everything on the street. DONE - kendrak
Man, if only I could get everything to the street? I "own" a lamp that weighs 165 pounds, and I have no fucking idea what to do with that. Three flights of stairs down. Then three flights up. - Meg VMeg
it is a killer lamp, but leave it. - jambina
I'm fine with leaving it, but I don't want them to charge me. - Meg VMeg
Freecycle or CL? Put it on the corner and just leave it? - kendrak
It weighs 165 pounds. I cannot get it to the corner. - Meg VMeg
Where did you get this lamp? I want a picture. Sorry, I know I'm not helping just trying to picture this lamp in my head. - kendrak
It's this or something similar: It was here when I moved in. I told the property manager to take it away, but, like, his name is Joelle and he's supernice and how the fuck is he supposed to take it away? It weighs 165 pounds, and I can't figure out how to detach the stem from the base, because all the online guides are for the real thing, not the knockoff. - Meg VMeg
whoa. that's sort of cool but also excessive. is joelle still around? - kendrak
He is, yep. I don't think he's any stronger now, though. I'm considering tying our email correspondence to it, with ribbon and a bow. But it would be nice to get rid of it, so I don't have to worry. - Meg VMeg
Can you imagine, if this were my living room: Cracks me up. - Meg VMeg
Wait, no, this one: h - Meg VMeg
I'm dying here: WRITING ON THE RUG - Meg VMeg
WHAT DOES IT SAY! lorem ipsum? - kendrak
It says, "No one wants your lamp, even though it might have been expensive at one point." - Meg VMeg
I'm glad your rug uses its powers of prognostication for good and not evil. - Zamms
So, if the lamp was there when you moved in, when you leave it behind for the next person it becomes a tradition! Just leave a note explaning the tradition and that you're entrusted Next Person with this responsibility. And so forth. - Betsy
This seems like a classic New York problem. - kendrak from Android
One of these days, I will remember that I love cobbler and hate buckle. It's confusing, though, because of the shoe connection.
But how do you feel about slumps, crisps and crumbles? - Jennifer Dittrich
I think I like all of those more than buckle. I think buckle is the worst one, no? - Meg VMeg
I like all of them, but just love that they're all relative variations. I just don't want ice cream on any :) - Jennifer Dittrich
WHAT - Meg VMeg
No ice cream on cobblr??? I feel... disoriented, I need to sit down. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
All the spices that start with the letter C are officially packed.
cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cloves...curry, cajun, creole? i think I see red pepper flakes - Christina Pikas
embiggened and saw caraway. - Christina Pikas
Yeah, the red pepper was labeled "chili flakes" or maybe "crushed red pepper", I'm not unpacking them now to check :) Also: chili powder, cream of tartar, cayenne, cardamom. Shelving spices by "C" and "not-C" makes me happy. - Meg VMeg
Best mayor ever
YES. - laura x from iPhone
i love them so much. - jambina
I love the Peekskill Simple Sour.
If only it contained more alcohol... - Meg VMeg from Android
That can be arranged. By adding more alcohol. - Zamms
Oooooh, I wonder if they'll make a beer cocktail for me? It's only available draught (like, it's not in stores). Also, I am not bragging, I'm bemoaning. - Meg VMeg
i love sours - jambina
we have a sour beer tasting room that's never open because all the kickstarter backers drink 'em out of stock - kendrak
I want to go to there. - Meg VMeg from Android
me too. let's roadtrip - jambina
OH from a 4-5 year-old, "IT IS TOO HOT. I *KNOW* THAT IT IS TOO HOT."
Kid's in for a long summer. - Meg VMeg from Android
Sometimes Chumbawumba comes on the radio, and it makes everything better.
Remember how they let GM use that song in a commercial, but gave all the money to CorpWatch and IndyMedia to campaign for environmental issues (and against GM)? It cheers me, to this day: - Meg VMeg from Android
I feel like we often have more options than we imagine. It's so easy to forget that, though. - Meg VMeg from Android
And then Chumbawumba comes on the radio. - Meg VMeg from Android
...and I get knocked down, but I get up again. - NOT THE CRICKET
they're never gonna keep me down! Daddy was a bank robber... - RepoRat
don't cry for me, next door neighbour. - Big Joe Silence
It's kind of a classic/subversive "yes, and" - Meg VMeg from Android
There's a special place in my heart for expensive typos.
Fine typo. - Joe
:( - Anne Bouey
They sure fnest that ad campaign. - Spidra Webster
who needs coffee editors when we have auto-corrupt? - Big Joe Silence
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