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Meg VMeg

Meg VMeg

genius billionaire playboy philanthropist
Wait, is Bittersweet Symphony their team song?
Oh riiiiiiight, Rolling Stones. - Meg VMeg
Wait, no. - Meg VMeg
Is Bittersweet Symphony seriously their team song? - Meg VMeg
I found it confusing. - Katy S
Oooh, maybe I'll just do this tonight:
Man, maps are hard. Surely there's something on Netflix. - Meg VMeg
Hungarian Eurovision selection? - Zamms
Hm. - Meg VMeg
Remember how exciting it was when they first started selling baby carrots?
Not only was it the first new vegetable in the history of my life, it was a BABY vegetable! - Meg VMeg
Now we have baby kale. - Prairie & I Know It from Android
I grew up with baby spuds. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Ooooooh, Jenny, I'm jealous. - Meg VMeg
I'll spare you the soul-crushing truth about how baby carrots are made, then. :| - Micah from FFHound!
When two carrots love each other very, very much.... - laura x
What about the little nibbly baby ears of corn? OMG. - Joe
Yeah, forget the "baby" carrots. Give me some baby corn! - That's So CAJ!
dude, laura - Meg VMeg
C told me recently that baby corn actually isn't corn at all and I was like, "you have just DESTROYED MY INNOCENCE." - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
laura x. :))) - Jenny H. from Android
My wife just pointed out teenage spinach. Next to the baby spinach but it wouldn't talk to anyone else. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Merry, I got you something...
Merry, I got you something...
OMG - Marie
Ahhhhh! He's like me when I watch! I love the other dog's face..."I am not entertained." - Miriella
"George, that's a replay." - bentley
Bone marrow fajitas
I would eat that right now. - Zamms
Unless it's human bone marrow. Cos someone would need that more than my belly would. - Zamms
I can't seem to wrap my mind around the concept. - Meg VMeg
None of the animal is wasted. The chef even wears a leather apron crudely stitched together. - Zamms
This is not my beautiful blizzard.
And the days go by... - Kirsten
"Snow likely before 9am, then snow with widespread blowing snow after 9am."
Snow, you say. - Meg VMeg
Snow and more snow. - John (bird whisperer)
"I'd like some snow with a side of snow, please" - holly #ravingfangirl
With a little snow on top, perhaps? - RepoRat
"Would you like snow with that?" - Catherine Pellegrino
In 1992, "blowing snow" had a different meaning. - Zamms
Zamms FTW. - Stephen Francoeur
Yo dawg, I heard you like snow, so I went ahead and put blowing snow in your snow. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
DO YOU HAVE SNOW YET? - Catherine Pellegrino
Flurries so far. Should pick up early afternoon. - Stephen Francoeur
There is no longer a Grand Central Oyster Bar in Newark airport, but I can't find any documentation that it closed.
And I am sad. - Meg VMeg from Android
And I would enjoy the robot/ipad ordering at all the restaurants here, if the food weren't expensive and terrible. Stupid useless future airport. - Meg VMeg from Android
And I know it sounds like a bad idea to eat raw oysters at the airport, but if they're flying them in anyway, then it's the best place? - Meg VMeg from Android
That said, there's a "Lobster Pod" here that I'm sure is a death trap. - Meg VMeg from Android
Hm, doesn't seem to be listed in the airport's list of shops/restaurants so I guess it is closed. - rönin
Yeah, it just seems like someone would have said something. NOBODY TOLD ME *sob* - Meg VMeg from Android
oh man i am bummed that place closed too! - jambina
They had a sale at the Gap, so I bought all the grey things.
i hope you saved some for me. - holly #ravingfangirl
Is it for SCIENCE? - Jenny H. from Android
everything is for science! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I love you, squid sweater. - Marie
Wonder if I'll ever be able to complete the Thursday crossword puzzle consistently without cheating a lot.
Dream big! - Stephen Francoeur
My paternal grandmother used to do the Sunday in ink, and without much pausing. It was a wonder to behold. - Kirsten
I can do Sunday! Not in ink (well, it's online, but still). Only a little cheating sometimes. - Meg VMeg
My grandmother was also a crossword fiend, and I would "help" when I was a kid. I still remember some of the clues when I see them now :) - Meg VMeg
Saturday is the toughest one, right? - Stephen Francoeur
I think Saturday is the hardest, clue-wise, but Sunday has longer words than weekdays and usually some kind of trick to it. ETA: Huh, Wikipedia says that Sunday tries to be as hard as a Thursday. - Meg VMeg
An older lady calls us often for answers when she gets stuck on the syndicated version of the NYT puzzle. Rex Parker to the rescue! - bentley
Oh, see, I always thought Sunday was the hardest! Grandma Jo always did all of them in pen, so I suppose it really doesn't matter. - Kirsten
Way to check your phone, jerk. - Meg VMeg
Faster trains, wooooooooo! - Meg VMeg
Dear lord, I would not want to stay in space for a whole year. - Meg VMeg
Way to mutter, mutterer. - Meg VMeg
dude, transgender - Meg VMeg
Fuck yeah, Hawaii - Meg VMeg
Fuck yes, women's healthcare. - Meg VMeg
Well, duh, voting. - Meg VMeg
Aw, he makes me sob. - Meg VMeg
I always have (this version of) this song stuck in my head all day today So good.
I always have (this version of) this song stuck in my head all day today So good.
I think I am going to be making use of this. - Zamms
Not my thing, but I understand the temptation all too well. - RepoRat
I. LOVE. THIS. - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this, too. - Christina Pikas
I get a 403/Forbidden error, but if it's what I suspect, I'm with RR. - Walt Crawford
"The craft herpes will go everywhere." Love. - laura x
Got through. Man, that is one nasty site. (There's nobody I dislike enough to do that to, but at, what, $8.16 at today's exchange rate, I can see the temptation.) - Walt Crawford
Make sure you read the FAQs. - Jason P
What Jason sez. - Walt Crawford
heh - RepoRat
I want to like this again for Catherine's link. - bentley
Yes. Oh man. That just drastically improved my day. - laura x from iPhone
I'm terrible at sipping things.
what happens instead? - Big Joe Silence
(This is my new answer for the "biggest weakness" interview question.) - Meg VMeg from Android
I drink things. You know, drinking speed. Then they're gone :( Then it's expensive. - Meg VMeg from Android
I excel at sipping things - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
You know, I am, too. - Katy S
I dribble when I sip. - J. Marie B
Gulper, here. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Friends yelled chug chug chug a little too much in my youth. Now I try to slow down a bit. - Joe from iPod
I can NOT sip the sugar free kool aid I make. I pour a cup, gulp gulp, it's gone. I try, but I just wanna drink it ALL, can't help it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Yep, that's my eye. In New York.
This is at one of the "digital postcard" stands at JFK Airport. You'd have to be SO CRAZY TALL to have your face show up on your digital postcard. Maybe it's more about the ambience. - Meg VMeg
It's not actually June 16, 1937, in case you were worried by the postmark. - Meg VMeg
Honestly, I am kind of worried about the postmark, in a vague sci-fi way. - Meg VMeg
Seriously, couldn't they make it the right date? Wouldn't that be easy, in this "networked age"? Why tempt fate? - Meg VMeg
You guys, if you don't hear from me again, check the NYC newspaper archives for planes lost on June 16, 1937. And call, like, Joe Biden. He'll understand. - Meg VMeg
I can no longer remember which symbol to use for links and which for attachments when I'm writing an email in Gmail.
I agree. For me, it's made worse by the fact that they have an option in settings to use text instead of icons for button labels that doesn't apply there (or in a lot of other places). - Mark Trapp
I have this problem every time. It's as bad as plugging in usb upside down. - Amit Patel
I thought I was the only one that time after time confuses these. Nice things not having this is why! - Micah from FFHound!
Fist bumps all around. - Corinne L
Made that exact mistake yesterday when typing an email in the native gmail interface. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Wooooooooooooooooo, I'm right! - Meg VMeg
Though I don't have this problem in WordPress, I wonder why. Because it's not competing with a dollar sign or a paper clip? - Meg VMeg
Am I alive? Is this heaven? - Meg VMeg
hahaha at first i was "nooooooo?" but then i realized i was thinking of Pacey instead of Dawson. LOL - holly #ravingfangirl
WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME. I would also watch Pacey. - Meg VMeg
We're taking James Van Der Beek from Dawson's Creek, are we not! - Micah from FFHound!
We are! - Meg VMeg
oh. I was making a joke, thought it was really truly Rosario Dawson in question. O.O - Micah from FFHound!
:(((((((((((((((( - Meg VMeg
I know. - Micah from FFHound!
Also: Patricia Arquette. - Meg VMeg
Oh fuck you, McDonald's
The overtones in the commercial? - Julian
Cheaper to put up an inspiring marquee, create a bullshit Tumblr account than to pay your workers a living wage - Meg VMeg
Word. - Zamms
That was the reaction in our living room too. - ~Courtney F
wait, what did i miss?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
No way a Packer fan shares his/her fries with a bears fan. - Joe
Wow, I had no idea
Haha, yep! Now my parents were born and raised in NSW; I was born in NSW but have spent most of my life in QLD. So I consider myself at least a little bi-lingual ;o) - Melly
They have much better words for Speedos in Australia. The best one from America I know is a "root suit." - Stephen Francoeur
For the record, I eat potato scallops and wear swimmers when I swim, although I used to say "togs" when I was a kid, and Speedos are definitely "dick togs". I use "shallots" and "spring onions" interchangeably, and say "spinach" and "rockmelon". Juice boxes are definitely "poppers", and the mystery meat is "devon" - interesting that this article says Queenslanders refer to it as Windsor sausage as I've never heard it called that! - Melly
We drank from bubblers at school and had free dress days. I use facewashers and drink soft drinks. Sweatshirts are sometimes called sloppy joes in clothing catalogues, but I just call them and the woolen variety "jumpers" - unless it has a hood, then it's a hoodie. - Melly
Tiny prickles in the lawn are bindis, but the larger round ones are burrs. - Melly
ROOT SUIT, hahahahahaha! Love it! - Melly
If juice boxes are called "poppers," then what do you call amyl nitrites taken as a drug? You'd get a lot of quizzical looks here in the States if you said you forgot to pack poppers in your kids lunchboxes. - Stephen Francoeur
I have no idea! I do know it's not legal for sale in Australia - is it over there? - Melly
HEY we Sconnies aren't the only people anywhere who say "bubbler"! I LOVE AUSTRALIA EVEN MORE NOW. - RepoRat
Yeah!!!!!! - Melly
I think bubbler may have been the brand name of the first commercial water fountains? Maybe? - Stephen Francoeur
IICTW (if I can trust Wikipedia), Bubblers were invented by Kohler right in RR's own Madison, WI! - Stephen Francoeur
That can be believed. Kohler's always been kind of big on R&D. - RepoRat
Please do not use this to compromise my identity/credit #FFHandwritingMeme
HAI! - Melly
"The quick brown fox..." doesn't really cover all my letters because how I write them depends on what letters they follow. - Meg VMeg
When I was little, I taught myself to write 7's in the European style because my grandma did it. - Meg VMeg
I cross my 7s. - Katy S
I do sometimes as well; mostly if they're mixed in with a bunch of 1's, and it might be hard to scan. - Jennifer Dittrich
I cross my 7's and z's, and I write my y's with a curly tail because algebra got SO MUCH less confusing once I learned to do that. - Catherine Pellegrino
I cross my 7'ss as well, though I'm not sure about z's. It's a function of my lazy penmanship and reading habits - it made it easier to see at a glance if it was a 7 or something else. - ellbeecee
Hot cocoa with bourbon will help.
every time. - WebGoddess
want - jambina
I'm having another (duh) - Meg VMeg
Can't stop laughing. Did you see that NYTimes infographic showing how nonemployed people spend their time? It's for an absolute time zone. Here are screenshots for how many people are sleeping at "10pm", one if you're viewing from the Eastern time zone and one for Hawaiian-Aleutian time zone.
Show all
No shit 96-97% of Hawaiians are sleeping at 10pm. It's 3 or 4am Eastern time, depending on daylight savings. I assume this is a D3 error? Like, the data is trying too hard to be interactive? - Meg VMeg
My friend in Hawaii was like, "HOW IS EVERYONE SLEEPING ALL THE TIME?" because it said that over 90% of people were asleep at 8pm. - Meg VMeg
i would guess more that someone at nyt screwed up the coding than anything. - Sir Shuping is just sir
but yeah...that's still a lot of data to try to show off in one go. betting that someone also got cocky and was like "oh yeah i an do that. oh do i do that???" - Sir Shuping is just sir
Haha, I set my time zone to Bangalore's time zone, and now all unemployed people are night owls: - Mark Trapp
Did Apple's discount for education use to be better?
yes - ellbeecee
You only get $60 off a 256GB Macbook Air with 8GB of RAM. I...almost don't see the point. - Meg VMeg
yes. - Jenica
Yeah. I kept telling myself it was still $60, which in my world is a lot of money. But yeah. - laura x
When I was in college, it was a flat 30% discount on everything they sold. Just as I was leaving, they replaced that program with one where you got a free iPod and like $100 off or something with the purchase of a laptop. $60 seems minuscule in comparison. - Mark Trapp from iPhone
Yeah. I was in college during the early/mid 90's "Apple for Education" program which had some pretty decent discounts. - ellbeecee
It's all floaty and negligible at the moment. - Stephen Francoeur
It is so freaking gorgeous outside. I don't know how I could possibly live anywhere else. - Meg VMeg
I could never live anywhere without snow, that's for sure. - laura x
First the oil truck woke me up, then my neighbor's alarm woke me up, but THEN I learned about Morgan's Tarot: So today's been good so far.
And it's going to snow! - Meg VMeg
"The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis"
“Part of your disappointment is driven by the disappointment itself.” - Meg VMeg
And the tv is in Esperanto (you know that that's a bitch). - Meg VMeg
Six of one, etc. - Meg VMeg
It's interesting that the author doesn't take that into account, though. They assume it's a good thing to know you're not alone and that this knowledge wouldn't be yet another disappointment. Not necessarily the case. - Meg VMeg
Only halfway through it. Couldn't relate because I *never* reached that place of financial security and success. - Spidra Webster
The new voice app for Domino's, where you speak into your phone to order a pizza, but you're talking to a computer, so that'
Love me some linked headings for linked lists.
And by "love," I mean I'm stabbing myself in the eye right now. - Meg VMeg
Sighhhhhhhh there's nothing on teeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(((((((((((
Tons of stuff on Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime Instant Video, though. Also PBS site has a lot of full episode stuff. - Spidra Webster
What would you recommend? - Meg VMeg
What are you in the mood for? - Spidra Webster
I wanted to watch Divergent, but it's not on anything. - Meg VMeg
Then I checked when the new Orphan Black would be out, and it's not for ages. - Meg VMeg
Hmm. I haven't seen that. Have you seen Misfits already? - Spidra Webster
I will check it out! - Meg VMeg
S1 is really excellent. Things get a little less excellent later simply because of personnel changes and how writers usually have trouble keeping such concepts afloat forever. Hulu has a page for its scifi stuff: - Spidra Webster
Do you have access to HBO GO? I just saw Divergent there when I was flipping through it. - Mark Trapp
Misfits is good! Nope, I have no HBO GO. - Meg VMeg
I binge watched Misfits when I discovered it. - Spidra Webster
orphan black was on YouTube for awhile - jambina
I love Orphan Black. I am a few episodes into Season 2. - Laura
I'm attempting to watch Gilmore Girls, but it's not doing anything for me. - laura x from iPhone
Yeah, that's another one that takes at least 2 seasons, if not 3? I didn't care so much until Jess came on the scene, even though I didn't like Jess very much. So...maybe 3. I like Paris a lot. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, that is a problem for me with TV. That and the visual aspect. - laura x from iPhone
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