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Mehrine Elahee
It's almost the end of this week. This week has been a busy one for me compared to the last few weeks. We had to hand-in the #MB1031 scientific report and do some work for the same tutorial. Overall I would rate this week as a 9/10 for it had been a productive one. During the holiday, i plan to take some rest for the first few days and then start the revisions as soon as possible. Finishing on a bright tone, I really enjoyed the BSS ball last week and congrats to all those who made it to be a member of the committee. :) - Mehrine Elahee
Faaiza Museji
Is anyone else having trouble accessing the vision lecture for #MB1031 on Blackboard?
I can't download it :( - Mehrine Elahee
I also can't download it or any of the powerpoint presentations up on Blackboard atm. o_o; - Zainab Chaudhary
yh im having trouble opening it too - Maryam
im having the same problem :/ - Tom Lewis
It looks as though this is in an unusal file format. I've contacted Dr Willmott to let him know. - Dr Jo Badge
I'm sorry this is not working at present. As I've said in a previous thread, I've contacted Dr Dickens to try to correct the format - you do not need to access this before writing the report (the information in the lecture is far too detailed for the expt you are writing up) - Dr Chris Willmott
Mehrine Elahee
Watching The Brain Switch Off 'Self' -
Researchers have found that while some regions of the brain get activated during sensory processing, others get silenced which correlates to the term "to lose oneself" in something. Studies of the brain quite fascinate me for the brain is a complex "machine". This article is quite interesting, and is a kind of follow up of todays #MB1031 lecture and #BS1006 physiology module. - Mehrine Elahee from Bookmarklet
Mehrine Elahee
I can't believe we have only one week left before the holidays. As much as I am looking forward for some lazy days, I will really miss some lectures. So far, the #BS1006 Introduction to physiology and #BS1005 Genes have been my favourite module. Overall, I would rate this week as a 5. Compared to the last weeks, this one hasn't been too productive. However, I have tried to catch up today by reviewing all my lectures of this week and completing the #BS1011 assessment. Hopefully, by saturday, I'll even finish my #MB1031 scientific report. :) Very much looking forward to the BSS Ball tomorrow. - Mehrine Elahee
Ayan Dirir
Structural Approaches to Understanding G-Protein Coupled Receptor Activation -
This article discusses g-proteins which is related to the physiology module. - Ayan Dirir
Which module code please? - Dr Alan Cann
Helpful article, related to the #BS1006 module :) - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
Salmonella-induced tubular networks. -
This article is about how tubules formed by Salmonella contribute to its virulence. Interesting article, related to the #BS1009 Microbiology module. - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
This week hasn't been bad at all. Finishing early almost everyday gives me the opportunity to keep up with the lectures and planning ahead. This week, I have met with my group for the #MB1031 poster presentation. Also it's time for our choice of modules for the next years. Though I have some idea of what i might be choosing, I definitely need to be careful about my choice. As for the lectures, both #MB1005 and the #BS1006 have been very interesting. Looking forward for the physiology practicals tomorrow. - Mehrine Elahee
Hamdi Hussain
#MyDiary 12/03/11 - This weeks timetable has been more relaxed than the previous one and I did enjoy it a lot. I handed it my #MB1005 practical write up and also the #BS1009 essay which has taken away much of the work load for this week. I started the #BS1006 module this week and I am enjoying it a lot. I hope to spend the remainder of this...
Good diary post, but i think u got cut off hamdi - Mehrine Elahee
What happened to the rest of your week? :) - Pritesh Mistry
you should comment on your own post, then your diary will not be cut off - Sha Tim Wai
Mehrine Elahee
Just a quick reminder for all the MM students that we are meeting tomorrow at 11 in the group study room 3.3
will all the MM students fit in one room? : ) - Maryam
yeps maryam, we are only 11 people :p - Mehrine Elahee
oh lol i thought there would be 20 or something like the MP! - Maryam
Mehrine Elahee
It's only the middle of the week, but these 3 days have been awesome. On Monday, we got back the formative feedback for the scientific report which was very useful for me. My tutor pointed me in the right direction and I guess I should be 'ok' for the next report. Finishing quite early compared to the first half of the semester has proved to be more productive for me. I have more free time to catch up with some revisions and some outside reading. Tomorrow we'll be handing in the last #MB1005 practical report, and on Friday, there is the #MB1004 presentations. Till now the #MB1005 and #BS1006 lectures have been very interesting and I am looking forward to the #BS1006 practicals. - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
No lecture slides yet for #MB1005 :( and confused which slides are for tomorrow's #BS1006 lecture :S
I'm guessing tomorrow's #BS1006 lecture will be based on the second half of the Muscles & Reflexes.pdf, slides 13-30. Could be wrong though :P. - JL
yeah i got it Janie slides for #MB1005 though - Mehrine Elahee
Ni Ni Moe Myint
I'm so relieved that #BS1009 essay has been submitted; it was very interesting to write but it's difficult to do so at the same time because there are so many topics we can write about. Just had the first lecture for the #BS1006 physiology module and i think it went alright: I haven't learnt about central nervous system or anything related to it, so I found the lecture hard to keep up with. So need to read up in a textbook in order to keep up with the lectures. One problem is the lectures slides are not available on blackboard, so I felt like too much time is spent writing rather than listening to what Dr. scott was saying. However, I am looking forward to physiology lectures. I wonder what we'll be doing for the #MB1005 gene and medicine module. - Ni Ni Moe Myint
The Physiology lecture slides are on blackboard- im not sure if they are all there but the first lecture is - Maryam
Maryam i don't see the first lecture slides :S I can see the revision session and where it says the first lecture, the slides are all about the CNS - Mehrine Elahee
Hmm..yeah the beginning bit about the organisation of skeletal muscle is there..which part of the lecture is missing exactily because i cant seem to remember - Maryam
Sha Tim Wai
Discovered that #BS1006 course document has mp3 file presented by Dr. Scott. What is that? Is that the recordings from the lecture?
No these are revision sessions - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
A play in four acts: Staphylococcus aureus abscess formation. -
This article is about Staphylococcus aureus which deploys specific virulence factors to promote abscess lesions that are distinctive for this pathogen. In support of this model, only live S. aureus is able to form abscesses, requiring genes that act at one or more of four discrete stages during the development of these infectious lesions. Interesting article on one of the many bacteria we worked on during the #BS1009 practicals. - Mehrine Elahee
Very interesting :)) - Persefoni Ioannou
Mehrine Elahee
Already friday. This week has been a busy one, having to hand in the #BS1009 practical book and finishing off the microorganisms essay. It was also the end of the genetics and microbiology practicals for this semester. This weekend, I would be working on the #MB1005 presentation on gene library, and the final genetics practical report. - Mehrine Elahee
Shubnum Razak
I looked in the membranes and receptors #MB1004 booklet and it says that there is no lecture between 9-10 tomorrow but nothing was mentioned last lecture can anyone confirm this?
Am confused too.should we come at 9 or 10? - Mehrine Elahee
according to the booklet 10 but its not been confirmed - Shubnum Razak
Was wondering about that as well. Seems like there is only one set of notes on Blackboard for tomorrow instead of the usual two. - JL
I seem to recall it was like this last year. If you are only down for one lecture on the timetable in the module booklet, there will only be one lecture. Looks like you guys may have a bit of a lie in! - Lyndsey Wright
Mehrine Elahee
Almost the start of week 18. Compared to the first semester, this semester is going at quite a fast pace. However, I can say that till now, I have had some productive weeks. The last week, I greatly enjoyed Prof. Kyriacou's lecture on genes and behaviour, and Dr.Clokie's lecture on Friday. Tomorrow we have the #MB1031 timed essay on meiosis. Though I have already prepared my plan, I am feeling quite nervous about it. The #BS1009 practical report is due this week, and going through everything as from Day 1, all what we have done till now has become clear. This week, I plan to complete my essay on microorganisms and I am looking forward to the physiology module. - Mehrine Elahee
I so agree on the everyting making sense part! When I read through my practical book, at the end of every page I was like 'Oh! Now I get it!' It was like a light bulb going off above my head every minute. I think the fact that weve carried out the experiments which all link in together in some way help us to understand the processes better in a way too - Maryam
Mehrine Elahee
Beneficial effects of lactic acid bacteria on huma... [Crit Rev Microbiol. 2011] - PubMed result -
This article shows the beneficial effects of lactic acid bacteria in human beings. Lactic acid bacteria is part of the normal human and animal flora and they help to alleviate lactose intolerence, diarrhea and help to prevent colon cancer. I chose this article since it may help in the #BS1009 essay. - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
"Ten-fold increase in bacterial toxin cases in six years 17th February, 2011 -
"Ten-fold increase in bacterial toxin cases in six years 17th February, 2011 Official figures have shown that incidence of the rare bacterial toxin, Panton-Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) has risen ten-fold since 2005. Experts say that there is no major cause for concern as the rise reflects improvements in diagnosis and reporting procedures. PVL is a toxin produced by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, it weakens the immune system by killing white blood cells; ultimately it can be responsible for pneumonia, septicaemia and flesh eating diseases. While the rise shown in the UK may appear dramatic, the numbers in the US show epidemic levels of infection. Dr Angela Kearns, head of the Staphylococcal reference unit at the Health Protection Agency said, “We are extremely pleased about the increase in reporting as it has enabled us to achieve a better understanding of the incidence of PVL infection in the UK.” The risk to the general population in the UK is extremely small; however the healthcare agencies will continue to raise awareness to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment." - Mehrine Elahee from Bookmarklet
This article in mainly related to the #BS1009 module - Mehrine Elahee
Jigishu Ahmed
#MB1031: To check whether enzmyes are isozyme or not we homogenise and centrifuge the tissues and after that we dialyse it. Do we dialyse the pellet or supernant after centrifuging?
i guess it would be the liquid - Mehrine Elahee
I concur; I did a google search to check (as I was questioning which one) and all of the experiments I found talked about assaying the supernatant rather than the pellet for LDH. - Thomas Webber
why even bothering with that as it was clear to us that the method is not going to be taken under consideration. - Constantinos Lipsos
Mehrine Elahee
This week has been quite productive.I have been able to review all my lecture notes the same day (one of my SMART target for this semester) and I must admit, having the lecture slides, books along, has greatly enhanced my understanding of the subject. As for the lectures, I miss Dr. Meacocks' but Prof Ketley is just as great. I think the #MB1005 (Genes and Medicine) and #MB1004 (Membranes and Receptors) modules are my favourite. Today, I completed the #BS1011 assessment and scored 170/170, and had a great time during the genetics pratical. Looking forward to the weekend, but there's work to do. I plan to complete the scientific report for #MB1031 and the #BS1009 essay =) - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
Sleepwalking 'link to chromosome' -
This article is related to the #bs1005/mb1005 genes. Scientists have found that sleepwalking is in fact a genetic 'disease'. The gene is found on chromosome 20 and a slight fault on the gene can cause sleepwalking. The mutant form of the normal gene is found to be dominant and among 22 members of a family, 9 of them suffers from it. However, the precise gene is yet to be found. What the researchers found is only the first genetic locus for sleepwalking. - Mehrine Elahee
Pritesh Mistry
#MyDiary - 10/02/2011
So, I'm starting to feel the load of the work and working through all of the lectures alone will be a lot to do. Also, I'm starting to slip back to the bad habits I had in the last semester, for example, I'm leaving my work to the last minute and not reading through my lecture notes. Too be honest I don't know why I'm not doing it because the lectures are all really good. I'm not too good with genetics, but the #MB1005 lectures aren't too complicated (for now) so I'm able to follow them well. The lectures for #MB1004 are the most interesting for me and I couldn't get enough of this weeks lectures. I can't wait until next week! Also, the worksession for #MB1031 really got me thinking and it was great to know to learn how scientists had to think to get to where we are now. It's a lot of hard work. - Pritesh Mistry
Time for some SMART targets? - Dr Alan Cann from iPhone
yeah, its too bad we got only 2 lectures of #mb1004 per week. hopefully tomorrow's worksession would be as interesting! - Mehrine Elahee
SMART targets, thanks for the reminder Dr. Cann. - Pritesh Mistry
Mehrine Elahee
It's already thursday night..The routine has finally settled in and every morning I look forward for the day, though waking up early every day is quite a pain. All the lectures and practicals are very enjoyable, particularly the #MB1004-Membranes and receptors, #MB1005,genes and medicine and #BS1009 Microbiology practicals. This weekend I plan to review all lectures notes, and hopefully start working on the microbiology essay. - Mehrine Elahee
forgot to add, #MB1031 lecture was highly interesting today :) - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
Chernobyl birds are small brained -
I chose to post this article as a supplement to what was said in today's #MB1005 Genes lecture. For more than a decade, scientists have been studying the "exclusion zone" which had been set up around the site of the impact. It has been found that level of insects and birds diversities have fallen. Moreover, it has been found that the birds's brains are relatively smaller compared to other birds from other sites. That suggests that many bird embryos did not survive at all, due the negative effects of their developing brain. - Mehrine Elahee
Jigishu Ahmed
#MB1005 I can't answer this question. Why is immersion oil necessary for very high magnification objectives?
As far as I understand, oil has a higher resolving power than air so is used in accordance with high magnification objectives to maintain clarity. - Max Levin
it is used to enhance the resolution i think - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
The rise and fall of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome. -
This article is related to both #BS1009 and #MB1009 modules. It is about the mutation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which involved base addition and deletion. It shows how each mutated gene has contributed to its pathogenity. No doubt that understanding each features will help researchers to create new diagnostics and vaccines. - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
Finally, its the end of a really hectic week. As I look back, the first week hasn't been that bad, despite the long days. The new modules and practicals were quite enjoyable and interesting. During the next weeks, I'll have to make maximum use of the free time in between lectures to go over the lecture and tutorial materials. Today i completed the #BS1011 assignment and #BS1009 practical questions, which leaves me the weekend with the #MB1031 tutorial questions and the abstract. - Mehrine Elahee
Mehrine Elahee
The first 2 days of second semester were really good, very tiring though. I'm looking forward for the next BS1009 lectures and practicals for they seem interesting. We had our first practical today, which were quite hectic. The best part of the practical for me was streaking the cultures in the agar plates :) This semester, I'm aiming to start and complete all assignments as soon as they are given. - Mehrine Elahee
Pritesh Mistry
Yay! I got 100% on the final #BS1010 assignment, exponents and logs!
Me too :) - Ni Ni Moe Myint
Well done :-) - Shubnum Razak
Grats :) - Max Levin
Well done! :) same, I'm very happy with my overall result so far! - Alice Stephens
me too - Mehrine Elahee
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