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Kol Tregaskes
What is your Twitter URL? What do you tweet about? Mine is and I tweet about all sorts :-) #twitter
Feel free to follow me. This thread could get messy. :-) #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
Sorry I had to delete the first post of this, so apologises for the few that posted their URLs on that one. - Kol Tregaskes
Hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Nicholas. - Kol Tregaskes
Well I'll still be on Twitter once FF is integrated into FB. Join me on Twitter? :-) - Kol Tregaskes my posts start here for what i post on twitter - chaz2b
you rock, Kol! Good community building here. - Valeria Maltoni - politics and random stuff (a lot of it from here funnily enough). - Andrew Roche - photography and social media - Jim Goldstein - you might see a lot of links there, but I suppose that'll change soon... - Ryan - @magicofpi - web design, iphone app development, hawaii events - John Wang - I post links from a useful Twitter tool I made... and sometimes mundane stuff... - Gus - social media, blogging, design, inspiration. - Oguz Serdar - I enjoy getting new followers - Seckoa from iPod
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes - Mostly I tweet about tech stuff and news local to the Northern Virgina area. I also touch on video games and get some blipping in. - Aram Zucker-Scharff - Design, development, WordPress and all things in between. - Gabe Diaz I tweet about ninjas lol. - Jason
I basically tweet politics at; i follow discussions on books, gardening and general stuff on; grantwriting and freelancing on and for anything related to Dallas and surrounding cities it is - R. Ferguson - I say weird shit, bitch at random times, and will say more weird shit. Occasionally I'll post fun things too, with a smidgeon of inane. :P - Jonathan Hardesty
Pretty clever way to work in a plug for your timeline.. I like your style, Kol ;) - Brad McCrorey
Http:// cleantech, the economy, leftwing politics - Bob Morris (polizeros) from iPhone
Keep 'em coming, I'll add you all later today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes (isn't it obvious?) - Nir Ben Yona (don't forget the underscore) What do I tweet about? Tech, fiction, art, music, politics, comics, and of course my fiction. Occasionally some Seattle or Bremerton related stuff. I also have TwitterFeed tweet my blogs, and I always tweet from Flickr. - Dennis Jernberg Twitting about Communications, Marketing and something about myself :) - Marco Dal Pozzo [mdp] I tweet about black people and I use a lot of foul language. then I repent. follow mi! :) - Tofu De la Moore from BuddyFeed I tweet a lot in Dutch, about design, photoshop, 3d and everyday life. - Ruud van Wijngaarden - I actually respond to people to want to chat with me ;-) - Jannifer @wordsforliving i tweet about media and journalism, and sometimes silly stuff. also in portuguese. - Alexandre Gamela from twhirl
i post about film and television editing/post production, I'm a bit of a gadget nerd, and i like anything funny on the web. i love followers... - Todd Zelin
I'm sure you're all interesting but following 6,000 is my limit. ; ) - Liz - I tweet about many things -usually tech-oriented, reply to everyone who @'s me, and have lately been posting a lot about #FreeMediaVE, bringing attention to the struggle against communism in Venezuela. Feel free to follow me. @ me for a quick follow back. No spammers please. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
Thank you all. I hope at least some follow me back else I'll hit my follower limit soon. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes My music career, interaction with ppl, The Guild, Wiggly Wigglers. - Spidra Webster - I mostly post up funny/odd web gems and nerdy tech news. Occasionally, I tweet what I eat. - Cass i tweet about all, but i don't retweet my FF message. From twitter to FF only. if you follow me in FF, you can read my tweet. - Felter Roberto from twhirl - web strategy & internet marketing + random stuff - andy brudtkuhl - Kim - elearning, web 2.0 - Andreas S. Tech, Gaming, and everything in between - Spencer (bilingual, in Italian and English) - Paola Bonomo, trilingual, in Turkish, in English, in French, all sort... - Ozgur Uckan
Thanks again. :-) - Kol Tregaskes and I tweet mostly about graphic and web design. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood from iPhone #hack,#hackday, and tech/geek in general. - Siddharth Mitra from twhirl - I'll tweet about anything stimulating, contentious or jackassy. - phil baumann
You know, you could have just started feeding in your tweets here and achieved the same, right? Or would that have been too subtle? - Mr. Gunn Don't mean to offend but it's usually not religious. Porn, drinking,dancing, music,makeup....I still do healing work. I just don't talk about it much anymore. - Gabrielle
@fossilhuntress or fossilmaitress (I kept getting my email cracked and getting locked out hence the duplicate); all content, linked to digg, delicious... mostly science, paleo and random banter... - Fossil Huntress - I tweet about WDW, Java, Groovy, Scala, iPhone, politics, etc. I'm loads of fun. :-) - Joey Gibson - I tweet about technology, gadgets, stuff that matters - Burak "cyrus" Bayburtlu
Fossil, it's @fossilhuntress The other one doesn't exist. - Kol Tregaskes
It's @bookhling for me. I usually tweet about DIYBio, computers, books, and what I ate for dinner. :) - Sung W. Lim
Thanks guys. - Kol Tregaskes I tweet about dumb stuff - Franc, a rememberer
Thanks everyone. - Kol Tregaskes
I have ceased being a twitter user since they are such twats (management) - Richard A. - I write about technology, journalism, and Star Wars. But mostly Star Wars. :) - Eric Geller
I twit at on webapps technology cool things - Alfonso Pace from iPhone
Maybe this is a good time to 'reactivate' this thread. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Don't forget the other lists can be found at the hashtag: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes - mostly stuff from FF (tech, startups, web apps, sometimes things about math, medicine, fitness) - I've followed a few here on tech stuff (Edit: Thanks Kol for the thread) - Wang Yip - I post sci-fi news (tv, movies, books or comics I'm probably a fan of it), some tech stuff and the occasional round of venting. - Eoghann Irving
I have Twitter lists now, and I've started one up for FriendFeeders:; if you want me to add you to it, @-mention me at - Dennis Jernberg
Thanks everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
Just followed you. Btw, mine's - - JP Habaradas - Focusing on Internet music, Open Content, and the Social Web. I use lists to group/filter the people I follow. - David Holmes
I can follow people again, cleared out a lot of users, anyone want a follow? :-) - Kol Tregaskes - I tweet about tech and webdesign and also daily events :) - I /-\li - mostly search, social, marketing and ux with miscellaneous rants and observations - AJ Kohn - a mix of quotes, jokes and wordplay, especially metaphors and similes. - Dave Richardson
Bumping this as I've just done the same on Google+ here: - Kol Tregaskes
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
http:/ - Tracy Benham
ne de güzel hacılamış abilerimiz - gilliamesk
çok mübarek adamlar aynı zamanda - mayki
jeff'in nehirde boğulurken söylediği şarkı.. - Mustafa Öztürk
@Mustafa rakı no'oldu? iptal mi program? - mayki
boş veer, çok içtim yanıma gel.. boş veer.. zaten kafam güzel :) - Mustafa Öztürk
pek severim. - asli
tey tey. - Mustafa Öztürk
eski günler geldi aklına dimi :( - mayki
Zep concerts in the 70's were great! - Mekkar
the key to Led Zep is the underrated, multi-talented John Paul Jones - Mekkar
Şarkıyı mümkünse kulaklıkla dinleyiniz. Çok güzel stereo özellikler içermekte. - Ali Oz
Bomb tears through government HQ in Oslo; 2 dead
7 confirmed dead in the blast so far. Probably more shot dead in a related incident. - Eivind
Comment - 50 CAL - Part of the Radical Muslim doctrine is to infiltrate other countries through immigration and attack government, military and civilian targets. There can be no peace with these people. Absolute and complete extermination , like cockroaches is the only way to ris a country from their threat. - Mekkar
Comment - AllenDaDon - When will people realize that Islam is a religion the preaches violence? The Koran is full of passages of killing infidels and beheading them in the name of Allah. - Mekkar
The gunman dressed as a police officer was said to look 'Nordic.' - Eivind
Comment - InfidelHere - I know our media have been falling over themselves trying NOT to associate Islam with these terror threats/attacks...but will you muslim appeasers and apologists WAKE UP! - Mekkar
The guman was probably a Islamic recruit & thought he was another Vidkun Quisling - Mekkar
Comment - KARELAINE - If Norway was smart they would expel every Muslim from that country. - Mekkar
Comment - American Patriot - More and more, I feel that free-countries should just tell Muslims to turn around and go home. They are a disease to any free country because they don't respect people's right to freedom and, also, people's right to live free from terror. I try not to look at these people as a group (stereotyping), but who do you trust when some commit these acts of terror... more... - Mekkar
Comment - Damian - And for those of you want to have a dialogue with Muslim extremists, take a look a what happens in Oslo, Norway. - Mekkar
Comment - Dave - The religion of peace strikes again. Some Norwegian must have offended a muslim by, say, blinking too much. - Mekkar
So much hate before any facts are known about the attacks :( - Eivind
Comment - Jen N - This shows you the selfishness and barbarism of terrorists. Norway is a peaceful country that donates more per capita to foreign aid than any other country. They also have taken in many foreign refugees from distressed countries over the years. And this is how they get repaid. - Mekkar
Comment - Diocletian - A simple formula for catastrophe: 1. Import Muslims. 2. Stand by for terror, assassination, bombs, murders, chaos, riots, disruption of society. And anyone who doesn't understand this is a complete bungling idiot who needs to move to Iran. - Mekkar
Comment - Anne - I'm tired of hearing people say that Muslim is a religion. It's a cult. That's would be like people saying Jim Jones was a religious man. I wish death to all Muslims so we can one day be free to live without fear. - Mekkar
Comment - Justafan - Islam, the relgion of peace. If you don't agree, we'll kill you... - Mekkar
Comment - Rolando - Not surprising. The Scandinavian countries have been allowing mass immigrations of muslims for a long time. Similar to France, they're facing a population ratio conflict between muslim immigrants and natural born citizens. Their governments consist of "bleeding heart liberals." The Muslims are exploiting European governments with the goal of eventually taking power... more... - Mekkar
I have pissed on the Koran & I say fuck Mohammad & Fuck Allah - he's a pussy. If Muslim extremists fuck with me - I will obliterate all the nations they come from & kill them ALL! I am offended you, what are you going to do about it. Viking Power! - Mekkar
@Mekkar: What u say reminds me the old political men in my country (Iran) who say spies and enemies from US and Europe have come to this land and we have to fight with them and stop them, the result is execution and arresting of many young and old people who their guilt is not thinking like government. - Pouya
In Scandinavian countries they have leaved Muslims alone and they never try to bring them to the society and give them a role to know how to live in such countries. to solve the sugar in your tea you need a tea spoon, what is missed in this countries! - Pouya
for more information, I have to say, I'm not Muslim but Atheist and I live in Sweden. - Pouya
(Mekkar is quoting the comments, not endorsing them. I think.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
That's tragic! - James Stratford
Most of these commenters seem to hold similar views to the actual shooter. I hope they are so ashamed of themselves now. They're probably not, though :( - Eivind
Stephen Mack is correct about the quoting of comments, of others, to the original article - Mekkar
you should see how some of these immigrants reacted with much rebellion & defiance, in the Nordic far north, & didn't want to assimilate at all or some insisted on their own cultural dominance - even when given many benefits by the too accepting government of the native populations with taxpayer monies. This has gone on for a long time. - Mekkar
Condemn all terrorist acts, regardless of who is doing. - Ali Oz
Norway police arrive 90 minutes after firing began
... Norwegian news agency NTB said the suspect wrote a 1,500-page manifesto before the attack in which he attacked multiculturalism and Muslim immigration... - Mekkar
...The manifesto also described how to acquire explosives and contained pictures of Breivik, NTB said... - Mekkar
multiculturalism and non assimilation immigration is a failure & always negatively affect any society - no matter what your lying government tells you. The future results will prove it. - Mekkar
Can the government be trusted?
Never, anyone stupid enough to be their government worldwide - should be Shot! - Mekkar
Former New Mexico professor arrested in prostitution probe
because the police are too chicken shit to catch & punish "real" criminals - Mekkar
the double-standard, elite favored, american injustice system parading in front of the public - Mekkar
they think they are accomplishing something beneficial to society, at large - Mekkar
CSI couldn't figure out jacksh*t in real life - only in fantasy TV. DNA can be destroyed permanently & easily - Mekkar
Wal-Mart wins Supreme Court sex-bias ruling
the U.S. Supreme Court & injustice system - always ruling in favor of the corporations against the people - i.e. the corporations "bitch" - Mekkar
Roman Gladiator's Gravestone Describes Fatal Foul
Comments - DD Sims - Refs, judges, juries and courts are still blowing calls to this day. Nothing new. - Mekkar
Cutting the cable cord goes mainstream
Comments - Crusty one - Just wait until the internet service providers start charging for all the Giga-Bytes that the streaming downloads uses. They'll change their tune. Comcast & AT&T are about ready to do that. - Mekkar
Comments - Moose - ... I picked up a pair of rabbit ears on Amazon for $8 and now we get NBC/CBS/etc. all for free... - Mekkar
Zediva - New Movies Now - Mekkar
If anyone hits you with an "I told u so" or a shoulda-coulda-woulda, feel free to give them an open-hand slap in the mouth.
I just think it's kinda disrespectful. Why remind somebody about some shit they can't fix? What positive comes out of that? Yes, we learn from our mistakes, but pointing out someone's past ones is usually not productive. - Rahsheen
not to me you wouldn't, no one even raises their hand against me - because I would whip that ass, Hard! - Mekkar
Well. Thanks for sharing, but you'd still be whooping that ass Hard! after receiving an open-hand slap in the mouth. Guess which hit everyone remembers? LOL. - Rahsheen
Witness clears Amanda Knox in Italy murder trial
this is a "frame job" & they are the "patsies" - Mekkar
the killer is the child of the prosecutor's friend & I suspect a kidnapping or the mob is involved - Mekkar
2011 Vancouver Riot - From Wikipedia
too bad - the whole city didn't get destroyed! - Mekkar
like aztec basketball - the losing team should be killed - Mekkar
modern athletes are "soft" & do Not really "lay it all on the line" - because the losers should always be killed & sacrificed - Mekkar
the Vancouver Ca-sucks & Miami Micemeat teams & organizations should have all those affiliated with them sacrificed for losing - that is "manning up" for real! - Mekkar
I have no tolerance for losing! Win or Die! - Mekkar
(Nikola) Tesla Thought Up the Internet
Not that lying bastard "I invented the internet" Al Gore! - Mekkar
Soccer player's nonchalant no-look goal
Remember, modern "american football" was "created" by British soldiers in CANADA in 1861 - Mekkar
Comments - Fin - Spoken like someone who knows nothing about American Football. lol - Mekkar
I know way more about football than Fin will ever know. - Mekkar
Comparison of American and Canadian football - Mekkar
... Football was introduced to North America in Canada by the British Army garrison in Montreal, which played a series of games with McGill University... - Mekkar
1861 - First documented football game was played at the University of Toronto on the present site of University College (400 yards west of Queen's Park) on November 9. One of the participants in the game involving University of Toronto students was (Sir) William Mulock, later it's Chancellor. - Mekkar
1874 - The rules of a hybrid game of English rugby devised by the University of McGill were first used in the United States in a game at Boston between McGill and Harvard. On May 14, Harvard won 3-0 using Harvard rules. The next day, the teams tied 0-0 while playing Canadian rules. Harvard liked the new game so much they introduced it into the Ivy League. Both U.S. and Canadian football evolved from these games. - Mekkar
First Person: Am I Headed for Financial Ruin?
Comments - Rex S - BILDERBERGS: The Elites' Elite decide the World's fate and ultimately, the ROTHSCHILDS are behind all this and these Elites behind our perpetual wars, the gutting of our economy by the BANKSTERS and OUTSOURCING CORPORATIONS, the merging of Nations such as the (E.U.) and the upcoming NAU (N. American Union). Ask the TREASONOUS MSM (Mainstream Media) why they're NOT covering something as extremely important as the BILDERGERG MEETINGS! Instead, they're giving us more diversion such as this tripe with preoccupying us with Weiner's weaner! Remember Monica Lewinsky and how the MSM saturated us with her story and distracted us away from the REPEAL of GLASS-STEAGALL and the implementation of NAFTA and the WTO. - Mekkar
The world's most expensive cities
Show all
the top 30 most expensive cities in the world - Mekkar
LeBron, Wade mock Dallas star's illness
Wade is now inflected by LeBron's lack of class - Mekkar
Thus, a reason why many people are rooting against the Heat & not necessarily for Dallas - Mekkar
Lebron wishes he was The King - but, only in his wet dreams! because Elvis was The King - Mekkar
Kim Duthie: 'Everything I've just said I've lied about'
western women lie and destroy men's reputations without recourse & the legal system allows them to do it! - Mekkar
How Governments Lie about Domestic Violence - Mekkar
... It is all about women. Hysteria is carefully stage-managed... - Mekkar
Jilted boyfriend's billboard ignites debate
that is why you don't marry them & definitely don't have children with them! - Mekkar
the result of thinking with your genitals - Mekkar
How to say no to your boss
yea! real smart advice - Mekkar
China warns U.S. debt-default idea is "playing with fire"
& China owes Germany money - Mekkar
say Hi to the Third World, USA! because you are headed that way soon! - Mekkar
Movie theater makes example of texter
good - I wish someone would implant that phone in her skull! - Mekkar
Shooting in Yuma, Arizona, leaves 6 dead
good, the another scumbag lawyer got exact what he deserved - DEAD! - Mekkar
all lawyers & all politicians deserve a painful, suffering death! - Mekkar
Politicians Should Get What They Deserve (4/4/09) - Mekkar
... I don't feel sorry for Abe (Lincoln), JFK, RFK, or any of the lying crooks who got "picked off" (we are excluding commoners here) - they are politicians and bureaucrats and they got what they deserved - Shot and killed! ... - Mekkar
... All government officials at all levels, in all nations, should be killed because we know what they are "made of" ... - scumbags! - Mekkar
Global war on drugs a failure, high-level panel says
the asshole, dumbass politicians didn't realize this, when the people have known for many years - Mekkar
Idiocracy (the movie) - From Wikipedia
this is where this "modern society" is headed - get used to it! it is a part of the "overlord agenda" - Mekkar
Idiocracy is a 2006 American satirical science fiction comedy... - Mekkar
... the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society... - Mekkar
... the very proof that the future contemplated in it is not that far away... - Mekkar
The Marching Morons - From Wikipedia - Mekkar
... Due to a combination of intelligent people not having children and excessive breeding by less intelligent people, the world is full of morons, with the exception of an elite few who work slavishly to keep order.... - Mekkar
Avril Lavigne's profanity-laced rant at fans
this generation is your future, America & you're f*^ked - Mekkar
99% no talent sons & daughters - whores, tramps, phonies, wannabees, buffoons, etc. - because of piss-poor parenting - ruining the country - Mekkar
The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason | Americans are not nearly afraid enough
... You trust the government. Well, that was your first mistake... - Mekkar
FIFA probing own prez in bribery scandal
I told you so! a long time ago that Sepp Blatter & FIFA was corrupt to the core! - Mekkar
Social engineering in America: a horror story
A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding - Mekkar
Op-Ed: Social engineering American style - Mekkar
Social Engineering, Not Capitalism, Has Failed America - Mekkar
About the Great Society, one of history’s boldest social engineering projects – one of America’s largest investments - Mekkar
Social engineering (political science) - From Wikipedia - Mekkar
Where the Path of Social Engineering Will Take the U.S. - Mekkar
The Devastating Effects Of Social Engineering Worldwide - Mekkar
Social Engineering 101: Mitnick and other hackers show how it's done
Comments - WJeansonne - Only in America can a crook profit from his or her illegal activities--past and present! What a joke our society is becoming. - Mekkar
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