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Mean Mad Menacing Major League Mariners!
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The NFL versus the CFL Friday, September 8, 2006, 06:50 PM EST [General] The CFL is a different type of game played by different types of players at positions... -
@mekkar because all those who "run" this nation along with their illuminati, corporate, etc. backers should be killed 4 real change 2 occur
If you a legal immigrant, fine. A "real" deterrent for all illegals & people who support illegal immigration - should be a firing squad!
I'm guessing you haven't got the memo about Vidalia Onions for $20 each ;) - WarLord
@mekkar No exceptions! all who disagree are pussies & will "drag down" the USA. all those who believe in the current system are deceived
Have the crackdowns on immigration gone too far?
"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Complete Seasons One and Two Unauthorized Reviews"
truTV: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Secret Societies 1 of 7 Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura (video)
SolReka - Alternative Energy, News, Conspiracy Blog
Occupy Movement Summed Up Like No Other
Make up your own Mind - Jesse Ventura’s Letter to the Ruling Elite!
Jesse Ventura’s Letter to the Ruling Elite.
ParaSpiracy - Where the Paranormal meets Conspiracy
Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling Class
Jesse Ventura’s Letter to the Ruling Elite!
American Revolution - From Wikipedia
voting will never help you - only real change happens when blood is shed like the American Revolutionary War (1775–83) against Great Britain
Jesse Ventura: Gov. Ventura Probes Pentagon Attack, Unreleased 9/11 Video and Missing Trillions 1/3
Jesse Ventura joins kick-off of Occupy MN [VIDEO]
Jesse Ventura on Government Cover-Ups . . . 9/11, the Reality of HAARP and Making Government Better
the only way to "really" change the current system is to kill everyone who is "behind the scenes", "runs", or protects it
First Amendment to the United States Constitution - From Wikipedia
The First Amendment is to protect unpopular speech simply because popular speech doesn't need to be protected - Jesse Ventura
Free Speech (with Exceptions)
Free speech, the Internet, and European so-called 'anti-hate' laws
PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet
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