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RT @mikearauz: Blogged: Notes from Responsive Org presentation, November 2014
RT @BBHLabs: The CTR isn't dead, it's morphed into a zombie - @melex's latest tech column for @MarketingUK:
Marketing that Interrupts for Good - new Labs post from @damienlc on interrupting intention vs interrupting attention
Early morning London skyline
RT @katiedreke: 'Humans Need Not Apply' (cc: @melex)
For anyone running - or aspiring to run - a creative business, my book of the year/decade/century is @edcatmull's Creativity Inc. Read it.
Exon-Collins do their best Gregory Crewdson homage
RT @BBHLabs: Intake & interruption - gives the term 'human resource' real meaning, by @ianfitzpatrick: HT @anjali28 @neilperkin
Also on a modern feminist tip, this from @arobertwebb is astute and drily funny to boot: (HT @lcwilloughby)
Grateful to @rgay for Bad Feminism. Such wisdom and wit:
Morning run, pretending to be an extra in a Bond movie
RT @BBHNewYork: Counting down to kickoff... Who's excited for #GFBM 2014?!
On the creative value of code - latest column in @MarketingUK is up now:
RT @BBHLabs: Wearables & the Peak of Inflated Expectations - why Nike ditching Fuelband is a course correct not category bail-out:
Wearables And the Peak of Inflated Expectations -
RT @katiedreke: woah. squishy robots. @melex needs to know about this.
RT @SceptreBooks: Storytelling is fluid. Find out how @david_mitchell 14.7.14 7AM.
RT @SceptreBooks: Storytelling is fluid. Find out how @david_mitchell 14.7.14 7AM.
+1 and thank you RT @anjali28: @lucyblair @clayparkerjones @alexanderchung awesome meeting you guys finally! hope rest of yr trip goes well.
The New Revolutionaries, tonight at BBH London -
Also: I defy you to come up with an agency more aptly named than @meerasc's Tigress Tigress. Perfect:
A major upside of being locked in a darkened room for #cannes #cybers is meeting women like @meerasc and @peparojo. Follow 'em, they're ace.
And so another day locked in a darkened room begins :) #cannes #cybers @ Palais des Festivals, Cannes
Good evening, London Eye
2014 Internet Trends Report: The World Gets Mobile -
Maya Angelou recites her poem 'Phenomenal Woman'. Just wonderful: (HT the phenomenal @brainpicker)
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