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RT @katiedreke: 'Humans Need Not Apply' (cc: @melex)
For anyone running - or aspiring to run - a creative business, my book of the year/decade/century is @edcatmull's Creativity Inc. Read it.
Exon-Collins do their best Gregory Crewdson homage
RT @BBHLabs: Intake & interruption - gives the term 'human resource' real meaning, by @ianfitzpatrick: HT @anjali28 @neilperkin
Also on a modern feminist tip, this from @arobertwebb is astute and drily funny to boot: (HT @lcwilloughby)
Grateful to @rgay for Bad Feminism. Such wisdom and wit:
Morning run, pretending to be an extra in a Bond movie
RT @BBHNewYork: Counting down to kickoff... Who's excited for #GFBM 2014?!
On the creative value of code - latest column in @MarketingUK is up now:
RT @BBHLabs: Wearables & the Peak of Inflated Expectations - why Nike ditching Fuelband is a course correct not category bail-out:
RT @katiedreke: woah. squishy robots. @melex needs to know about this.
RT @SceptreBooks: Storytelling is fluid. Find out how @david_mitchell 14.7.14 7AM.
RT @SceptreBooks: Storytelling is fluid. Find out how @david_mitchell 14.7.14 7AM.
+1 and thank you RT @anjali28: @lucyblair @clayparkerjones @alexanderchung awesome meeting you guys finally! hope rest of yr trip goes well.
The New Revolutionaries, tonight at BBH London -
Also: I defy you to come up with an agency more aptly named than @meerasc's Tigress Tigress. Perfect:
A major upside of being locked in a darkened room for #cannes #cybers is meeting women like @meerasc and @peparojo. Follow 'em, they're ace.
And so another day locked in a darkened room begins :) #cannes #cybers @ Palais des Festivals, Cannes
Good evening, London Eye
2014 Internet Trends Report: The World Gets Mobile -
Maya Angelou recites her poem 'Phenomenal Woman'. Just wonderful: (HT the phenomenal @brainpicker)
RT @tim_nolan: @melex @Whatleydude Jennifer doe ssome great work (GIFs) http://httpcolonforwardslashfo...
Chocolate perfection @ The Wolseley
Faking cultural literacy - beautifully written piece in the NYT (and a terrifyingly great gif): HT @Whatleydude
Just discovered @whatleydude's Five Things on Friday. Nice links, but mainly I just like the way he writes about 'em:
Lali (aged 4) likes inventing things. This is her concept drawing for "a dress that grows up with you".
The 100 Most Influential Women on Twitter, some great people to follow here: (via the quite awesome @AdasList)
RT @paulajradcliffe: Well done to all who ran tonight in Victoria Park. We owned the night! #ellerunning #nikeuk #weownthenight
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