Social media is a listening tool, not a broadcasting tool. @ajuliano
"Let's give 'em something to talk about" #CSNISM
Learning about the fast and furious creation of this social media luncheon series. Born on Twitter #CSNISM
Oh, boy. Just learned how to insert an interactive quiz (which gives feedback!) into a Powerpoint. ***Geeking out***
Finished this last night! My Fort Wayne Trails via @youtube
I heard the buzzwords "leverage" and "scaffolding" in the same sentence and a little part of me died inside. #stopthepretentiousness
Check it out @jonswerens Would you like a job with that? "We serve Christ. Also burgers." Restaurant supports homeless
Listening to online conference session about using video for training. ***geeking out***
I'll be attending Webjunction's Learning Round Table online conference today. Looking forward to learning new tips to help me train staff! Thanks, Peter! This year, my colleague Deb Noggle is chairing Library Camp, and she's done a great job of drawing...
I ran a demo webinar today to show a committee how WebEx works. One of the committee members whipped out his iPad and watched the meeting …
We have over 100 people signed up for ACPL Library Camp!:
few songs for me, because the videos were so bad.
For my young friends--MTV was awesome when it first began.  It also left me unable to unsee a lot of rock stars, and permanently killed a
Happy 30th birthday, MTV. You've only sucked for two thirds of that time.
So glad to see excited Library Campers talking it up! And yes, we love the Roctopus, too.
So glad to see excited Library Campers talking it up! And yes, we love the Roctopus.
Very high praises for the Allen County Public Library. Ask Dayton!
test #g+
Geeking out with Google Docs / Forms. Oh how I love them so.
I'm attending Social Media Luncheon at Cancer Services #3 --
Wow, look at all those people signed up for Library Camp! Are you signed up yet? Library Camp
Friends, are you using Spotify? If so, tell me why you like it (and why I should use it, too)
Hello @awelfle, I'm watching you (via FB)
Gearing up for New Staff Orientation launch later this week... still so much to do!
test test... is this thing on?
One minute I look out the window and it's cloudy; I look out a minute later and it's POURING.
UGH! This man clearly does not understand the philosophy behind libraries--to free information.
Wow, I love it when my mind opens up and ideas come flowing out! If only this happened every day...
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