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cozycozy!! - Melissa Maskevich
cuuuuuuuuuuet - Craig Davis
so touching! - Anna Muller
I can't believe I missed this. That is so adorable. - metalerik
<3 - Neya
Mona Nomura
You guys, this image is SO huge! HAHA - Mona Nomura
Lol - Farzad
Ignore! :D - MissSaghar
ترابلشوتینگ: to solve your problem you must shut down your computer and fuck yourself immedately! - M∂hmood
رافائل هنگ کرد! :)))))))))))))) - M∂hmood
Like for saghar :D viva MicroSoft :D :D - Farzad
This is one of my new favorites. - Kevin Bondelli
i wonder what mona is like at a flea market - she probably finds the rare gems! - Allen Stern
Too bad there isn't a StumbleUpon for flea markets. - Kevin Bondelli
Allen: Will work for free food! ;) - Mona Nomura
I want to randomly deploy this into a piece of software as an easter egg. - Kevin Bondelli
aaaahhhh, windows.... hahahahha - Melissa Maskevich
I made a Mac error pop-up to keep this one company. - Kevin Bondelli
This *still* makes me laugh out loud lollll!! - Mona Nomura
wow september? nice to see this again hehe - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
As Carlos said, I am "crate digging" . . . my feed used to be so visual. I am finding ALL sorts of posts. - Mona Nomura from IM
Oh shit that's funny! - BEX
just laughed at this one again :) - (jeff)isageek
Hehehe - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Fly, little butterfly, Fly! - Martha
oh this must be at least thirty-seven years old. but still funny! - Kirill Bolgarov
It can't be THAT old; it's done in XP look-and-feel... - Karl Knechtel
nice! I've never seen this one before. - Phil Maxwell
- the f word - Monique
Karl, that was a joke - Kirill Bolgarov
XA x333 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Classy. \p/ - Zu from AOD
Had me LOL ... Literally. - Charlie Anzman
:D:D - Nucro
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
hahaha - Marissa
oh damn I liked it already - Victory through semantics
Where in the Sam Hill did this come from?! LOL - Mona Nomura
It's all about the butterflies - Jesse Stay looks pretty slick these days. The butterfly has shapelier wings. - Vezquex
Still funny. - Amit Morson
Melissa Maskevich
YouTube - Вивальди "времена года",Лето-3часть -
				- Вивальди "времена года",Лето-3часть
holy guacomole! - Melissa Maskevich from Bookmarklet
Melissa Maskevich
animal defense mechanisms -
that horned lizard needs to get his act together. dude, you're covered in horns. exploding blood vessels in your eyes is the best you could come up with?? - Melissa Maskevich from Bookmarklet
Melissa Maskevich
i love how i posted this a few days ago, and then met a guy and his surfing dog this weekend in the hamptons :) awesome - Melissa Maskevich
Wow! Cool!! - keiko-san
Melissa Maskevich
Melissa Maskevich
spam mcgriddles
Hawaii? - Bren
lol - Allen Stern
yeah, must be hawaii - Melissa Maskevich
I'm good. - Derrick
I like it. - Eric
Melissa Maskevich
You spend three hours molesting the beef? #MOW
NOPE - iTad
Oh HELL no! - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
That's worse than the bull balls photo. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh dear lord. - adf
too literal - MicahBear78
No glove, no love - Outsanity
that's so f-ging gross. ugh. i feel violated. - Melissa Maskevich
this reminds me, we're going to the state fair tomorrow! *LUBES UP* - Big Joe Silence
eww.. is that how they cure constipation? - David Gross
no, this is their lunch hour. - Big Joe Silence
i like how, despite the arm-length protective sleeve, it still got spattered onto her shirt. i wonder if anyone will tell her about it before she gets into her pickup truck? - Big Joe Silence
Is it weird that I've always wanted to do this? - Melly
i have. it's called tech support. - Big Joe Silence
she's going to lose her watch if she's not careful...Does anybody no what she digging for? - sofarsoShawn
But... WHY? - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
Could be the sickest thing I've ever seen - Seckoa
15 likes? You people love crazy shit. No pun intended. - Outsanity
this photo makes me think of Wisconsin, actually. - Big Joe Silence
What are they trying to do here? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Oh, I thought that's how they made chocolate milk... - Jeff P. Henderson
I'm guessing that this isn't what kids are picturing when they say they want to be vets when they grow up... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
if you liked that, here's another cool pic lol - David Gross from email
Melissa Maskevich
so there's that
hahaha what a choice moment :) - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
Yo dawg, I herd you like to take pics of people while they aren't watching, so I took a pic while you weren't watching while you were taking a pic of that girl when she wasn't watching, so you can be stalked while you stalk. - Josh Haley
hahaha, nice josh - Melissa Maskevich
LOL at josh - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Where's the picture that guy took? - AJ Batac
My kitty Zeke doing his usual sitting around. :-)
ooowwwwww :)) - AmcsaKhucha
Sooo cute!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Look at that TAIL! - Amy℠
He really has too much cute built up. :-) - Nida
hello zeke:) - Ying from email
Hi Zeke! I love it when my cat sits around like that. - Jason Wehmhoener
ha! beautiful kitty too :-) - Nida
maine coon? what a beauty - Melissa Maskevich
I <3 Maine Coon cats. - Jason Wehmhoener
Yeah, he's probably mostly maine coon :-) - Nida
Ben Hanten
The Best Gin You’re Not Drinking. -
The Best Gin You’re Not Drinking.
The Best Gin You’re Not Drinking.
Hendrick’s Gin is a little harder to find and a little more expensive, but it’s well worth the search. Made in Scotland, it clocks in at 88 proof. And wile it has the usual botanical infusions of juniper, coriander and citrus peel, what makes Hendrick’s so unique is the addition of cucumber and rose petals. - Ben Hanten from Bookmarklet
Alcoholic! =P - Shevonne
Bombay Sapphire is pretty good - Shevonne
I sometimes drink Beefeater with lime. - Ami Iida
Hendrick's IS good, but I like that Bombay stuff. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. - Derrick
I was a huge Sapphire fan until I tried Hendricks. Now if I could just track down some authentic Genever. - Kyle Hebert
Yeah I was on Sapphire until Hendrick's, too. I love gin, but hate tonic. That means the gin has to be good enough to go with just ice or as a gimlet. - Ben Hanten
Matt, Squirt is available here and we actually keep it on the "guns" at the bar. - Ben Hanten
Tanqueray is bad, but it's the highest alcohol, so.... You know how those gin drinkers can be. Now Tanqueray Rangpur is great. - Ben Hanten
Love Hendrick's! Serve with a little stick of cucumber - yum! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
although, there is the new beefeater 25... harder to find still, but worth the look - Melissa Maskevich
I think Tanqueray is what gin is supposed to taste like. MMMM. - Simon Cartel
Sorry, my gin doesn't taste like ass. Maybe you buy your liquor from the crack dealer? - Simon Cartel
Melissa Maskevich
Journalist hunts for acid-spitting Mongolian death worm -
Journalist hunts for acid-spitting Mongolian death worm
"The worm apparently jumps out of the sand and kills people by spitting concentrated acid or shooting lightning from its rectum over long distances, NZPA reports. (Seriously.)" - Melissa Maskevich from Bookmarklet
Melissa Maskevich
"it's time to break up with his jewelry, too" -
"it's time to break up with his jewelry, too"
just saw this commercial today - Melissa Maskevich
Rachel Lea Fox
Orion was pretty much fur and bones when he first got here. You could feel every rib and vertebrae not to mention his hip bones all jutting out there. He was tiny and and pathetic. In just a week so far he has filled in some and become a boisterous happy little boy ready to take over the world! - Rachel Lea Fox from Bookmarklet
off to FF Feedback to request a 'love' link in addition to the 'like' one... - metalerik
*lol* thanks metalerik. Orion can deliver the message for you, he is taking an outing to FriendFeed GWHQ shortly! - Rachel Lea Fox
So adorable... - Georgia
oh that's much smarter. He's waaaaaaaaay cuter than I am :) - metalerik
This cat is absolutely adorable!!!!!! - The Catz Meow
Orion had a good vet visit. He gained 7oz which is great as he was so so skinny last week. He gets to be with us for one more week and then he will go up for adoption. - Rachel Lea Fox
beautiful photos, what a handsome gentleman he is! - Melissa Maskevich
If he keeps this up, I might have to stop calling him "Furbone." - Cyrus Lendvay
I don't know Cy, I think you may need to stop now, there some definite meat on those furbones now!! - Rachel Lea Fox
*chuckles* @ 2nd pic. tiny Orion, he'll be a BIG, tough cat someday ;D - Franc, a rememberer
Franc ☺ he will be, but he already thinks he is big and tough. He has been jumping on Nym's head like he is the biggest thing in the world and nothing could stop him. It's super cute! - Rachel Lea Fox
bumping this because I'm taking Orion back to the shelter in a couple hours. - Rachel Lea Fox
give him a little scratch for me. Thanks for being so good them Rachel. - metalerik
done metalerik. he is laying on my lap right now. We are enjoying our last bit of time together. *sighs* - Rachel Lea Fox
Rachel: I hope they finds the best home for him. I try not to be sad everytime I hear one of your foster kittens is back to the shelter, you're so good to them :'( - Franc, a rememberer
A Class pic belongs on flickr - Kevin J Hatton
Franc ☺, I try not to be sad too, but I cry every time. Kevin, they are all on Flickr, we use the Flickr API to host them on my blog. If you click on any one of those photos it will take you to the flickr page for that photo or you can visit my flickr foster kittens set here: - Rachel Lea Fox
Franc, a rememberer
going to the gym. soaking wet from walking in the rain.
that was me coming home from the gym walking in the rain about an hour ago - Melissa Maskevich
I almost got hit by a car on the way to the gym. the rain is causing a lot of crashes. when I got home there was another auto accident outside my door. real grizzly - NoahDavidSimon
Melissa Maskevich
got deer issues? wolf urine is the way to go -
got deer issues? wolf urine is the way to go
im slightly freaked the hell out about ticks lately because a couple friends just got lyme disease in the hamptons, and im there every weekend this summer, do you think people in my summer share would think i was a crazy pant if i doused the lawn in this? haha, but really - Melissa Maskevich
Or, you could put hair from the barbershop in some old stockings and hang them in the trees. Old farmers' trick my dad told me about. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
are you kidding me, the real ha3rvey? crazy... yeah, that would go over grrrrrrreat at the share house hahahha.. - Melissa Maskevich
I'm serious! :) That's what my dad said they used to do to keep the deer out of their watermelons. The deer smell all the different hair and think there are a lot of people. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I guess as long as you don't mind the smell of wolf urine... - John (bird whisperer)
well, the real ha3rvey, you've officially blown my mind. - Melissa Maskevich
Who would have thought you could buy something like that! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I like when he pounces on the camera! and the jump and slide into the box is priceless!! the spread out legs are awesome! - Rachel Lea Fox
What a beautiful cat! - Janet
I love the pattern on that kitty's coat! - Katy S
awww, it's a fail kitty! somewhat pokemon like. jigglypuff - Melissa Maskevich
Melissa Maskevich
Mmm, cocaine toothache drops... - John (bird whisperer)
Why can't we have the medicine they used to make? - Aaron Hood from BuddyFeed
i love the quaalude ad--wake up feeling great after a good night sleep on quaaludes. yeah, they wont make you feel groggy at all - Melissa Maskevich
Steve C
Parasailers safe after getting stuck in the air - WWSB ABC 7 Florida - Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port, Siesta Key Breaking News, Weather, Sports and Traffic on the Suncoast | -
Parasailers safe after getting stuck in the air - WWSB ABC 7 Florida - Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, North Port, Siesta Key Breaking News, Weather, Sports and Traffic on the Suncoast |
"The Calacci Family booked an afternoon of parasailing, but high winds sent their parasail up, up...and nearly away. It was supposed to be a 15 minute trip, but it turned into more than three hours of being stuck high above the Gulf of Mexico." - Steve C from Bookmarklet
I would so pee on peeps down below if i had to be stuck for 3 hours - Steve C
hey my fam had a vacation home in sarasota. never got to parasail though. kinda glad now - Cee Bee
Note to self: Stay out from under parasailers. Steve, if I got doused in your (or anyone's) urine, I'd beat you up once you landed =) - Jess
Oh, this is very close to here. - Alix May
parasailing is so boring. i cant imagine 3 hours of it. i would probably cry - Melissa Maskevich
I would have enjoyed the view and had a truly private conversation. And I don't doubt that Jess can take Steve C. No peeing on people's heads! - Trish Haley
Sounds kind of fun... - Rachel R.
RIP michael jackson. he's the first person the media actually killed.
He was a little strange, too. - anna sauce
I don't want to sound like I'm being insensitive, and this statement is clearly not intended to be, but I wonder if his kids will go out in public as normal people and not wearing head coverings anymore. - Tamar Weinberg
tamar: interesting question - Melissa Maskevich
CW, well People magazine *did* have a photo of his son, Prince Michael (that's his name, right?), with MJ out in the open without one this past weekend (or last)... but I'm not sure that's a regular occurrence. My question is not necessarily about preserving the legacy but seeing if his kids felt intimidated by these idiosyncrasies and will now want to maintain their own identities instead. - Tamar Weinberg
CW, this is quite true. Poor kids. - Tamar Weinberg
Aww - Tyson Key
I don't see the paparazzi chasing the Bush girls around 24/7 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'd argue that Michael Jackson is way more famous than George W Bush. - Victor Ganata
He was certainly more liked. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Do you think the media killed Marilyn Monroe? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin: CIA. - Chris Charabaruk
Adam: I would argue that Princess Diana was the first person killed by the media. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Yeah, the media definitely had a more direct hand in causing Diana's death. - Victor Ganata
+1 Bec & Victor - Chris Charabaruk
Am I the only one that is extremely disturbed about everyone RIP'ing Michael Jackson with no valid confirmation?
well i am a little. - Valley
I've seen many on FF who won't rely on TMZ alone. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
I have seen no story that is not based on TMZ's coverage. Someone prove me wrong. - Rahsheen
Social Media is the place to start a rumor - wait I mean buzz - wait I mean news... what's the difference again (these days, at least)? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I'm still waiting for the traditional two source confirmation. - Eric
there's no confirmation??? - Melissa Maskevich
I don't believe TMZ - anna sauce
I never rely on one news source, unless I witness something with my own eyes. - Ian May
Listening to the news now and it's not confirm yet that he's dead. - YoYo_P
TMZ is not confirmation. TMZ is about gossip. They employee paparazzi for God's sake. I need REAL news. - Rahsheen
Everything right now (listed on GNews) is based on TMZ. I'm also waiting for something I trust more. - LJF Wolffe
CNN is reporting no news nor confirmation for >15 minutes now. Twitter spells Micheal Jackson (instead of Michael Jackson) as a trending topic and people repeat each other with the dead of Michael Jackson which is NOT CONFIRMED YET. So I went to FriendFeed to filter the world with ">5 likes"... - Patrick Mackaaij
Melissa Maskevich
ah, to be young
lol... she seems so comfortable, I wouldn't move her either. - Alan Le
too cute - imabonehead
that is priceless. - Sharon McPherson
Good spot - Josh Haley
There are days I just wanna stop & rest like that. Can you imagine if everyone did that when the urge hit them? hahaha. - Bonita Garrabrant
My mother one time lost me in the house. Couldn't find me anywhere. Panicked. Found me sleeping on a bookshelf. - Akiva
i used to sleep in cabinets, akiva, same thing, my mom would panic and then find me hidden in a drawer of an armoir or under the sink. strange - Melissa Maskevich
Just couldn't play another second.... Aw. - Kay Designer
never wake a sleeping child, unless it is an emergency, or you are running late for school. - Nathan Eckenrode
I'm going to try this later. - Andrew Trinh
me after a meeting that ran too long - Mary Rosberg
perfectly balanced... <3 - Trish Haley
Thats hilarious. - DGentry
Handy place for a nap, just help your'shelf' - Kevin J Hatton
lol! - David Cook
I would definitely move her. There's a very important artery behind the knee that can be occluded when the knees are locked. - Mattb4rd
It wasn't nearly as cute the last time I did that. Of course, it was at work. - Russell Holliman
You know what can kiss my ass? This jury duty summons.
Telling them I was breastfeeding always got me out of it. Don't know how to get out of it otherwise... the next summons I get I'm toast. - Trish Haley
Hope the case ends up over before it starts or you get released. Then you'll don't have to worry about it for another 2 years! - Rodfather
My crazy uncle down south always got out of it by saying he didn't trust white people. o_O - Derrick
All the inconsiderate people in the damn world - Shevonne
I kinda like jury duty. - Michael McKean
For some reason, I have never been called for jury duty. Not that I am complaining... - Seth Gottlieb
Oh!!! JURY DUTY! I am so freaking brain dead. I thought the jury was summoned to hear what you can kiss your ass to. Hahahaha I am so out of it. Jury duty can suck it - Shevonne
I don't know about the jury system in CA, I got called three times in five years which is against PA rules and I was only able to get out of one of those call backs. Even had note from employer stating the need for me to be at work as I was the only one doing her ultrasound scans and patient care issues involved with that. That too did not work. - Janet
You could tweet it! Wait, am I following you? *trundles off* - Ayşe E.
Trish, tell them you're still breastfeeding! - Rochelle
Here you can use the children excuse until they are 6. Which is a relief as I'd have to shell out a fortune in childcare. - Heather Solos
I've never been called. Like ever. They don't like me. *sulk* - Alix May
I have one too for friday :( - mjc
I dunno D. I'm kinda into the civic duty thing. And frankly I'd rather you go on duty than a whole heap of folks I could think of. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Obviously, I'm going. I just don't like being throwing out of my routine. And if I had more faith in the legal system here in the City of Los Angeles, I'd probably feel better about it. The last time, I called every night as instructed and never got called in. The starts undoubtedly won't line up the same way. We'll see. - Derrick
They don't do it that way any more. Adrian just had to show up, spend all day there and was dismissed. - Anika
Anika, I just scanned through it, and you have to register that you have RECEIVED the summons, and then call in the weekend prior. Whatever. I'm already over this whole thing. The only good thing is free parking. Free parking is such a perk, it makes me want to cry. - Derrick
I GOT MY FIRST ONE!!! got out of it though ;) - Melissa Maskevich
Oh I love jury duty. You may end up meeting your new boyfriend there. Keep an eye out. I've been on 3 in the last few years. It's odd- a homicide, damages by being hit by a bus, and a DUI. Made new friends in each one! - anna sauce
LOL Yeah, I was just referring to the calling every night part. Now, when you get summoned you just get to sit there all day instead of having to call every night. - Anika
Every time I've gotten jury duty I called the night before and the message told me not to come. Guess we don't have enough trials around here. - Shannon Jiménez
I can never remember to call and end up in this weird loop of making up for an expired summons. - anna sauce
Rochelle, but that would be lying! I'll tell them Alix hasn't been summoned yet and she really wants to be. - Trish Haley
Derrick, I got one of those two weeks ago. - Mike Reynolds
UGH I NEVER want one of those. Just bring on the crazy so they won't pick you! - BEX
If it didn't get sent certified mail, throw it away. - mike fabio
Mike, here in CA they send them by regular mail. If you ignore them, they just put you back on the list and you get another one in a few months. Don't know what will happen if you ignore them forever though. - Jeff P. Henderson
FYI, I'm black. I don't need to spurn legal action here in Los Angeles, where the keepers of the peace treat us so well. - Derrick
Anika, I think there are two types of summons you can get here in CA. One requires you to go to the courthouse. The other just requires a call in for one or more days. I had a "must appear" summons a few years ago but several of my coworkers have had a "call in" summons since. - invariant
Yeah, the breastfeeding story works every time! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'd start with a story about having to get new tubers for your potato belt and wind up in a long tribute to cures for The Clap. That should solve the issue. Oh...and throw in some spontaneous clapping and praising of Jesus for good measure. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
OK I'll throw this out here- why are people so reluctant to be on jury? Don't you see it as a situation you may be in on, and you'd like someone like you to be in the jury? Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks that I may end up on the other end of justice somehow. It's a small price to pay, I think, for being part of our legal system. I may actually abstain next time as I've been on 3... more... - anna sauce
One judge put a petulant little snobby girl in the box, and she was on a homicide case, and missed her vacation on a Greek island, which none of us had any sympathy for. This girl tried every dramatic ruse in the book to get out of the box. At the end of the day it's up to the judge. - anna sauce
Cee Bee
Good lord, that's cool. Reminds me of Bioshock! - Adrian
Definitely a loss, but whoa beautiful, too. - Ayşe E.
the photos on the site are pretty excellent. these are just individual screen captures as the site is flash. check it out - Cee Bee
great place for a photoshoot... - Melissa Maskevich
What an awesome opportunity (high school), CW™! I hope you can make one of those defunct theatres live again one day. - Ayşe E.
Should make these into nightclubs - Joe Dawson
Melissa Maskevich
giving first aid the already disheveled hair projection -
giving first aid the already disheveled hair projection
giving first aid the already disheveled hair projection
star wars subtitles - Melissa Maskevich from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
RED! Clouds / Fraggle Red
RED! Clouds / Fraggle Red
I like this color so much. - faye_an
Red sky at night, sailors delight. - Jack&Cleo
it's shepherds where I come from :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
so beautiful. where is this? - Melissa Maskevich
Melissa Maskevich
what a crazy little creature! - BEX
i love it! - Melissa Maskevich
it looks like a cross between a chicken, mouse and a kangaroo rat. - imabonehead
Like a bird/hamster/mouse. Bistermo. - Yolanda
Andrew Roche
Howard the Duck vs. Transformers -
Howard the Duck vs. Transformers
Howard the Duck vs. Transformers
Howard the Duck for sure. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Hudson Hawk. - Melissa Maskevich
That was the way I was leaning :) - Andrew Roche
Melissa, please don't dis' the Duck! - Andrew Roche
Transformers. - Kol Tregaskes
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