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There's a post on the SAHM Facebook page about freezing sandwiches for school lunches, and it has over 600 comments on it, mostly because people are freaking out about how horrible, lazy and disgusting it is.
One woman admitted she throws out at least half of each loaf of bread she buys because she can't eat anything less than fresh. I cannot fathom that amount of waste. - Melly
how is planning ahead and not wasting money lazy? - ellbeecee
I have no idea! - Melly
Frozen sandwiches work perfectly in the Queensland climate this time of year, too. Most classrooms don't have a fridge and cooler bricks only do so much. Throw a frozen sandwich in your lunch box in the morning and it's perfect by lunch time. I don't freeze sandwiches much but I freeze muffins and cake etc all the time. - Melly
I feel bad enough throwing out food that has spoiled because I didn't get around to using/eating it in time. I can't imagine throwing out something perfectly edible just because it wasn't "fresh". - Melly
I mean, my mother pre-made and froze sandwiches when I was little, and we clearly survived. I didn't like butter on them as a spread, but I still ate them because that was what was for lunch. I don't do it now because I don't take sandwiches for lunch. - ellbeecee
and yes, freezing can dry bread out.still edible. toast it. (thinking about waste like this makes me grumpy :) ) - ellbeecee
It's not to everyone's taste, but in that case I think one can just not do it rather than bag out someone who does. I can't stop laughing. I'm just... REALLY??! This is that important to argue about? - Melly
Let's debate something that's actually important. Like which way the toilet roll goes. - Melly
over the top. :p (though actually, being me I never put it on the holder anyway. I mean, I"m just going ot use it and have to replace it, I never have guests over, and most importantly, the holder is just a smidge too far away in my apartment to reach easily. So where I put it makes more sense, to me anyway :) - ellbeecee
I often leave it on the top too... and then blame someone else for not putting it on. - Melly
WAIT. My husband is on FF.. - Melly
I ALWAYS put the new toilet roll on the holder and NEVER sit it on top of the empty one. EVER. - Melly
I don't care if the roll is put on over/under, on top of an empty roll, on the floor, wherever. For sake of all that is holy, AT LEAST PUT A ROLL SOMEWHERE WHEN IT RUNS OUT. - That's So CAJ!
*high five* - Melly
Meanwhile I'm sitting here finding lots of things to do to prepare for work tomorrow when I should be making Josiah's lunch and heading to bed. I need to start freezing some damn sandwiches! - Melly
Freezing sandwiches sounds really gross. Then again, I'm firmly against cold sandwiches. I guess if the heat's going to thaw it, but then that sounds like the kid will have soggy veggies/bread, which is also gross. - Anika
I freeze bread all of the time, but I never thought to freeze a sandwich. I like good bread but I can't eat a loaf fast enough for it to not go bad. I do make my sandwiches the night before work (pulling a couple slices of bread out of the freezer) and put them in the fridge. They probably think that's horrible, too. - Katy S from iPhone
Anika, they are no more soggy than any other sandwich when they defrost. Obviously you wouldn't freeze them if they have ingredients that don't freeze well (eg lettuce). But frozen bread doesn't go soggy as it defrosts. My kids don't really have a choice with regards to sandwich temperature anyway - lunches are stored in a fridge at Em's daycare and Josiah has a cold pack in his lunch box (otherwise by lunch his cheese is gross). - Melly from iPhone
Katy, I shop weekly. I get four loaves of bread, three of which go straight in the freezer. I honestly can't tell the difference between a sandwich made with fresh bread or one made with defrosted. Never had a problem with dryness or freezer burn either. - Melly from iPhone
Yeah. Obviously there's a difference between fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and bread from the freezer, but unless it's been in there a very long time, I haven't noticed it drying out. At least, it doesn't dry out any faster than the bread going bad on my counter. It takes me awhile to get through a loaf of bread, but it's not so long that it would get freezer burn. - Katy S
Since some of you moved on to an important topic: Thanks to two household cats, the only time TP is ever on the roller is if guests are over, since otherwise it would mostly be on the floor totally unrolled. (As for freezing breadstuff: Of course, if that's what's needed to not waste food.) - Walt Crawford
If you don't waste and buy more, you must hate 'Merica. - Michael W. May
It's not even about a frozen sandwich, really. It's more "If you give your kids a frozen sandwich, you are a lazy horrible mother who doesn't care enough." And the one-upping! - Melly from iPhone
"I get up 10 minutes earlier to make them fresh each day." - Melly from iPhone
"I cook something different each day." - Melly from iPhone
"I get up two or three hours earlier than them and cook them a hot breakfast every day as well." - Melly from iPhone
"I don't sleep, I'm too busy harvesting crops and grinding wheat so my kids can have a fresh load of bread every hour." - Melly from iPhone
Do any of their husbands ever toil away to make lunch for the kids? (Note: my dad made and packed our lunches when I was a kid while my mom was out at the barn taking care of the horses in the morning) - Katy S
I think a mother who has taken the time to freeze sandwiches when she has a spare moment in her busy weekly schedule so that her child has a homemade lunch to take to school with them every day is a far better one than a mother who just shoves money in their kid's hand and puts them at the mercy of the school lunch system, or whatever vending machines or shops the child might encounter along the way. - Hookuh Tinypants
And I always put my bread directly in the freezer when I buy it or bake it because nobody in this house goes through enough bread to warrant risking it going moldy sitting in the breadbox. I hate wasting food, so the freezer it is. Never tastes any different than fresh unless you leave it in there for months. And I make my own Uncrustables for my pre-race food. They hold up well and I've never had a frozen or even refrigerated sandwich go soggy. Not unless additional moisture is introduced. - Hookuh Tinypants
I've never really been a fan of frozen/thawed sandwiches, but we do keep our loaves of bread in the fridge. I buy half-loaves of bread for my own sandwiches each week (which makes 4 sandwiches - perfect for the 4 days I'm home each week), and whole loaves for the kidlet's lunch (which generally lasts 1-2 weeks, depending on how many extra sandwiches she eats (dinner, weekends, etc.).... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I never froze sandwiches, but I did store my daughter's beverages in the freezer. During winter I had to take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before, so it would be defrosted enough to drink by lunch time. In warmer months it went straight from the freezer into her lunch box. She loved having a can of "slushie" packed with her lunches, and it was much more... more... - April Russo
Oh, look...I am the worst mom! I don't make my kid's lunches at all. If they don't make a lunch, they eat whatever is served at school. - Anika
RT @joshbavas: Three people have been found dead at a house on outskirts of Toowoomba after reports of shooting. @abcnews_qld
Police have said they're not chasing any suspects, which makes me think it's been a murder-suicide. One report said it's possibly a 50yo man, a 28yo woman, and a 7yo boy :o( - Melly
Teenage woman rather than a 28yo, all in the same family. Another family member happened up on them this evening :o( - Melly
RT @abcnews_qld: Police respond to reports of multiple shooting near Toowoomba #Qld
RT @abcnews_qld: Police respond to reports of multiple shooting near Toowoomba #Qld
#AskSAHM I have fleas! Well, my dog does and we've seen a couple in the laundry. What to do?
RT @kerrisackville: The real tragedy of the death of Jess Ainscough, the 'Wellness Warrior'
RT @kerrisackville: The real tragedy of the death of Jess Ainscough, the 'Wellness Warrior'
Today can go DIAF, ugh.
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
*hugs* - Tamara J. B.
*hugs* - Half Pint
*kicks this day in the nuts for Melly* - Marie
RT @georgetakei: From a fan. The stockers are snickering.
RT @georgetakei: From a fan. The stockers are snickering.
RT @stayathomemum: Tonight's the night! Join us at 7:30pm to #AskSAHM your cooking, cleaning & parenting questions, here on Twitter!
RT @stayathomemum: Tonight's the night! Join us at 7:30pm to #AskSAHM your cooking, cleaning & parenting questions, here on Twitter!
If I start playing Trivia Crack, will I regret it? I'm already so engrossed in Lucky Pop I'm neglecting my other games. #fb
Time to make this to-do list my bitch. #fb
As I brushed Emily's hair this morning, she said to me "Now I will be beautiful like you, Mummy." <3 #fb
I'm wearing a t-shirt that's been slept in, no bra or pants, messy greasy bed hair, oily spotty face, huge eye bags, I probably smell, and she still thinks I'm beautiful. - Melly
That's because she (like kids everywhere) can see your inner self. - Bren from iPhone
At what age do we get brainwashed about beauty? - Stephan from iPhone
I'm seeing it in her already Stephan and it makes me sad. She will put a dress on and say "Now I'm pretty", like she wasn't before. - Melly
I swear I thought that said "Messy greasy beard" and I was about to start clutching my pearls. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Melly, I am also seeing this with our two year old. I find it appalling. Another educational opportunity, sadly. - Stephan from iPhone
Hookuh you get a free moustache ride. - Melly
WOO HOO! I WIN! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Enjoy the earworm :oD
Loose Wheel.jpg
Forget "a crop in the field", I think I'd have a crap in my pants! - That's So CAJ!
Four hundred children and I'm copping a feel...♪♬♩ - Michael W. May
RT @nacchoaustralia: This is what our mob can buy with a $300 food voucher in the Pilbara WA at designated stores @SandyDavies8
RT @nacchoaustralia: This is what our mob can buy with a $300 food voucher in the Pilbara WA at designated stores  @SandyDavies8
This makes me so sad. $300 would get me at least double this amount, and would include fresh fruit & veggies instead of tinned. Such a crock. - Melly
Can they only buy specific products with the voucher? Even in the expensive SF Bay Area, 300 American dollars gets us WAY more than that. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
They can only spend at certain stores and the store owners have been accused of jacking up their prices to profit from it :o/ - Melly
That was my next thought. It's a once-a-month voucher? What bullshit. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm not sure how often they get it, actually. I had no idea it was this bad until I saw this Tweet. Trying to get the government to look into it is probably like pulling teeth. Ugh. - Melly
Yeah with the brand name stuff it's probably $100-150, here, but if you go generic for a lot of it you could probably drop $20-50 from that. - NOT THE CRICKET
Mum is having Emily for the day tomorrow so they can spend some time together and I can have some "me time", but my schedule is jam packed - typical!
At least I can work quietly (except for the birds) and without interruption (except for Noah) ;o) - Melly
My goal for the night - Inbox 10 (zero would be pushing it). #fb
I got distracted by Harry Potter and Elektra on tv, but did manage to get it down to 15 :oD - Melly
And tonight it's down to 13, even after dealing with all the new email from today. - Melly
Me: Why am I so hot and sweaty tonight? What's wrong with me? *looks at weather app* Oh. 90% humidity. #fb
Study aims to capture accent of Aboriginal Territorians via @ABCNews
Study aims to capture accent of Aboriginal Territorians via @ABCNews
RT @theangryfangirl: Oh how I love Romeo + Juliet. Probably not the *best* showing of Shakespeare's work but I love it still.
RT @stayathomemum: Yep.
RT @stayathomemum: Yep.
RT @stilgherrian: One of the most disturbing events this week was discovering that Morrison is a Duran Duran fan.
My husband is awesome. Just saying. #fb
RT @emrgencykittens: Figured out how to copy/paste the cat
RT @emrgencykittens: Figured out how to copy/paste the cat
RT @foodiewino712: Haha, what a riot!!
RT @foodiewino712: Haha, what a riot!!
RT @depresseddarth: Friday Night: Expectation vs Reality
RT @depresseddarth: Friday Night: Expectation vs Reality
RT @bestmovieline: Pulp Fiction
RT @bestmovieline: Pulp Fiction
RT @refugees: "I'll do everything in my power to keep him safe & happy." This boy's dad in Aleppo told our @unhcrinsyria colleagues
RT @refugees: "I'll do everything in my power to keep him safe & happy." This boy's dad in Aleppo told our @unhcrinsyria colleagues
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