Winter is coming. DO. NOT. WANT. *sigh* #fb
What is this "Winter" thing of which you speak? ;) - teleken
Anything below 10C at night and 18C during the day IMO ;o) - Melly
Don't the cold help keep the poisonous beasties somewhat at bay? - Spidra Webster
I'd rather the poisonous beasties! - Melly
Cold weather and my emotional health are not a good combination :o( - Melly
The cold doesn't depress me but the shorter days do. I try to use the light box. (But I'd rather brave the winter than all the poisonous beasts you've got in Oz.) - Spidra Webster
Says she who comes from a country where there are BEARS! - Melly
If there were bears native to Australia, they'd have poisonous leg spurs and laser eyes in addition to what they have here. - Spidra Webster
Summer is coming. DO. NOT. WANT. - John (bird whisperer)
Seriously. I'm not looking forward to another LA summer. I'll need to wake up hella early to do stuff while it's still cool, then take a siesta, then try to be productive in the evening but go to bed early enough to do it all over again. - Spidra Webster
You should fly south for the summer. Like wayyyyyyyyyyyy south :oD - Melly