That's about right.
*runs screaming into burning house and slams door shut* - Big Joe Silenced
Melly. >.> - Alix May pet? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Well, look at the bright side: they'll be too big to hide in your boots. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
That's the guy who took over from Paul Hogan on the Australia commercials... - Spidra Webster
That thing would make an afternoon snack out of Guinness the Wonder Dachshund. - teleken
I don't have a particular fear of spiders. However, that gives me pause. Think I'll shift "vacation in Australia" a little further down my list. - Arlan K.
SHOPPED! That plant is clearly not native to Australia! - Jim #teamFFrank
Jim wins. - Melly
Yes, Jim ftw. - Micah from Android
Ahh so that's where I parked it - Mo Kargas
*burns Earth down* - vicster.
NONONONONONO - Eric - Final Countdown
*cries* - LoisMarketing