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Today I did a total of 23 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups iPhone app. (Week 2, Day 1, Level 1) #100Pushups
The iPhone does your push-ups for you? - Mike Nencetti
I wish! - Melly
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @dannyanimator: me: what can possibly go wrong tho anxiety: im glad you asked
Anxiety is such an asshole. - Melly
holly #ravingfangirl
I like how the Apple Store button just says GET now for new apps.
Get bent. - Melly
Git. - Melly
Michael W. May
So, my nephew, who is pre-enlisted in the Marines for after college and is a devout Christian, reblogged this over on FB. I felt the undeniable need to respond and did so with this:
1. Torture does not work. The DoD, CIA, and FBI themselves admit this. It has been proven time and again by those agencies and others. - Michael W. May
2. Enemy Combatants, legally known as unlawful combatants, while not subject to the Geneva Convention and treatment of POWs, are entitled to lawful treatment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As a fighting force, our code of conduct declares we are better than that. - Michael W. May
3. On 18 April 1988, the United States of America signed the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (commonly known as the United Nations Convention against Torture). On 21 October 1994, we radified it. As a nation, before the eyes of the world, we declared we are better than that. - Michael W. May
4. 657 of the 779 detainees imprisoned at Gantonimo since 2002 have been released. In other words, 92% of those we held indefinitely and tortured we had insufficient evidence to formally charge and bring before a military tribunal. Oops. - Michael W. May
5. As of January, 54 more of those 122 currently held are awaiting release, determined to also have insufficient evidence of guilt. We are still holding people against their will whom we cannot even bring formal charges against, people who may have been tortured. - Michael W. May
6. Christian religions, as well as all other prominent religions, teach love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and hold high truth. Jesus never preached simulated drowning or deprivation of sleep against ones enemies. He washed their feet. He said to love others as you would yourself, to offer the other cheek when struck, and that what we do to others, we do to Him. - Michael W. May
7. We are better than this. - Michael W. May
It obviously really irked me. - Michael W. May
I made the mistake of clicking through to the OP and the comments made me ill. (will I ever learn?) I hope your nephew reads your words and heeds them. We don't need people joining the military who think like this. My heart sinks at the thought of men and women joining the military with these kinds of ideas in their heads. That's not what it should be about at all. - Hookuh Tinypants
Thank you, Michael. Great info... I saw a post like that and avoided it on my timeline. Feeling compelled to post these points that direction. - SAM
Nicely done. - Melly
Feel free to use liberally. I was adding links to each point, but they are each so easily searched, I figured it was up to detractors to prove them wrong. - Michael W. May
Posted to weird uncle's post on Fb. Thank you, sir. - SAM
After he replied with a 'doesn't mean I believe all of it' and I asked him to clarify what part he did believe, nephew deleted his repost without further comment. I am hoping it was because he seriously started to think. - Michael W. May
Pregnant woman among three dead in 'horrific' shooting via @ABCNews
Pregnant woman among three dead in 'horrific' shooting via @ABCNews
The population of Biddeston is only about 350, the town is reeling. - Melly
Oh, wow :((( - Jennifer Dittrich
There's a post on the SAHM Facebook page about freezing sandwiches for school lunches, and it has over 600 comments on it, mostly because people are freaking out about how horrible, lazy and disgusting it is.
One woman admitted she throws out at least half of each loaf of bread she buys because she can't eat anything less than fresh. I cannot fathom that amount of waste. - Melly
how is planning ahead and not wasting money lazy? - ellbeecee
I have no idea! - Melly
Frozen sandwiches work perfectly in the Queensland climate this time of year, too. Most classrooms don't have a fridge and cooler bricks only do so much. Throw a frozen sandwich in your lunch box in the morning and it's perfect by lunch time. I don't freeze sandwiches much but I freeze muffins and cake etc all the time. - Melly
I feel bad enough throwing out food that has spoiled because I didn't get around to using/eating it in time. I can't imagine throwing out something perfectly edible just because it wasn't "fresh". - Melly
I mean, my mother pre-made and froze sandwiches when I was little, and we clearly survived. I didn't like butter on them as a spread, but I still ate them because that was what was for lunch. I don't do it now because I don't take sandwiches for lunch. - ellbeecee
and yes, freezing can dry bread out.still edible. toast it. (thinking about waste like this makes me grumpy :) ) - ellbeecee
It's not to everyone's taste, but in that case I think one can just not do it rather than bag out someone who does. I can't stop laughing. I'm just... REALLY??! This is that important to argue about? - Melly
Let's debate something that's actually important. Like which way the toilet roll goes. - Melly
over the top. :p (though actually, being me I never put it on the holder anyway. I mean, I"m just going ot use it and have to replace it, I never have guests over, and most importantly, the holder is just a smidge too far away in my apartment to reach easily. So where I put it makes more sense, to me anyway :) - ellbeecee
I often leave it on the top too... and then blame someone else for not putting it on. - Melly
WAIT. My husband is on FF.. - Melly
I ALWAYS put the new toilet roll on the holder and NEVER sit it on top of the empty one. EVER. - Melly
I don't care if the roll is put on over/under, on top of an empty roll, on the floor, wherever. For sake of all that is holy, AT LEAST PUT A ROLL SOMEWHERE WHEN IT RUNS OUT. - That's So CAJ!
*high five* - Melly
Meanwhile I'm sitting here finding lots of things to do to prepare for work tomorrow when I should be making Josiah's lunch and heading to bed. I need to start freezing some damn sandwiches! - Melly
Freezing sandwiches sounds really gross. Then again, I'm firmly against cold sandwiches. I guess if the heat's going to thaw it, but then that sounds like the kid will have soggy veggies/bread, which is also gross. - Anika
I freeze bread all of the time, but I never thought to freeze a sandwich. I like good bread but I can't eat a loaf fast enough for it to not go bad. I do make my sandwiches the night before work (pulling a couple slices of bread out of the freezer) and put them in the fridge. They probably think that's horrible, too. - Katy S from iPhone
Anika, they are no more soggy than any other sandwich when they defrost. Obviously you wouldn't freeze them if they have ingredients that don't freeze well (eg lettuce). But frozen bread doesn't go soggy as it defrosts. My kids don't really have a choice with regards to sandwich temperature anyway - lunches are stored in a fridge at Em's daycare and Josiah has a cold pack in his lunch box (otherwise by lunch his cheese is gross). - Melly from iPhone
Katy, I shop weekly. I get four loaves of bread, three of which go straight in the freezer. I honestly can't tell the difference between a sandwich made with fresh bread or one made with defrosted. Never had a problem with dryness or freezer burn either. - Melly from iPhone
Yeah. Obviously there's a difference between fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and bread from the freezer, but unless it's been in there a very long time, I haven't noticed it drying out. At least, it doesn't dry out any faster than the bread going bad on my counter. It takes me awhile to get through a loaf of bread, but it's not so long that it would get freezer burn. - Katy S
Since some of you moved on to an important topic: Thanks to two household cats, the only time TP is ever on the roller is if guests are over, since otherwise it would mostly be on the floor totally unrolled. (As for freezing breadstuff: Of course, if that's what's needed to not waste food.) - Walt Crawford
If you don't waste and buy more, you must hate 'Merica. - Michael W. May
It's not even about a frozen sandwich, really. It's more "If you give your kids a frozen sandwich, you are a lazy horrible mother who doesn't care enough." And the one-upping! - Melly from iPhone
"I get up 10 minutes earlier to make them fresh each day." - Melly from iPhone
"I cook something different each day." - Melly from iPhone
"I get up two or three hours earlier than them and cook them a hot breakfast every day as well." - Melly from iPhone
"I don't sleep, I'm too busy harvesting crops and grinding wheat so my kids can have a fresh load of bread every hour." - Melly from iPhone
Do any of their husbands ever toil away to make lunch for the kids? (Note: my dad made and packed our lunches when I was a kid while my mom was out at the barn taking care of the horses in the morning) - Katy S
I think a mother who has taken the time to freeze sandwiches when she has a spare moment in her busy weekly schedule so that her child has a homemade lunch to take to school with them every day is a far better one than a mother who just shoves money in their kid's hand and puts them at the mercy of the school lunch system, or whatever vending machines or shops the child might encounter along the way. - Hookuh Tinypants
And I always put my bread directly in the freezer when I buy it or bake it because nobody in this house goes through enough bread to warrant risking it going moldy sitting in the breadbox. I hate wasting food, so the freezer it is. Never tastes any different than fresh unless you leave it in there for months. And I make my own Uncrustables for my pre-race food. They hold up well and I've never had a frozen or even refrigerated sandwich go soggy. Not unless additional moisture is introduced. - Hookuh Tinypants
I've never really been a fan of frozen/thawed sandwiches, but we do keep our loaves of bread in the fridge. I buy half-loaves of bread for my own sandwiches each week (which makes 4 sandwiches - perfect for the 4 days I'm home each week), and whole loaves for the kidlet's lunch (which generally lasts 1-2 weeks, depending on how many extra sandwiches she eats (dinner, weekends, etc.).... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I never froze sandwiches, but I did store my daughter's beverages in the freezer. During winter I had to take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before, so it would be defrosted enough to drink by lunch time. In warmer months it went straight from the freezer into her lunch box. She loved having a can of "slushie" packed with her lunches, and it was much more... more... - April Russo
Oh, look...I am the worst mom! I don't make my kid's lunches at all. If they don't make a lunch, they eat whatever is served at school. - Anika
Shock horror Anika!!!! How do you live with yourself??! - Melly from iPhone
Frolicking. Lots of frolicking. - Anika from Android
RT @joshbavas: Three people have been found dead at a house on outskirts of Toowoomba after reports of shooting. @abcnews_qld
Police have said they're not chasing any suspects, which makes me think it's been a murder-suicide. One report said it's possibly a 50yo man, a 28yo woman, and a 7yo boy :o( - Melly
Teenage woman rather than a 28yo, all in the same family. Another family member happened up on them this evening :o( - Melly
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now) -
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now)
1.05 (670/633) - Micah from Bookmarklet
Can you remind me again where to find those stats? - Brian Johns
Brian, go to "Me" link ( which defaults to the Feed tab. Look at the sidebar on the right, below Discussion. - Micah
0.75 (926/1226) - still relatively new here - mikepk
I only see my stats for the last week (17/14 = 1.21) Please tell me your 670 number is for more than just a week! - Brian Johns
1.44 (566/391) for brianjohns (after week tally you should see a comma then 'all time' count - I can see it on your page) - Micah
OK, sorry. I'm a total dumbass. I stopped reading after the weekly totals... - Brian Johns
3.74, which seems way off of everybody else's. I wonder what that says. I comment a lot more than I like. - Cyrus Lendvay
FFers use FF with their own strategy or simply default tendencies. The ratio is an interesting snapshot of behaviour. Thanks for joining in everyone, hope more keep flowing in. - Micah from twhirl
0.79 - Brian Roy
0.77 - Shey
0.76 - FFing Enigma
1.39. - Rochelle
1.61 - I only 'like' when I want to throw my support behind a topic but don't have anything constructive to add. - Bjorn Stromberg
1.12 - Tinfoil 2.0
5.08 (3181/626) ! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
0.66 - I tend to 'like' things without needing to comment further, I guess, and I notice I usually like the things upon which I comment. Well, frequently. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
.39 (2457/6242) I guess I don't comment much. I do 'like' a lot of things, it would seem. - Bren
0.62 then again i have over 11,000 comments - Cee Bee
1.23 (5287/4229) - I am put to shame by Cee Bee's participation, good grief! - Lindsay
@Cee Bee I think you meant 0.62 - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
1.27 (902/705) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
yes, thanks for the correction. lindsay, you're making me feel bad. lol - Cee Bee
0.8576, I only like mostly when I'm going to comment - Molly Song ;)
1.55 endlessly repeating. This Like/Comment included. - Dana D
before this comment: .69 I kid you not. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So far: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81 ... (if you average 1 comment per like, you'd be 1.0 ... if you're 0.xx you might herd content more than discuss ... if you're whole numbers above 1 you may not 'like' much or discuss plenty or both) - Micah
CSV_A: 1.05,0.75,1.44,0.81,3.74,0.79,0.77,0.67,0.77,0.76,1.39,1.8,1.61,1.12,0.141,5.08,2.41,0.66,.39,0.62,.62,1.27,0.8576,1.551,0.69 - Micah
1.83 - Grant Bierman
I tend to like allot of photos which really don't need comments. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
InPerpetualMotion(Gina k), I really liked this 'Like' of yours (in a series of pics, so I flickr fav'd it): and commented. Thanks! - Micah
.37 1002/2708 - Michael Fidler
this is what scobes walls would like if he didnt have FF - sean percival
I haven't seen Marc Canter's fabled fence (just heard about it), but I imagine this but on wood pickets :) - Micah
This week: 2.48 (1162:467) but this is not the norm, my likes usually match or are higher than comments, overall: 0.95 (14228:14846). - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Michael, Kol! I'll recalculate average/median when we build up some more data points here. - Micah
1.03 748/723 - Keith - @tsudo
.68 6986/10194 Someone wrote a great article on the comment-like ratio a few months ago. Search on FriendFeed is crashing on me... I'll try to get the link. - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks Mitchell (btw, search crashing on me too - lots) - Micah
1316 comments/20221 likes (0.06), according to Windows Calculator, although I probably screwed up. - Tyson Key
*bump* - Micah
Thanks, Mark! - Micah
Thanks Spidra! - Micah
0.95 (1520/1604) - it's 2+ months later, and my ratio flipped (more Likes by .05) - Micah
.7 (1204/1724) - before this comment at least. - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Micah
3.46 (3665/1057) before this comment and like. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin. 3+ is quite the comment on your commenting activities :) - Micah
I've got stuff to say. - Kevin Fox
3.98 (900/226) - Richard Lawler
1.02 (3538/3484) for sofarsofarshaun - Micah
.34 (600/1747, not counting this comment) - Michael Hocter
Thank you, Siavash and Michael - Micah
.52 overall, but .68 this week. - Rebecca Lasley
Nice, thanks Rebecca. - Micah
1.31 - Rahsheen
0.56 - imabonehead
Rah and imabonehead - rock on! (Richard too!) - Micah
0.16 - Anne Bouey
4.62 (287/62) -- Yikes! I'm chatty. - Ted Roden
Thank you kindly, Anne, jcunwired and Ted. - Micah
2.63 - Bryce Roney
Thanks for joining in, Bryce. - Micah
.15 all time, .13 this week. - Alix May
Thank you, Alix and David! (and Alix, you're tied with Siavash for the Highest Like ratio. Wow). - Micah
2.94 - j1m
Thank you, j1m. Ok, I'm gonna roll this up into a csv and call it a night. - Micah
CSV_B: 0.95,0.7,3.46,3.98,1.02,0.15,0.34,0.52,1.31,0.56,0.16,1.39,4.62,2.63,0.15,0.52,2.94 - Micah
this week = 0.45%, alltime = 6.43% - chaz2b
CSV_B Mean: 1.49 (previous mean for CVS_A: 1.27) - Micah
Of course the numbers can easily lie, but I'm gonna say it anyway: "We're getting more conversational, people!" - Micah
0.49 (493/988) - Bluesun 2600
816 / 2502 = 0.326139089 overall | 50 / 233 = 0.214592275 this week I like much more than I comment. (maths via google) - Chris Loft
3026/5013 = 0.6036 - Roger Chen
chaz2b, Bluesun 2600, Roger, Nicholas — thank you! - Micah
5.25 but I don't know what this *means, yet. maybe I'm just stingy with my "likes" compared to others? - Marg Uerite
Thanks jamar78 and Marg! - Micah
A recent change in FF: now the comment count shows total number of comments (previously multiple comments in one thread only counted as one) so all the numbers above are from the old methodology.... - David HC Soul
My new ratio: 0.76 all time (old methodology .52).... this week 1.39 - David HC Soul
*bump* - Micah
1.26 (2965/2346) - Micah
Thanks, Glen and pea! - Micah
Looks like my ratio as flipped again (comments back to dominating again). Seems to match my own awareness I've lately been commenting without Liking (commenting is my inherent recognition of value to me and the additional Like is when it merits an extra bump to help discovery by others). - Micah
.38 - Ryan Dadey
Ryan, I have to say, that's one high caliber ratio ;) - Micah
An update it's .44 which is an improvement from .36 - Michael Fidler
2.94 1040/354 I have likes set to post to twitter automatically, so I'm careful with them. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
0.85 - Steven Perez
0.73 up from 0.66 on Jan 08 - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
0.37 for the week past, 0.45 on the whole. - Parth Awasthi
Michael, Anthony, Ahsan, guruvan Steven, sıɹɥɔ and Parth - thanks for dropping in your stats! - Micah
5.81 i'm not using it as does everyone else here. that is fer sure. - Marg Uerite
Ahsan, huh, I'd never considered that. - Micah
17942/30571=.59 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, thank you, sir. - Micah
ALmost 2:1 exactly. - Amani
Much obliged, Amani. - Micah
3062/5777 you do the maths. - Will Higgins™
.53 (3062/5777) for Will Higgins #math-on-demand-services - Micah
Thank you, amin/gnu - Micah
1.45 (4374/3026) - Micah
0.92 now. I think the movie reviews have been getting me closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. - Steven Perez
Steven, yep, you were a 0.85 in April. - Micah
2.10 now ... - Amani
0.97 now. - Eric Johnson
Amani, so your comments have climbed a bit. - Micah
Thanks, Eric. - Micah
yes, but i am not consciously "not liking" things - Amani from IM
Probably, just chattier then :) - Micah
I'm down from 7.16 to 6.94 :-) - Ken Sheppardson
the live NBA playoff threads have ALOT to do with it. - Amani from IM
Ken, the FCC may be interested to explore how your "I'm down" may be offensively self-deprecating ;) - Micah
.56 eeep, must try harder - Threepwood
4.52. I don't bother to like things I've commented on, since commenting already flags it as interesting. - Andy Bakun
0.46 (1698/3638) - Glenn Slaven
Threepwood, Andy, Glenn - thanks (Andy, that's my mo too; then I'll Like if it warrants a "double vote"). - Micah
1.31 (4,471/3,401) - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli. And the both of us have a _very_ similar ratio and absolute numbers. wow. - Micah
Thanks, Ryo! - Micah
Andy, scroll upward and you'll see a couple calculations from before (January: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81) - Micah
In March the Mean was: 1.49 - Micah
1.021276595744680851063829787234042553191489361702127659... via Wolfram Alpha - tom murphy
Thanks, tom. And though a bit verbose, your friend Wolfram is resourceful :D - Micah
0.55 (254/444) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. - Micah
In April you were 0.97, so you're liking more / commenting less. - Micah
1.88 (779/414) - Ton Zijp
Thanks, Ton. - Micah
0.43 (3597/8305). - Parth Awasthi
0.74 (1970/2667) - Kristin of Two Everything
And thank you Parth, Scott. - Micah
Parth, compared to your April numbers, you've been consistent. - Micah
Thanks, Rick! - Micah
.54 (4148/7674) Updated! - Michael Fidler
Rick, you mean that face with glasses I photoshopped tint into with an apparently disembodied arm which is actually very much attached to my eldest son? It's mostly just me :) - Micah
Thanks, Michael. Yes, you have a rising tide of comment percentage (oh, wow, you were one of the originals from January - cool!) - Micah
1.82 from 798 comments / 438 likes - David Damore
Thanks, nivé and David! - Micah
2027/1594 = 1.27 - Brome
0.58 - Marc Dong
2.9 (3,242/1,116) mhhh.. time to straighten my use of FF a bit.. thanks for this entry - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Brome, Marc and Thierry - thank you! - Micah
Thierry - yeah, 2.9 is fairly high - got to pick the pace on like side :) [but hey, whatever works for you is fine] - Micah
1.91 - MiniMage
Thank you Nicholas and MiniMage! - Micah
Yeah, that's a decent upward rise in comments, Nicholas. - Micah
.6 (6,000/10,000) 3rd update - Now it's time to flip this on its head. My goal is to have (16,000/16,000) next time I post here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just looking forward to the next 10,000 comments, likes, posts, and new relationships I make here. It's all good! - Michael Fidler
1.76 (7539/4290) My commenting habits haven't chanced much, but it felt like I clicked Like a lot less, and this ratio confirms that for me. - Micah
It's that time again. - Micah
Thanks, Laura! (you're a 50-caliber gal!) - Micah
0.64 - Imabug
Thank you, Imabug. - Micah
4.67 (I'm greedy :p) - directeur
0.99 - Steven Perez
About 1:2 comment to likes at this time - RAPatton from iPod
.63 - metalerik
Thanks Imabug, directeur, Steven, RAPatton, Jim, Brent and metalerik! - Micah
0.78 - Pete D
.82 as of right now. edit: on January 8th it was 0.39 -- when I saw that, I decided to make more of an effort to comment. When I hit 10k "likes" I decided I wouldn't "like" anything else until I also had 10k comments. - Bren
And thank you Jimminy, Pete, Bren and Penguin! - Micah
2.47 as of right now. - Jonas, Leper of FF
Micah, are you doing something with these numbers? If so sounds interesting. - NOT THE CRICKET
0.58 - Absentee
Jimminy, I'm copyrighting every single number. It's kind of a honeypot ;) Actually, it was curiosity mostly, but I also hope to build a sampling (small and self-selecting as it may be) for anyone who might want to analyze it. - Micah
Jonas, James and Kurt - thanks you! - Micah
You're welcome. I hope the results do some good. :-) - Absentee
.31. I have almost 4 times as many likes as comments. - edythe
Thank you edythe and Eric! - Micah
195/245 makes 0.8 rounded not including this one which would be 196/245 making 0.8 unrounded, - tom murphy
Thanks, Tom. - Micah
1.98 (588/297) - Bryan Zirkel
1.67 (19,550/11,684) - Mitchell Tsai
Bryan, Mitchell and Jeff P. - thanks, guys! - Micah
1.18 - it's always been close to 1, since day one, for some reason. - Laura Norvig
Wow, Penguin is a prolific liker! - Laura Norvig
2.67 (875/328) - Nathalie
Thank you, Nathalie! - Micah
Thanks, Spidra and Mark! - Micah
0.49 - Jammy Lee
Jammy and Mathew, thank you very much. - Micah
I don't know I just like that picture - Brian Hendrickson
.40 - Ben Hanten
Mine was exactly 2:1 about a week ago. Did a screenshot when I had 2,000 comments and 1,000 likes. - Joe from iPod
SuezanneC, Brian, B E N and Joe - thank you all very much! - Micah
Joe, it's like see the odometer click through a nice round number - it's just inexplicably engaging. :) - Micah
1.40, nearly the square root of two. - Vezquex
Thanks, Raphael and Andy! - Micah
12.23 (844 / 69 ) I guess I take my likes seriously ;) - Chris Myles
Wow I didn't realize I was so out of whack!! 12.23 that's got to be a record (and I don't even import my feeds with the summary as a comment)!! - Chris Myles
Thanks JA, Chris (wow, 12+ is unusual :), Serkan and Nine! - Micah
Micah.. I told you I take my likes seriously; ). You *might* want to ask (in a separate post) what percentage of likes were used to "bookmark" a post or save it for later VS actually "liking it". I NEVER used like for that.. but I did use a private group that if filled with my own topics (and comments).. - Chris Myles
1.78 (8529/4782) - Micah
Likes are down relative to comments, which matches my much lower frequency of liking. I'm a more selective liker than ever. - Micah
I don't think I could argue that any particular kind of ratio is "best", because if Lurkers like to Lurk and cultivate (via Likes) and the Chatty-ites love to chat, to pump out much many more comments than Likes, each can be happy and make for a great social experience. - Micah
383/372 - Ashish
'Just clicking "Like" seems too easy' — Jason, that's because you're from the Chatty-ite tribe :) - Micah
Thanks, ashish. - Micah
wow, what a difference time makes, when i 1st posted on this thread, 6.43%, now = 1.25%, for a 5.18% difference, :o (and this is the earliest post to date i've recovered of my activity on ff) - chaz2b
chaz, I think there's been a big fluctuation for most people (maybe not that much). This is the oldest post on which you commented that you've recovered? - Micah
When I first saw this: 1.91 Sept 28: 1.94 - MiniMage
536 comments in the last month has me at .8736...still creeping toward 1.00 - Bren
Thanks, MiniMage (2x participant!), Bren (3x!) and Shannon (your inaugural visit!) - Micah
Thank you, SustainedEuphoria. - Micah
Thanks, Mark. - Micah
1.45 - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett :) - Micah
5.67 all time. Second highest ratio on here. Woot! I love to talk. - Kevin L
Thank you both, Kevin and mridul (the two of you balance it each well :) - Micah
1.80 (10,189 / 5,666) [compared to Likes, my Comments still continue to rise] - Micah
1.02 (10323/10161) - Bren
.5666 currently (30,084/53,093) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks, Bren. - Micah
Thank you, Alex :) - Micah
that was my third post... It's interesting to see how the number has changed. of course, I manipulated the number to a degree, because I stopped "liking" things for a while... - Bren
Bren, the other thing that can seriously throw off someone's stats is a feed that upon each item it imports adds a comment automatically. - Micah
true. that can seriously inflate comment stats, of course. Then you have someone like RAPatton, who posts a gazillion comments, in part because of his playlist posts where he will list each song in a separate comment. I found, after this post in fact, that I tended to "like" things much more frequently than comment on them, that I was lurking instead of participating. I have changed the way I use ff rather considerably, and I think for the better. - Bren
Thanks, Sarah, Tutivillus. - Micah
1.19 - Joe Bonner
Micah this is like 11 months ago, I see you have almost doubled your rate. lets make a graph for everybody now, :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Quick, someone write a greasemonkey script to inline some google charts! (tap-tap-tap...wut? don't look at me ;) - Micah
Thanks, Joe. And you thank you, Mahmood :) - Micah
Thanks, Glen! Your comments in the ratio have gone up too. - Micah
1.70 (it was 1.41 on Jan 8) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WorldofHiglet, thank you :) The comments are strong in this one. - Micah
0.64 (2,589/4,051) - Chieze Okoye
0.58 - Thomas Page
Chieze and Thomas - thank you! - Micah
*bumpage* - Micah
So, Micah, we never did find out what you were doing with this info.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.27 (5637/20234) - I only see a couple people lower than me. - John (bird whisperer)
4.06 (747/184) - Jan Ole Peek
WoH, World Domination. - Micah
Rene, John and Jan - thank you, all three! :) - Micah
0.97 (6,694/6,929) - NOT THE CRICKET
Thank you J., Jimminy and آقای تلخک :) - Micah
2.23 - Paola Bonomo
0.71 (8,200/11,551) updated - Michael Fidler
0.03 (284 / 10378)! - Daniel Rowley
Thanks Paola, Michael, Artemko, J. and Daniel! - Micah
*thanks Christopher thoroughly* - Micah
14.86 (1442/97) I'm going the wrong way!! - Chris Myles
1.77 (11831/6622) - Micah
0.56 (2059/3703) - Joel Webber
0.89 (1,766/1,986) - chrisofspades
Thanks, Joel and Chris! - Micah
In 4 days it will be 1 year since my first recorded stat here. My comments/like were almost a 1:1 ratio then. Now comments are almost double likes for me. - Micah
jamar78, same trend for you, it looks. :) - Micah
1.00 a year later. {edit -- screwed it up the first time. not telling what I did.} - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks, Jim! - Micah
.52 this year. - Prairie & I Know It
Thank you, Laura =) - Micah
75,415 comments/1,286 likes = 58.64 - i wish the auto inserted comments didn't get counted... the true number is probably much much close ot my number of likes - Chris Heath
1.09 (11910/10953) - Bren
1.97%. thanks again micah, this has been a great metric to measure my first year here on ff. As the year went (this being the first record of me being here that i've found): , 6.43%:1.25%:1.97% - chaz2b
Chris, Bren, thank you. And chaz2b, thank you too - glad it's a special marker for you. :) - Micah
1.79 (13620/7618) - Micah from iPhone
0.91 - Bruce Lewis
0.13 - Morton Fox
1.69 now (1.70 on Nov 10th and 1.41 on Jan 8, 2009) - - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.23 - Mark H
Thanks Bruce, Morton, Higlet, Brent and Mark! - Micah from iPhone
How is this thread doing in the longest-lived-ff-comment-thresds-ever contest? - j1m
5.76 right now - Kevin L
0.53 - Rodfather
j1m, I wonder how many threads over a year old are regularly updated by an asoetment of users. - Micah from iPhone
Kevin, Cecily and Rodfather - thanks! - Micah from iPhone
1.49 (2,222/1488) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
"I must not ask Micah questions" written out a bajillion times.... :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
LOL @Higlet - Correct. (but Brent, you can also ask the Mathematics Dept of West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech [via ]) - Micah
0.32 (2011/6291) Looks like I need to comment more. =) - Beau Liening
Thank you, Beau. And, by stating you want to comment more you're already helping the cause :) - Micah
2.09329564 (10366:4952) I don't think that I'm the norm here - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
*bump* - It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.71 (16,017/9,357) - Micah
0.91 (13,933/15,222) - NOT THE CRICKET
2.66 - Marissa
1.48 (2,469/1,669) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, Jimminy, Marissa and Daryl. :) - Micah
1.21 - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny! - Micah
1.10 (4874/4448) - DGentry
2.13(7957/3734) - Melanie Reed
Thank you, Denton, Glen and Melanie! - Micah
63.58 (97,534/1,534) -- interesting that my last three digits are the same there, eh? (note, i already posted a month or two ago when i first saw this thread) - Chris Heath
Thanks, Chris! - Micah
0.87 (3770/4312), so I'm either getting more commenty or less likey. [0.74 (1970/2667) was what I previously reported back in June] - Kristin of Two Everything
Thanks Scott, pea and T. Brent. - Micah
Brent, interesting. Look forward to more commentary. :) - Micah
1433/1161 = 1.23 - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.19 (5132/4316) - Ruchira S. Datta
Thank you, cdogzilla and Ruchira! - Micah
0.94(15045/15978) 0.83, (28.August.2009); 0.97, (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (17.April.2010); 0.94, (11.May.2010). - NOT THE CRICKET
1.65 (18,070 / 10,970) - Micah
*bump* It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.05 (1710/1625) - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.66 here. Chattyites 4ever! - Lo
Thanks cdogzilla and Lo! - Micah
Last year my comments were around 7000 and likes around 2500, for a ratio of 2.80. I consciously chose to do more liking over the last year. As of today my comments number 10,782 and likes number 7,666, for a ratio of 1.41. - Stephen Mack
Jason, Stephen - cool. Thanks for keeping updated here. :) - Micah
Thanks, RG - Micah
1.03. Micah you've made over 18000 comments since you first posted this. - chrisofspades
0.76 (3,624/4,766) Egad that's only .1 improvement since 2009-01-08 :-P but at least it's moving in the right direction. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
3.25 No wonder I always had to stand in the hall in school for talking ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Still right at 1:1. W00t. - Jim #teamFFrank
1.15 (14662/12739) - Bren
chrisofspades, crazy isn't it. :) - Micah
kima, tortoise wins and all that ;) Thanks, Shannon. Jim, you have maintained balanced in the force you have. Thanks, Bren. - Micah
2.33 :( my new yr's resolution was to "like" more, imma not doing sucha good job, :( - chaz2b
Thanks, Mark, and chaz, you'll get there. :) - Micah
1.61 (20,661 / 12,818) - Micah
*BUMP* - It's that time again. THANKS! - Micah
1.76 (15,652/8,886) - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny and hollyrai! - Micah
Thank you, Glen. - Micah
0.77 - Steven Perez
0.31 (14566/47299) - John (bird whisperer)
John, you're a 'liking' fool! :D - Jenny
Apparently I'm the human version of FALOB - John (bird whisperer)
Ha! (and thanks, John) - Micah
Double ha! - Jenny
Thank you Steven. - Micah
2.28 - Jesse Stay
1.66 (updated) - Eric - Let Me Know
Thanks Scott, Jesse, Eric and holly! - Micah
58,144/3,749=15.509, basically due to multiple feed imports. - Daniel Mietchen
*BUMP* - Micah
1.60 (22,066/13,819) - Micah
:) @Jason. - Micah
0.69 - Absentee
0.76 - Steven Perez
slightly off of my usual this time: 1.01 - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks James, Steven and Jim "STAY-ON-TAR-GET" Jannotti. :) - Micah
.98(20,405/20,834) - NOT THE CRICKET
1.36 (20684/15224) - Bren from iPhone
Thank you, Jimminy, Greg and Bren! - Micah
1.88 (21954/11691) Chatty Cathy, apparently. - Jenny
11289/9010 = 1.25 (wonder if some comments are from imported feeds) - Mike Chelen
Thanks Jenny and Mike. :) - Micah
Sorry - Micah .... but the math is just too complicated :) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I'm make it simple. I'll do the talking, you drive the get-away car—we'll split it even: 80/20. - Micah
Damn, More Homework. - Brent - Yes I am
including this comment (119,119C/1677L) ... 71.03 - Chris Heath
1.21 - Joe Bonner
1.56 (24,076/15,472) - Micah
*BUMP* - it's that time again. Also, I passed 24K comments recently. - Micah
Thanks, Micahel. - Micah
113,457 comments / 166,887 likes = .68 - RAPatton
2.02 (31627/15675) I need to start liking more and shut the hell up. - Jenny
1:1.618, of course. - Josh Haley from iPhone
2.60 - Jack&Cleo
I was waiting for that from you, Mr. Haley. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Those are some heavy hitter numbers there, RAPatton. Thanks. :) - Micah
I've been on FF for a long time, Michah, because I am really, really old. - RAPatton
LOL Josh. These aren't the maths you looking for. [lateral hand wave] - Micah
Jenny, do not take your own advice; not advisable. - Micah
Thanks, Jack & Cleo. - Micah
RAPatton, you're not old—you triple-comment-excerpt every bookmarklet post :)) - Micah
Cristo, this post is an ancient relic. Handle with care. - Micah
0.13 - Morton Fox
Okay, Micah. <----I had to resist the urge not to post that because I know it's going to up my comment count. ;) - Jenny
But how many of those primordial, high interest posts are still active. Uh huh. :) - Micah
Thanks, Morton. BTW, when you posted in February, it was exactly 0.13 also. - Micah
Jenny, resistance is futile; embrace the rising tide of comments. - Micah
Comments are more difficult and time consuming than Likes. I'd be happy about a high comment:likes ratio except that many are surely imported from feeds, while every Like is manual. - Mike Chelen
it has changed to 2.2256 now as Sep, 6 2010.Labor Day. :) I added the date for future references. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
IN HONOUR OF DERRICK'S 100,000th LIKE: - Micah
1.54 (25,102/16,257) - Micah
Thanks, Alex. - Micah
2.29.... 26 HR, 89 RBI - .LAG liked that
.15 on March 21, 2009. Now .19. - Alix May
Thanks, MarkJ, .LAG and Alix! :) - Micah
Thank you, Deepak! - Micah
1.47 (24757/16749) - Bren
I make a lot of comments but no one like me, so I guess the ratio is infinite or undefined. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
1.45 (29653/20444) *BUMP* - Micah
1.22 (31900/26233) - holly #ravingfangirl
.59 (58,923/99,251) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6.61 (2825/427 )... I'm a wee bit chatty - Shannon - GlassMistress
I had exactly a 2:1 ratio as previously reported [Aug 30, '09], now I am at: 1.7241:1 ratio. 6,067 comments to 3,519 likes. - Joe
0.79 as of 6 Jan 2011. - John E. Bredehoft
my brain hurts - Morgan
Two years later and my ratio has climbed from 3.4 to 4.675. I've got a lot to say, apparently. - Kevin Fox
Funnily, I didn't notice until after leaving that comment that when I reported my stat in 2009 I also followed it up with "I've got stuff to say." I didn't say it was *new* stuff... - Kevin Fox
1.000 (27093/27080) - NOT THE CRICKET
I've had an improvement since the last few times this has come up. I was .49 or close to it, now I'm running a .57 ratio - Bluesun 2600
1.68 (55826/33281) - Jenny
81.1 - rising consistently - Chris Heath
I think this is the oldest thread I see that still gets new comments added. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
*BUMP* - Micah
1.40 (32175/22968) - Micah
I dunno, I'm not good with math - sofarsoShawn
0.35 ... Apparently I'm not very talkative. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John and Shawn. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.459 (33067/22667) - Bren from iPhone
looks familiar... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
2.6 (wow, this thread is like my yearly checkup; thanks micah and friendfeed, 3+years and going strong [6.4%, 2.33%]) - chaz2b
1.02 (38,615, 37,927) 9/27/11 - NOT THE CRICKET
1.29 (36,959 / 28,580) - Micah
Thanks, Jimminy, Bren, WoH, and chaz2b. :) - Micah
.46 now. :) - Prairie & I Know It
Thank you, LB. - Micah
0.33 (34741/105115) - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John. Gracias, caj. - Micah
1.57 (24,460/15,624). It was 1.12 the day after the OP. - Tinfoil 2.0
The likes dim and comms brim. - Micah
2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago). for history's sake, this thread was started shortly after i found friendfeed, or friendfeed found me, so it holds a special place in my heart. thanks for keeping it around mr micah - chaz2b
You're certainly welcome, chaz2b. In some way it feels like a living heirloom to me. :) - Micah
*BUMP* - Micah
1.25 (40,008/31,895) - Micah
1.15 - Kristin
1.41 - Melly
5.12 - Julian
3 (2.991) (and now the list has become too lengthy for me to track my progress, ;) [dumb me, i have a post not 10 lines ago in history, from 090711 2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago) ;) ] - chaz2b
.79 - Shevonne
24 072 / 35 095 = 0.685909674 - AJ Batac
0,77 (before and after this comment) - loi
2.65 (69,814 comments/26,281 likes) - Spidra Webster
1.51 = 28,196/18,717. Was 1.57 in Sept 2011 and 1.12 in Jan 2009. - Tinfoil 2.0
*BUMP* - Micah
0.174 (6966/40022) - Not much of a talker. - Kevin Johnson
1.23 (41,476 / 33,845) - Micah
1.43 - Tamara J. B.
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, and .22 today (March 8, 2012). - Alix May
*BUMP* for Ross - Micah
2.83 - Ross Miller
1.97 on 2012-04-24 - ؛ patrick
0.99 (44,752, 45,200) 4/24/11 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
1.6 - AJ Batac
1.34 Did you finish all your profiling yet, Micah? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
1.22 (42,526 / 34,975) - Micah
Glad to see you here, Ross. Thanks for the updates everyone. WoH, the master plan is coming together nicely. - Micah
Excellent *steeples fingers* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*staples fingers* - John (bird whisperer)
Hmm, can you order finger-steeples on Amazon? - Micah
*readies the Band-Aids* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Micah: I can sell you some, cheap. Just fax your credit card, SIN and maiden name to the usual number. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My facsimile machine is in dry dock at the moment, but I'll pigeon over a small scroll with all the requisite datums. - Micah
Done and done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.31 <-- about the same as usual - John (bird whisperer)
After the last 19+ hours, it's high time to log-in your stats again. - Micah
1.20 (45878 / 38084) - Micah
1.54 (32,913 comments / 21,412 likes) - Tinfoil 2.0
Thanks, Tinfoil. - Micah
Try dividing by zero and find out ( ) - Micah
1.04 (10778 / 10303) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, DB. - Micah
Currently 0.3. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. - Micah
1.01 (47,240, 46,956) 9/13/12 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks, Jimminy and Zulema. - Micah
BUMP - in honor of Kevin's 8K comment threshold. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
.38 - March 15, 2013 - Jennifer Dittrich
0.279 (58096/208087) - John (bird whisperer)
0.172283 (8005/46464) - Kevin Johnson
0.75 (38,250 comments / 50,175 likes) (My entry above from 2 years ago said I had 10,782 comments and 7,666 likes for a ratio of 1.41. I've been busy, and my pattern seems to have changed.) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jennifer, John, Kevin and Stephen. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
0.51 (6,883/13,438) - Stephan from iPhone
5.72, though I deleted my first account, like, 3 years ago - Meg VMeg
1.03 (51,436, 50,018) 3/15/13 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); 1.03 (51,436, 50,018), (15.March.2013); - NOT THE CRICKET
.44. I guess I'm getting lazy. - Prairie & I Know It
2.22. I use YouFeed a lot, and liking takes an inordinate amount of time on the app.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3.10 up from 2.83 a year ago. - Ross Miller
Thanks, Ross. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
BUMP - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.07 - Kristin
1.03 - Bren from iPhone
This thread is amazing. What a treasure trove of information - Bren from iPhone
0.62 (5077/8197) as of 4/29/13 - bentley
2.49 today - Marissa
1.0591 Comments per like (16,230 / 15,324). - Joe
0.47 (10,057/21,354) - Zu from AOD
0.98 (48000/48933) - Bren
1.08 (53,901/50,006) — this is over 6 years old now. - Micah
1.45 - Melly
1.16 - Friar Will
7.04. I'd bet italians must have values way above the average non-italian user. - mentegatto
Thanks, Melly, Friar. Thanks, mentegatto—you're probably right. - Micah
0.63 (12948/20268) as of 2/28/2015. I'm consistent. My previous comment of 4/29/13 has my ratio at 0.62. - bentley
Thanks, bently. - Micah
Compiled a little stat of my comments over the years. Averaged 4,600/year in the last three years. In the year 2010 I made 30,000 comments. - Micah
14,613:11,129 (prior to posting this comment) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Thanks, cgrymala. - Micah
Currently I'm at 0.223 (68214/306389). - John (bird whisperer)
1.09 (25689/23595) on 03/01/15 - Previously 1.07 (04/29/13) & 1.15 (01/04/12) - Kristin
Currently (2015-0301): 0.658 (74,615:113,471) - Michael W. May
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, .22 March 8, 2012, and 0.25 today (March 1, 2015). - Alix May
0.36 on March 01, 2015... I've become a lurker! - Brent Schaus
35,56 on March 02, 2015 - Snowdog ★ ★ ★
As I brushed Emily's hair this morning, she said to me "Now I will be beautiful like you, Mummy." <3 #fb
I'm wearing a t-shirt that's been slept in, no bra or pants, messy greasy bed hair, oily spotty face, huge eye bags, I probably smell, and she still thinks I'm beautiful. - Melly
That's because she (like kids everywhere) can see your inner self. - Bren from iPhone
At what age do we get brainwashed about beauty? - Stephan from iPhone
I'm seeing it in her already Stephan and it makes me sad. She will put a dress on and say "Now I'm pretty", like she wasn't before. - Melly
I swear I thought that said "Messy greasy beard" and I was about to start clutching my pearls. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Melly, I am also seeing this with our two year old. I find it appalling. Another educational opportunity, sadly. - Stephan from iPhone
Hookuh you get a free moustache ride. - Melly
WOO HOO! I WIN! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
RT @nacchoaustralia: This is what our mob can buy with a $300 food voucher in the Pilbara WA at designated stores @SandyDavies8
RT @nacchoaustralia: This is what our mob can buy with a $300 food voucher in the Pilbara WA at designated stores  @SandyDavies8
This makes me so sad. $300 would get me at least double this amount, and would include fresh fruit & veggies instead of tinned. Such a crock. - Melly
Can they only buy specific products with the voucher? Even in the expensive SF Bay Area, 300 American dollars gets us WAY more than that. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
They can only spend at certain stores and the store owners have been accused of jacking up their prices to profit from it :o/ - Melly
That was my next thought. It's a once-a-month voucher? What bullshit. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm not sure how often they get it, actually. I had no idea it was this bad until I saw this Tweet. Trying to get the government to look into it is probably like pulling teeth. Ugh. - Melly
Yeah with the brand name stuff it's probably $100-150, here, but if you go generic for a lot of it you could probably drop $20-50 from that. - NOT THE CRICKET
Mum is having Emily for the day tomorrow so they can spend some time together and I can have some "me time", but my schedule is jam packed - typical!
At least I can work quietly (except for the birds) and without interruption (except for Noah) ;o) - Melly
My goal for the night - Inbox 10 (zero would be pushing it). #fb
I got distracted by Harry Potter and Elektra on tv, but did manage to get it down to 15 :oD - Melly
And tonight it's down to 13, even after dealing with all the new email from today. - Melly
That's So CAJ!
I liked a @YouTube video Llama Chase set to Yakety Sax
I liked a @YouTube video Llama Chase set to Yakety Sax
The video is hilariously sped up just like the end of The Benny Hill Show. - That's So CAJ!
Omg! - Melly
The Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) may not look like much, but its appearance can change dramatically. During most of the season, both genders are a rather dull kaki-olive-green, but once the mating season comes around, things change drastically: males put on their good suits to impress all the ladies! - Mahdi from Bookmarklet
چه خوشرنگه :)) - Foska
اینا نر هاشون تو فصل جفت گیری رنگ عوض میکنند :)) - Mahdi
Wow! - Melly
رونوشت به لیتل جونمب :) - Mahdi
بخللللللللللل - لیتل در شب سرد زمستانی
It seems that Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior, has succumbed to cancer aged 30. It's sad but I'm also so fucking angry.
If you want to turn your back on conventional medicine, fine. But to turn your journey into a business, let people believe you are cured, hide the fact that your cancer has furiously returned until it's impossible to do so any longer, and take people's money the whole time? No. - Melly
And then at the end she did a 180 and started working with an oncologist again. Sadly it was way too late. I do hope the modern medicine she spurned was able to bring her physical comfort and relief from her pain in her final days. - Melly
I was unfamiliar with who she was, so I had to do some reading on her. Yeah I agree that it is not cool to profit on a whack "healing" system that you know personally doesn't work. I think she was in a terrible situation having to choose alternative medicine versus having her entire arm + shoulder/shoulder blade removed (the first step in treating the rare cancer she had) , especially... more... - Chris Topher
When she made the announcement her condition had worsened and she was seeing an oncologist again, some of her own fans/followers turned on her, basically telling her she was doing it wrong, and if she just tried harder and stuck more closely to the Gerson regimen she'd beat it. I have no doubt many of these same people will think it was the end stage medical treatment that killed her... more... - Melly
I also find it strange that all her social media accounts etc have disappeared. She had such a massive following, and now they've all been left in the dark. - Melly
But it's sad, sad, sad. - Melly
I feel like when it comes to the various "healing" methods, they all just lump every kind of cancer into one sickness and try to "treat" it as a whole, regardless of where it is, what kind it is, how aggressive it is, etc. I agree though, it is sad. - Chris Topher
My view is very much biased due to what my MIL went through after her MND diagnosis, I fully admit that. Her experience made me aware that this kind of thing went on. If someone wants to use these kind of therapies, that's their choice. But they are too often peddled as cures and successful treatments. Caveat emptor, I guess. - Melly
RT @effectiveaidint: Three of @EffectiveAidInt's finest modeling the new "accidental" EAI uniform. #fashionfauxpas
RT @effectiveaidint: Three of @EffectiveAidInt's finest modeling the new "accidental" EAI uniform. #fashionfauxpas
Dorky brother on the right. - Melly
Prairie & I Know It
Worked on dishes and sink. #Protip: expanding foam is a bear to get off of anything once it has dried.
Cleaned out a lower cabinet and washed all the storage containers. Future project: matching containers with lids. - Prairie & I Know It from Android
I've begun to replace our older containers with Decor Match-Ups - the containers and lids both have a coloured rim for easy matching! All the x coloured lids fit all the x coloured containers, etc. - Melly
9am on a Saturday. Kids are fed and dressed and playing, cat and dog fed, litter box changed, first load of washing on, rack of dry dishes put away, new sink of dishes started. COFFEE NOW.
You've earned it! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
10:45am. Drank 3/4 of my coffee, took the kids up the road to see the trucks, came home, finished my (now cold) coffee, made Emily a snack, cleaned the toilet, hung the first load of washing, put another load in, washed the plates, put the bowls in to soak, reclaimed & wiped down some bench space, attempted to resurrect some soiled underwear of Emily's (nope, into the bin), made myself some food. - Melly
Lights on The Hill Convoy 2015
Lights on The Hill Convoy 2015
It usually takes at least half an hour to pass by. Way too hot this year to stand and watch the whole time, but we live just around the corner so we can hear it all ;o) - Melly
I can never listen to the song without getting goosebumps, and on convoy days it makes me cry. - Melly
holly #ravingfangirl
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Purr via @wootshirt
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Purr via @wootshirt
I just ordered cat shirts from woot. Now I need to order more. ENABLER - Melly
well, duh. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna scratch my post all niiiight and catnap every day" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna eat some string all niiiight and vomit every day" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna swat at stuff all niiiight and also during the day" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna fight this bug all niiiight and ignore you every day" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna chew this plant all niiiight and track sand every where" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna taunt the dog all niiiight and scratch him every day" - holly #ravingfangirl
"I wanna pee on stuff in spiiite and never ever obey" - holly #ravingfangirl
"Seriously, why do we own cats" - holly #ravingfangirl
THE BEST. - holly #ravingfangirl
Burning the midnight oil. Who knew late night radio was so awesome? #fb
Moving Pictures, Boom Crash Opera, Crowded House, Human League - Melly
Well shit, thought I heard thunder, checked BOM and there's a severe thunderstorm warning - we're right in the path of the red zone! - Melly
Time to bring Gypsie inside. - Melly
No, Gypsie says. I'd much rather go under the house and lie in the dirt. - Melly
Ooooh, Pet Shop Boys. - Melly
And now the rain is so loud I can't hear the radio. Time to get back to work anyway. It's 3am. Ugh. - Melly
Today I did a total of 15 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups iPhone app. (Week 1, Day 2, Level 1) #100Pushups
So impressed! I can do 3. :( lol so weak. - Marie
Woot!!! - Amit Patel
Marie, I could only do 2 when I started the Hundred Pushups thing - Amit Patel
Amit, did you have a strategy other than "doing more push-ups" to progress? Does simply doing more of them over time make you stronger? If so, I'll grab that app. - Marie
it's like the Couch to 5K for pushups. gradually increases over time. i was up to the 50s, I think, before i lost motivation. - holly #ravingfangirl
My push-ups are extremely modified! Once I go through the program I'll start over with another type and keep repeating until I'm up to "real" push-ups. - Melly
This is what I'm doing now: - Melly
Yay Melly! - Amit Patel
Marie, I followed the schedule on the free web site (I didn't get the app). I wasn't able to go as fast as they wanted, but I tried anyway, and made some progress. I never got close to 100 though. - Amit Patel
Mo Kargas
I didn't mention it much at the turn of the year, but 2014 was the best year that ever happened to me. Lots of heavy things resolved, two great holidays after an almost 13 year drought and some weight loss success. This year I only have one commandment to follow: do it all better.
And come to America with Melly! - Janet from FFHound!
\o/ :)) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Visit Melly and Johnny? Some day, I'm overdue for a trip up there. America - well the USA, I sincerely doubt that will happen for reasons I've stated many times. Maybe Canada? - Mo Kargas
I hear Vancouver is quite lovely.... and nearby ;) - Jennifer Dittrich
Would love for you to see the USA not through the eyes of the media but see it through the eyes of FF types. - Janet from FFHound!
Oh, my perspective has been hugely expanded by US FFers over the years. That's a tiny concern next to my real one: getting in. Any Aussies I know with Islamic, Persian or Arab backgrounds, or even Sikh and Hindu have had enormous issues getting in. Not interested in dealing with that - Mo Kargas
It's Gypsie's 13th birthday! She had a health scare this morning but it turns out she's pretty darn…
It's Gypsie's 13th birthday! She had a health scare this morning but it turns out she's pretty darn…
How did I not know you had a dog? Hi, Gypsie! *scritch scritch* - bentley
I love this photo. It's so wolfish. - Benny Bucko <Team Melly>
I think she looks a bit old and worried, but she is and probably was! - Melly
poor baby, I hope it was an okay birthday - Meg VMeg
She spent the afternoon carrying her birthday bones around the yard, nomming and burying ^_^ - Melly
:) - Meg VMeg
Don't know what to do with myself tonight. Overtired, horribly unsettled :o/
:-( *hugs* I've been feeling that a bit this week, too. - Half Pint
I listened to the radio and ate some chocolate whilst playing games on my phone, then left the radio on to listen to as I fell asleep. I usually only listen to the radio in the car but I needed something "chatty" and constant in my ear. - Melly
Just a small portion of husky-brushing aftermath.
Just a small portion of husky-brushing aftermath.
Subtitle: why I never, ever brush my dog inside. - Melly
Sub-sub-title (is that a thing?): Our lawn looks shithouse. - Melly
Now the funnel web spiders have material to make wigs out of. - Spidra Webster
I often see sparrows taking pieces ^_^ - Melly
Wide awake at 3am cos I was in bed by 9pm and asleep before 10pm! #FB
93% humidity, kill me. - Melly from iPhone
Today I did a total of 11 pushups thanks to the Hundred Pushups iPhone app. (Week 1, Day 1, Level 1) #100Pushups
Love that site. Never did make it to 100, but I made a lot of progress and it made me feel good. 11 is good! - Amit Patel
They were very modified push ups! But once I get through I'll start again with a more difficult kind. - Melly from iPhone
RT @bestmovieline: The Theory of Everything
RT @bestmovieline: The Theory of Everything
Or until you become an a-hole, then, well, I'm done. :P - Benny Bucko <Team Melly>
Shoulda dumped me ages ago then :op - Melly
My niece just graduated from Teacher Training College in Myanmar. SO PROUD. Here she is with her BOYFRIEND omg.
Zuzuu Graduation.jpg
aww, Congrats to her and the family! She's adorable. :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Thanks Anna. It's an awesome achievement for anyone, but for someone with a background like hers, it seems even more amazing. My brother is hoping to bring her to Australia for a visit later this year. I'm so excited to meet her. - Melly
She's in a meeting right now where she will find out where she'll be teaching first! - Melly
Best of luck to her! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
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