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Re: HCV’s old school bobber -
"FYA: Drum Brakes (especially double leading shoes) can easily be more effective than disk brakes; more swept area for a start. The advantage disk brakes have is they are much lighter, therefore reducing unsprung weight." - martin english
Re: The big list of female programmers in Australia -
"Bronwen I just caught up with the story about @nrrrdcore and GitHub - - I predominantly work with enterprise software (suites like SAP, Success factors etc) and I've never seen or heard of the harassment, let alone at the levels I hear coming out of Silicon Valley; On an apparently different subject altogether, I don't recognize any names in the list above, but then you haven't included (sounds like no one in your audience knew her to nominated her) @jocdart (author and business process expert from I'm not sure what the juxtaposition suggests; There is a cultural divide between our respective working environments (business values / personal values / tolerance for 'others'), but are the women who succeed in 'Enterprise Software' treated better than in other IT environments ? Is it a case of harder to get there, but better treatment when you do get there ? or am I just assuming harrassment isn't occurring because I don't see it ? HTH" - martin english
Re: Yamaha SR400 – Gasoline Custom Motorcycles -
"If you want to register it in New South Wales, Australia... IF (and it is a matter of taste) you want to have only one gauge, then it has to be the speedo." - martin english
Re: Let's Try One More Time to Explain How Climate Change Works to Donald Trump -
"Lets talk about science....You make a hypothesis, make some predictions based on the hypothesis, then compare your predictions to your observations. If they don't match, you change your hypothesis THIS is my major gripe with global warming "science". The predictions from ten, fifteen years ago have not occurred. We haven't had the Himalayas melting. We haven't had islands sinking into the sea. We ARE releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere, but it is not having the effect that was predicted. In other words, the models (and those who staked their professional careers on these models) are wrong. and, BTW, as for it being winter... It's the middle of summer in Antartica !!!" - martin english
Re: Blerch cosplay at New York Comic Con today - The Oatmeal -
"Obviously, Moon Beam is single. just sayin." - martin english
Re: Richard Dawkins and Jon Stewart Debate Whether Science or Religion Will Destroy Civilization -
"I would never suggest that a fellow resident of Australia abuse the rights and privileges of "the viacom entertainment family" by using the browser extensions available at" - martin english
Re: Richard Dawkins and Jon Stewart Debate Whether Science or Religion Will Destroy Civilization -
"I would never suggest that a fellow resident of Australia abuse the rights and privileges of "the viacom entertainment family" by using the browser extensions available at" - martin english
Re: “I can’t make up my mind about the lingerie football league”. -
"There are very few professional sportswomen in Australia, due to lack of sponsorship for their sports or themselves as individuals. Any athlete has the right to take whatever avenue they can to be the best they can. If Matilda style calendars or lingerie football lets these athletes devote more time to being better athletes, then that's good for them, AND for the fan. Obviously, there are those who see the Lingerie Football model as sexist - getting coverage due to the 'sexiness' of the athlete, rather than their skill. I have two answers to that; the first, bluntest one, is that as a male I would rather look at an athletic female body than an artificiall 'Victoria Secrets' type. I have no illusions of the athlete having interest in me or my body. Athletic women just look better to me, and provide a better role model for my daughter. Secondly, and more importantly, is that I support women athletes by watching and attending female sporting events like Basketball, Netball, Football..." - martin english
Re: Why The Creators Of Breaking Bad Don’t Deserve Our Money -
"Making shows like GoT and BB and TWD has a cost. Writing books or graphic novels has a cost. Not just money, but time and energy. Personally, i find money and energy is replacebale, bu time isn't. When people like HBO or macmillan act as the 'delivery guys', they provide support (in dollars) up front to cover these costs. They also provide a bit of a filter and a QA process (I admit that their effectiveness at this part of the job s open to argument). BTW, the 'dollars' are only a medium of exchange; for example, since it takes an author time to write a book, they can't use that time to, say, earn value to feed themselves. If I supported your work, I might let you live with me for free, just to enable you to complete it. Whatever the medium of exchange, the stor tellers have put effort into the finished product. That effort is theirs, the work is theirs. Cory Doctorow is happy to let you download / read some of his stuff for free, for various sensible reasons, and I do that. Elmo Keep..." - martin english
Re: The Art of Screaming Online -
"didn't hear a godamn thing I SAID STOP MUMBLING GODAMN IT !!! SPEAK UP I !!! godam hearing aid... I SAID GODAMN HEARING AID GODAMN IT. now get off... GET OF THE LAWN godamn it kids these days I SAID GETOFF THE GODAMN LAWN godamn hippies" - martin english
Re: Lethargy weighing down SAP ERP? -
"I don't know how you'd go about upskilling your softer people skills, but there's plenty of stuff on the SAP Community Network - I'm a basis guy, but that hasn't stopped me from downloading installing and learning with the FREE Netweaver trial products that are available. Then again my experience is that for the vast number of people who insist on being spoon-fed, the quality OF the spoon seems to be more important than whats ON the spoon." - martin english
Re: Lethargy weighing down SAP ERP? -
"This articulates and consolidates some stuff I've been thinking about wrt to the current stories I'm hearing about SAP implementations / upgrades in Australia. It needs to be pointed out though that this isn't restricted to SAP implementations. We still see many SAP implementations run by SIs using the body shop / cookie cutter method - mailbomb prospects with resumes of the good people, then give the paying customer ordinary developers and analysts, following the SIs methodology (based as you say on T&M rather than results and innovation). That is assuming that the people being offered actually exist - A standard part of my working week is being approached by head hunters saying, in effect, "Bloggs and Co have just won the contract to do <something> at XYZ. Do you know anyone who can fill these roles ?". The SI's internal processes do not encourage (even actively discourage) the developers and architechts who want to implement innovative processes or technologies, so very often the..." - martin english
Boston Strong and National Anthem, Bruins and Sabre game and Daniel Paille goal. -
Boston Strong and National Anthem, Bruins and Sabre game and Daniel Paille goal.
Re: How Not to Relaunch the 'Race Records' Label of Ellington and Armstrong -
"Jazz is THE American music. Regardless of the label's history, it is passing strange for ANY U.S. based Jazz label to not have Black U.S. musicians on it's roster." - martin english
Re: Mongrel Media: When Corporate Comms hijacks Traditional and Social Media -
"Forbes magazine are involved in a program called Advoice (I think) which positions articles written by or for major corporations as independent editorial. Some of them are obviously branded as 'advertorial', but in most cases this is well hidden." - martin english
Re: Don't Wait for Gen Y Men to Come Around on Gender -
"In MY world view, your God (whether you're aetheist, christian, muslim, etc) is a magic voice that tells you what to do, rather than making you think for yourself. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad idea; you have a framework for resolving many of the challenges and problems you face in life. However, this 'fairy tale framework' was developed (and, yes, worked) many years ago in a different culture and where change was much slower, so it needs to be adapted to survive. Otherwise, your culture will not outlive you. A lot like current management theory, really :)" - martin english
Re: Television's Future Has a Social Soundtrack -
"Whether this turns to be a useful (i.e. money making) device for the broadcaster is one thing. From a personal perspective, don't you worry that you didn't know how offensive something was, so you used twitter to tell you exactly how offended to be ?. In other words, without any other discussion at all, you decided exactly how offended to be based on the immediate feedback of an array of 140 characters analysis. Which, btw, all came from your own tribe, the social media equivalent of yes men and women. Outsource your brain much ?" - martin english
Re: The Sequester’s Hidden Danger by Jeff Madrick | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books -
"I don't care how much money you make available, whether by subsidies, welfare cheques or negative interest rates. If there is no demand, then there is no spending, no need to produce, no need to hire, and so on." - martin english
Re: Hear Jamie N Commons' 'Walking Dead' song 'Lead Me Home' -- EXCLUSIVE -
"There's something about how artists from the UK do such a wonderful job of interpreting what are, essentially, US based genres. This guy is going straight on to my spotify :)" - martin english
Re: Square Wallet, the Apple Store, and Uber: Software Above the Level of a Single Device -
"A point that gets lost in all the tech hype is that these use cases work because both the owner of the business and the service employee give a damn (If the barista is too busy playing angry birds to look at their Square register app, that place won't get my money !!) I remember returning to my local (the Paekakariki Hotel) after 18 months absence overseas, sometime back in the 80's. My beer was on the counter, open, before I got to the bar. Debbo didn't need a computer for that." - martin english
Re: Computing Pioneer Ada Lovelace Gets Deserved Google Doodle -
"So what are we doing in 3 years time ?" - martin english
Re: Android Accessories – Kingston Wi-Drive -
"FYA: I haven't done performance tests on it, but the same functionality is available on the rebranded Sierra Wireless hotspot device that Telstra sell." - martin english
Re: Women of Comicbook Cosplay - People should be able to cosplay anyone they... -
"AAAARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't believe I live in a world where this needs to be said." - martin english
Re: Kate, hate, and “brutal display” -
"My personal issue with the Muslim reaction to this movie (and to many other provocations) is the extremity of the reactions, and the damage done to people and institutions that had nothing to do with the original provocation. When the Iranian President declares that Israel should be destroyed, when various Mullahs burn national flags of western countries, when artists create works entitled "Piss Christ", people in the west are insulted and aggrieved. Do they care less about their religion or culture ? Are they less insulted than Muslims ? do they have more self-control ? and BTW, it's worth pointing out this quote form the chief editor of Charlie Hebdo, publishers of the images published on Wednesday ... "We've had 1,000 issues and only three problems, all after front pages about radical Islam." (via" - martin english
"Call that minimalism ? Get rid of the fairing and then we can talk." - martin english
Re: Why We Can't See What's Right in Front of Us -
"Rather than implement yet another management technique, I would suggest that the more diversity there is in your team / organisation, the lower the overlap in features that each team member selects; i.e. each team member still picks up on about a third of an object's features, but members with different cultural etc backgrounds would be more likely to pick a different range of features. Given enough diversity and enough team members, the TEAM would select all features.  The hard work is convincing management to let you build your team based on diversity, and working out a rough enough combination of numbers and diversity (without creating a United Nations sized team). hth" - martin english
Re: The Kindle Best Sellers that are currently Free -
"There's an explanation somewhere on teh Amazon site, that explains what happens, but basically, the book was at $0.00 when the RSS entry was written. Depending on how long it takes you (or any other tool, such as Zero Dollar Books) to read that particular RSS entry, the discount period may have ended. A typical example is where I catch up on my feeds on a Monday -- I tend to miss the Satruday and Sunday freebies, because the price has gone back up by the time I see the feed." - martin english
Re: Viral Video: Samantha Bee Settles a Hummus Crisis -
"Are you gunna buy my chick peas, or what ?" - martin english
Re: How baseball and Brad Pitt can help your business -
"Is it not measured because no one cares or Does no one care because it's not measured ? See" - martin english
Parahawking in Nepal - Amazing! -
Parahawking in Nepal - Amazing!
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