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Summer of Code in Europe 2014
RT @LouWoodley: "Twitter and blogs...are not add-ons to academic research, but a simple reflection of the passion that underpins it."
Dahin gehen, wo es wehtut. Der @holadiho so.
RT @PyDataConf: #PyDataBerlin is over! What a great 3 days of presentations, idea sharing & community building! Thanks to everyone who participated! #PyData
Back in Munich after a very inspiring @PyDataConf Berlin. What a wonderful community!
Secrets of #PyData community: philia (brotherly love), seva (volunteers), tithe (giving bck 10%) quoting @BabaRamDass
+1 RT @jsteeleeditor Shout-out for @NumFocus, which brings people together who might otherwise be in competition in the name of open science
The secret to get more women in science and technology events is the community (@teoliphant) #pydata
Gruppenfoto. Check. #pydata
RT @twiecki: Commodity Machine Learning #PyData keynote talk by @t3kcit
RT @Ralf_Stegner: Schwer zu kapieren? Striktes Nein zu Antisemitismus und entschiedene Ablehnung jeglicher Intoleranz gegen andere Menschen gehören zusammen!
RT @Appinions: Who's driving the future? Find out in our new Autonomous Cars Influence Report -
Machine Learning rage faces #PyData
Here's the paper that @t3kcit just quoted. Great approach! #PyData
"This is how machine learning should look like" @t3kcit #PyData
Mit dem @praetorius vom Graefekiez in den Wrangelkiez #flippstevoelligaus
Great collection of data sets for research, benchmarking, trying out algorithms etc.
Very funny and scary at the same time - @Spotify's @roguelynn on doing the NSA thing with Python and Scapy. #pydata
This is the notebook on machine learning for fashion I mentioned in the Q&A after the talk #pydata
Thanks! RT @leriomaggio: Slides of my #PyData talk on Linked Data in #python are available on my deck:
Getting ready for my presentation starting in ~50 minutes: final git push origin master and updating the presentation on speakerdeck #pydata
Live Coding Time with Telco Data and @teralytics #pydata
Fascinating application of Machine Learning: Optimizing circuit design to keep Moore's Law going #pydata
Sharing vital numbers such as weight, blood pressure etc. on Twitter with family and talking on the phone if something happens. #pydata
Quantifying mobility: Do stress level and hours of sleep influence driving behavior #dash #qs #pydata
Quantifying internationality of a conference like @PyData by the number of power plug travel adapters.
Now on stage Burda's Chief Scientist Jean-Paul Schmetz on complexity
RT @dcore_munich: Heute Nachmittag spricht @furukama auf der #PyData Berlin zum Thema "Street Fighting Trend Research" #machinelearning #coolhunting
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