Benedikt Koehler
Who coined the term "fail whale"? Dave Winer and Robert Scoble seemed to have used the term on May 31. RWW says that Nick Quarantino coined the term. But who is this?
Summize shows May 31 as the first reference. GeekMommy gives Scoble credit. - Louis Gray
Interesting that it took two days to hit a web page, this is the first mention according to Google Blog Search. Notably it was linking in to a Flickr shot of the fail whale from Dave Winer uploaded May 31 here note the thread on the Flickr post: what shall we call it? whale. - Duncan Riley
jeffmcneill was first on the Flickr thread, but we dont have the exact time stamp, only that it was May 31 - Duncan Riley
Thanks, Louis! It feels like the fail whale had been there for years - and it's only two months old. - Benedikt Koehler
@Duncan Maybe they both started the meme? Interesting that it took that long to hit the blogs. On FF it appeared only a few hours later than on twitter: - Benedikt Koehler