Two reviews of new reference manager ReadCube -
In which we lay hands on an oil tanker -
RT @BLugger: Gläserne Forscher? Ich habe über @mfenner 's gestern vorgestellte ScienceCard gebloggt und ihn interviewt.
Announcing ScienceCard, an author-level metrics service:
Hmm, 'no articles found'. I guess it takes a while (and MS still has me listed 4 times...) - Björn Brembs
ScienceCard now displays PDF/XML downloads and HTML page views for PLoS papers (aggregate numbers updated weekly):
RT @ORCID_Org: The Scholarly Kitchen: It’s About Time We Discussed the Business of Identity
RT @ORCID_Org: The National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding research at U of Chicago and Harvard to examine the value of ORCID
My entry for the PLoS/Mendeley Binary Battle ( is, an automated researcher profile with metrics
Intravenous delivery of a multi-mechanistic cancer-targeted oncolytic poxvirus in humans -
Phase III Study of Molecularly Targeted Adjuvant Therapy in Locally Advanced Urothelial Cancer of the Bladder Based on p53 Status [Urologic Oncology] -
Phase II Study of Cetuximab As First-Line Single-Drug Therapy in Patients With Unresectable Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin [Other Malignancies] -
High Incidence of Thromboembolic Events in Patients Treated With Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy: A Large Retrospective Analysis [Treatment-Related Complications] -
Author-Level Metrics Alpha Server is up at based on code from PLoS Sample authors from #irisc11
Barend Mons: concept of nanopublication started for Open PHACTS: Open Pharmacological Space #irisc11
Brian Lowe: Aim of VIVO: how did an individual researcher contribute to scientific effort, beyond just author #irisc11
Brian Lowe: VIVO uses established ontologies for people/organizations like FOAF and BIBO, extensible with institution-specific #irisc11
Brian Lowe: VIVO aims for "same as" mapping when researchers change institutions #irisc11
Brian Lowe: VIVO funding specifically for decentralized architecture, no master store, institutions retain control over data #irisc11
RT @barendmons: @mfenner @villavelius nano publication+ORCID+VIVO+metrics ~micro attribution
RT @dellybean: One big highlight of my #solo11 experience was learning from Beau Lotto. Check out his TED lecture here & you'll see why
RT @kristiholmes: @gthorisson We missed you at #solo11 Best wishes for a successful #IRISC workshop. The program looks great!
RT @LouWoodley: Do you have photos, blog posts, other analysis about #solo11? Add a link to your post here on the wiki:
RT @jasonHoyt: Second app of the day now on Chrome extension store "Mendeley Context Search" #solohack11
New blog post: Hacking the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API Server #solo11 #solohack11
Hacking the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API Server -
RT @soloconf: @ReaderMeter The hashtag for hackathon is #solohack11, Lanyrd page at We start at 11 AM.
Wordpress for Scientists Discussion Group #solo11
Wordpress Plugins for Scientists use res-comms tag: #solo11
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