Martin Fenner
If research papers had a comment section. - Martin Fenner from Bookmarklet
What do you think, Martin? Did he get it about right? - Mr. Gunn
I thought it was very funny when I saw it via John Dupuis's link - lots of familiar touches! - Maxine
We would all love meaningful online comments on papers. But all we might get is this... - Martin Fenner
Weissberg is persistent. Now, if the duplicate comments are 14 years apart, are they still counting as duplicates? - Bora Zivkovic
awesome! funniest phd comic ever! - Alexey
I tried to read Weissberg et al., but it was $20 to download. - Steve Koch
The comic could be based on this paper: - Martin Fenner
Love the HOT MaTLab DEALZ. - τorƍue
Wow, impressed by Martin! - Steve Koch
It was fairly easy to find the paper using Scopus. I just checked the 5 papers coauthored by Jorge Cham that cite the first reference, the Nature paper by Wessberg (not Weissberg). I hope Jorge doesn't mind. - Martin Fenner